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Deloitte: Individual Decisions That Lead to Global Impact

Tax, finance risks, finance moves to make - these are not just your everyday tasks. It is safe to say that dealing with the logistics of money and debts has never been taught to us by nature. So, for many, resorting to an expert is the preferable solution. And this is where William Welch Deloitte comes into the picture. Way back in the 19th century, William noticed the need for financial consulting and stepped up to the plate, launching the ever-remarkable Deloitte. A global leader in audits and assurance, financial and risk advisory services, tax services, and more - Deloitte has become one of the Big Four accounting companies, side to side with EY, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Porch: Get Your Dream House

Dorothy got it right in the Wizard of OZ: There’s no place like home. Most people see their homes as a sanctuary – somewhere they can relax and let the day's stress slowly wash away. But for a house to be the perfect home for you, you must put in the effort. There is a lot of designing, remodeling, planning, etc., that can get messy. Thanks to one individual, today, you can easily get in touch with a home improvement professional. Matt Ehrlichman decided that it was time for the age-old problem of finding a good professional that can help with the repair or improvement of your home to end. And that is when he and a couple of friends founded Porch!

Junglee Games: For the Love of Skills and Easy Gaming

Gaming has undoubtedly made the market more profitable, people happier, and life more fun. But behind a good game is an even better concept that only a few can deliver to life. Building a company that people love to work and get creative in is what Ankush Gera, Sandeep Kumar Sood and Rahul Bhardwaj did when they founded Junglee Games. Known as the fastest growing skill games company based in the US whilst doing business in India, Junglee Games packs the most thrill-seeking and action-driven games to be played on mobile and desktop. The best thing about their games must be the finest tech brainiacs that bring insanely fulfilling concepts to life and sharpen one’s skills like a blade.

Rovio Entertainment: Joy as a Fingerprint of Success

The world of games is fascinating, and with the booming competition, not everyone can take it by storm. But, for Finish students Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeviinen, and Kim Dikert, taking their gaming challenge to the next level was a driving force. And when the trio created their own gaming mogul, Rovio Entertainment, the market noticed. The creator of easily one of the most played games out there - ‘Angry Birds,’ Rovio Entertainment delivers high-value experiences to players. Sharing the joy of gaming globally, Rovio is more than just gaming and maintains an environmental and community mission as well.

Playsoft: Fun & Games Beyond Measure

In the 1990s, the video games industry provided entertainment for a small, limited audience. Thirty years later, thanks to technological development and the rise of the internet, this industry has grown into a widespread international sector. Thus, it is geographically not limited only to Silicon Valley or Asia. Poland is one of the countries that attracted investors in the past few decades thanks to its working capital. Together with some Western European countries, it made Europe the third largest region in the video games market, after the Middle East and Africa. Two enthusiastic, natively French entrepreneurs, Nicolas Bensignor and Pierre-Olivier Monteil, recognized Poland’s potential ahead of time.

AnalyticsIQ: Smart-Model Data Company

'If you don't care about your customers, your competitor will.' - Bob Hooey. Mountains of information circle the internet today, but unless carefully channeled, it may not be beneficial for all data consumers. People used to have trouble searching for the correct information, while companies used to post ads that didn't target the right audience. It was time for a change as brands needed relevant data that they could use as fuel to reach their goals. Dave Kelly saw the potential of building a platform with relevant data about people, which could help marketers, and founded AnalyticsIQ in Atlanta in 2007. AnalyticsIQ is a data company that blends cognitive psychology and data to help you understand the individual's actions.

Freshly: Innovation in the Food Industry

Eat healthy meals every day, and you will feel better than just OK! Everyone deserves to eat healthy meals, but school, work, kids, and other daily distractions make things harder and get in the way. There used to be a shortage of businesses ready to solve this problem and provide a perfect combination of convenience and deliciousness. Michael Wystrach and Carter Comstock knew exactly what busy people wanted when they founded Freshly in New York in 2012. Freshly is a private company that delivers fully prepared meals to its customers throughout the United States. The menu of this service consists of wide-ranging single-serve dishes, such as high-protein, low-carb options to match dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and keto diets.

Lori Systems: Revolutionizing Africa’s Logistics

In recent years, Africa has climbed to the top among regions that have made a high jump in development. That is why many companies from around the world are turning to this continent to build and flourish it to its full potential. Generally speaking, the infrastructure and building sectors are the fastest growing ones, with many European or overseas countries increasing their investments day by day. However, this significant change naturally brought some problems, especially in the logistics space. Josh Sandler saw this and decided to make a change. His idea to found Lori Systems was built on the desire to contribute to Africa’s development, emphasizing the need to change their logistics.

SunBasket Meals: More Than Just Regular Plant-based Meals

Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles don’t give people a chance to prepare their meals, so they are pushed toward unhealthy eating habits. Working people and students often skip meals or eat takeout foods because it is a faster and handier option than searching markets looking for organic meals. Those who are vegans find it even harder to buy and consume the best organic food because not all restaurants and snack bars offer vegan meals. Luckily, Adam Zbar, Justine Kelly, Tyler MacNiven, and George Nachtrieb recognized the need for a health food service when they launched SunBasket in 2014.

VegReady: Open, Eat, Complete!

It’s said for a reason that in a healthy body lives a healthy mind. In today’s fast-moving world, people are so busy there is no time to cook, let alone enjoy the things around. Everyone is grabbing fast-food, unhealthy meals that would satiate their hunger, all the while not paying attention to the detrimental effect it has on their body. This, coupled with the idea of reducing the consumption of animal products, was the basis for veganism. But, the same obstacle arises – no time to cook. Mark Perlmutter constantly questioned why healthy, affordable food was always so hard to find. He knew eating more plants (even for non-vegans) could help avoid diseases. So what did Mark do? He founded VegReady!

Veestro: Let’s Eat Plant-Based Meals

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” - Ann Wigmore. American citizens are becoming more health conscious, and at the same time, they are interested in finding solutions to make their life easier. But in this fast-paced world, people don’t have time to shop for food and cook meals. This is where Mark Fachler and Monica Klausner’s Veestro came in. Launched in 2013, Veestro is a food delivery company that offers a solution for working people who wish to eat organic and healthy plant-based meals.

Zebit: Buying Now And Paying Later Without Interest

Keeping up with credit cards and payments and beating the interest rate is one of the biggest challenges in the modern world. Online shopping and paying should be a frictionless experience for everyone, and that’s precisely the idea the two innovation facilitators, Michael Thiemann and Marc Schneider, had when they founded Zebit. This San Diego, CA-based drop shipping startup offers an opportunity for people facing financial hardships to get on track, make payments and get what they need without interest. The embedded buy-now-pay-later option allows both buyers and suppliers to enjoy smooth payments.

AbbVie - Working Towards the Greater Good

“Our mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines and products that solve serious health issues, enhance people’s lives today, and address tomorrow's medical challenges.“ This is one of the company's mottos striving to go where others are scared to dare - terminal illnesses. AbbVie, with currently over 50.000 employees worldwide, has set its goals toward reaching the unreachable. Emerging from Abbott in 2013, AbbVie became an individual in its work, with a small abbreviation in the name as they still proudly want to represent where their company originated from.

Cerberus Sentinel - The Mythical Cybersecurity Guard

Running a successful business in the 21st century without a proper cybersecurity provider is unimaginable. The technique of protecting electronic systems, networks, and data, including computers, servers, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, against hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. The security of electronic information is also known as information technology security. As the CEO of many enterprises, David Jemmett faced multiple cybersecurity challenges, which were the foundations for his business idea.

NeuroFlow: A Whole New Approach to Mindfulness

Experiencing negative thoughts is common, but letting them control your life shouldn’t be! Since we’re living in a fast-paced world, many of us don’t find the time to stop and smell the roses. We let moments pass us by and miss out on chances we may not encounter again. Today, we find ourselves more involved in what needs to be done to meet someone else’s expectations rather than focusing on ourselves and what we should do for our well-being. With that notion in mind, two young people decided to end the vicious cycle of self-neglect and offer a new approach to becoming mindful.

Vigil Neuroscience: Reinventing Neuroscience and Changing Lives

Nothing is more fulfilling than working for the greater good. The study of the most complex system in human anatomy, the neurological system, is known as neuroscience. Researchers in the field of neuroscience utilize a variety of methods to get a mechanistic understanding of how the brain functions. This story is about Ivana Magovcevic-Liebisch and how she got the idea to change neurodegenerative disease therapies to help patients, carers, and families.

OptoVision: The World Through a German Lens

We are so preoccupied with the digital world today, trying to catch up to a new show or series, buying things online, searching, and sitting countless hours before a screen that we forget how this affects our health, especially our eyes. So the salvation we seek lies in glasses or, even better, lenses. Günter Agotz and Jürgen Braun - two bright minds - were the first to notice that the medical sector was surprisingly lacking in ophthalmology. So they embarked on a journey to improve it. Their idea was to focus on lens manufacturing to offer the best possible tools to their fellow Germans and later improve the optical instruments that test visual impairment levels. This is how OptoVision was born!

Salubris Bio: Meeting the Special Medical Patient Needs

What if patients with special medical needs have easier access to the treatments they need? Neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, and cardiovascular disease affect millions of people worldwide. Patients who face severe health conditions are looking for a treatment that can provide them with a better quality of life and fewer health problems. With a mission to develop top-quality biologics that can improve the way of living for patients facing complicated diseases, John Li and Samuel Murphy founded SalubrisBio in 2016.

Stealth BioTherapeutics: Better Life For Mitochondrial Patients

A good night's sleep might be the key to most problems. We live busy lives and rush to finish everything on our task lists, which often drains our energy and sucks our youth and beauty. And while we believe that we can quickly fix this condition with a good night's sleep, we give extra time for our mitochondrial disease to take control over our life. Luckily, Hazel Szeto recognized the real reason that makes us exhausted and aged, and in 2007 she founded Stealth Biotherapeutics in Newton, Massachusetts.

Sunbit: Enjoy Life with no Money Constraints

We only regret the chances we didn’t take — this is what works for life, friends, and business. It could be an item we want to buy or an event we want to attend. But we can’t always afford everything we want at the moment. Or we couldn’t. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a new payment method that allows people to purchase items online and pay sometime later, either delaying the payment date or splitting the cost into monthly installments. The online shopping platforms with BNPL are growing and becoming popular, especially among teens and young people. Simple online shopping, effortless and safe, BNPL enables customers with more financial power.

Amgen: Pioneers in Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy is unpleasant and reduces the body's ability to deal with an infection, which can worsen the health condition. Lower leucocyte count also leads to severe infections such as sepsis, which is one of the biggest problems for cancer patients. An old proverb says: if you can lower the risk of cancer patients getting sepsis, the world won’t forget to beat a pathway to your door. George Rathmann didn’t search for that path, but he wanted to help hundreds of thousands of people in the process when he co-founded Amgen Inc. Launched in Thousand Oaks, California, in 1980, Applied Molecular Genetics (Amgen) is a multinational biopharmaceutical company specializing in therapeutics.

HYON: The Missing Link in the Blue Economy

There’s no future without eco-consciousness, and HYON knows it best! As years pass by, we, as dwellers of the Earth, have become aware of the negative impact on the green economy, which is a massive step for humankind, but we have failed to popularize the blue economy. Equally as important as the green economy, the blue economy yields a revenue of trillions of dollars a year. As a matter of fact, oceans are the means for the transport of over 90% of all of the traded goods, so we can only imagine the potential damage to the water surfaces. With the goal to halt the possible damages to the blue economy, 3 business entities joined forces and established a company that’ll deliver renewable solutions for the maritime industry.

Jidu Auto - From a Search Engine to a Self-Driving Vehicle

Technology spins the world around, and it is the great minds, such as Robin Li Yanhong, that keep on pushing this world to technological advances unimaginable for us just 20 years ago. This story starts like any other, with an ambitious young boy from a humble family growing up to attain a university diploma and fulfill the duties of ordinary life. But this modest story ends up following a totally different direction. What is truly amazing about Li Yanhong, apart from his endeavors to success, is being the mastermind behind Jidu Auto - the company that manufactured the first robotic car in the world.

Novavax: Gateway to Healthier Life

Vaccines save millions of lives every year, and the development of safe and effective vaccines is a giant step forward for humanity. Programs for mass immunization have already proven successful in controlling and even eliminating certain diseases. Companies for vaccines offer a chance for a longer and healthier life. Scientist Bror Morein recognized the need for new vaccines to protect the world from modern infectious diseases when he launched Novavax, Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 1987. Novavax is a late-stage biotechnology enterprise that promotes better-quality health worldwide by discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative vaccines to prevent serious infectious diseases.

Soundsuit: The Melody of a Successful Tech Start-up

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Niche Everywhere you turn, music is there. Whether you’re buying coffee or passing by your favorite restaurant, you can hear soft melodic sounds coming from the inside. However, this music doesn’t just appear on its own - managers lose hours on creating an appropriate playlist for the day. What if that could change? What if you no longer have to spend time creating a playlist, but something does the job for you? Mikael Bourdon, an engineer and technology admirer, realized this gap and had a simple, innovative idea – create a product that adapts to any business nature and finds the appropriate playlist. Hence, Soundsuit!

TC BioPharm: Pioneers in Cancer Treatment

A hard-to-hear cancer diagnosis might no longer mean a terminal outcome in the near future, thanks to TC BioPharm. A staggering cancer-related fact is that over 10 million people lose their lives to cancer each year. According to medical stats, at least one-third of the most common cancer types are preventable. Becoming aware of the fact that cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, Angela Scott, Artin Moussavi, David Gallagher, and Michael Leek couldn’t just stand still and do nothing about it. The year 2014 marked the beginning of TC BioPharm - the company that’ll pull the rug from underneath cancer.

Eyeware: The Tiny, All-Mighty Solution for Eye-Tracking Software

If there’s a way to enhance the deep tech industry, Eyeware knows it! Did you know that the oldest webcam in the world was introduced in 1994? Can you imagine the hype that it created? Well, in 28 years, the technology revolving around webcams has massively evolved and offered web users a whole new experience. Tech companies in the smartphone business, as well as those in deep tech, are looking for cameras and 3D sensor novelties that can be seamlessly incorporated into products. Among the companies that offer such novelties is Eyeware - a Switzerland-found software company that manufactures high-definition head and eye-tracking software using computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology.

Pharnext: Redefining the Use of Medical Drugs

It doesn’t take much to find concrete proof of how our lives have extended over the past centuries. We are the living confirmation of how far medicine and pharmaceuticals have gone. Most diseases that had been a threat to our lives can now be treated and cured, and we can continue our lives as if nothing happened in the first place. The key is in “most.” That is where advanced clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies put their effort in. Since we are witnessing incredible growth in the pharmaceutical sector, even more after the pandemic outbreak in 2020, a tremendous amount of funding is put into research towards a healthier and longer-existing humanity.

Zenyum: Smile, Asia!

No one should hide their smile, not if Zenyum can help it! Dental care in Asia has a tradition of being widespread and practiced by the majority of Asians. Still, few can afford top-notch oral care due to the high prices of dental care. When Julian Artopé came head-to-head with the issue, he couldn’t grasp the fact that dental care in Asia was off-limits to many due to low accessibility and the cost of the procedures. As a savvy entrepreneur, Julian knew exactly how to start a company that’ll benefit people in the most suitable way. Julian founded Zenyum, a company that delivered invisible braces and a range of oral cosmetic services using cutting-edge 3D technology.

Hastee: Giving Financial Control Back to Employees

Happy employees are the best employees, and Hastee makes sure of that! Fact: Financial problems are the number 1 leading cause of stress. The uncertainty of not knowing when your next pay is coming can mess up the quality of life beyond recognition. Well, two people decided to do something about it, enabling workers to get part of their earnings whenever needed. Hastee is the company that came to be due to the will and determination of James Herbert and Simon Draper to let employees get more financial benefits out of their own pay.

InVideo: Bringing Video Content Creation into the New Era

Videos are the best way to express concepts and ideas, and the global population can’t imagine spending a day without watching or creating videos. YouTube reveals that it currently boasts over two billion users, meaning it’s the perfect venture for aspiring content creators. To take advantage of videos, you must focus on conveying original ideas and creating engaging content, which is no simple task.

Bounce Imaging: A Whole New Outlook on the Surroundings

Parallel to the ever-lasting evolution of technology, the concept of identity and security is rapidly changing and requiring new equipment for businesses. While old-school cameras only let you see the world with a limited field of view, Francisco Aguilar set out on a mission to provide a completely new opportunity for the tactical industry. Francisco’s brainchild, Bounce Imaging, designs throwable sensors and cameras for the highest-quality omnidirectional image stitching algorithms available to first responders. Unlike the usual, one-dimensional view offered by traditional cameras, the devices manufactured by Bounce Imaging observe in all directions simultaneously.

