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Discourse: The Riveting Pursuit of the Tech Throne

'When given a choice, choose the thing that scares you a little. If it's 100% safe, it is holding you back'. Had it not been for his fear of holding himself back, and the undying will to redefine interaction as we know it, Jeff Atwood wouldn't have amounted to very much. Eager to pave his own path to business glory and enrich the tech world with yet another trademark name, Jeff developed Discourse, a communication platform where everyone gets a say!

Qumulo: Taking Data Management to the Next Level

If you’re in business, you’ve probably had trouble with online storage, file managing, or smart data sharing - and millions of others experienced the same problem too. In today’s tech-driven world, everything seems to revolve around data - filing it, transforming it, logging it - you name it, but it didn’t just pop out of nowhere: curating large amounts of data had been a process decades in the making. With the rise of virtual businesses, however, the need for sophisticating the way we handle online data turned almost crucial. At the other end of facilitating the process of proper data storing is Qumulo - a platform that does the due diligence on your behalf!

Samsara: Real-Time Satisfying Thousands of Customer's Desires

This is a story of two people that didn't expect success to come to them - instead, they sought it with all their might! Becoming billionaires from an academic side project, John Bicket and Sanjit Biswas left their cozy homes, stepped out from their comfort zones, and worked hard to create a truly revolutionary company. The next thing they knew - Samsara popped into existence! Looking into everything that the logistics industry was missing, the duo created numerous solutions to help their customers build stronger relationships with employees and consumers.

How Solidia Tech Greens Up an Entire Industry for the Greater Good

'It can’t just be green, it has to be better!' This is the philosophy behind the great innovator, Tom Schuler. Tom’s journey has been riddled with all kinds of ups and downs ever since he was a kid. His vicious resilience helped him overcome every struggle he ever faced - and made him what he is today! With over 25 years of experience on his belt, and inspired by the lack of progress in concrete production, he joined Solidia Technologies to make history. Driven by the idea of reducing massive CO2 emissions and the volumes of fresh water required for concrete production, Tom gifted the world with a unique solution.

Blend: Worldwide Lending, Simplified

Digital lending has skyrocketed in the last decade, and for a good reason. A while ago, the mortgage industry was all paper-driven, leaving loaners with plenty of room to err. Although a trillion-dollar industry, the process of obtaining a mortgage was no walk in the park for borrowers. The agonizing experience required filling out dozens of pages with data, which when completed - required even greater data management! Well, someone had to put an end to this time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating process of money lending and borrowing.

Bromium: The Ultimate Data Breach Shield

Each more advanced than the one before, data breaches used to be the number one peril to healthy and thriving businesses. Alas, the days of ongoing data breaches imposing threat to all-sized enterprises are done. Facing a problem of this magnitude, the only way enterprises could stay on the safe side was to eradicate the repercussions that sink them to the bottomless sea of catastrophe. When it came to data exposure, one question begged to be asked: 'Is someone out there bold enough to become the hero of failing businesses worldwide - and solve the problem of data breaching?'The answer is threefold - Gaurav Banga, Simon Crosby, and Ian Pratt.It was simple as that - three geniuses coming together to invent a whole new approach to protecting worldwide data. But what did it take to combat global data breaching and deliver? Read on to learn their story here:

Centercode: A True-Solution Product Technology

Getting a product out of the lab and launching it right into the hands of its future users is a process businesses need perfected. An inimitable, unique platform empowering suited solutions for highly successful products, Centercode is the Alpha and Omega of generating client feedback. Two decades in the making, Centercode still leads the way in smart learning through even smarter tech product enhancements! With less time and capital invested, Luke Freiler, the founder of Centercode, gained massive recognition in shaping the future of beta testing worldwide!

Metamarkets: Accumulating Data, Simplified

Data has been and still remains the power source of programmatic marketing. Empowering knowledge, accelerating decision-making, and opening an abundance of information-packed corridors, data aids teams worldwide with prompter, cleaner and more sophisticated data use. With a little help from a platform that accumulates all data in one place, companies can easily make sense of data purposed to enforce top programmatic exchanges. Uncomplicated, undemanding, and facile, right? Well, it hasn't been like this forever. Not that long ago, standard reporting systems provided global businesses with static, dare I say, fruitless results.

Mobilize: The Power of Community and Change

How does a single organization become the staple for modern-day tech excellence? In a world deprived of social engagement, smart data acquiring, and revenue growth, Mobilize is a beam of hope in getting things done - simply and efficiently. From small but impactful networks to world-changing initiatives, Mobilize offers the best of all worlds: unique tools, profitable options, and community-oriented solutions. Through their modern approach to reaching out, chatting, creating events and networking, among other services, Mobilizes connects global communities on a unifying mission. The story of Sharon Savariego, the inventor of Mobilize, is surely a geeky one!

Sidewalk Labs: On a Mission to Save Communities Worldwide

For thousands of years, urban civilizations worldwide have seen the rise and fall of kingdoms, empires, governments, and corporations. In a span of a few decades, however, the urban environment has undergone a series of major transformations. Today's wave of mass urbanization is historically unprecedented: almost half of the global population today thrives on the urbanized lifestyle! Under these transformations, cities of today are still facing great challenges. With the rapid increase of the urban population, environmental issues and high expectations regarding the living standard seem to be more notable than ever.

SproutSocial: Social Media Meets Refined Customer Care

Not that long ago, companies tackling customer care like pros felt like hitting a dead end. The result? Waves of clients reaching out on social media with their complaints. As social data prevailed, all media aimed to develop a tool to put that data into perspective - and who better to do it than Justyn Howard, the man himself? By changing the ways of communication, product authentication, and brand accountability, Justyn developed a specialized platform unlike the rest - SproutSocial! Digging for solutions for all-size companies, SproutSocial aids growing marketing agencies in dealing with a variety of issues, but most of all - customer care.