Hiya: The Smartphone Protector of Fraudulent Calls

We live in a smartphone-dominant era where 6.4 billion people use mobile phones worldwide. As the number of smartphone users grows, the number of issues with spam messages and annoying phone calls from unknown numbers increases. However, many smartphone users weren’t expecting those difficulties, and the situation made them feel unprotected. Looking back, Alex Algard was one of the few people who recognized the problem and the need for a solution on time when he launched Hiya in 2016. Hiya is a Seattle-based Caller-ID app that sells caller profile information to identify incoming calls or block unwanted numbers.

Modular Medical: Reinventing Diabetes Care

People with diabetes can still live fully-functioning lives thanks to Modular Medical. In the US alone, more than 37 million people have diabetes, and 1 in 5 don’t know they have it. Rapidly becoming the 7th leading cause of death in the States, diabetes is making people believe their lives should be led differently than usual, but not if Paul DiPerna has a say in it. To help diabetes patients feel good about themselves, Paul devised an approach that would reinvent diabetic care that was practiced until 1998. Using all of his knowledge to devise a medical asset that will help struggling diabetics control the disease, Paul made his vision a reality.

Brex: Reinterpreting Financial Systems

The digital world is with us - almost everything we do today can be done online. Every business shifted to the online space in the last couple of years. Restaurants have started accepting and delivering through online apps, shops have opened e-stores of their brands, etc. But what happened with the financial part of their stories? Many businesses, especially start-ups, can’t get access to a full scope of financial services if their credit score is not acceptable. This is what Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi saw as a flaw in the system and decided to change.

MikMak: Bringing E-Commerce to the Social Media Generation

In the ever-changing world of tech, e-commerce needs to follow the trends to thrive. How we shop online has changed drastically over the last few years. Retailers can no longer rely on customers visiting their stores directly. Instead, social media is becoming the dominant marketplace. However, many companies failed to adapt to these changes. That was until Rachel Tipograph noticed the disconnect and decided to bridge the gap. She figured that there had to be a better marketing strategy than sending emails. Thus, MikMak was created.

Curology: The Custom Weapon to Fight Acne

Order a custom skin care solution shipped to your doorstep, and get clear and glowing skin! We all know how important good skin care is, but unfortunately, things can get in the way. Many of us don’t know what products to use. And if we do find the right products, they can be too expensive for our budget. But there is a company that wants to change that. Curology was founded by Nancy Satyr and her 2 sons, David Lortscher and Glenn Lortscher. But it was only with the financial help of Kris Fredrickson that their dream was possible. With Curology, clients can get a custom prescription for their skincare products provided by a professional dermatologist. The users can then order these products and have them delivered right to their doorstep.

Unqork - The Premium Spot For No-Code Complex Apps

Creating an app of any sort is far from easy, and not everyone can do it. The biggest obstacle faced is the coding process. This takes time to learn and requires a lot of effort. But what if there was a way to create an app without entering a single line of code? Can we really make high-quality software without coding? According to Gary Hoberman, yes, we can! This tech genius thought of ways to help people facing this problem and came up with a simple solution - Unqork. This is a no-code enterprise application designed to help businesses develop complex apps free of the standard code procedure. Unqork was created to help any business, enterprise, insurance, healthcare, and even government devise their own PaaS apps.

Brooklinen: The Ultimate Comfort

There is an age-old saying, “You get what you pay for.” But what if that could change? Everyone wants quality products that would garnish their homes. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that these are usually expensive. Well, that has finally changed thanks to a power couple with a knack for creativity! Meet Rich and Vicki Fulop, the brain behind Brooklinen - a company that sells various home products that provide ultimate comfort. The merchandise ranges from bedding necessities to bath mats, robes, curtains, etc., while cutting the overall cost. The middleman is out of the picture, allowing customers to purchase high-quality home essentials at reasonable prices.

Dataiku: The World's Leading Platform for Everyday AI

“Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is here!” The world expects AI to surpass human intelligence and start automating various industries by 2025. It has the power to boost business productivity by up to 40%, so right now, over 50% of the world's population uses AI assistance. AI has always been the doorway to the future. In 2013 in Paris, 4 bright minds saw the many opportunities this could bring and decided to help the world with it. Thus, Florian Douetteau, Clément Stenac, Thomas Cabrol, and Marc Batty created a platform for everyday artificial intelligence that democratizes data and empowers organization-wide collaboration - Dataiku!

Finverity - Closing the Funding Gap in Emerging Markets

When investors struggle with the fragmented supply chain finance sector and lack of standards and visibility of the money chain, Finverity offers a solution, first in a class. In this new era of globalization and improved connections, still, a historical financial gap exists between developed countries and those still in development. Having founders ready to invest on one side and emerging small businesses with fresh ideas, but need financial support to survive on the other, is like having two islands that need each other.

Retrieving Lost Funds Worth Millions Only With Gravy

A failed payment can damage a company financially, but multiple such occurrences can drown one’s business in debt and drive potential investors away. Driven by a personal problem in the same area, Casey Graham decided it was time to make a change. He got an idea to become a middle-man no one sees and notices while fixing companies’ financial issues. Together with Renee Weber, they created Gravy, a company born to make things right as its main purpose is to recover failed payments and retain customers. This way, businesses can gain back huge sums of money that would otherwise slip through their fingers.

Human Interest - Retiring Plans Have Never Been This Good

Long sandy beaches or vast verdant mountains - that is what most people want when they punch their ticket for the last time at work. But if you don’t have a good retirement plan, chances are these will be left as only vivid dreams. Many companies don’t provide employees with a 401(k) plan. Driven by the need to change this, Roger Lee and Paul Sawaya decided to open Human Interest. This company is built on the idea of helping small and medium-sized businesses form high-quality retirement plans with the lowest cost. It is made with end-to-end technology, aiming to solve administrative and compliance problems and form quality retirement plans for the company’s retired members.

Auth0 - Verification Taken to the Next Level

All companies often have trouble verifying users and determining whether they are legit or not. This used to be a painful process considering it’s a tricky thing to distinguish such occurrences. Luckily, Auth0 came to the scene and as a helping hand to many businesses that try to overcome this problem. The co-founders Eugenio Pace and Matias Woloski decided to finally create a system that would help every global enterprise facing complex identity-use processes.

Butter CMS: Manage Your Content With Style

Want more traffic to your website? Content is key! It projects the driving force of the company, the goals we wish to achieve, and what the service customers can expect to receive. Creating a website for your business may seem like nuclear physics, but it can be a stroll in the park. Content Management Systems (CMS) come in to make your life easy. CMS assists users in creating, managing, and modifying website content without hiring expensive technical support specializing in the field.

Daily Harvest: Delivering Healthy Food to Your Door

Burgers, pizza, pasta, pancakes, donuts, and other calorie cocktails can be at your door within minutes. What about healthy food? We all know of the already existing fast-food delivery chains, but getting vegetables and fruits delivered to your home is usually not an option. Or better said - it wasn’t. Daily Harvest is a customer-first platform that delivers healthy veggies and fruits upon subscription. The genius behind Daily Harvest is the 39-year-old New York entrepreneur Rachel Drori. The idea that made her consider Daily Harvest was to allow people to order fresh and nutritious food and ease their busy daily schedules.

Faire: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Chase Their Dreams

The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want, as said by Sam Walton. But selling brands to local retailers without help is frustrating, or it used to be. In 2017, a group of five people came up with a groundbreaking idea - to launch an online wholesale marketplace that can connect independent artisans and brands with local retailers. So, Walton built Walmart and became a successful businessman, while the squad of 4 created Faire, helping everyone become successful retailers.

Interstride: No Boundaries for International Students

Getting a higher education degree is no easy task, and international students know it best. They need particular, customizable advice and insights, job opportunities, and a community they can reach out to and receive the support they need for academic success. Inspired by their own experience, Christian Eder and Nitin Agrawal had these exact needs in mind when they teamed up to start Interstride. The two entrepreneurs founded Interstride in 2018 in San Francisco as an educational tech startup with one primary vision - to help international students and their universities with convenient support services that will close the gap in job prospects.

Rippling: Replacing Paperwork With Software on a Highest Level

Those who run a company know it has a lot of manual administrative work. It takes hours to onboard new employees, and there’s much work connected to organization chart changes or sending out annual reminders, resulting in a mountain of paperwork. That’s where Rippling comes in! The company’s mission is to create a single system for employee information that companies can plug in and play right into. The tandem that made Rippling possible is made of two creative guys, Parker Conrad and Prasanna Sankar.

Songtradr - Powering the World by Music

As Louis Amstrong liked to say - 'Music is life itself.' And for many people, music is a way of life, even though managing a career in the industry isn’t easy. The Australian performer and songwriter Paul Wiltshire decided to revolutionize how music artists connect and other people in need of music content. The core purpose of Songtradr is to allow people to manage their careers in the music industry and establish music rights. What started as a garage project in 2014 today allows a much easier song licensing process, authorizing others to use the pieces for films and advertisements. Artists can upload their music on the platform for free and set their licensing fees.

Well Health Inc - Patient-Healthcare Communication Has Never Been Easier

Communication is at the core of every society. And when it comes to healthcare, it’s not a secret that the communication between patients and healthcare providers is not as practical as it should be. Guillaume De Zwirek and Joe Tischler had a brilliant idea to combat this two-sided problem. They thought of creating a platform that would ease the communication between patients and healthcare in the US. Their groundbreaking idea came to life in 2015 and has been a staple in the industry ever since. Well Health is a communication tool that allows the healthcare front offices to get in touch with their patients through instant chat, email, and phone lines.

Bestow: The Gift of Safety

Life insurance is the safety net we all need in the fast-developing world, where danger lurks around every corner. With it, you get financial protection for yourself and your family if something unfortunate happens. However, getting this insurance requires a long, complex process. Driven by the unfairness tucked beneath this problem, Melbourne O’Banion and Jonathan Abelmann decided to create a way in which all people could get life insurance in mere seconds. And thus, Bestow came to life!

Dispatch: Never Pay More Than What You Bargained For!

An increasing number of civilians unknowingly pay expenses placed on them by the brand they’re working with. More than a few enterprises have independent contractors working for their installation, repair, and maintenance services. However, this exposes the customer experience and the brand’s reputation to unnecessary risk. It’s normal for customers to expect transparent service and have their expectations met. A couple of Boston natives, Alex Beletsky, Avi Goldberg, Eliran Sapir, and Yaakov Zar, created Dispatch - software that automatically connects consumers to businesses and their outside services. Using it, clients can communicate service details and manage jobs via their mobile devices.

Petal: Equal Opportunities of Credit for Everyone

Credit cards were one of the biggest revolutions in the financial world. People could finally leave their checkbooks at home and just pack the small plastic card in their wallets. However, as time passed, credit cards accumulated credit debt. Over half the population in the US has credit card debt, making acquiring a new credit card a very challenging process. A few finance experts sought a way of making credit more accessible by focusing on cash flow instead of credit scores. Andrew Endicott, David Enrich, Jason Gross, and Jack Arenas reimagined how credit score was perceived.

2ndKitchen: The Only Kitchen You’ll Need

Get ready to order your favorite meal, no matter where you go out! In the client-centered sphere of food tech, customers want to have more options on food choices when dining out, and venues want to meet these desires. However, not every establishment has the needed resources to run a dedicated on-site kitchen and prepare food for its guests. So what are they to do? This is precisely what 2ndKitchen aims to solve - developed by Arik Gaisler, Jonathan Elron and Nick Anastasiades - this company enables any venue to serve the food they want.

Adani Wilmar: Spreading the Taste of India

Is there anyone who doesn't appreciate stir-fried rice or homemade doughnuts cooked in the finest edible oil? Adani Wilmar doesn’t think so! Food and agricultural goods have been a part of everyone’s lives since the dawn of time, however, in comparison to the past, we all desire to live a healthier life now. Adani Wilmar is dedicated to helping you with the benefits of a healthier lifestyle - it provides goods that will fit in your kitchen well. What sets this company apart on the market is its commitment to providing safe, healthy, and high-quality agricultural commodities and food on a long-term basis - and that’s exactly what the majority of people are searching for!

AfterPay: A Pocket-Friendly Payment Alternative

The one and only secret to total wellness is to live each moment to the fullest. Since practically everyone connects the term ‘wellness’ with the human body, it’s time to shift the focus - we’ll concentrate on financial wellness. Many people wish to buy things without spending their last dollar - which isn’t always the case. However, there is someone who can help people buy the items they’ve placed in their virtual shopping cart while also allowing them to maintain financial wellness - we’re referring to Afterpay!

Allbirds: Walking in Sustainable Shoes Never Felt Better

Is there such a thing as comfortable and stylish shoes made of eco and premium materials? Yes, there is - Allbirds knows all about it! Allbirds is a fashion company that designs and creates shoes made from natural materials, such as wool. This eco-friendly company is an environmentally conscious fashion brand specializing in producing long-lasting footwear. Allbirds was launched in 2016, and until today, it has become a global brand. With affordable prices and excellent quality, the Allbirds shoes are even loved by Emma Watson, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.

Alpha MOS: Reinventing Senses

Recreating the human eye, nose and tongue is no longer a pipe dream! Artificial sense organs such as the human nose could bring many advantages for humankind. That way, you can have a machine or computer detect and measure the composition and contamination of whatever you’d want. You can also calibrate it to be more sensitive than the real thing! Jean-Christophe Mifsud had that exact idea over 20 years ago when he founded Alpha MOS. After studying chemistry and chemical engineering at one of France's top universities, he realized the potential artificial sensory analysis devices would have.

AnswersNow: A Safe Haven for Autism

Autism is a spectrum of different conditions that are characterized by challenges that children face in their daily life. These challenges include nonverbal communication, social skills, speech, and repetitive behavior. What is important to understand is that autism is not an illness that needs treatment. It’s something that a child is born with or it may develop at a young age. It’s a condition where the brain functions differently from the remainder of the population. Considering that parents don’t always get the help and support they need from professionals, and with the COVID-19 pandemic changing people’s lives, Jeff Beck and Adam Dreyfus came up with the idea to turn their AnswersNow platform into a tele-ABA platform.

Arohan Financial: A Ray of Hope for the Financially Underprivileged

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail - and Arohan Financial would never let you fail! The majority of us have been in a situation where we are financially insecure and unable to meet our basic needs. When you have no one to support you, it can be quite difficult, but fortunately, there are financial services that can extend a helping hand when you need it the most. Vineet Rai saw that the number of Indians in need of help was growing every day, therefore, he devised something that saved countless lives - the Aavishkaar Group.

ASOS: The Fashion Phenomenon of the 21st Century

ASOS - the British online fashion retailer that never goes out of style. Who wouldn’t want to go shopping from the comfort of your living room? In just a few clicks you can get the latest clothing items delivered straight to your doorstep. That is exactly what 4 young lads had in mind at the turn of the millennium. In 2000, as the internet was becoming more popular, 4 visioners gathered in London and decided to make the most out of it. Thus, Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, Quentin Griffiths, and Deborah Thorpe created an online retailer primarily aimed at young adults, but their business expanded faster than they could have imagined.

Authentic Brands Group: The Hub of Brands

No one does brand management for the stars better than ABG! Finding a company that encourages young people and brands to find their identity, evolve, and become trending in the industry is made possible thanks to ABG. The Authentic Brands Group is a marketing and brand platform that helps firms in the fashion, sports, and entertainment industries flourish. Entertainment brands like Elvis Presley, O’Neal, Marilyn Monroe, and Nine West are all part of ABG. It’s no wonder that fan-favorite Shaquille O’Neal became part of ABG!

Baobab Clothing: The Shirt That’s As Good As New

Instead of getting frustrated about not finding the clothes you like, start a personal clothing brand -it’s that simple! It’s no secret that the quality in the clothing industry has been dropping over the years. In the race to make their brands more acceptable and affordable for a large audience, clothing companies are starting to compensate for quality over price and quantity. Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III are two friends who decided enough is enough. Why spend loads of money on clothes with questionable quality that will shrink or fade after a few washes?

The HqO Experience: Everyone’s Workplace, but Better

Workplace experiences are the latest trend among countless businesses and yet - not everyone has boarded the innovation train. Interestingly, the root of every quality workplace or commercial venue starts with a respective building. And no one combines buildings with flair and working experiences quite like HqO. Designed by four curious masterminds, HqO is a remarkable company that pays special focus on the quality of a work setting and the overall satisfaction of its employees and management. HqO is the global partner of all businesses that want to adopt customer-oriented workplace experiences.

iFIT Health and Fitness: Fitness Never Felt So Personal

In a world of the same fitness exercises, one company took a more personal turn. Slowly but steadily, we are coming back to our old daily routines and habits, finally free of restrictions. As the fitness industry is expanding by the minute, more and more people are confiding in fitness to achieve their dream figure and boost their health. Many of us have tried different sets of exercises recommended by our friends, swearing by them, but they did nothing for us. Back in 2013, two men set out to shake things up in fitness and revolutionize the industry, offering to each their own.