Udacity: Smart Learning, Available Worldwide

America - land of the free, home of the brave, and to many, the epicentre of top-notch education. Without a doubt, US universities fall among the highest of privileges for the common folk. Armed with state-of-the-art premises, highly-skilled professors and centuries-old literature, Americans do education like pros - and yet, largely behind closed doors. At some point, however, someone had to notice the growing intellectual potential still residing outside US borders. That same someone had to also find a way to bring the greatest masterminds - Americans or otherwise - into one exceptionally useful learning platform.

Vrbo: Quality Vacation Rentals Created With The Power of Family

No matter your budget nor your favourite type of residence, name any destination in the world you want to stay in - and Vrbo will take you there and settle you right in! Although an industry four hundred years in the making, the concept of vacation homes has never been quite as attractive as it is with Vrbo. Thanks to David Clouse and his wife Lynn, vacation rentals are now at the tip of your fingers!

AppSumo: Reshaping the Way to Epic Success

Jumpstarting a business a decade ago wasn’t the picnic it is today. With no shortcut to success, young entrepreneurs took care of business in a far more traditional - and limited - fashion. Placing the right product on the market back then relied on various key factors - proper advertising, developing an in-demand product, and uncovering a fruitful way to profit in the meantime. When Noah Kogan first entered the online business market, he seemed to have the perfect platform to help thousands of start-ups worldwide succeed - AppSumo!

FindThatLead: The New Way of Finding Customers

Has your lead generation led you to groundbreaking findings? It's true what they say: without proper information at hand and relying solely on manual prospecting, a modern-day business is bound to suffer. No more beating around the bush - FindThatLead is here to save the day and get your business on a roll! Through scaling lead generations for clients and corporations worldwide, FindThatLead lives up to its apt name, and what's more- instantly propels your business to certain growth!

Qualtrics: Delivering the Customer Lifetime Value You Deserve

As technology scales, so does the necessity to improve, optimize and reinvent the client experience and in all lines of business - and this is extremely costly in both time and money. Fortunately, someone already invented a solution - Qualtrics. For Qualtrics to grow into the exceptional customer service platform it is today, the tech world needed Ryan Smith. A true empath at heart, Ryan’s mission in developing Qualtrics was based on his mere understanding of the way humans acted, reacted - and interacted.

Squarespace: A Dorm-Room Project Worth Billions

You need to do three things to launch a promising career - dream big, find your passion, and devote to it! What's your next move? Ensure the crowd is watching, because, at the end of the day, it is all about reputation, quality, and value. In our case, we're looking into the value of a high-end website. Laugh at the plainness of the idea all you want, but building a professional website used to be a tough nut to crack.Fair amounts of money were spent to even jumpstart one, and then, coding got involved, and that was a huge - _ah-ah-ah_! When Anthony Casalena came across this gap, finding a way out of the mess became his primary focus. He'd bring something of value, something to change people's lives- starting with his.

Yotpo: The Loveable Brand

Isn't it true that, whenever someone comes bearing a great tip, we always tend to listen? On one hand, useful information keeps us engaged and arouses our curiosity. On the other, it all depends on the source itself - the more thought-provoking, the better. The same curious thing happens with user-generated reviews and content online. These days, we all realize that online customer reviews are one of the first indicators of product quality, and a desirable concept potential buyers peruse when making a purchase.

Yext: Revamping the Future of Accurate Information

Ask Google a random question on any particular business - and you’ll get your answer on the spot. Acquiring proper online intel might sound like a breeze, yet a decade ago, it was anything but. Way back when, Google searches used document-based keywords to redirect you to a page of links, where an answer was made available. Nowadays, however, Google magically processes human language to instantly provide users with a specific answer to just about any question.

From Lunch to Launch: AppFolio's Journey to Software Brilliance

AppFolio makes a great example of how even the most unusual of ideas can blossom into a prosperous business! A simple lunch between two good friends turning an ordinary idea into an extraordinary accomplishment! For Klaus Schauser and Jon Walker, nothing felt unusual in brainstorming business ideas, as they nurtured a common desire - to build the ultimate in-demand software company. Of course, both Klaus and Jon were well-aware of the blood, sweat, and tears they'd need to pour into their baby project, but hesitation was never on their menu, and that paved their way to worldwide recognition!

Cision: A Century-Old Media Success Story

Do you know the recipe for successful top-search page ranking? Some top-notch SEO, a volume of high-end content, a hint of proper linking, and, as always - some great PR! There is no secret that PR stands for public relations, but what makes the concept more intriguing is the way it serves its clients. While not many tackle PR and SEO tasks efficiently, Svenska Telegrambyrån does! The first-ever Swedish news agency not only excels in all-things SEO and PR but they also have a platform that implements the very same - only better than the rest!

DocuSign: Signature Mobility At Its Finest

Nowadays, it takes less than a minute to find a document, sign it and send it wherever needs be. Of course, signing, sending, and managing legally binding documents sounds all dandy now, but way back when it was a tough nut to crack! Once upon a time, people used to sign papers manually, and send them across the world using traditional means. As a result, countless files got lost along the way and even more lagged behind - costing companies valuable bucks! That is, until Tom Gonser's invention DocuSign put the file chaos to rest!