Millie: Sharing Is Caring

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” - Maya Angelou Rachel Klausner wanted to create a way to make people more involved in giving and more thoughtful of their donations; thus, Millie was born. The platform is designed to make charitable donations fun and accessible, and to create a workplace culture that encourages these activities. Ultimately, Millie’s goal is to have a big effect on how people engage with giving, and consequently make a significant impact on the world in the most positive way.

Bawat A/S: Preserving the Eco-Balance, One Ship at a Time

Let’s set sail and explore how ships can become more eco-friendly, Bawat-style. Large ships usually take up ballast water from one destination and dump it at another. This water is essential because it helps keep the ship stable. However, this water often contains biological contaminants and sediment that could be harmful at the ship’s final destination. This is where Bawat comes in to save the ecosystem. Marcus Peter Hummer created this company in 2011 to help clean the ballast water used by ships. Thanks to him, today the oceans are just that much cleaner.

BeeReaders Inc.: A Unique Play-and-Learn Experience

Educational content that’s fun and playful?! - Sí, por favor! Well, here is a company that can entertain you while you learn how to habla. BeeReaders Inc. is the company we're talking about! BeeReaders Inc. is a digital reading platform that aims to expand the academic opportunities for Spanish-speaking children in grades K-12. This platform allows tutors to provide a customized learning experience. The incredible combo of Luis Gringras and Ruben Arias - the creators of this innovative platform that has aided so many pupils - is credited with the company's success.

Biller Genie: Making Billing Issues Disappear

If your wish is to make timely payments, then Biller Genie will make it come true! Are you running a business and having issues with late payments that are costing you time and money? Well, there is a company called Biller Genie that will put an end to that! Biller Genie is a service that enables automated cloud-based accounts receivable solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises - and it is one of the few that does so. Thomas Aronica is solely responsible for the company's success. He is the man who built the company's pillars and many other businesses' cornerstones.

Branch: Innovation-Led Solutions for Modern-Day Issues

The mobile app industry has grown into a titan in less than a blink of an eye, becoming directly interwoven with the future of humanity as we know it. And at the center of it all is one piece of land in sunny California, Silicon Valley. One of the rare companies that managed to beat all odds and branch out into the mobile development industry is Branch – a mobile linking and attribution software. Mada Seghete, Alex Austin, Mike Molinet, and Dmitri Gaskin are the brains behind the company. They started it in 2014, inspired by a class in their Business postgraduate program at Stanford. The four of them have entirely different backgrounds but share two common interests – innovation and software engineering.

BUTTON Wallet: Blockchain Solutions at the Tip of Your Finger

Get into the world of cryptocurrency with a click of a BUTTON. Even though cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm, there are still people that struggle with the whole process. Getting verified as a new user and purchasing crypto can take up to 3 weeks in the US. The further development of the blockchain industry aims to ease this process and enable users with a debit card to get eligible for a crypto purchase within an hour. Alexandr Safonov, Kirill Kuznetcov, and Nick Kozlov joined their forces with a shared vision - the evolution and optimization of financial technology that would let users manage their digital assets more efficiently and safely.

Chisel: Helping Sculpt Success

Masterpieces have been created by the use of a straightforward tool, a chisel. Used for intricate designs and sculpting, the secret magic behind this tool may be mirrored in today’s technology. Every artisan is looking for the best way to create a masterpiece that others will admire. But unlike art, the chisel in technology aids in solving problems and helping others achieve their goals. One such visionary craftsman is Praful Chavda, a young man who started Chisel to fix a problem he was having with previous product management software.

Choco: Making Food-Wasting a Thing of the Past

Get all of your orders in order with Choco. The food industry is keeping up with trends and modernizing its systems. Are you tired of dictating your order in audio messages and checking for error deliveries? This is all changing now -there is a new kid on the food scene ready to make your life heaven. Choco is the answer to connecting restaurants with their suppliers while at the same time optimizing the food supply chain. A pioneer in the global food industry, Choco is among the fastest-growing start-ups.

Chordate Medical AB: Curing Health Problems in Unusual Ways

Chronic migraines and nasal congestion are soon to be a thing of the past. A lot of people suffer from chronic migraines around the world. In fact, an estimated 110 to 170 million people suffer from it around the world, leading to productivity loss and healthcare costs. The world is in dire need of better migraine treatments. This is where Chordate Medical AB comes into play. With the help of its CEO, Anders Weilandt, the company is working on an innovative new procedure to tackle chronic migraines and nasal congestion. Chordate Medical’s pride and joy is called Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation (K.O.S.), a drug-free alternative to traditional migraine treatments. And what’s more, it has no side effects, whatsoever.

Clumio: Data Protection for the Modern Times

How many of us have misplaced essential files and been unable to recover them? Fortunately, a company based in Santa Clara, California, believes that such issues will be a thing of the past - we're talking about Clumio. Clumio makes data protection easier for businesses. Its secure solutions protect against ransomware while also allowing businesses to meet demanding regulatory standards, backup and recover data in minutes, and gain better insight to reduce cloud storage expenses. Clumio's story features a trinity consisting of Kaustubh Patil, Poojan Kumar, and Woon Ho Jung, the masterminds behind the company.

Coded Minds: Encoding Young Minds With the Feel of the Future

Kid-friendly coding? Yes, Coded Minds made coding appealing to children. In recent years, iSTEAM education has been on the rise, especially among elementary students. However, for now, there are only a few such educational platforms that offer to teach kids about innovation, science, technology, engineering, arts, and math - all combined. With parents being skeptical regarding this way of learning and the platforms lacking in budget, none of the companies have made a big boom on the market. That was until 2017, when Coded Minds was formally established with headquarters in Dubai. Omar Farooqui got the idea to create an iSTEAM platform with a more unconventional learning approach and available high-tech tools.

CoachHub: Coaching for the Next Generation

Every job is challenging and requires complete dedication, but sometimes companies and their employee teams have trouble finding the right motivation. In difficult times, all a company needs is a coach to help motivate the employees into highly successful and inspirational leaders. Such a platform is CoachHub, a digital coaching firm launched in Berlin, Germany, in 2018. The platform provides the most advanced professional growth at all career levels and customized and quantifiable coaching packages that help companies achieve their business objectives. Digital coaching is a growing trend in the area of coaching, especially in recent years.

CryptoSpend: The Crypto Credit Card You Can Use

Crypto savings can now take a new form - credit cards. Crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for the day their currency of choice is ‘ripe’ enough before they spend it. Luckily, the time has come for crypto fanatics to be able to spend as little or as much as they want to without having to go through the classic trading scheme. Aussies can now pay their bills or purchase anything they want, thanks to CryptoSpend. CryptoSpend is an app made by Australian people allowing everyone to enjoy crypto to AU$ transactions as smoothly as if they were using regular cash.

Dapper Labs: A Blockchain of Fun and Games

Dapper Labs can give you exclusive access to sports events you won’t see on TV! With the ever-increasing number of intellectual products and properties, the problem of authenticity also becomes much more complex. These days, people can hardly distinguish between an original or a copy, between a unique piece and a dupe. This is where Dapper Labs takes the stage as an NFT (Non-fungible) company that provides blockchain services. The company’s ultimate mission is to cover some of the best games and entertainment events while providing customers with a chance to participate by buying NFTs proactively.

Elly: Decompress the Financial Stress With Elly

Can you imagine passing a day without using an app? Hardly so. More and more apps are being developed to ease out everyday navigation and use certain resources. Dejan Roljič and Matej Gregorčič are the two partners behind the revolutionary multi-functional wallet, Elly or Eligma, as it used to be called in the first place. Slovenia is thought to be the Silicon Valley of Europe and the Balkans since it has given the world many brilliant young minds like Dejan and Matej. How did two fellow entrepreneurs from the Balkans come up with an idea to develop an app that can make transactions easier than ever?

Extend: Out With the Old, In With the New Customer Experience

How many times have you wished for a better customer experience? Due to the legacy system being outdated, it causes headaches to millions of people worldwide. Thousands of customers were desperately waiting for a company that could help eliminate the issues they face with legacy offerings. Joe Moss, Michael Darmousseh, Rohan Shah, and Woodrow H. Levin heard the echoing scream when they created the brand Extend. Although the 4 co-founders strongly believed in their idea, they couldn’t have imagined the popularity they would reach with Extend.

Speechly: Giving Voice Applications Natural Language Quality

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” In these words by James Humes lies the meaning of any type of communication. Communication and interaction are key human traits that are today integrated as voice technology solutions. Although unfamiliar with this new way of operating, many still admit that next-generation voice technologies are alleviating life on a large scale. Speechly is a natural language understanding tool with real-time automatic speech recognition that allows full customization and accuracy of a voice application. Co-founded by four information technology geniuses, Speechly’s creators wished to give the technology world a voice.

CNote: Making What Goes Around to Come Back Around

There’s a new safe spot for your money in town! Do you ever think about where your money goes to sleep at night? - most likely a spot on the shelves to collect dust. While you're letting your money slumber like that and doing nothing to benefit you or the world around you, there's still time to reverse that - CNote is coming with something spectacular to offer! CNote is an investment platform that allows you to earn a competitive return while also expanding economic inclusion and aiding financially marginalized communities around the United States.

GreenVolt: In Sustainable Energy We Trust

Working towards a sunnier tomorrow is what GreenVolt is dedicated to, one sunny day at a time. Every industry runs on energy, but the more we exploit unsustainable energy sources - the more we harm the environment. The planet is pleading for change and it’s high time we took a new, more ethical approach to energy. The healthy alternative that helps us become balanced with nature and become carbon neutral is switching to renewable sources. João Manso Neto’s vision as the CEO of GreenVolt is to generate innovation and utilize the clean, smart energy we actually need.

Finn AI: Banks' Right Hand

The virtual assistant of the future is here, and it’s called Finn AI. Artificial intelligence has taken on the weighty task of learning the secrets of being a human being. With technology entering every aspect of our lives, it’s no wonder that AI is slowly but surely taking over human tasks to facilitate companies and their end-users in the line of communication and services. Finn AI is a chatbot that specializes in financial and banking issues. Being the middleman between banks and credit unions on one side and end-users on the other, it is a relatively easy and convenient banking tool.

Globechain: Making a Difference We Can Feel

Meet the business embodiment of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”! In recent years, waste and sustainability have been a significant topic and are no longer mere fluff words used by marketing and PR teams. Globechain aims to make a difference by pioneering an online circular economy as a new way of handling waste. Many resources companies use are thrown away and replaced, even if they’re as good as new. Founder May Al-Karooni understands this well, having witnessed firsthand how carelessly businesses dispose of material resources.

Harvest Platform: A Financial Claim to Your Favor

The greater the effort, the greater the glory - C.Pierre. Living in the 21st century means two things: a million life problems and two million solutions to them. Today, everyone has a problem, but the most common ones revolve around finances. Luckily for us, there are certain people who have done their best to alter our daily habits for the better. Gabriel Dell'Accio and Namrata Badal, are two young people who are proof that hard work and a great desire to create what you want always pays off. Driven by their shared desire, Gabriel and Namrata succeeded in their idea and created the Harvest Platform, one of the largest American platforms that help users negotiate bank fees and receive a refund.

HeartCore Enterprises, Inc.: Making People Excited About Technology

Creating software that yields enjoyment using it is what HeartCore does best. Having the latest technology tools to create the best content for your webpage is essential if you wish to be a leader in your field. These tools allow you to have control of your webpage content and design. Having an organized, great-looking, and updated website creates the image of your company. HeartCore Inc. is a Japanese company founded by Sumitaka Kanno, dealing with high-tech tasks and process mining. It also deals with robotic automation accelerating the digital transformation through data extraction and analysis.

Hour Loop: For the Gift-Giver in You

Gifting is a thoughtful process that requires skill and imagination, and Hour Loop knows all about it. Buying a gift is more than just going to the store and purchasing an expensive item. When gifting, children don’t consider the value of the gift but engage in a thinking process of discovering what would make the person happy. A drawing made by a child or a simple figurine they selected brings more smiles than any diamond bracelet. However, not everyone is a skilled craftsman. Companies like Hour Loop exist to offer a wide selection of gifts for every budget range. They offer affordable and authentic gifts, from figurines to apparel and electronics.

Hover: Home Improvement of the Future

“Goodbye tape measures, hello accuracy in 3D”, says Hover. Providing a better experience for both contractors and homeowners, Hover paves the road to the future of home improvement. What Hover’s software does is create 3D models of buildings using smartphone photos sent by the app users. So, whether it’s a contractor, homeowner, or architect, everybody involved in the construction process can use the data to create their ideal space with more ease and accuracy. The company was founded by two army veterans - A.J.Altman and Ross Hangebrauck. They launched Hover in 2011 and the main product 4 years afterward. The company already has over 1.1 million app downloads and over 200 loyal customers.

IXIGO: Your Personalized Travel Guide

Bringing order in the chaos of traveling is what IXIGO excels at. People travel all around the world on a daily basis, some more frequently because of work, others simply for fun and relaxation. When traveling, what's most important is to have well-organized and planned transportation and accommodation. IXIGO is an online-operating travel platform with over 150 million users who can plan, book, and monitor their journeys globally. It features an AI-powered app, and its primary purpose is to give travelers trustworthy suggestions tailored specifically for them.

Labster: Making Science Laboratories Available for Everyone

Accessing labs is made as easy as clicking a button, thanks to Labster. Nothing hurts a youngster’s prospects as wasting talent and potential. So many ideas fade away in the realms of the past due to not having access to the means to make them come to a realization. Fortunately, the future is here and students can now explore aspects of science they never thought they could. This is all possible thanks to Labster, the world leader in simulation labs and science. This platform offers students access to experiencing realistic lab experiments encompassing all sorts of science segments.

Lili: Keeping Your Finances at the Palm of Your Hand

What if you could keep track of your finances on the go? One company made that happen. Keeping track of your finances and monthly expenses can be challenging and time-consuming. Especially for freelancers and own-account workers, monitoring every financial insight, tax, and income can be challenging. Lili is a freelancer-friendly digital banking platform that offers real-time cost monitoring, tax tools, and financial analytics. Its design allows people to keep work and life separate, enjoying financial independence.

MamaMend: Mending New Moms’ Mindset

Giving birth to a child is the most wonderful, and at the same time, the most stressful experience a woman goes through. Every new mom is excited during her pregnancy, watching how her body changes while a new life grows inside her. This is a wonderful journey, but not many women talk about the issues they face after becoming mothers. Childbirth recovery and postpartum health are two crucial issues that not many doctors offer advice on dealing with. Having faced this problem themselves, Sara and Jon Bates decided to lend struggling women a helping hand.

Mythical Games: The New Generation’s Marvel

Fasten your seatbelts because Mythical Games is bringing something spectacular to gamers. The dream of owning a portion of a game and earning money while playing has come true! - the NFT gaming technology studio created blockchain-based games that allow players to profit from digital ownership. The story behind the creation of this marvelous platform brings together the quintet of Cameron Thacker, Jamie Jackson, John Linden, Rudy Koch, and Chris Downs. With their tremendous desire to add more thrill to the gaming industry, the youngsters created something that has been on gamers’ wish lists for decades.

Neurable: A Step Closer to Monitoring Human Thoughts

Take a plunge into the depths of the human mind. Needless to say, the human brain is a rather complex system that is somewhat hard to understand. A lot of people want to be able to read minds and control the real world with their thoughts. Well, as scary as it may sound, that could soon become reality. A few people that had that exact vision are Adam Molnar, James Hamet, and Ramses Alcaide. They realized the potential of tapping into the inner workings of the mind and developed a Neurable to utilize that. Turning Smartphones into Power Outlets

The connected future is becoming more innovative and more eco-friendly! The world we live in has hundreds of different smart devices, such as e-Scooters, intelligent lights, speakers, etc. This is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), and these devices need to communicate somehow. This is where Nodle comes into play: developed by Garrett Kinsman and Micha Benoliel, Nodle is a wireless network that promises to connect the IoT conveniently and straightforwardly.

Nuovopay: The Safekeeper of Your Smartphone

There’s a digital guardian of your smartphone, and it’s called Nuovopay. More than a few telecom companies charge for more than just the devices they’re selling. Miscalculations in leasing contracts due to taxes, delayed payments, and bad debts happen more than occasionally with the carriers paying a hefty price. There was a need for a platform to protect the resellers and build a safer, more sustainable device-leasing model! It seemed like telecommunication carriers and finance firms were doomed until two IT and marketing specialists, Alok Londhe and Harishankar Kannan, entered to save the day! With their inventive device-locking technology, they successfully protected leased devices from non-payments and theft!

Orchid Black: A Ray of Light for Budding Businesses

“Talent wins games, but team and intelligence win championships” – Jim Barnish. Nowadays, many people are trying to start their own businesses, and these same people want to advance quickly. But sometimes, achieving your own goals quickly requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Jim Barnish, Steve Horwitz, and John Lema are the three creators of a consulting company, called Orchid Black, a company that’s a real success story. The narrative behind the Orchid Black company is very motivating since it deals with the average Joe that is struggling to run a business.