From Bankruptcy to Billions: The Story of Influitive

Once upon a time, marketers implemented a wide range of strategies to attract more buyers. From launching promotional products to creating powerful yet costly advertising- spamming clients was the way to go. Worst case scenario - a bad review would ensue and a company’s reputation would shatter to pieces! Offering a smarter solution to this timely way of advertising was Mark Organ - the man who invented Influitive! Leaving nothing to chance, Mark introduced his groundbreaking idea as an aim to turn companies’ most loyal users into an army of advocates willling to publicly share their love for a certain product.

Joom: Reshaping Mobile App Shopping Worldwide

Want to purchase goods but hate the idea of leaving your home to do it? Modern e-commerce nowadays is likely the greatest invention for traders, entrepreneurs and eager buyers. In reality, nothing compares to the commodity in online shopping - you can buy, sell, trade, and exchange goods - all in just one click. Speaking of quality online shopping, Ilya Shirokov is the man to look at and so is his genius of social networks platforms - Joom!Welcoming a new era of shopping, Joom is all about breaking performance records and forever changing the game of mobile e-commerce, all through introducing a finer and refined platform beloved by worldwide individual users, companies and then some.

Ananay's Listnr: Breaking the Barriers of Podcasts

If video killed the radio star, podcasts have performed a resurrection - in a more structured and thought-provoking fashion. Designed to bring podcasts closer to listeners around the globe, Listnr is the latest software revolution proving that - when brains talk, smart people listen! Intended for those nurturing a special affection for the spoken word, Listnr was founded by Ananay Batra, who wanted to break the barriers of podcasting through simplifying the way we interact with audio content - easily and without recording a single word!

Livi: Fast-Forwarding the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare makes one of the greatest accomplishments of humankind. As a structure bound to ensure our physical and emotional wellbeing, it’s a pure disaster whenever we witness a collapse within its system. However, the healthcare industry is no novice to slipping over the edge - we have seen it happen one too many times. Taking note of these wrongful patterns of healthcare is Livi - the largest digital healthcare provider, a company on a mission to change the health system worldwide! It aims to deliver something both helpful and meaningful. In its essence, Livi is a medical application platform for those in need of quality healthcare.

CD Projekt: Playing a Refined Game of Integrity

Out of all industries worldwide, no industry attracts a wider audience than gaming! And why shouldn't it, anyway? For decades back, gaming has been a personal as well as a professional resort to countless eager fans across the globe. The demand for more functional and optimized gaming has been more noticeable now than ever, and for a good reason - everyone loves a taste of real-life gaming thrills! Driven by the idea of virtualizing and revisualizing high-quality games, Polish duo Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski have taken the industry to a whole new level of excellence!

Wish: For the Fun of Modern E-Commerce

Shop 'til you drop, and right from the comfort of your own home - that's what modern-day e-commerce is all about! With the arrival of online shopping businesses, retail therapy has never looked the same again. It goes without saying - today's online shopping market is oversaturated with options and choices, with each brand fighting hard to earn its spot among the crème de la crème of retailers. Out of them all, one platform stood out from the pack in quality, service and efficiency, ultimately delivering the kind of online shopping users craved - Wish!

How a Brainiac Calculated His Way to Groundbreaking Success

Compelled by the spell of computing, Rod Drury explored a plethora of options throughout his youth. He had just one, simple goal in mind: to become the ultimate master of accounting. But, before he saw the light at the end of the tunnel, Rod had to pass the thorns and put in the work. Before he even turned thirty, Rod had already birthed three different start-ups, and honestly, he had just about enough of it. What Rod now needed was a different goal, a larger-than-life ambition, a one that grew past his lust for riches. Given that he wanted to do something different from its competitors, he went anything but big. In fact, since Rod, small business never looked the same again!

Zendesk: A Loft-Project Turned Unicorn Company

A decade ago, it took a whole village of people to make customer support work. As businesses continued to grow, however, so did the responsibilities business owners had towards customers. It is in a customer’s nature to ask business-related questions, employees still struggled to provide them with a timely response. Eventually, this led to a mass of infuriated customers left with unanswered questions. Solving this problem, once and for all, were Mikkel Svane, Morten Primdahl, Alexander Aghassipour - a trio of Danes fixated on the idea of boosting customer experience globally.

Talent Garden: Revolutionizing European Tech-Based Coworking

The way people work and collaborate amongst each other has changed through the years, but for both individuals and businesses, coworking has always been the tie that binds! In efforts to bring back collaboration’s former glory, one tech genie took the idea and elevated it to a whole new level! The only goal Davide Dattoli bared in mind was to create an environment where he, his companions and every other working collective could grow together and excel as a team. What Davide thought would be a small fragment of his everyday life, brought him his first out-of-this-world successful start-up - Talent Garden!

Agricool: Giving Birth to Urban Agriculture

Urban centralization has taken its toll on fresh food, leaving no room for the production of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables in large cities. Food needs to grow faster and better - and modern chemicals are all too glad to help! Pesticides cause a continual nutriment decline that impairs produce in every aspect imaginable - taste, quality, and ultimately, even nutrition. When Guillaume Fourdinier and Gonzague Gru came into the picture, agriculture seemed destitute of taste. As two people who grew up on farming and agriculture, Guillaume and Gonzague dreamed of bringing tasty, pesticide-free food back in fashion and making it widely accessible.

Bunq: Traditional Banking Made Simple

If endless possibilities and contemporary banking features are your cup of tea, you'll love Bunq's story! A modern, mobile-first neobank packed on services and key features yet unseen, this company is the pundit in modern-day banking. Ali Niknam, the man behind Bunq, is a visionary with one clear goal in mind - to develop a unique and multilayered mobile app for all generations. A more versatile and time-saving take on banking, Bunq lets you fall head over heels even with something as technical as finances. While it's relatively new on the market, Ali's Bunq incorporates intelligent banking solutions and efficiency in one purposeful and easy-to-use platform.

D2L: Reshaping Stale Learning in the Name of Quality Education

Prior to the 20th century, teachers didn’t have the use of technology available at their fingerprints. Classrooms lacked suitable educational equipment, whereas students craved for their effortful tasks to be registered and graded accordingly. Without the rightful feedback at hand, students spent more hours at school, trying to accomplish massive assignments only using basic tools. But when the dot-com era arrived, people derailed from the traditional way of doing business and instead, revolutionized every sector in every profitable industry. However, in the midst of this automatization, no one gave education the reform it so desperately needed.

The Story of Depop: The Visual Marketplace

What do you get when you cross Instagram's aesthetics and eBay's signature merchant traits? A brand new platform that does it all: Depop. The mastermind behind the idea, one Simon Beckerman, established Depop back in 2011, and has since created the largest fashion marketplace online, with more than 21 million users buying and selling all-things vintage, and on the daily. Its aptly crafted motto invites clients to 'buy, sell, discover, and explore the most inspiring and unique things', allowing users the freedom to define their own vintage journey.

Indusgeeks: Game Your Way to Quality Learning!

Learning is a lifelong process, be it a new skill, behavior, value, or knowledge. However, the methods in acquiring that knowledge are what separates quality from mediocre learning. In other words, learning should be anything but dull. If not stimulative, intriguing, thought-provoking and intuitive, the learning process can easily be labeled mechanic, uninspiring and, in many ways, limited. This is exactly where Indusgeeks comes into the picture. A company driven by the idea of introducing a whole new and innovative way of learning, Indusgeeks crushes the undesirable stereotypes of traditional education. Instead of overpowering one with a wave of information, Indusgeeks incorporates simplified learning through gaming and visual simulation. The founder and creator of Indusgeeks, Siddharth Banerjee, first birthed the idea based on his own schooling experiences.

Glassdoor: Opening the Doors to Your Dream Job!

In the very beginning of the 20th century, dominating corporations introduced the concept of restricting information to the common folk. The goal behind this scheme? To acquire world domination of data that would be exclusively available only to an elite few. For one man, however, Richard Barton, it became crystal clear that technology would-sooner or later- help this system fail. Overpowered with the idea to neutralize the barriers between ordinary people and information available to them, he focused on sourcing and analyzing the problem at its root.

Monese: The Ultimate Banking Solution Worth Millions

Online banking might seem like a ‘smooth sailing’ service available to all, but back in the day, it looked a whole lot different. In a then-world which still did not rely on internet services, virtual banking basically had to be invented from scratch. Along came the man whose future vision would change the game of finances for generations to come. In a society that had yet to grasp the concept of online banking, Norris introduced novelty and innovation in developing just that.The concept of e-banking might not seem like a big deal from today’s standpoint, but in the early 00s, being able to set up an account in less than ten minutes was a seminal milestone in the online and cash-savvy world.

Sage's Journey: From Square One to Number One!

Until the 1980s, accounting was deemed a bootless errand of manual data analysis and storage. Having worked at a printing company for over two decades, no one knew this better than David Goldman. Not only was it unreliable and brought with itself only a tiny amount of strategic insights, but also accounting took an enormous amount of his small business' resources. Consequently, the information being outdated, caused his decision-making to be extremely slow - and he wanted to fix it!

Talend: A Success Based On Patience, Integrity, and Professionalism

Dynamics, refinement, facilitation - those are the three rods that keep the ship of technology moving. As technology evolves, extra emphasis is put on the way we use, manage and collect data. Essentially, modern-day data computing boils down to one main concept - storing it right! Easy as it seems, companies worldwide have long struggled to gather greater volumes of data in one place. Be it a lack of resources or crucial development tools, mismanaging data has caused countless companies a significant loss in funds, and even bankruptcy!

Trustpilot: Pioneering Digital Trust, One Review At A Time!

In a society dependent on online shopping, customer reviews represent an inevitable staple of quality. Way back way, however, virtual interacting was still a concept to be developed, as it was the culture of reviewing products, services and business. While not the most notorious household name, Peter Holten Mühlmann is the man behind the notable rise of the review culture. Through facilitating online shopping for users worldwide, Peter delivered a major impact in helping both mogul brands and everyday retailers grow and prosper.

Ubisoft's Journey: More Than Just A Game!

Video games have seen a sublime transformation since their first introduction to the technological world. Years ago, the creativity in making video games played a huge part, and despite this, producing quality content still posed somewhat of a mystery. Thanks to the development of technology and computer science throughout the years, however, we are now witnessing creations and visualizations of mind-blowing proportions.

UiPath: The First Romanian Unicorn

Until the beginning of the 20th century, managing daily repetitive tasks was an uphill struggle for a lot of workers worldwide. As the century passed on, the technological boom received global praise for its countless benefits and perks. One such technological wonder was the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software, and it seemed to have emerged at the right place and at the right time. Although RPA dates back to the 2000s, it was not as appealing of a concept- not until Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca brought it closer to the wider mass. The two co-founders learned to rise up from their mistakes and turn them into something fruitful- a rising global leader in the world of bots.

Brainly: A Young Boy's Vision Come to Life

Entrepreneurs don't always go through a painful journey to lay the foundations for their success. Sometimes, the most fulfilling experiences can also trigger effective and in-demand business solutions. That's a significant piece of one of today's most intriguing puzzles: Brainly! A labor of the early, behind-the-desk CEO ways of Michal Borkowski, today Brainly is one of the most successful educational platforms in the world. Nevertheless, the road to business accomplishments turned out to be vastly different than the joyride Michal knew his life to be.