PharmEasy: Aggregator of Affordable Healthcare

There’s a company that puts health above wealth, a rare find, indeed. Since the dawn of time, the ancient people have known what the true value of one’s fortune is - it is health that is the real wealth. Centuries ago, people in India worshipped the god Dhanvantri in order to obtain good health. People were left to pray to gods and use nature to heal themselves because medications were scarce at the time. Since then, the importance of health has remained constant, but technological advancements and access to medication have altered.

Pleo: Save Time, Money, and Peace of Mind with a Financial Card

Compress your employees’ expenses with the Pleo hive-mind card. Being in charge carries a lot of responsibility, especially in the financial sector of a company. Financial directors and assistants know how challenging it is to manage all the employees’ expenses. It’s not something any authoritative figure could restrict as the hired hand must purchase things they need to do their job. Tracking employees’ receipts is a thing of the past - no more collecting receipts, scanning, and inputting them into the financial company’s system - the Pleo card can do all of that for you.

PureKana: Sharing the Elixir of Health with the World

A healthy outside starts from the inside! Many are looking to transform their aura and boost their happy hormones. Well, everyone can stop searching, since PureKana has figured out the mystery. According to the company, the source of all happiness lies in nature, and it’s nature that provides people with CBD oil - the substance that promotes tranquillity and peace. Although many companies sell CBD oil these days, only a handful are capable of creating the most potent oil concoction of non-intoxicating cannabinoids present in hemp - and one of them is PureKana.

Radpay: A Pioneer in Modern Online Payment

Day by day, the dynamic nature of the fintech industry is opening the doors for innovative brands with a vision for modern financial services methods. Some of the most influential entrepreneurial names in this industry over the past few years are Dana Love and Jared Stauffer, the founders of Radpay. This platform was launched in 2018 and introduced a creative approach to financial services that aims to disrupt the $32 trillion global credit card payment market. Radpay focuses on providing an online platform for merchant payment services by merging blockchain technology and PCI-compliant card payment.

SAMHI Hotels: Reinventing the Hospitality Business

Luxury must be pleasurable; else, it isn’t luxury! Many hotels nowadays are labeled as opulent, but they are not in actuality - they do not provide their customers with the essential amenities. However, not every success story is based on financial growth, others are based on hard work and a strong desire to deliver only the best. That kind of narrative puts Ashish Jakhanwala and Manav Thadani, the creators of SAMHI Hotels in the center of our success story. The great triumph was achieved by combining an extensive understanding of Indian hospitality with great motivation and effort. More than 4.000 keys are now in Ashish and Thadani’s pockets.

Seekify: Offering Customers a Custom “Wow” Experience

Making sure customers have the best experience has never been so easy! In today’s world, customers want a personalized experience tailor-made for them, not just exceptional service. And analyzing the huge amount of data available can be a pain for any company, so it is often neglected or even ignored. This is precisely what Seekify was set up to solve. The brilliant minds of Ajeet Singh Kushwaha and Arihant Jain realized that they can work directly with businesses to help them with this problem.

Smart Valor: The Future of Cryptocurrency-As-A-Software

There’s no currency like cryptocurrency, and the world is yet to witness a boom. There is a high demand for cryptocurrencies, rendering them more and more used for various investments. Cryptocurrencies, as a part of the fintech industry, are a rather new branch that still invokes doubt within people. If you’re considering purchasing or trading cryptocurrencies, you have to do it safely through the best investment platform, much like Smart Valor - a high technology platform that provides software as a service to banks and fintech firms. The enterprise acts as a provider, trader, and manager of digital assets.

SWVL Technologies: Straightening the Chaos in Transport

Getting from point A to point B has been a challenge ever since the dawn of ages. Today, we’re still challenged by our means of transportation, even though technology pierced through obstacles with lightning speed. In certain countries like Egypt, with so many people living side by side, the streets can become overcrowded, and getting to where you’re headed might become a serious task. SWVL Technologies, the brainchild of Ahmed Sabbah and Mostafa Kandil, launched in 2017 in the streets of Egypt to give people, businesses, and communities a leg up with transport.

Upkey: The Key to a Successful Career

A helping hand is always welcomed, but a key to a successful career is something else! Online learning is a growing industry, and about 43% of college students in the US believe that e-learning resources are tremendously helpful for boosting knowledge. A high 49% of students globally said that they had taken an online course or used e-resources in the last 12 months. Since these numbers were lower a few years ago, Amir, Mark, and Mo must have had a crystal ball predicting the future when they launched Upkey.

Urban Farmers: Farming for the 21st Century

Urban Farmers brings what people deserve – 100% natural fresh products. The demand for organic food rises, yet it doesn’t seem like there is much that can be done about this aside from one thing. Many are fooled by the organic label and pay a reasonable price for what they consider organic, only to find the fine print on the label that says the produce has been treated with chemicals. Fortunately, there’s a Swiss company that manages to provide fresh organic food of high quality to many markets thanks to their horticulture and aquaculture strategies. Urban Farmers is a global pioneer when it comes to managing urban farming, thanks to Roman Gaus.

WeSolv: Bringing Companies and Employees Closer Together

How is a candidate supposed to show their performance abilities if they are not allowed to perform? - WeSolv offers the know-how. The human resource industry has always faced challenges, and both sides of the coin are experiencing the same pressure that arises when job openings appear. Companies have difficulty finding candidates that fit their company requirements, while applicants have problems being identified and isolated in the overflowing candidate pool. Stella Ashaolu herself struggled to break the vicious cycle and convince potential employers of her skills and abilities. An ambitious black woman, Stella had to overcome many obstacles, but that didn’t stop her from advancing in life and her career.

Wheels: More Than Just a Ride

Over the last 5 years, the 'last mile' of the transportation business has become incredibly congested. The world is changing, and so is the way of transport. The companies started offering low-cost rides on modern bikes and electronic scooters, but they also got into expensive battles for more prestigious offers and more clients. Once people got used to getting around using modern scooters and bikes instead of their cars, the two brothers Joshua and Jonathan Viner together with Chris Stavlas felt that it was about time for a next-generation player when they created their new E-bike company.

xFarm Technologies: A New Way of Farming

A simple, wholesome platform for the optimization of agricultural activities at your service! We’ve all witnessed how inefficient farming and agriculture can affect our own lives and the environment, as well as increase the costs of production. The evergoing growth of the world’s population, the poor quality of the soil, paired with the global warming all make agriculture one of the ruthless industries. xFarm Technologies, a platform developed by Swiss-Italian farmers, was founded in 2017 with the sole reason to ease farmers’ work and day-to-day life.

Youth To The People: A Beauty Brand Like No Other

Is food more than just food? - Two cousins think so. As the beauty industry is expanding, we are all collectively getting preoccupied with beauty. Since ancient times, people have used makeup and cosmetics; through the years, women performed rituals to correct their bodies' flaws and uphold the idea of natural beauty. Nowadays, we all try new makeup products recommended by professionals or our friends, but we can’t always be sure we’re giving ourselves nothing but quality. Back in 2015, two cousins, Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, with the help of their professional-grade skincare pioneer grandmother Eve, decided to shake things up and start a revolution with skincare products.

Zypp Electric: Unzipping a Clean Energy Potential

Zypp Electric is a green and profitable solution for everybody! We all know the challenges the world faces referring to energy consumption and pollution - the need for migration to clean and sustainable energy is urgent! However, this would remain a mere impossibility if we don’t start focusing on our means of transport. The situation becomes even scarier if we place this problem in an Indian context - a country of 1,5 billion residents with so many people living below the poverty line. With that precise image in mind, two young visionaries decided to launch Zypp Electric, a smart app platform focused on clean and sustainable energy.

Agendia N.V.: A New Hope for Breast Cancer Patients

On average, 1 in 8 women in the United States develops invasive breast cancer in their lifetime, which speaks volumes about the need for the development of diagnostic technology. It is the duty of modern medicine to help breast cancer patients and their families that watch them go through this debilitating disease. An early diagnosis and personalized treatment in alignment with the highest medical care standards are the main factors in improving patients’ quality of life. Bernard Sixt, Laura Johanna van 't Veer, and Rene Bernards embarked on a noble mission to make the breast cancer patient's journey easier through effective molecular diagnostics.

AllCampus: Building a Better World for University Students

The future of academic education is now - and it’s inevitably linked to the development of technology, says AllCampus. Students’ demands are gradually expanding and so are modern universities’ needs for constant evolution of their academic programs. Nowadays, virtual management services are of great help in creating better conditions and changing academia for the better. Having worked on raising awareness in high education spaces for more than two decades, the vision for technological progress in academia is what prompted Joe Diamond to create AllCampus.

AMTD Digital: Accelerating the Digitalization of Financial Services

The digital revolution of actual economies and people's everyday lives has become the new normal. To empower and unify our ecosystem of digital enterprises, businesses need a multi-dimensional, integrated digital platform - and that is what AMTD Digital does best! Having worked in the finance sector for a long time, Calvin Choi realized that companies must become digital to survive. He then went on his journey to create this revolutionary platform - and what a fruitful journey it has been.

Amylyx Pharmaceuticals: A Beam of Hope on the Pharmaceutical Horizon

Lending a helping hand to struggling patients is the one thing Amylyx does best! Some statistics show that today in the US, close to 1 million people are living with some sort of neurodegenerative disease. Fortunately, there are dedicated companies and organizations that work tirelessly to make these people’s day-to-day life a whole lot easier. Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, a fast-growing pharmaceutical company, was founded in 2014, with the initial idea and optimism to create a treatment for people living with neurodegenerative diseases.

Aspire Global: Vape Safely and with Style

By offering nothing less than top-quality products to users around the world, Aprire Global is the go-to place for vaping products! Old-school smoking can seriously harm your health, but your lungs will be quite grateful if you switch to e-cigarettes. The public awareness-raising about the health risks of smoking has significantly increased the popularity of the e-cigarette and vape market. Not only have smokers opened their eyes to the harmful effects of this habit, but the improved technology and added flavors (such as fruits, menthol, or nuts) are another reason that makes e-cigarettes much more appealing to consumers nowadays.

B Capital Group: A Helping Hand for Sprouting Businesses

Life would be so much easier for promising entrepreneurs if only they had a little support and help, in raising their companies. That’s especially needed nowadays when both new and existing entrepreneurs struggle with financial problems, recognition issues, and so on. Here comes B Capital Group - one of the biggest companies that enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and gain worldwide visibility. It was launched in 2015 by Eduardo Saverin, Howard Morgan, and Raj Ganguly. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company links technological start-up firms with the most influential globally known CEOs, platforms, and brands.

Beeznests: Locating the Right Remote Talent for Your Business

Are you a busy bee looking for work? Beeznests is your nest! The Covid-19 pandemic left half of the world’s population unemployed. With most of the people stuck in lockdown, businesses had no other choice but to pause or completely stop services. With no guests in restaurants, many students were left with no summer jobs. There came a need to observe new ways of remote working. Amanda Lee and Jin Liu made every student’s life a bit easier when they launched a freelance platform that will remotely connect businesses to the sought-after talent.

Biotechnology’s New Rising Hope: Beroni Group

The fact that technology has reached its peak and scientists still haven’t found the cure for cancer is astonishing. The sad truth is that over 18% of the Australian population is at risk of developing cancer at some point during their lifetime, and the numbers are only increasing by the year. Although the cure still hasn’t been found, biotechnology is working towards bringing humanity closer to it. This is where Boqinq Zhang enters the picture. His benevolent character and personal upbringing motivated him to dedicate his life to alternative medicine and technology.

Chainalysis: Increasing Trust in Blockchain,One Block at a Time

Step into the crypto world, worry-free, because Chainalysis made sure you’re in it for a smooth ride! Bitcoin and blockchain are increasingly familiar terms you will nowadays come across in the mainstream economy narrative. However, one lingering question still holds some people back - is cryptocurrency safe? Building a strong cybersecurity network is the most efficient way to enhance the global climate of trust in blockchains. Many institutions that work to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity - such as businesses, law enforcement agencies, and regulators - need further assistance and professional upgrade in their policies.

CinCor Pharma: Where Hearts are Taken Care of

Over 47% of the US population suffers from hypertension, meaning almost half the citizens are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure can cause the heart to give out earlier than expected, and the number of young deaths keeps increasing. But where science has failed, perhaps biotechnology could succeed and finally produce the remedy for high blood pressure. Catherine Pearce and Jon Isaacsohn entered the picture with a promise to create a world-class, groundbreaking drug that will help patients kiss hypertension goodbye!

Chobani: Healthy Yogurt-y Deliciousness

All hail the Yogurt King, offering deliciousness since 2005! Nowadays, the lack of nutritious, non-dairy yogurts encouraged a certain food-maker to tackle the food industry and shake it up a bit. Thanks to a brand known as Chobani, enjoying a delicious glass of yogurt has never been more pleasurable. When the idea popped into founder Hamdi Ulukaya’s head, he immediately thought of a motto like “make healthier and quality vegan food more approachable by all people worldwide”. Given the fact that no other food company before 2005 had produced plant-based natural greek yogurts, Chobani made a big boom on the market.

Coforge: The Forger of IT Solutions

Do you desire control over your destiny in the workplace? Let Coforge lend a hand. If someone wishes to modernize, update, or build superior solutions, some support with innovation and speed-to-market will be necessary on their behalf. It can only be supplied by a team that understands the context of the business process and also has the skills to implement the most suitable technological solutions. To assist millions of individuals all over the globe, Rajendra Pawar and Vijay Thadani created NIIT Technologies. Coforge Limited is the name that this firm is currently commonly known by.

Coresystems: The Core of System Development

'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' – Eleanor Roosevelt. As the years pass, internet services count bigger and larger successes. Today, each person has the opportunity to find out all the information they need with just one click. But for finding any information, proper internet speed is needed, right? Well, Coresystems understood the task well and delivered it! Following his dreams, young Manuel Grenacher founded Coresystems - an independent system-developing company based in Windyz, Switzerland.

Decipher Biosciences: Tearing Up the Veil of the Unknown

Battling a dreadful disease is never easy, but Decipher Biosciences might just turn things around! News that someone has cancer will forever be harsh. However, with the help of Decipher Biosciences, patients can feel more confident about the course of their treatment. Decipher Biosciences is an oncology company that focuses on urologic cancers. The development of their tests provides information, which previously wasn’t available to physicians.

Delphi Digital: A Leader in Cutting-Edge Crypto Research

The crypto industry is taking over and only the best competitors are able to stand out from the crowd, much like Delphi Digital! Today’s digital market is a challenging and crowded place where high-quality technology and precise analysis are necessary factors on the road to success. Companies are required to tailor their project analysis, research, and consulting services to the highest and ever-growing standards of the industry. Anil Lulla, Medio Demarco, and Tom Shaughnessy Jr. are the names behind one of the leading brands in the crypto field, Delphi Digital.

Direct Digital Holdings: Only the Best to Boost Your Health

Every health issue needs trustworthy medical assistance, just ask Direct Digital! We live in an ever-changing world where it might seem as nothing is certain anymore. When it comes to the most important thing in our lives - our health, we need a solution we can trust. And that is exactly what we’ll talk about. Direct Digital, or as it is now known - Adaptive Health, was set up to offer people health products they can trust to work. But that wouldn’t have been possible without the ingenuity of the company’s founders - Brandon Adcock and John Kim.

Elicio Therapeutics: A Glimmer of Hope For Cancer Treatment

Kicking cancer out of the way is Elicio’s mission for a healthier tomorrow! Cancer, one of the most dangerous diseases today, along with a few other diseases, is still unknown to doctors and the world. To save as many people as fast as possible, medicine needs to evolve efficiently, and medical innovations must be made. Elicio Therapeutics is a startup that restructures and rebuilds a person’s immune system with the goal of defeating cancer and other infectious disorders.

Everside Health Group: The Ultimate Tech-Driven Healthcare Platform

Everside is rounding up the best of the best in healthcare to make sure no one is left untreated! Even though there are many healthcare centers and platforms, not all of them offer high-technology apparatuses and exceptional treatments to their patients. Anyone who has ever required medical help can agree on one thing - technology-led healthcare delivers better results. Developing long-term relations with its clients and patients is what Eversde Health Group is aiming for.

Four Springs Capital Trust: Quality Real Estate at Its Best

Four Springs Capital Trust has arrived to make the impossible possible! Many individuals struggle to locate reputable real estate companies, and as a result, many of them wind up with a bad one or one that does not provide the services required. Fortunately, Four Spring Capital Trust is of high-quality character! It is a self-managed real estate investment trust that focuses on purchasing, holding, and actively managing a portfolio of single-tenants - and only high-quality services are what they provide! And we have Spencer Segura to thank.

FreeCast: High-quality Video Streaming for the Whole World!