TIER: Reshaping Mobility, One Scooter at a Time

Every once in a blue moon, existentialism rings its alert bell to remind us all of the importance of repurposing. Even so, we're constantly contributing to more pollution, habitat destruction, and piles of colorful, toxic garbage in almost every corner of the world. So, how do you draw the line? With a simple invention - TIER Mobility! Developing the secret behind wasting less and reusing more, turned out to be extremely impactful and purposeful. Naturally, it led to an online marketplace where people could buy and sell second-hand items of all sorts - worldwide! Ever since the fuzzy 90s, the transportation sector has been labeled one of the greatest culprits for climate change, so TIER's founder, Lawrence Leuschner, decided to get both inventive - and reinventive.

No Pain, No Gain: How VIPKid Raised the Bar For Quality Education

Channeling pain into success is not unheard of, and it can be quite fruitful too! The journey from zero to hero is easily noticeable in the many stories of entrepreneurs whose personal struggles turned to financial success. Once, Cindy Mi was just one of the million individuals cheated by the educational system. But instead of dwelling on that fact, Cindy decided to use her wits and ambition to create a place where young learners would have the opportunity to learn differently.

Zopa: How a Team of Five Built a Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry

It takes only seven minutes for a person to create a peer-to-peer lending account. Yes, it sounds all easy-peasy now, yet, back in the day, developing lending accounts was no walk in the park. This is a story of one resilient company that not only pioneered P2P lending but also paved the path for other up-and-coming crowd lenders. First established in 2004, as a collaboration of five, Zopa blew a breath of encouragement to the business world of lending, ultimately transforming it into a multi-billion-dollar industry. How did these five brilliant minds revolutionize lending, to begin with?

The Tangled Path to Success of Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe

Boldness, determination, and a fighting spirit. These are just a few of the things Whitney Wolfe projected while fighting her way up the tech ladder. From being one of the first people that swiped left and right at Tinder, to building her own dating app empire, Whitney is living proof that women can do it all! But it took a lot of time and sacrifice before the first Bumble flew free. Read the whole story at:

One Man's Trash is Another's Man Treasure – The Story Behind eBay

What does it take to create the perfect auction site for worldwide users? For Pierre Omidyar, the face behind what we today know as eBay, it all began with a simple idea- to design a platform 'dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers in an honest and open marketplace'. Once the platform was born, the global market became impossible to imagine without the existence of eBay as we know it. Much like any aspiring innovator, Pierre strived to create something new, practical and even essential to the online marketing branch. Even so, never had Omidyar thought that the simplest of ideas could grow so large and influential that the world of e-commerce couldn't do without it. So, how did Pierre Omidyar land himself into e-commerce fame?

Shazam: The Proof That Business And Friendship Go Together

'Hey, do you know that song that goes like this- Mmm-hmm-mm-m-hmm?' Doesn't ring a bell? Well, perhaps Shazam can help! Turning your hums and chants into that one particular song that has been stuck in your head for days, Shazam makes an essential addition to today's world of music! Far from the lyrical side of it, building Shazam in a world of still-no iPhone and Android apps was no walk in the park for its founders. But, for those prepared to wait, a thorny path would eventually bloom in all its glory!

Craigslist: From a Simple Hobby to the Epitome of Big Business

Take the typical 70's nerd and give him a hobby - what do you get? A multibillion-dollar corporation that I'm sure you've heard of, unless you've been living under a rock - Craigslist. But Craig Newman's journey wasn't always rosy. With barely any social skills to speak of, and a fiery dedication to his hobby, one man created today's number-one advertising platform in the world.

Groupon - The Most Spectacular Rise And Fall The Internet Has Ever Seen

After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I've decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today. If you’re wondering why… you haven’t been paying attention. An unusual yet memorable way to address past mistakes - one not too many CEOs are prepared to take. Unlike the others, Andrew Mason, the founder of Groupon, did it with the utmost decency and respect for his employees.

Two Strangers Who Made Their Dreams Come True – The Story Behind Dropbox

Remember when we had to use physical USB sticks to transfer simple files? One company changed that, and sending and organizing files on two or more devices has never been easier thanks to Dropbox. Dropbox is a platform that offers you space where you can upload your files, documents, and pictures, and have them easily accessible on every device you own! Change the file on your phone on your way to work and the altered version will be waiting for you on your work computer! This sounds super-easy and we use this gift every day even on other apps that adapted it as a method, but it wasn’t that easy for two strangers to create this amazing tool.

From A Ukrainian Unicorn To A Billion-Dollar US Grammar Giant

Alexey Shevcnehko and Maxim Lytvyn from Ukraine needed less than a decade to transform their small business into a billion-dollars US-based company. It was not an easy beginning. Born in the poorest country on the European continent at the political border between the East and the West, they struggled to make ends meet during their studies.

Oraclе: How A Two-Time College Drop-out Build The Next Tech Giant

Larry Elison - the man, the myth, the legend. Very few men in the tech world are respected and admired the way Larry is! The man built a company that offers products we've all used. Just like Rome, Oracle wasn't built in a day. It took some time for Larry to perfect his management style and create one of the most influential companies in the tech world. Larry was used to getting punches from life itself, considering his tough childhood - but he wasn't about to give up! This is a story about a man who went to hell, got back, and took the world by storm, exceeding everyone's expectations and building the tech giant Oracle.

Skype, The Product Of One Ambitious, Ex Basketball Player

There's no doubt - technology changed our lives to the point where there's no turning back. Now that we know what a single computer and an Internet connection can do for us, we don't want to live otherwise. The young Niklas Zennström had the same idea - he wanted to get richer thanks to the Internet! But in the early 2000s, it wasn't as easy as it is now. Niklas endured his challenges even though, for a second, it seemed like Skype would never see the light of day. This is a story about one super-tall man and his partner, and their revolutionary idea that would bring the world closer together.

Tencent: The Battle Toward Success

From friends chasing after dreams and their ambitions, to immense success. This is the story of how a single entrepreneur takes one idea and turns it into a thousand others until their dream has been achieved! From the wish to talk and spread ideas, to a company worth billions despite endless troubles, Pony Ma is truly one of the best entrepreneurs of the digital age. Read the story of Tencent and how it turned from a simple idea, into an internet giant:

How GooRoo Redefines The Educational System

In today’s society, it’s easy to think that quality education is for rich people only. To be able to study at some of the most prestigious colleges in the world you need determination, ambition, and most importantly - money! But there’s one man who’s determined to bring quality education to every child, not just the ones lucky enough to have wealthy parents. That man is Scott Lee, and his product GooRoo revolutionized the way tutors and students interact. For Scott, this was a personal battle, but he managed to overcome all the obstacles and create a platform where no one would be excluded.

Telegram – A Story Of Doing Business Against Surveillance

The 36-year old Pavel Durov is worth $3.4 billionaire according to Forbes - and with good reason! He is the creator of Vkontakte, the largest social media network in the former Soviet Union, worth $5.53 billion at the time he sold his shares to start a simple messaging app. The billionaire abandoned his permanent residence in Russia and has become the most controversial tech entrepreneur ever. He doesn't own any property, he bought his citizenship in the smallest of the sovereign Caribbean Islands, and defies the corporations' and governments' expectations on how he runs his business.

WhatsApp - The Small Messaging Application That Won The Market

How did two friends well in their thirties, with stable jobs at Yahoo!, decide to leave and take a trip to South America, just to play frisbee and later create an innovative, yet simple mobile application for instant messaging? These two partners are Jan Koum and Brian Acton, friends that rocked the instant messaging sphere to its core. Their journey is an inspirational one, since they both got rejected by Facebook, and their product was built for free use. The partners wanted to create a product that would eliminate missed calls on their smartphones and therefore, become a basic need on all mobiles.

Typeform: A Pillar of Business, Culture, and Innovation

Technology is entering a transition as digitalization and robotization take the world by storm. But in a world of screens, we still interact better in a conversation, and technology is following in these same footsteps. Robert Muñoz and David Okuniev’s Typeform was founded for the exact same reason, and throughout the years of creating the brand, they’ve slowly, yet surely, become a leader in conversational technology! Envisaged for humans, designed to impress, and built on nothing but brains - that’s Typeform in a nutshell. This prodigious company designs people-friendly forms and surveys which easily turn from questions to elaborate and valuable conversations.

Evernote - The Place Where You Can Store Everything!

Often called the Pioneer of Silicon Valley, this fascinating individual changed the lives of millions when it comes to organizing and achieving files. That man is none other than the charismatic Russian intellectual, Stepan Pachikov, the founder of Evernote - one of the most successful startups. Obsessed with the human brain, Stepan felt the need to create software that allowed computers to understand human handwriting. The idea about Evernote was inside his mind for a long time, a vision about an application that served as an extension of the brain, a place to store countless pieces of information and data.

The Story of Baidu - Google's Only Competitor

The rise of the internet opened a new horizon for many, especially for those with innovative minds, determined to create something groundbreaking. One such man is the Chinese internet entrepreneur and billionaire Robin Li, the co-founder of China's biggest search engine and Google's serious competitor, Baidu. With the help of his partner Eric Xu, they created the biggest search engine in China, unaware that one day, their invention would push Google to second place in the biggest Asian market.

The Jack Of All Trades Behind Huffington Post: Arianna Huffington

Do you believe that good things can result from bad events and that everything happens for a reason? Arianna Huffington was a skeptic too - until life put her to the test and she had to change everything to make her mark. Building the first digital Pulitzer-winning media enterprise wasn't easy - especially when you consider English wasn't her first language! But that didn't stop Arianna from accomplishing what she had imagined for herself - being a successful, independent woman in a world where most women don't stand that chance.

Fiverr: Changing The 9-5 Working Day, One Gig At A Time

Bob Dylan said it in 1964: times are changin'! This is especially true in the new millenium, but since the dawn of the Internet, times are not only changing - they're doing it at the speed of light! In the last 20 years, the number of online businesses has skyrocketed. One such business is Fiverr - the gig website that's trying to change to the way people perceive daily jobs.

The Men Who Saved The Music Industry With Spotify

How would you feel if you were rejected by Google at the age of 16? Angry? Inspired? Maybe even motivated to show those bosses what they missed out on? But who gets hired by Google at the age of 16 anyway? Daniel Ek, one of the founders of Spotify would have made history. Fortunately, for every music fan in the world, he switched career preferences and followed his dreams and eternal love for music.

Michael And Mark: The Harvard Duo That Built Strava

Do you know the saying - 'good things come to those who sweat'? And you know what's even better than exercising? Having someone to compete against! It gives us a sense of purposefulness and connection with fellow teammates, and above all, excitement! At least that's how Mark Gainey explains it when he shares the story about the beginning of Strava, an app that every cyclist or runner has on their phone. Strava is so much more than just a regular tracking app. For the founders, Mark and Michael, the idea behind meant much more than just numbers - it meant just that, a sense of not being alone during every physical achievement.