The world of video content is at the tip of your fingers, thanks to FreeCast! We all spend a lot of time watching movies, shows, documentaries, and all sorts of entertainment media. But, not all digital materials are available everywhere, and that might pose a problem. Therefore, a platform that contains the whole universe of streaming entertainment was very much needed. So, when FreeCast was established in 2011 with headquarters in Orlando, it came upon very positive reactions from the global audience.

Gilt Groupe: Retail Fashion Outlet for Everyone

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and so is the need for modern, customer-friendly retail services focusing on the right values. A successful fashion outlet in the 21 century requires the perfect juxtaposition of retail and technology. Contemporary entrepreneurs in this ever-growing, competitive industry are here to generate innovation, change, and satisfy new demands. These are the main pillars of the entrepreneurial team that started the success story under the name of Gilt Groupe.

Global Esports (GE): India’s Esports Dream Team

No one has managed to reinvent esports quite like Global Esports, the silent victor. Like it or not, we’re living in a world predominated by gaming, and gaming 24/7. Once you start playing, you just can't get enough. Step by step, games have reached the height of paid jobs. You start out playing as a hobby to fill your time, but you end up making a lot of money just by playing games. An example of that is Mohit Israney and Rushindra Sinha, childhood friends and founders of Global Esports GE.

Blue Water Vaccines: Stirring the Waters of Vaccine Advancement!

Every year, as wintertime approaches, the flu begins spreading like wildfire. And for years, scientists have been unable to develop a functional vaccine that would combat the symptoms of influenza viruses and protect the population from repeated contagion. That’s where Blue Water Vaccines comes in! This for-profit organization was founded in 2018 by Joseph Hernandez and has been coming up with unique formulas to develop a universal flu vaccine and treat influenza viruses since then.

Foresite Labs: The Lending Hand in Healthcare

The healthcare-friendly lab of tomorrow, making sure help is on the way! For the needs of medicine and its advancement, new medications must be constantly discovered. And, for that purpose, innovative companies that discover new drugs have to be established and supported. Foresite Labs is one of the rare facilities that financially support promising healthcare entrepreneurs to make companies that will discover much-needed medications. Co-founders Alex Blocker, Paul Da Silva Jardine, Rick Dewey, and Vikram Bajaj came up with the idea of Foresite Labs.

Hillstream BioPharma: A Breath of Fresh Air in Cancer Treatment

Giving cancer a taste of its own bitter medicine, Hillstream BioPharma is in it for the long run! Currently, humanity is facing one of the most serious and deadly diseases - cancer. Even though some rare forms of cancer date back to ancient times, new ones are constantly being discovered, making cancer a modern-day issue. However, one problem seems to regularly exist, and that’s the insufficiency of science and cutting-edge technology needed for the treatment of cancer-diseased patients. That changed when Chester, New Jersey became richer by another company promising to battle cancer.

iCIMS Holding: Reinventing the Recruitment Process

Talent is the hottest inner quality anyone can have, and iCIMS makes sure to locate it! The busy world has affected the process companies recruit their employees, focusing on candidates’ skills and talents. There are tons of companies that offer jobs, and millions of people who are looking for a job, but finding the best match is pretty complicated and tiring. Luckily, Colin Day felt that the online market was begging for a functional recruitment software provider. To help employers attract, motivate and hire hard-working people, he created the iCIMS holding.

Intelligent Living Application Group: Helping People Stay Safe

Intelligent people need intelligent tools to make everyday life easier, and ILAP knows just what to do! People live busy lives nowadays, and the more they spend their time out of their homes, the more they realize that all their precious things are inside their houses. Being aware that thieves are like wolves waiting for unprotected sheep, people started changing their old-style lockets with new, more modern ones for better protection. Bong Lau turned out to be a real far-seeing entrepreneur as he could smell the need for higher security systems when he joined Intelligent Living Application Group Inc.

Intuity Medical Inc.: Monitor Your Sugar Levels With Ease

Whenever your blood sugar levels increase, insulin is triggered from your pancreas to help regulate them. As a key, insulin opens the door for sugar in the blood to enter cells where it may be used as energy. But what if there is one tiny device that can save your life by monitoring this level? Emory V. Anderson came up with the concept for Intuity Medical Inc. in that regard. This platform offers a blood glucose monitoring device that is unobtrusive, easy, and simple to use for checking blood glucose, benefiting millions of people!

Intensity Therapeutics: New Means in the Fight Against Cancer

Lewis Banden developed a technology intending to improve the outcomes for malignancy patients, and the world is thankful! Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and even though we all fight with it using all kinds of weapons, the war is far from over! Killing over 10 million people worldwide every year, cancer is the worst nightmare for many families! Driven by the idea to provide optimism for millions of people fighting this evil disease, Lewis Banden founded a company that creates hope for a life with cancer.

Justworks: Alleviate the Busyness in Your Business

With all the bells and whistles that come with running a business, you just need a platform that handles all the details, just like Justworks! Corporate-level benefits, payrolls, HR tools, and compliance support are just a few of the everyday concerns that can cause headaches as a brand owner. Having a business partner that has your back on all these fronts can create a happier and less stressful work environment for your management team. This was the exact mission that Iris Ramos and Isaac Oates took upon themselves by founding Justworks almost a decade ago.

JW Player: The Pioneer in Video Technology

“...and let there be video!” - shouted JW Player, and the world listened! A decade in internet history when Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram were still infants feels like centuries. In the beginning, the internet wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today; to a point where users couldn’t upload a video online. A coder by heart, but a communication expert by occupation, Jeroen Wijering noticed the lack of proper video software to post videos online. So, during his junior year at faculty, Jeroen sat down and started coding to create the video software. After a few years, JW Player got introduced to the scene.

Kindbody: The Future of Fertility Care

Kindbody is successfully reimagining and raising the standards of wellness services, providing a flawless patient experience, reasonable costs, and high-quality medical care. For a long time, navigating the American healthcare system has been a daunting journey, especially for women and minorities. Patients deserve to receive empathetic OBGYN care in comfortable, tech-enabled clinics for affordable prices. Gina Bartasi and Joanne Schneider are the brains behind Kindbody, a trailblazing project that has been promoting an intuitive and empowering approach to gynecology care since 2018.

Kitopi: A Cloud Kitchen for the World

No more strolling the streets for a decent meal - Kitopi will bring the food you crave via clouds! The way the world eats has modified dramatically in the last few years. While 2 decades ago, kitchen-quality food delivery was limited to Chinese food and pizza, today you can order whatever you want. Food delivery has turned into a global market worth over $150 billion and seems like Mohamed Ballout could sense the world will need a platform that will help restaurants to launch delivery-only locations.

Mary Agrotechnologies: The Fertile Ground for Cannabis

Can we not pretend that cannabis is the future of medicine? Cannabis being taboo or considered an illegal drug is a closed book from long ago. Nowadays, it’s more massively adopted as a recreational substance with many positive effects. Since the positive impact of cannabis was scientifically proven, the entire industry flourished, and it was high time for legalization. Frank Qin, along with his fellow friends, saw this as an opportunity to initiate a product on their own that will be practical for those of the green society.

Nubia Technology Co. Ltd.: A Smart Way to Connect and Discover

Staying connected means more now than ever before, and a company made sure everyone got connected. When it comes to smartphones, we've all seen how far they've come since they first became available. Smartphones are intended to provide us with access to any type of information as well as the ability to communicate with close friends, colleagues and others. There are so many companies that sell different models of mobile phones. However, this didn't seem to stop Felix Fu from constructing his own company, Nubia, a Chinese smartphone maker.

PicPay: Payment’s Never Been Easier

“Carry your most important goal in your wallet” – Jack Canfield. Today's technology is advancing at an incredible rate. It makes our daily activities easier for us and it significantly improves our lives. However, people have always wondered and looked for a way to integrate digital wallets into everyday life. But the green light turned on in a small room in Brazil, where Darcio Schwab Stehling created one of the largest digital wallets today, called PicPay. Partnering with Anderson Andrade Chamon de Carmo and Diogo Brumas Carvalho Roberte in the late 90s, Darcio decided to create a digital wallet that would provide an easy payment method to people in Brazil and around the world.

SailPoint: The Lifeline for Companies’ Data Systems

In a data-driven world, the security and integrity of data management are the driving force. Large and mid-sized businesses deal with vast quantities of data daily. Much of that is privileged business or personal information. Without proper management and security, sensitive information can easily fall into the wrong hands. Yet, statistics indicate big swathes of corporate data are ‘unstructured,’ i.e., information is not part of relational and organized databases. With over half a century of experience in tech and business development, Mark McClain and Kevin Cunningham understood the urgency of corporations to get on top of every fragment of data circulating in their data systems.

Samba TV: A Platform for the Next-Generation TV Experience

Samba TV is bringing some rhythm to your binge-watching TV routine! With the rapid evolution of media, ensuring a quality TV experience for the viewers is becoming an increasingly demanding task for providers. Striving to satisfy consumers’ needs, contemporary TV platforms have come a long way to create personalized recommendations for watching programs you’ll enjoy. Alvir Navin, Ashwin Navin, and David Harrison had a vision of accurate and representative data at the heart of media when they founded Samba TV in 2008.

Honeybee: Redefining the Health-driven Community

People play a critical role in offering the insights needed to develop the next breakthrough health breakthrough discoveries. People's involvement in health research is the key to bringing new ideas to fruition. However, barely 10% of the world's population engages in health research projects on a regular basis. Finding the necessary participants for health studies have shown to be quite a challenge. This is what caught the curious eye of Catherine Chan, an expert in nutritional sciences, who decided to revolutionize health research studies.

MeetFox: No Monetized Meeting is Boring

Time runs swiftly, especially if you’re running late for a meeting. With more industries turning to online spheres as their key profit source, online meetings have become imperative for every e-commerce. Since the majority moved online, there came a need for simplifying the way employers connect with their employees. That’s why Susanne Klepsch, Jozef Kitka, and Tali Mandelzweig launched a platform to ensure that no independent worker won’t go without work. By launching MeetFox, the three creators created a platform where experts and businesses of all sizes can never miss out on job opportunities.

Plaid: Financial Freedom for Everyone!

Redefining the world of digital finance, one line of code at a time! Nowadays, with so many banking institutions and different apps that claim to be safe and secure while doing transactions, it is quite difficult to find one that is really going to look after your private information and make the whole process as easier as it can be for you. If you are a big company that’s dealing with multiple transactions to different banks daily, you need a platform that is going to act as an intermediary between apps and different banks, giving you a read-only copy while making sure your private information is safe.

Qiniu: The Leading Cloud-Storage Provider in the East

See why storing data has never been made easier thanks to Qiniu! Data storage is nothing new, and it's of great importance on the Internet. Two partners named Xu Shiwei and Hugh Lv from Shanghai, China, decided to change how cloud data storage works. With a little bit of determination and past experience in the tech world, Xu and Hugh managed to shine. Qiniu Limited Information, as it goes by its full name, is a leading cloud-storage platform that covers around 80% of the Internet users in China.

Rhodium: The Only Investment Company For Entrepreneurs You’ll Ever Need

In the world of business, there’s nothing more precious than investing in the right place, and Rhodium knows it! Not all people out there are willing to help others, no matter what. Today, there are thousands of new entrepreneurs each week, and not many companies provide support from them. One Daniel Recanati, a fellow entrepreneur and start-up founder from Israel, had ideas to change everything. Rhodium is a private investment company founded by Daniel Recanati in 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sagimet Biosciences: Building a Firewall Against Liver Diseases and Cancers

If you can’t cure it - you can still treat it the best way possible. This may as well be the unofficial motto or selling point of Sagimet Biosciences. But we can’t really be sure researchers at this growing biotech firm won’t invent a cure for their targeted diseases. Liver diseases like NAFLD affect nearly 25% of American adults and about 4% of adults suffer from NASH, a more malignant form of NAFLD. The desire to help people coupled with a passion for studying the intricacies of molecular biology led founders Lucas Pelkmans and Urs Greber to establish Sagimet Biosciences.

Scientific Games Corporation: Where Luck Is on Your Side!

Luck will never leave your side if you stick to Scientific Games Corporation! Instant ticket gaming guarantees great fun with its low cost and the chance for winning money instantly. Both men and women enjoy using the perks of digital gambling because they can feed their hunger for wagering, without risking their wealth. However, this entertainment wouldn’t be available to many, if there weren't Daniel Bower and John Koza who planted the seed for this business about 50 years ago when they built Scientific Games Corporation.

ScoutCam Inc.: Reaching Micro-imaged Impossible Missions

Camera enthusiasts of the world, rejoice! ScoutCam is here to take you places you've never been! Cameras of all types are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Tiny little 'spies' as small as 1mm can be found in the most impossible places without us being aware. Some may be used for secret spying, but others have a much greater purpose for mankind. The smallest camera in the world was invented by a team of professionals from Medigus.

Splash Beverage Group Inc.: Splash of Health in a Cup!

Over 10% of the US population unknowingly sips sugar from their beverages. Splash Beverage does things differently! Thousands of sugar-free versions contain sweeteners that do not align with a healthier option. Mountain Dew and Coca-cola are still the number one sugary drinks, and it seems that fewer soft-drinkers want an alternative. There came a need for a company that will not seek to overwhelm their customers with their drinks, but make them healthier with every gulp.

Springboard: Accessible Education for Everyone

Education is the passport to a better future, says Springboard. Quality education prepares the world for tomorrow, but, unfortunately, not all people have an opportunity to get the education they have dreamt of. Seeing that higher education is inaccessible for many brilliant people, Gautam Tambay, with the help of Parul Gupta, created a company that can fill that gap. Springboard is a great online learning platform that educates and prepares students for modern careers via mentor guidance and a cutting-edge curriculum.

Stream: The Good Samaritan for Social Media

It takes two seconds for a click to redirect you, or otherwise, it’s considered late. The average page loading is 2 seconds, and if your site takes its time to load, chances are - you’ll lose the visitor. The problem of speed updates became personal to Thierry Schellenbach, who was a founder of Fashilista - a fashion social network. Being an algorithm wizard himself, he took matters into his own hands and solved the problem of every social network, including Facebook and Twitter.

TapRm: Where Every Beer Comes with a Story!

Do you want a beer from Brazil? No sweat - TapRm’s got your thirst covered! It’s been reported that people drink more than 50 billion gallons of beer per year, making beer the most consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet! Motivated by the idea that every beer fan deserves to get the beer they love wherever they want and whenever they are, Jason Sherman created TapRm. TapRm is an e-platform that simplifies the tangled world of retailers, beer wholesalers, and delivery couriers for their trademark partners. It is a first of its kind in the beer industry, as they deliver beers that people can’t find anywhere else, directly to their doors.

TPG: A Leader in Global Alternative Asset Management

Investing in the right prospects can make a shift for the better, and TPG knows just the way to do that. The private equity investment market has evolved and abandoned the requirement for private capital as a way to help the growth of early-stage businesses. The main premise of successful equity investment companies is that creating value takes time, therefore the fund structure of such firms is illiquid over the course of 10-12 years. David Bonderman, James Coulter, and William S. Price formed the Texas Pacific Group (also known as TPG) in 1992 with a strong ambition for fund abundance management in different industries.

UnWrapIt: Reimagining Corporate Gifting

Are you in for unwrapping a different kind of gift? If yes, UnWrapIt is glad to help! In the last decade, Forbes statistics have shown that corporate gift-giving is a $125 billion industry in constant growth, and the COVID-19 pandemic has already doubled these numbers in the last two years. For more than 25 years, eco-activists have advocated in favor of the circular economy as a more eco-friendly concept than the currently common linear economy. It’s time to start encouraging the reuse of materials rather than raw materials being made into products and leaving waste.

Verishop: The New Face of eCommerce

Verishop is uplifting customer experience, bringing fun back for everyone! When Amazon first appeared - online shopping flourished; more people relied upon online shopping because it was more practical. However, the online stores piled up on the virtual scene, and taking up eCommerce as a business required more innovation. Imran Khan not only brought freshness to online shopping, but he gave eCommerce a new face. While the innovation in eCommerce was internal, generally speaking, Imran decided to create a discovery platform where users can find products and inspiration in one place.

Yoshitsu Co. Ltd: Giving the World a Taste of Japan

Yoshitsu Co. Ltd is here to assist you in locating the best beauty and health products you seek! The first rule that a geisha is taught is to be charming - and what better way to do so than by using only the best beauty and health products. Since many people struggle to find beauty and health products of decent quality, unfortunately, many of them end up with toxic products. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and taking care of it has a direct impact on your overall health. If you haven’t already begun using health and beauty products, now is the time to do so - better safe than sorry!

Evotec: The Largest Medication Discovery in Europe

Aren’t we all glad there’s a solution to almost every medical condition nowadays? Thanks, science, for making all of our lives easier and healthier! And with the advancement of medicine, more drug discoveries are sure to follow. One of the most renowned drug research companies, Evotec, is on its way to bringing more pain relief to the world. Evotec, founded in Hamburg in 1993 by 5 doctors and 2 professors, is deemed one of the largest drug research and development collaboration firms. The founders’ initial goal was to develop something innovative and establish reasonable costs to maximize the operational efficiency of medications.