WeTransfer: It's Not About The Idea - It's About The Business Model

In the world of business, there's one simple rule - recognize the problem and work your way to find a solution, right? Well, it's a little more complicated than that, otherwise, everyone would be a CEO. For Nalden, the brain behind WeTransfer, it was easy finding the problem - the fact that his father couldn't send him images from his giant boat! As Nalden found out, big things in real life make for big images too, data-wise. So how do you get around this problem in the first decade of the 2000s?

Bet365 – Fortune Favors The Bold

Ahh, the thrill of gambling. Goes back in time as far as the beginning of human history. And why? What is the ancient secret that makes people put their own money at risk for a reward they might never get? – It is the adrenaline involved in not knowing the end result, but nevertheless, trying to predict it. The fear of the unknown is what makes a human being feel alive. Hard to explain it, you have to feel it. A person that requires no further explanation on the subject is Ms. Denise Coates. She understands the concept very well. In fact, she's a passionate gambler herself. The difference between her and the rest of the world is that she didn't wait for someone to create a game for her to put money on. Here is a story of how a businesswoman put her bets on her very own jackpot. And won it.

Shutterstock, The Company That Made Jon Oringer New York's First Tech Billionaire

There's a common myth in the entrepreneurial community that founders are always eager to solve world problems. That can't be further from the truth. Entrepreneurs are usually very practical people - they either see or experience problems and instead of being okay with them, they go the extra mile and try to find a solution. Their initial idea is to build a product or service that can solve their problems, not everyone else's. That's how Jon Oringer entered the entrepreneurial world. Even as a kid, Jon had a nose for doing business and making money. But even in his wildest dreams, he never imagined he'd end up in an industry related to photography - he was a developer after all!

SlideShare: When Accidental Events Lead To Greater Discoveries

Do you ever think about the way one becomes an entrepreneur? Most entrepreneurs have a similar background, with parents brave enough to test the waters and launch a business from scratch. But some of them come from families with no entrepreneurial spirit whatsoever, and still, they manage to create something as big as other founders - sometimes even bigger! That was the case with Rashmi Sinha, the founder of SlideShare. She had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, but life has its way of making big things happen.

Exuus - The Birth Of An African Blockchain Star

The 30-years-old Rwandan fintech entrepreneur Steve Shema is revolutionizing the traditional community saving and lending schemes in the 12 million people African country. In 5 years, he developed a digital SAVE app, transforming the lives of the millions living in rural Rwanda. But that's not all: he also founded a leading blockchain company which is currently on track to reach a regional market of billion users. Its decentralized credit scoring algorithm and a prospect to financially support current and future African startups made Steve one of the most popular Rwandans.

Spanx - The Pair of Pantyhose That Changed Her Story

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Sara Blakely’s story depicts it the best! First introduced in 1998, the story of Spanx and Sara Blakely took the world of business by a storm. For Blakely, it all began with the simple need for a fitted pair of white pants that could also be worn with a pair of sandals. Interestingly, it didn’t take Sara Berkley too long to realize that a simple cut of the heel would eventually lead to the invention of what we today know as Spanx.

Biocon Limited – The Pharmaceutical Giant With A Gentle Heart

Biocon started off back on the 29th of November, 1978, with manufacturing and exporting papain and isinglass. It was driven by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw's idea that the world and India itself deserve the best possible medication at the lowest price imaginable. They have since moved from the original business plan, upgrading it on the go, but their philosophy has stayed the same.

Discord - The Gaming Chat App That Changed The Communication World

The competition in the communications world is rife, with new products emerging every month, but every now and then comes a product or a service with the potential to reshape the industry - like Discord. This popular chat platform was created for a simple reason - to connect gamers around the world in one place, and it’s more than done its job. An ambitious computer and video games lover, Jason Citron, is the man behind this creative yet straightforward chat platform that made everyone forget TeamSpeak or Skype when communicating while playing video games.

Wix - Succeeding, One Website at a Time!

In the tech-driven world as we know it, business meetings are moving online, and boom, everything's faster and more effective! It's mostly due to this business-done-online craze that we now dare proclaim having your own website essential. After all, we are living in the 21st century, and that means businesses and online presence do go hand in hand.

From Migrant Worker To Business Developer - The Story of Wizeline

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. Bismarck Lepe is the founder of Wizeline, a product development company that offers services to the largest companies in the world. Transforming himself from migrant worker to young millionaire Bismarck Lepe showed that work ethic, reaching out to others, trusting your gut and always believing in yourself are the cornerstones of success.

Interview of Brian Wills from MaxAgility (Video)

Brian Wills shares his entrepreneurial story starting from how he almost got sued by BMW to losing a contract within a month of moving to Silicon Valley and then growing his business by increasing his following to over 15,000 in just 1.5 years. Read the full story to learn how he was able to increase his following in such a short period of time.

Interview of Praful Krishna from Coseer (Video)

Praful Krishna shares his story of how he got the idea of Coseer and how he grew it without taking any VC funding. He also mentions that marketing channels that worked and the ones that didn't. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, make sure to hear his advice at the end.