LIC India - The Guardian Of India

One of the primary things we’re always looking for are comfort and security. And what better way to get that than insurance? Life and health insurance is ideal for financial and health stability for the long run. But while insurance has always been the safety net for people around the world, in some countries like India insurance is not that popular among the masses. Luckily, the government has been working proactively since 1956 to erase the stigma around insurance and offer its people the security they need. After a parliamentarian Feorze Gandhi shed light on insurance frauds that led to a chain of events that would change insurance in India altogether.

Paradox Interactive: Merging Video Games with Reality

Video games have slowly taken over the world. It seems like everyone has dived deep into the insatiable world of virtual gaming. Inexplicable fun and a pinch of adrenaline rush is everything one needs to get their day started. However, players do not acknowledge the origin of such games. There came a need for some knowledge. Fredrik Wester managed to simultaneously teach the youth about historical facts while playing adventure games with high-quality graphics. This way the unintentional learning process took its course. Fredrik created a platform for everyone’s taste.

90min: The Most Important Secondary Thing in the World

Great soccer builds great fan bases, and great fan bases build powerful soccer communities worldwide. What was once a 90 minutes show playing out on the big screen has today turned into an in-depth culture featuring the latest soccer news, fixtures, and game statistics. Bringing that game-boosting technology to life and emphasizing the relevance of soccer globally are Asaf Peled, Gilad Beiman, and Yuval Larom, three sports enthusiasts to whom soccer is more than just a game! Driven to create a soccer haven for all eager, the trio developed 90min as the ultimate online soccer community!

Acast: The World’s Largest Podcast Platform

Over the years, podcasts have become the ultimate ‘place to be’ if anyone wants to be heard globally or share their stories. All of that wouldn’t be possible without two Swedish digital experts Karl Rosander and Måns Ulvestam and their viral idea to sophisticate the field of audio content. After realizing that podcasts at that point were just an unprofitable, amateur, and unattractive medium, they were triggered to create a change and implement a different approach to the world of audio. Acast was the revolutionary product that changed podcasts forever!

Enevo: Global Leaders of the Anti-Waste Culture

Everyone knows when their neighborhood community service day is up. The sad truth is - on a bad week - most containers still remain filled to the top and neglected, despite communities paying regular waste fees. Since filing complaints is all in vain, the garbage keeps on piling and the issue remains unsolved. Breaking this nasty trend are Fredrik Kekalainen and Johan Engstrom. The pair of innovators used their technological upper hand to create Enevo, a platform that delivers groundbreaking change within the waste sector.

How Mandolin Brings Quality Music Back in the Limelight

The pandemic has overshadowed life as we know it. The overwhelming impact caused by the lockdown drove everyone - people and industries - into a stage of almost hopelessness. Out of all affected, musicians and the entertainment industry have suffered the most. As an attempt to bring music back to its former shine, Mary Key Huse, Steve Caldwell, and Robert Meitus invented a platform that puts musical events closer to everyone’s home. Mandolin is a live-streaming video platform where musicians stream live concerts for eager fans to enjoy and look forward to.

Phoenix Motorcars: Charging Towards Tomorrow

Phoenix Motorcars has brought the future of auto motors closer - and it's electricity-powered! Although ‘future' may be a tad inappropriate to use, and you may be shocked to hear, but back in the 1800s, electricity was one of the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion. However, it appears retro is truly in again, and the trend has reached our means of transport. With technological developments and new environmental concerns, there has been a new surge of interest in electric vehicles, also known as EVs. Daniel J. Elliot was an 18-year veteran of sustainable energy by the time he started Phoenix Motorcars.

SeeMe: Pursuit of Yin And Yang in the Art World

Many artists forget to access the internet for a chance of getting discovered. A vast number of artists stick to the old-fashioned way of promoting their art and don't use the benefits of the most powerful tool- the internet. Nowadays, showcasing an artist’s work has never been easier. Made specifically for the evolving and unfolding world of aspiring artists, SeeMe works as the platform that connects two sides sharing the same interest. SeeMe was launched by William Etundi together with fellow entrepreneur Jared Cohen. The quintessential idea behind the product was to enable artists worldwide to share their art.

Smile Identity: The Fingerprint of the Digital Era

Since the digitalization of bank accounts, or digitalization in general, the world has experienced a wide variety of fraud and cyber thefts. In the beginning, programmers weren't that experienced in their field, so their platforms were semi-safe. However, it got to a point where it was crucial to develop high-functioning systems for the sake of safety. Countries like Nigeria are still stuck with old software, which makes it almost impossible to lead a normal life. Thus, Mark Straub and William Bares decided to take a step further to this problem and started a company that essentially includes everyone to get safe access to the digital and modern world.

Sounder.FM: Shaping the Future of Audio Businesses

A decade ago, video was said to have killed the radio star. But, as of late, the power of quality audio content has been making a major comeback on the business scene. Inspired to give the spoken word the impact it deserves, founder, entrepreneur, and technology executive, Dan Daugherty, designed the concept of Sounder.FM as a way to make everyone’s voice heard! Sounder.FM brings listeners closer to top-notch educational podcasts. The company aims to improve the quality of audio content worldwide and gather targeted audiences into one massive audible community.

Wizenoze: Metamorphosing Traditional Education for Generations to Come

The internet is the king’s ransom of data. Since its inception, people have piled up articles making it possible to find just about anything in one place. However, rummaging the internet for needful information can be a tedious task. To simplify data researching and reorganize the net into one repository, Diane Janknegt developed Wizenoze. A learning platform fit for younger generations - children, teens, and young adults - Wizenoze generates filtered content that facilitates the concept of learning online. Wizenoze singles out the most relevant and appropriate content for children and teenagers.

Affirm – Spend Without Thinking Twice

People don’t seem to enjoy going shopping anymore. Everything we buy costs more than we bargained for. While shoppers are terrified of extra costs, merchants continue to downplay the additional product fees. Unforeseen fees became a thing of the past with Max Levinch’s time and cash saving invention, Affirm. Affirm does not disappoint shoppers or makes them overspend. On the contrary, it helps save them money, time, and effort in finding the best products.

Cerebriu: AI Solutions That Change the Face of Radiology

The health tech industry has been widely expanding for the past few decades. The main culprit for the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence? Expansion! As health tech companies address the need for software and services in healthcare facilities, the use of AI for medical purposes has been highly emphasized. Even so, medical technology development is a lengthy and complex process, and departments like radiology have been falling behind. Akshay Pai, Erik Dam, Mads Nielsen, Martin Lillholm, and Robert Lauritzen joined forces to develop an idea that improves efficiency and quality in the radiology field.

Geojam: Bringing Quality Music Close and Global Listeners Closer

The 21st century is all about social media, and the varieties are larger than life. Popular as social media may be, Sarah Nicole Figueroa noticed a large insufficiency in every platform she used - music. Bringing music back into play, Sarah created a platform that combines socializing through everyone’s favorite tunes. Geojam is not your ordinary social media giant. It is a social network that allows users to connect solely based on their music preference. It gathers global music enthusiasts in one place and allows them to link up during live performances.

Headliner: Never Miss Your Favorite Events Again - Ever!

Last year, when we scurried back to our homes during lockdown, it seemed like the pandemic filled the world with silence. Every exciting event was either canceled or postponed, and soon enough, the silence became unbearable as the pandemic took a toll on both artists and fans. Because of the darkness that covered the entire world that we now call COVID-19, Matt and Sam Smolin, two brothers from Santa Monica, had an amazing modern idea: to enable fans to interact with their favorite musicians and relive the best live stage performances. Headliner is a new and inventive way for music artists and fans alike to reunite in these daring times.

Infermedica: Smart Technology Meets Patient-centric Healthcare

The greatest achievement of humankind is the groundbreaking advancement of medicine. Technology has massively contributed to the industry’s refinement, mainly by implementing proficient and high-tech scientific innovations. One of the most remarkable innovations in healthcare was brought by Piotr Orzechowski, a creative and die-hard health fanatic. With the use of revamped digital tools, Piotr developed Infermedica as a unique medical platform that serves those in need!

No Isolation: Tackling Loneliness for the Less Seen and Heard

Loneliness can crawl under anyone’s skin and finding a way out of it can feel hopeless. Whilst your everyday person is no stranger to loneliness, it is vulnerable children and seniors that are hit by isolation the most. Being purposefully shunned - due to an illness, immobility, or else - was a toxic practice that Karen Dolva, Matias Doyle, and Marius Aabel decided to put to rest. With worldwide inclusivity in mind, the socially aware trio developed No Isolation!

Nomagic: Workspaces Looking at the Future

With the uproar of smart devices, most human tasks and duties can be tackled by artificial-intelligence bots. Way-back-when, this seemed like mere magic to people growing up in the ’70s. It took no magic to figure out that everyday chores can be accomplished much quicker by robots. But overall, it took three men to design the idea and bring it to life - Kacper Nowicki, Marek Cygan, and Tristan d’Orgeval. Nomagic is a leading platform in robotics. Based on tip-top software, the company provides assistance in manual or object-oriented labor.

PIQ: Looking at the Future of Sports through the AI Lense

For as long as athletes have existed, so has the need to sophisticate, optimize, and revolutionize their performance. Thanks to technology, global athletes witnessed the drastic revamp of the sports industry - and for the far, far better. Pitching in with their own take on sports, Cedric Mangaud and Ongan Mordeniz joined forces to design PIQ, a platform turning sports into more than just a game! PIQ is the bridge connecting sports and technology. Called the next-generation sports tool, PIQ elevates every athlete’s personal results to new heights.

SanBio: The Future of Medicine Fueled by Technology

Technology made it vastly easier to enhance all global industries, especially medicine. Regenerative medicine has long promised to solve a series of related conditions. And yet, the industry saw no bigger change in the past few years. Giving regenerative medicine the chance for a fresh start, Keita Mori designed SanBio, a platform fully committed to treating the sick and disabled. Without a doubt, SanBio single-handedly revolutionized the face of regenerative medicine.

Sweatcoin: Stepping up to the Plate, Cryptocurrency-Style!

There was once a time when humankind favored nothing but physical activity. With the surge of technology, however, the days of staying active turned to ancient history. Now, most of our daily hustle has gone online, and with it, health fell off everyone’s priority list. Two friends, Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka were also tired of abandoning physical fitness in the name of surfing the net. To mend the issue yet keep everyone happy, the duo created the first digital health platform of its kind. Largely supported by technology and virtual currencies, Sweatcoin is a health app that rewards everyone’s training efforts!

Tifosy: Capital Solutions, as a Way to Revive Worldwide Sports

Imagining a society without sports activities is close to impossible. A thriving industry indeed, sports largely depend on hardcore fans, global recognition, and investments. In terms of investments, no one did global sports bigger service than Fausto Zanetton. Turning traditional sports into fruitful investment fields, Fausto and his friend Gianluca Vialli created Tifosy, a platform that keeps all sports in the game! Principally tackling the UK and Italian market, Tifosy allows interested investors to financially support their favorite clubs and keep them in business.

Treedom: The Power of Trees in Saving the Planet

Technology and industrialization tend to be favored over nature. The cost we are paying in return is severe and threatens to permanently harm the planet. In a society overpowered by the business impact, all Federico Garcea and Tommaso Speroni could think about was saving the environment. Without leaving technology behind, the two innovation-savvy minds created Treedom, a company on a mission bigger than business! Treedom ties together eager tree planters and farmers to increase tree life and oppose the environmental crisis.

Artsy: A Place For Every Art Lover

Fine art: millions of thoughts and feelings, wondrously expressed by the human hand. In times long past, owning fine art was considered a grand privilege. However, today we live in a world where all kinds of art are available at the click of a button. Can you imagine looking at fine art from every gallery in the world whenever you decide? This idea boggled Carter Cleveland and Sebastion Cwilich's minds for a long time. So, they set their goal to bring world-leading galleries, auctions, art fairs, and art pieces closer to the curious public.

A Look under the Surface: BlueEye Robotics Gives Underwater Surveillance a Great Name

In today’s age, it is no surprise that robots can assist in everyday and business chores. Technology is at a state where everything is possible with a push of a button. All these advances in humanity would be worthwhile if and when used for a greater cause. More than half of the ocean world is unexplored. Interested in using advanced technology to examine the places men cannot yet reach, Christine Spiten created BlueEye Robotics, a platform with a keen eye for below-the-water-surface living.

BOOM Image Studio: Hear the Dreams of Youth

There is an assumption that digitalization has robbed people of their normal lives. Yet, it is not that technology is robbing us - it is us that cannot seem to put it to good use. Luckily, Federico Mattia Dolci, Giacomo Grattirola, and Jacopo Benedetti turned the situation around and proved living in a digital society is, if anything, a privilege. They highlighted the advantages by cultivating their passion for photography, as they introduced Boom Image Studio.

CreoPop: The World’s First 3D Pen With Cool Inc for True Art

Wherever we turn, there’s something artistic to be seen. Whether it’s a building, a statue, graffiti, a regular sitting bench along the pavement… art is literally everywhere. For someone who loves creating art, rather than just enjoying it, there’s an ever-growing market of products that offer numerous tools and trinkets that make the process of creating art fun and easy. Artists are on the lookout for a tool that might just help them create the most stunning works, from paintings to pottery. Now enters Daria Mironova.

Emjoy: Giving the Female ‘O’ the Respect It Deserves

Over 40% of women worldwide struggle to have an orgasm and 30% have libido issues. Sexual health has been the talk of town for decades, but sexual pleasure has been not. For women, the idea of orgasms - lasting, explosive, memorable - has almost become a myth. Changing the pace are inventors Andrea Oliver and Daniel Tamas, whose platform Emjoy successfully tends to every woman’s sexual climax and health. Posed as the female sexual wellness platform, Emjoy rounds a table of sex experts and doctors to deliver quality content to every woman in need.

Female Founders: We Are Coming for Ours

Women own 12.3 million businesses in the US alone. Sadly, the business climate still largely favors men. Here’s a somber statistic. In December of 2020, women lost 156,000 jobs, compared to the 16,000 jobs men lost. Spot the difference yet? Well, Lisa Marrie Fassl and Nina Woss surely did and decided to step up to the plate, and give women in businesses their deserving roles. Now, every woman in need has a female empowerment community to rely on - Female Founders.

FoodMarble: A Breath a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

One in eight people struggles with digestive problems. The thing that poses a real threat, however, is not the disease at hand, but the largely neglected medical sector behind it. The lack of resources has made digestion testing devices quite pricey, and what’s worse, not every hospital has one at its disposal. Then, Aonghus Shortt, Lisa Ruttledge, and Peter Harte came armed with knowledge, skills, and brilliant ideas. They invented a device that compensates for all medical shortcomings. Next up - Food Marble walks around town, boasting solutions!

Graphiq And The Tech Wizard Who Turned Problems Into Opportunities

Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to turn rising problems into solutions. Luckily, the Internet and the tech world are engulfed with problems waiting to be solved. That’s what Kevin O’Connor, one of the founders of Graphiq, has done throughout his entrepreneurial journey. The result? Multiple million-dollar-worth ventures and immense experience in creating something out of nothing. Inspired by other entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the once young tech-enthusiast managed to turn himself into one of the most respected businessmen of our century.

Peanut: Reinstating the Power of Women as Mothers

Teenagers have TikTok, adolescents Tinder, or Instagram, - so what do moms have? Up until recently - absolutely nothing. For the longest time, the tech industry oversaw motherhood as a relevant-enough concept and discarded the exclusion of many mothers online. A new parent herself, ex-lawyer Michelle Kennedy didn’t have anyone to turn to when learning the hacks of motherhood. Annoyed by the lack of resources online, she created a society-oriented platform targeting mothers in need for emotional support and aid.

reMarkable: The First Revolutionary E-Ink Writing Tablet

Around 17 billion cubic ft of trees are deforested yearly. 60% of them serve to produce paper. At one time, paper might have been the closest thing to technology, but today, it’s a perilous practice in need of eradication. With the arrival of technology, suitable paper alternatives knocked on society’s doors. Whilst the choice of tablets, PCs, and laptops massively expanded, no device comes as close to using paper as Magnus Haug Wanberg’s reMarkable writing tablet!

Give your hair the treatment it deserves with Shampora: Shampoos made just for you!

Give your hair the treatment it deserves with Shampora: Shampoos made just for you! It seems that with every passing day, keeping up with the perfect beauty standards of society gets a little harder to achieve. Many women endure complete transformations to look like an exaggerated version of themselves. There came a need for acceptance. Women needed to embrace their imperfections and individuality. What if there are products that enhance the beauty and cherish uniqueness? These were some of the ideas bussing inside Manuel Corona’s head when he decided to invest his time and effort into creating the best beauty products, authentic to the consumer.

Tattoodo: Pursuing the Tattoo Culture in the Digital Era

The tattoo culture evolved over the decades, but still, this emerging industry relies on the old viva voce method. People who want to get a tattoo have to go asking around their friends. But, those who were stuck with their parents in a new town had nowhere to turn. Needless to explain that turning to your parents for a tattoo is never an option. Therefore, Mik Thobo – Carlsen, Johan Plenge, and Ami James joined and decided to step up and bring the tattoo industry through the digital prism.

Tylko: Revolutionizing the Furniture Culture

Challenging already established cultures is laborious. When it comes to furniture culture, making a market difference is even more difficult. Despite the progress made within countless industries, the furniture sector has remained innovatively intact. But then, four people eager to revamp the tradition of furniture came along and introduced Tylko on the scene. Tylko is a next-generation modular storage company that delivers personalized high-quality products.

Zivity: Contemporary Nude Art Platform to Liberate The World’s Allure

The Renaissance period, still a wellspring of inspiration, is known for celebrating human anatomy. Many women posed for the great Michelangelo - the synonym of nude art. During that age, nobody considered it disgraceful, but things have changed nowadays… Cyan Banister was also inspired by the idea of celebrating our bodies, models, photographers who can be the contemporary Michelangelo, but no one points that out. So, she decided to make a place where sensuality will be celebrated.

CEEK VR – Where Dreamers Go

Have you ever dreamed about escaping into another world? Imagine being able to create your own simulated virtual world- just so you have that precious little grain of personal time. To be able to get lost in your world, whether that would be watching your favorite movie from your bedroom, or listening and getting blown away by your favorite song. That’s what Mary Spio was dreaming of. Sitting in front of the TV screen, she fantasized about visiting the moon one day and walking in the footsteps of some of the biggest names that became a household name in history.

Epidemic Sound: The Future of Music Has Its Own Soundtrack

Imagine a world without music, commercials without jingles, no soundtracks in the movies. It is close to impossible! There’s no doubt that music is an indispensable part of everyone’s life. But, the business of music makes it excruciatingly difficult to nurture the real love for the art. Changing the tide and giving quality music the air to breathe, Peer Åström and David Stenmarck created Epidemic Sound. A seemingly simple platform, Epidemic Sound is a place where worldwide storytellers can have access to soundtrack music, use it freely, and share it with the world!

LetsBab: The Lazy Shopaholic Guide

Countless influencers promote different products on their social media. Everything from skincare to fashion, all the way to nutrition and health, is plastered on our Instagram feed. It is public knowledge that these influencers earn money from giving a single product the limelight. But what if there is a way where everyone can participate in promoting their favorite products? Bonnie Takhar and Kyle Wasserman contemplated the idea of ‘influencing’ and how it affected brands. The increased dependence that people have raised towards technology made shoppers lazy, but with LetsBab, you can shop till you drop without actually leaving the comfort of your bed.

Lingokids: So That Every Child Can Learn Through Play

Nothing will ever be as paramount as quality education - especially for children. In times when society struggles to get a hold of its structure, education is the only glimpse of hope that keeps the world moving forward. For years, children have gotten their education the old-fashioned way - by attending school, learning their lessons, and having very little practice. When Cristobal Viedma examined the way children worldwide learned, he realized education was desperate for change - so he created it.

SenSanna: Masters of Dealing with Harsh Environments

Catastrophic failures happen daily. In some places, temperatures can drop down to -70Co (Russian Siberia). In others, they escalate up to +57Co . All in all, weather extremes are harsh on humans. Introducing technology to the world of harsh environments is Jacqueline Hines. Her platform, SenSanna, tackles severe climate changes as a way to aid humanity. SenSanna Incorporated develops custom-built and unique solutions to sense potential harsh climate issues. Using advanced sensors, the platform tracks geographical irregularities across both remote and rigid locations worldwide.

Virtual Gurus: Virtual Superheroes Achieving Double the Success

Gone are the days of unfinished tasks, unscheduled meetings, and missed deadlines. For decades, productivity has been a major hurdle for thousands of eager businessmen. Today, running a business solo is out of fashion - and personal assistants are taking the center stage! Every Iron Man needs its own Jarvis, and so, every business - physical or online - requires its manager. For this reason, Bobbie Racette created Virtual Gurus. If you're looking for a virtual assistant for your business, Virtual Gurus can match you with the ideal candidate.

BlaBlaCar: A Better Way for Everyone to Get Places

The number of those who leave their humble nests for life in the capital is on the rise. While coming home for the holidays will always be a good idea, traffic options to the outskirts of a country are anything but. During the holiday season, countless families are separated from their loved ones due to lack of transport options. The very same thing happened to Fred Mazzela; he found himself stuck in Paris with no transport home - twice. The miracle solution presented itself when his sister came to pick him up.

Celtic Renewables: You Mustn’t Drink and Drive, But Your Car Should!

When someone thinks of the planet’s condition nowadays, they agree that Earth is not at a place where it should be. The carbon emissions have impacted 17% of the ozone layer by 2020 alone. Some of the planet’s biggest enemies are factories and cars’ carbon emissions. However, carbon emissions and the dangers from vehicles’ gas exhaustion will become a thing of the past thanks to the invention of Martin Tangney. Martin benefited from using the old Scottish tradition of making whiskey. He tried his hand at changing the way the planet turns, and so he did with Celtic Renewables.

Gazella: Build Your Gazelle-Like Figure!

There is no greater sign of vigorous health than having a fit body. It has become everybody’s goal to be in better shape, and there is no finer way to better oneself than to start training. However, not all bodies are shaped alike and work the same. That’s why there came a need for an app that will track women’s training process, and offer the best exercises suitable for each individual. Originating from the country of some of the most beautiful people in the world, Spain, Carlos Floria invented the perfect handy-fitness tracker that will help women with their overall health and exercise.

Kheiron Medical: Giving Breast Cancer Patients a Fighting Chance

About 43,600 women in the United States fall victim to breast cancer annually. After years of lives lost, it was high time that medical science introduced breakthroughs in treating breast cancer. Rolling their own sleeves to help the cause, Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken used sophisticated human insight and AI to get a step closer to finding the cure for breast cancer. The duo launched Kheiron Medical – the leading AI medical platform that gives cancer fighters a fair chance of treatment. Kheiron Medical invented MIA, an insightful scanner that can accurately detect the cancer mutation in its early stages. MIA can detect any kind of malignancy before it spreads to other organs.

Lattice Medical: Leading the Breast Cancer Reconstruction Revolution

One in eight women suffers from breast cancer and requires a mastectomy as treatment. Whilst treatment options are partially available to breast cancer patients, reconstructive cosmetics are not. Despite the growing plastic surgery advancements, many breast cancer patients are left to their own devices in finding suitable post-treatment reconstruction options. Driven by a personal experience - a dreadful one at that - Julien Payen, a textile scientist, and expert, gathered Pierre-Marrie Danze, Phillipe Marchetti, and Pierre Guerreschi to wake up the hibernating plastic surgery industry with a brilliant solution!

Quinto Andar: Eradicating Real Estate Bureaucracy through Digitizing

Brazilian residents-to-be have to wait 30 days to settle in a home. Guarantors, deposits, extensive paperwork, notaries - it all used to be part of the homeownership package. While the world swayed with technology, Brazil’s real estate business still struggled to catch the wave. Luckily, Andre Penha and Gabriel Braga were there to digitalize the bureaucratic real estate choreography. Struck by the failing market, they took matters into their own hands and introduced the ultimate real estate platform, Quinto Andar.

Shawee: A Platform for Hackathons

Is there a marathon for coding, a place for computer programmers to come together? Yes, there is! These types of events exist and are called hackathons, from the words “hack” and “marathon”. When you think about social events held in Brazil, surely a hackathon won’t come to mind. But, the land of carnivals, beach parties, and football matches is also known for the evolving tech industry and a lot of talented developers. Brazil hosts these coding festivals, and because of that, three young and passionate people, Rodrigo Terron, Abraão Sena, and Wendel Nascimento, decided to bring these events to a new level and make their organization easier.

Text Away with Sinch: Lightning-fast messaging

It is estimated that the mobile phone is the invention of the century. Reaching someone across the world has never been easier. With the digitalization era being at its peak, citizens assume that messaging someone should be an easy-peasy task. But, unfortunately, mobile users are growing more and more frustrated upon experiencing a breakdown in connection. However, not for long. A young Swedish-born, Andreas Bernstrom set his goals on creating the ultimate, fastest mobile-messaging platform in the world. By implementing a special tool, Andreas managed to create a massive online platform that can connect anyone to any business.

The Iconic: Number One Online Fashion Retailer in Australia

Just like many other activities in our lives, shopping has also found its place online. More and more people are buying their favorite brands of clothes sitting in front of their computer. Instead of going from store to store, you can get well dressed by staring at a screen and clicking your mouse. But online shopping was not always as developed as it is today. Three people, Adam Jacobs, Finn Age Hänsel and Andreas Otto, started an online fashion store called The Iconic in 2011 in Australia, that will change this industry.

Virtuleap: Another Huge Leap for Mankind

With the worldwide overthrow of technological invention, it is no surprise that more people have been dwelling in the field of virtual reality. Something about controlling your fate, or having your dream life unfold in front of you became an irresistible opportunity. This is why the realm of technological experiments expanded to virtual reality performances. Amir, Hossein, Roland, and Thomas were multi-geniuses that brought the world closer to the future with the first-ever smart platform made specifically to stimulate the brain. Our imagination can finally run free with virtual reality.

Artomatix: The Future for 3D Artists Is Here!

Without the power of 3D animation and the advancement of technology, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy video games, movies, and TV shows. Three devoted art lovers - Barthelemy, Eric, and Neal, revolutionized the way the world perceives 3D art. By giving 3D artists the necessary tools for a more revolutionized artform, they changed the way the world viewed 3D art, eternally. Artomatix is a new innovative platform that offers countless opportunities for 3D artists. The company helps 3D artists perfect their art, by making it even more realistic.The platform is based on an AI material creation tool, called ArtEngine, that assists 3D artists to create even more lifelike pieces of art.

Bioo: Producing Photosynthetic Electricity to Preserve the Planet

The dangers of pollution have waited long enough to be solved. The ecosystem is rapidly declining, with over 95% of the population inhaling polluted air. Putting greenery back in fashion and also saving the planet requires a hero and found it in Pablo Vidarte. Trusting his extensive knowledge in all-things technology, Pablo created Bioo as a way to nurture greenery back to life. Innovation shapes the future, and so, Bioo merges it with technology to ensure everyone a higher quality of life. It offers advanced solar panel installations that turn plants into switches and thus put nature’s electricity to good use.

Coroflo: The Search for a Comfortable Breastfeeding Experience for All Women

Breastfeeding has been a stigmatized concept for the longest time - for no good reason. Proteins, fat, and vitamins - these all make essential ingredients every baby needs to grow healthy and strong. Even so, breastfeeding is not as attainable to many babies as it should be. In fact, only four out of ten children breastfeed for the recommended period of six months. This is where Coroflo the story of Dr. Helen Barry, James Travers, and Rosanne Longmore begins. Taught by their own experience, the trio developed Coroflo, a technological innovation intended for all babies dependent on breastfeeding.

Brewbot: a Revolution in Brewing Craft Beer

If coffee is the beverage that gets us going in the morning to give us energy for any tasks ahead, what beverage helps us relax after a long day at work? Nothing like a cold beer, right? The beer industry is dominated by famous brands like Heineken, Amstel, and Guinness. But beer lovers especially enjoy craft beers. Well, a Belfast-based team, lead by Chriss McClleland, made brewing your own beer into a reality. They combined their knowledge of technology, their love for craft beers and passion for brewing into one product. The result?

Flying Doctors Nigeria: Taking Healthcare to the Skies

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a top doctor’s team flying to your rescue! The medical universe has expanded times and again. Yet, never has it once before worked out of thin air - not until Ola Brown came into the picture. Envisioning medical aid from a higher viewpoint, Ola Brown created one of the most impactful medical platforms on the globe, Flying Doctors Nigeria. Nigeria is a rapidly growing country, healthcare-wise, with just 3.8% of its GDP spent on healthcare. Therefore, Flying Doctors Nigeria has the luxury to further finesse the industry.

GeoFluxus: A Waste-Free Tomorrow!

It seems like the planet is being slowly devoured by the forever-growing human waste. Every year, mankind drops a whopping 2.12 billion tons of garbage in oceans, landfills, and the environment, causing pollution levels to skyrocket. It was high time something was done to save the planet from total ruin. A young girl from the Netherlands, Rusne Sileryte, and her great love for the environment tackled some of the pollution issues that covered the whole Earth. Based on detailed research, she conducted different solutions to combat waste throughout the world.

Habi - Safe and Swift Real Estate Solutions

We all know that it’s an absolute pain to sell your property - properly! Particularly in Columbia, the hassle of selling your housings is much bigger than buying one. It could take up to a year for the process to be completed. With this complication in mind, Brynne McNulty Rojas and Sebastian Noguera Escallon wanted to aid Columbian house vendors sell their property as fast and safe as possible. So, the youngsters founded the Habi real estate company in July of 2019. Even though it's still a freshly established company, Habi has elevated to being a serious company that will buy the accommodation you’re selling in a matter of 10 days.

Lumos: Bringing Communities Out of the Darkness and into the Light

In this day and age, lighting is a given commodity - but only for part of the world. In some areas in Africa, however, light is looked upon as almost deity - a still-luxury many cannot afford. To introduce a beam of hope - and light - into every corner of the world, Yash Kotak alongside Tarkeshwar Singh and Pritesh Sankhe launched Lumos - the platform that ensures their light reaches people of all walks of life. Lumos now is one of the lead providers for high-quality smart solar systems on the market . Its main goal is to provide a stable electrical power solution for both homes and businesses.

ManoMano: From a Dream to a Revolution in the DIY, Home, and Gardening World!

Do-it-yourself projects have come a long way - especially when it comes to gardening. Today, tailoring a garden design to one’s preference is far more inspiring than a simple turn of the screw. To innovate and structure appealing garden spaces, Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson created ManoMano - and the world of horticulture got a little greener and more creative! ManoMano represents the ultimate DIY gardening and home project platform. With an expansive catalogue of appliances, the company digitizes and simplifies its purchase, delivery, and usability process for all eager gardeners. Not just for hobbyists, ManoMano also tends to thousands of B2B businesses - ensuring everyone designs the outdoor space they envisioned!

Parle On with Preply: The Number One Language Teaching Tool

Imagine visiting a foreign country, a dream come true for many adventure-seeking travelers. Sure, everyone would enjoy the versatile culture, sightings, and native population, but what if you can’t even buy some water without being lost in translation? This is a nightmare scenario for many, but for Sergey, Dmytro, and Kirill, traveling was their favorite pastime. Because they traveled a lot, they also struggled to communicate when in a foreign country. With this in mind, the trio focused on creating a portable translation platform designed for language-confused travelers.

Sulapac: A Sustainable Solution for Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic has become a hot-button issue for the world. With 12.7 million tonnes of plastics thrown into the ocean a year, the idea of sustainability takes the limelight. This is exactly what Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen tried to do in designing Sulapac - the ultimate hero platform making a difference in the fight for a plastic-free Earth. Sulapac is a revolutionary sustainable material that ensures both aesthetics and superb functionalities. Natural to the core, Sulapac biodegrades in its entirety, leaving no microplastic traces behind.

Aktiia: When Medicine and Technology Join for a Greater Cause

Over 45% of the American population struggles with high blood pressure. In an age where technology is at its peak and medicine is a witness to countless innovations a day, the numbers are still alarming. Hypertension has been a silent and steady killer hovering over people’s heads for quite some time now, and something needed to be done. Two Swiss tech-geniuses, Mattia Bertschi and Josep Sola embarked on a journey of merging technology and medicine and revolutionized the way hypertension is treated. They introduced the first-ever blood-pressure monitoring technology.

Auto1 Group: A Placement Your Car Deserves

Being stuck with a busted car is a bummer for many drivers. There are many sketchy websites dedicated to reselling cars, however, there is always a sense of uncertainty. There needed to be a platform devoted to proper and quality car-selling and purchasing transactions. Inspired by their adoration towards cars, Christian Bertermann and Hakan Koç launched the mega-popular Auto1 Group, a safe platform for selling and buying used cars. Auto1 Group offers over 3,000 new cars daily, and selling or buying is guaranteed to happen within 24 hours! It’s the trapped driver’s dream come true. Drivers can sell their cars to the highest bidder, while those who want to buy one get detailed documentation of the car's condition.

Avocode: Making Designers and Developers Collaborate Easier

Designers and developers are two parts of the business puzzle. As such, both require tight collaboration in getting things done. Oftentimes, this collaboration brings a lot of problems, like a lot of manual work for both sides of the puzzle. And most of the time, it’s just the nature of the work that makes that collaboration difficult - both in execution and communication. To tackle this issue, three young people, led by designer Vu Hoang Anh and developers Petr Brzek and Martin Duris, decided to solve the issue by combining their wits into one product called Avocode.

BenevolentAI: Developing Drugs With The Help of Technology

Aren’t we all glad that medicine has advanced so much? We sure are thankful for all the medical breakthroughs! Yet, unfortunately, no matter how hard scientists work to put an end to a terrible disease, there are still a lot of unknowns in the vast world of medicine. Finding a cure or a treatment is the primary goal of many scientists and medical professionals, but it is no easy task. Wanting to do something to better the process of developing a drug, Ken Mulvany, founded a company for drug development, and went a step further into improving the process.

BlueDot: How an Algorithm Can Predict Infectious Diseases

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it crippled the healthcare system worldwide. What’s worse, it also brought the global economy to an almost complete halt. The truth is, had governments acted sooner, thousands of deaths could have easily been prevented. This is the pure intention behind the creation of BlueDot. Having experienced infectious disease outbreaks over the years, Dr. Kamran Khan created the AI platform to identify COVID-19’s threats. Posed as an outbreak risk software, BlueDot counts as the most reputable near-real-time system helping an array of institutions better track the progress of COVID-19. BlueDot is scientifically backed and transparent.

Sleep Soundly with Calm: One-Way Ticket to a Good Night’s Sleep

With overwhelming stress and anxiety, it is almost impossible to get a good night's worth of sleep. More than 7 million US citizens experience trouble either falling or staying asleep. A person needs their rest through the night, otherwise, grumpiness is lurking around the corner. Sick of his troubles with their difficulties with sleep cycles, Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew took technology’s progress to another advantage. Sleep is the most cherished part of the day to many people, so the duo launched Calm in sunny California.

Surf Risk-Free with Capacity: A More Capable Future

The overthrow of the digital era is no longer deniable. Countless experiments brought in several different inventions, to which humans owe much of their daily benefits to. However, it is crucial to know that technology is created by humans to aid humans in everyday tasks and complete them as quickly as possible. These were some of the thoughts that flooded David Karandish and Chris Sims. The two technology enthusiasts devoted their lives to bringing digitalization closer to helping people.

Cohabs: A Different Co-living Experience

Have you heard about co-living? It’s a very popular term these days. A lot of people, especially youngsters, are utilizing this newfound way of habituating. Students, working adults, adventurers, modern nomads… they all need a place to stay. Co-living is a good option for commuters because it’s more affordable than renting a whole apartment or a house. If you’re in Brussels, finding a good place for co-living won’t be easy. Two Brussels-situated friends, Youri Dauber and Francois Samyn experienced the hardship of finding a good place for co-living and decided to make a change in the market of shared houses.

Coil: Never Let Your Content Go Unpaid, or Unnoticed!

Over 59.9 % of the population cannot imagine a day without surfing the web. This is evident, as social media and the worldwide web have become staples of upcoming generations. It became fairly recent to earn an income from producing content online, and that is partly owed to a particular person. Stephan Thomas helped shed light on hard-working content creators and assure that their art does not go unnoticed and unpaid. With his innovative platform called Coil, every online content creator out there got a proper chance of monetizing their art form.

CureFit: Fitness With a Goal to Cure

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a luxury not many can afford. To stay fit in times where stress does nothing but consume is struggling majority of people, daily. Fitness enthusiasts had nowhere to turn for exercise guidance and accurate advice on what’s healthy and what’s not. In a country such as India, where the population reaches almost a billion, physical health and mental well-being are often overlooked, but not for long. Ankit Nagori spent his entire lifetime perfecting the fitness approach India excessively needed with his company, CureFit. With CureFit, Ankit offered billions of users a chance for a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being.

Darktrace: World’s Best Digital Security System

Welcome to the era where almost every piece of valuable information is digitized. Just like any other goods or belongings, digital information needs to be protected, too. With the advance of technology, there is an advance in cyberattacks, too. Companies, organizations, and even governments have been looking for ways to defend and protect themselves. Understanding the importance of cyber security, Poppy Gustafsson created an effective system for defending against cyber threats. The best thing about it, you ask? Well, It does everything on its own, without the need for human interference or supervision. Neat, right?

Dauria Aerospace - The Space Race Saga Continues

If there weren’t any satellites up in space - you wouldn’t have any kinds of phone communications in the 21st century. Furthermore, satellite TV wouldn’t even exist and no one could’ve watched their favorite series or movies. But to put a satellite into space is absolutely not an easy task and it takes a lot of time, money, and expertise to build the satellite, part by part. Luckily, Mikhail Kokorich saw the not-so-easy opportunity and took it upon himself to soar into the cosmos mostly to help with radio wave signals.

Explore Asian Cuisine with Eatigo: The No.1 Reservation App

The city of Bangkok has a population of over 9 million citizens who want to, occasionally, wine and dine at the finest restaurants. However, because of Thailand’s exquisite cuisine, restaurants often get overcrowded with many customers not being able to make a reservation or sit down for a meal at all! To rescue restaurants and solve the issue with overbooking, 4 young entrepreneurs from Thailand formed an online platform that helps customers make quick reservations in restaurants in all of Asia.

Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees

Saving the planet under the pressure of looming climate catastrophes is close to impossible. Sadly, global CO2 emissions are the highest seen in history. This is courtesy of the ‘bounce back’ effect many booming businesses faced at the hands of COVID-19. One of the grandest environmental perils is deforestation, especially the cataclysmic effects the Amazon rainforest is facing. To prevent a bad scenario turning worse, Christian Kroll created an awe-inspiring platform, Ecosia.

Galaxis: A Platform Influencers Were Waiting for

The internet and social media gave us a new type of celebrity - influencers. Travelling, food, lifestyle, experiences - there’s nothing influencers can’t do. With the right platform, that is. Lo and behold, Max Gallardo’s Galaxis is breathing fresh air into the world of social media influencers. In simpler terms, Galaxis helps individual and brand influencers to earn their fair share, the easy way. Galaxis is a win-win-win solution for all audiences aiming for a bigger presence online, especially eCommerce businesses.

IQONIQ: Where Fans Are Welcomed to Stay

The sports and entertainment industry exist for a sole reason- the audience. Fans and admirers are the key points of the entertainment industry. Idols and their fans can create incredible relationships, and through newsletters and posts, they maintain their precious bond. Following his idol’s every move, Kazim Atilla made a promise to himself. He made it his mission to provide a haven for sports and entertainment fans, a place for like-minded people to share opinions.

Breathe in NuvoAir: The First Digital Respiratory Care Platform

Over 7% of deaths in America are caused by chronic respiratory issues. Medical professionals often overlook patients with chronic respiratory problems to focus on more common diseases, like cancer, heart failure, and strokes. However, the numbers prove that long-term diseases can be equally deadly. Lorenzo Consoli was ahead of his time when he embarked on a technological journey for medical purposes. He managed to insert technology into the health field of treating patients with lung capacity issues like asthma and CORD.

The Minimalist: The Big Punchy, Witty, Storytelling Bang

Recent statistics show that creative graphic designs pay off better than the automotive industry. It’s only reasonable, as a design must be a unique and well-thought process. Achieving a masterpiece takes a lot of patience, unselfishness, and hard work . Chiraq Gander and Sahil Vaidya, the two undecided engineers are the main characters in The Minimalist. To fill out their spare time at college, the entrepreneurs-to-be decided to create art as a side project on Facebook. But, as Facebook was a customer’s hotspot, they slowly grew natural traffic which became a leading advertising company.

TKP: Conquering the Japanese Rental Market

As far as overpopulation in big cities goes, Tokyo takes the cake as the most populated city in the world, with almost 30% of Japan’s population living there. Doing some quick math will show that this population density times the rising demand for real estate in Japan does not equal effective living quarters. Surprisingly though, even though the city itself is overcrowded, there are still hundreds of unused rooms and spaces across the city.

Digitail - An Online Pet Care Opportunity

Nowadays, it’s rather hard and time-consuming to go on the prowl for pet care facilities for your beloved pets. If you’re in a hurry to get an appointment for your pet, the first thing you take into consideration is a veterinary clinic that’s near you. Second, not just any clinic will suffice - absolute professional vet clinics are utterly necessary for the best pet care out there. So, Sebastian Gabor and Roxandra Pui from Romania have thought about making suitable software to help veterinarians with their practices, and pet lovers who are in dire need of them.

Heartland Media, LLC: TV Broadcasting Wholeheartedly!

Let us start this by saying TV broadcasting will never, and we mean never, die out! We’ve all been in a spot where we couldn’t get our eyes off television for hours and hours at a time. However, we never thought about how tough and time-consuming managing a TV broadcasting station it is, trying to meet the needs of every TV fanatic out there. This is where Robert S. Prather Jr. takes the cake and starts to engage in the televised world to provide people with major information through media broadcasting. With the power of Heartland Media, that dream turned into reality. Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows initiating a broadcasting company and owning television stations left and right!

Huuuge Games: Connecting People With Mobile Games

Almost every owner of a cell phone has used it for playing games. While traveling, or enjoying your break at work, or even while waiting for someone, mobile games are always there for a little entertainment. But can mobile games be more than just a game to pass some time? Anton Gauffin believes they can, and with his company for developing games, Huuuge Games, he started producing mobile games with a twist. Not improved graphically, not making them more complex or anything, his idea was simply to make them social. Mobile games that you can play in real-time with other people. This new concept was widely accepted.

Rise Again with iRise Mechanics: First Robotic Mobility Devices

Technology and medicine seem to go hand in hand into a brighter developing future. Thanks to countless scientists and engineers who work tirelessly beside technology every day, patients can rely on the latest tech-medicine. A young Bulgarian man named Lyubomir Vassilev, struck by gut-wrenching grief, wanted to implement new ways in which medical professionals would tackle the issues of disabled people. Determined to make a change, Lyubomir started an AI-based mobility-device-developing company, iRise Mechanics.

Infraspeak: Your Go-To Place for IT Support

Imagine working on an important piece for work and your computer crashes at the wrong time. This scenario is enough to drive any hard-worker crazy, especially with the necessary paperwork to file ahead of a deadline. Waiting for IT technicians to get crashing issues sorted out is a thing of the past, as an automated platform breaks way on the market. Luis Martins had seen enough IT trouble with his PC, and so, he decided to create the perfect IT service to automatically solve any and all technical issues.

Kumu: Create Content in Intergenerational Harmony

Numerous tales involve victorious corporations connected with the digital world. Virtual reality has become a crucial part of our everyday lives, being a place where everything happens slowly, and then all at once. Some of us use the internet for gathering the latest news worldwide, while many others use it as a form of a lifestyle, documenting everything they do. Watching, creating, and sharing videos is completely possible thanks to live-streaming technology. You just need a web-enabled device, along with a live-streaming platform. Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular live-streaming apps, followed by Twitch TV and House Party.

LuggageHero: Easy Solution for Your Luggage

Who wants to travel? Who doesn’t, right? Who wants to carry their luggage while doing it? Who does… Hey, wait a minute… no one does! Luggage is an unavoidable part of every trip. It can also be a great burden when there’s a huge gap between checking out or in your place of stay, and the schedule of your chosen transportation. Janick Lawaetz found a solution for this annoying problem. Why not leave your luggage in a nearby coffee shop or a store? Find a place providing this service, book the place online, and just leave it there for as many hours as you need. Together with Kristian Løkkegaard, Janick founded LuggageHero.

Meatable: No More Butchered Meat on Your Table

Though humans are classified as omnivores, slaughtering millions of animals to fill your stomach will, on the contrary, turn your stomach. Even the thought of consuming meat makes thousands of consumers feel uneasy doing it. Through and through, consumers have been proposing different rational alternatives like vegetable, fruit, and nut-based diets. Even so, vegetarianism and veganism have been practiced more recently, but neither has made much of a worldwide difference. So, Krijn de Nood and Daan Luining have made a revolutionary idea to make purely genuine and non-tortured meat made from a single cell of a given animal. The young man’s hope was that his idea would probably put an end to the inhumane way of treating animals for their meat.

Meero: The Bright Future of Data Processing

Photography dates back to the 19th century, and it’s no wonder that professional photographers have existed for a long time. Professional photographers are called professional for a reason. Not every regular Joe can have a keen eye for angles, lighting, composition, and focus. That’s why the world still needs professional photographers. Since photographers lose a lot of time on additional work, like editing, a young Frenchman by the name of Thomas Rebaud, decided to help them.

NutSpace: Building Children’s Skills Through Stories

The importance of education is undeniable, but its quality is oftentimes questionable. Insufficient dedication to educational reforms, the lack of vision as well as the ability to teach - all these factors have jeopardized the future of quality education globally. Rohini Vij, a storyteller and an educator, was the first to notice the crumbling education within the Indian educational system. To breathe some fresh air into the field, Rohini created NutSpace, an online platform exclusively dedicated to developing essential life, social, and communication skills in children of all ages.

Oura: The Strive for Wellness in One Ring

Not enough sleep? Large calorie intake? The answer to your worries might be - a ring. When it comes to wellness, the Oura ring is every fitness fanatic’s ‘precious.’ Brainstormed by the minds of Kari Kivelä, Markku Koskela, and Petteri Lahtela, the elegant and unintrusive little “health jewelry”, known as Oura, flung into the ever-changing world of today. With Oura, the hurriedness of everyday life, the stress of daily errands, and the pressure of obligations are no more. Kari, Markuu, and Petteri unleashed their creative potential and designed one ring to rule everyone’s journey to wellbeing and optimal health. Usability and accurate healthcare information are two of Oura’s greatest traits.

Securitize - Assuring a Liquefied Market

If you’re owning a private business and can’t be quick on the uptake to sell your bonds or some assets, they are not regarded as liquid. Most of the time, a helping hand is much obliged. Utilizing the services of a financial technology platform can be quite useful and fruitful. So, that was an idea that struck Carlos Domingo to ready his hand for helping with the Securitize platform which he established in 2017 in San Francisco.

Smarten Spaces: Managing Real Estate With An App

Since the industrialization of the world, the real estate business has been flourishing. Real estate owners today make a lot of money from the space they own but space optimization and space management take a lot of time and resources. Dinesh Malkani, an experienced and successful Indian, decided to tackle the problems in this industry by using technology. He saw the opportunity of using AI and the Internet of Things system to create a platform called Smarten Spaces. What the platform does is manage space more effectively, or as he puts it, smartly. Integrating data from different sources into an app provides real estate owners with a useful system for utilizing their space.

Snackpass: Connecting College Students through Food

If there is one thing that collectively gathers all college students studying at college campuses - it’s food. Unfortunately, food options at campuses are either limited or pricey. Not just that, but waiting in lines, spending extra on delivery, and managing a limited budget at the same time can be a hassle for every student. Kevin Tan, a Yale student himself, also had a taste of the food issues that arise at college and wanted to revamp the experience and make it more worthwhile for all. So, he and his two partners, Jamie Marshall and Johnatan Cameron created an app called Snackpass - so every student can order take-out from nearby campus restaurants, and socialize at the same time.

SurveyAuto: The Bright Future of Data Processing

Nothing circulates today’s tech-crazed society quite like information. But, doing research and collecting data takes time and resources. And if that’s not enough, there’s the off chance of making many crucial human errors whilst collecting it. Luckily, the complex process of collecting data was far simplified thanks to Umar Saif. A brilliant computer scientist, Umar created Survey Auto Inc., a company that leverages refined AI solutions and machine learning tools - thus facilitating data processing on a global level!

Tego: Transforming Businesses By Creating Smart Assets

Digitization and technology is massively changing the world in the last decades. Can you imagine life without computers? Hardly. Digitization is so incorporated into our lives that we take it for granted, without truly realizing its benefits. Timothy Butler, in the early years of the 21st century, came to the idea that more could be done by enriching components with dynamic data and information. But what does that mean? Imagine every asset in the process having its own story, waiting to be extracted and used for an optimized work process. When everything’s digitally connected, everything works better.

Dress to Impress with Wardrobe: Channel Your Inner-Fashionista!

Figuring out your outfit for the day is a vicious cycle for women. An outfit is supposed to give off a statement and it’s a reflection of who the individual is. It’s always advisable to watch out for your outfit, as it is someone else’s first impression of you. Well, Adarsh Alphons wanted to respect women fully by establishing a platform where they can choose any type of outfit or piece of clothing they want, 24/7! Wardrobe is the virtual cupboard every woman needs. Its doors are always open, day or night!

Aquagenuinity - Reiterating the Land of Liberty

Martin Luther’s American Dream was for future generations to live with equal rights in a civilized and democratic society. Many Americans supported his vision, sadly though, the future generations overlooked the toxins in the water in black and poor societies. The question arises, is this the best of the American Dream? Not to Doll Avant! Already coming as alumni from Harvard, Doll decided to seek water justice and tackle the problem American citizens saw as a failure of politics.