Mojang - When Your Dreams Become a Harsh Reality

For years, computer and console games have been the favorite pastime of many people, regardless of age or gender. Markus 'Notch' Persson was one such kid - a shy, but an avid fan of playing and developing video games. Having learnt how to program by the age of 8, he dedicated himself to creating video games. After getting inspired by a game that encompassed his love for building blocks and gaming, he created Minecraft in less than a week. Fast forward a bit, his company Mojang has developed the world's best-selling video game of all time _and_ is now part of the Microsoft family. Read this compelling story of the shy Swedish gamer who made his dream a reality here:

How Adobe Revolutionized The Desktop Software Industry

Mention the names Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk to any techthusiast and you'll see how much they're astonished by their work and life deeds. Do the same with the names John Warnock and Charles Geschke and you'll see some confused faces. Ironically, without these two, no one would have known about the five founders previously mentioned - or the ones similar to them. The story of John and Charles is not the usual 'two college dropouts launched three companies by the age of 28' founding story. In fact, they're quite opposite of it - they started their entrepreneurship journey in their 40s.

Alibaba Group: How Persistence Creates Success

What does one man do after his vision is rejected dozens of times? In the case of Jack Ma, he pushes through every obstacle and becomes one of the most famous businessmen in the world. Getting rejected from Harvard almost a dozen times, not having anyone to support his business model, and struggling to make it profitable - all of these are just small pieces of Ma's puzzle From a modest family and a poor childhood to a multimillion CEO of the well-known Alibaba Group - Jack Ma's journey portrays how persistence is key to any success story. But what did it take?

Duolingo - The App That Changed How We Learn Languages

Luis von Ahn wanted to make learning languages easier, so he decided to create an app that would simplify the process. Since then, his app has helped millions learn new languages but also changed how people learn languages. Duolingo enables millions of people to learn a new language for free while supporting free education at the same time. It's a tool that helps people to be better educated, giving them a better chance of landing a job.

The People Behind GitHub - The Facebook for Developers

The age of technological advancements has been ever-changing and constantly improving. This itself brings countless opportunities and as a lot entrepreneurs know - there is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity! When the opportunity arose for 4 passionate programmers to improve an already existing version control system called Git and democratize code - they took it! They wanted to be able to collaborate and consult on projects with other programmers and share code freely and safely. Thus, GitHub was born - a Facebook for developers, where instead of pet photos and funny statuses, they'd share code lines!

Houzz - The Project That Changed How We Renovate Homes

When founders Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen wanted to remodel their home, they found out that it could be a nightmare of a process. Finding the right people to make their ideas reality was hard, and there wasn't a unifying place to find them. They thought, there's gotta be a better way to build or redesign a house with less effort, right? Even before they started their renovation, they knew that finding professionals in this field was a painful and time-consuming process.

Hewlett And Packard: The Humble Garage Startup That Birthed Silicon Valley

The Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly known as HP, is a multi-billion consumer electronics company and one of the first few names that pop up in your head when you think of computer manufacturers. However, HP is much more than that - it's a company that revolutionized corporate management and management style and changed the face of technology. Its birthplace was 367 Addison Avenue Palo Alto, California, in a rented single-car garage where in 1938, the founders Bill and Dave started manufacturing audio oscillators, now marked with a bronze plaque designating it the 'Birthplace of Silicon Valley'.

Infosys: The Pinnacle Of India's IT Efforts

Infosys Technologies is an Indian multinational gigantic software company that changed the way the world looks at India. India's information technology glory days started in the early 1990s, but now, the country is in the same bracket as technology giants such as the US, Japan, and China. Infosys wasn't just a rider on the technology start-up train, but a pioneer in the field of software companies in India. With a market capitalization of over $47 billion in 2020, it serves as an inspiration to millions aspiring software developers - anything is possible if you're determined and work extremely hard to achieve that!

Loot Crate: The Mystery Box Startup That Failed Because It Grew Too Fast

Loot Crate is the most popular subscription box service in the world and the idea behind it was very simple: Comic-Con in a box! The founders of Loot Crate, Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo, didn't dive into an existing market - instead, they created a whole new market of subscription-based mystery box services. The idea was for the most passionate comic book, movie, and video game fans to subscribe to the service and receive one box a month delivered to the door. The features of the boxes, or 'the loot', ranged from t-shirts and action figures, to snacks and badges - basically, geek heaven!

Lynda - Proof That Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Everyone has their own way of giving back to the community. Starting a business with the idea of sharing knowledge and helping people follow their interests and dreams is Lynda Weinman's way of giving back to the community. In a series of happy accidents, she first discovered the computer, then the internet, web design, and later her passion for teaching. In her most desperate and uncertain time, she combined it all into what is today known as! Right at the turn of the century, when two major disasters had struck the economy, Lynda managed to persevere. She took a big risk by putting her business online and employing a different business model, but little did she know she had struck gold!

Netflix: From Carpooling, to The Streaming Service We All Keep Coming Back To

Netflix is the king of entertainment streaming services, and that's not lightly said - it has over 190 million registered subscribers in more than 190 countries in the world! It also has more than 1500 hours of TV-shows and movies, so millions use Netflix as their go-to place for watching movies and TV shows. Nowadays, we even have a Netflix button on our TV remotes, but when you consider that Netflix started off as a DVD 'snail mail' service, it's pretty obvious they went through several rough patches before becoming the universally-known name they are today.

Dreaming Big: Ritesh Agarwal's Formula To An Impactful Life with OYO Rooms

'If you have not failed, you have not hardened yourself!' Ritesh Agarwal's story begins with the desire of a single young individual to live a more impactful life. But what is the price for such a life? Devotion, focus, and most of all, a good idea! Through ups and downs, big milestones and sometimes even bigger failures, the story of Ritesh takes us on a journey that shows the significance of persistence and how it can lead to success beyond comprehension.

Product Hunt: The Hottest Tech Site That Started Off As a Hobby

The Internet is full of low-quality content, and discovering the pearls is only possible through curation. Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have implemented their own algorithms in an attempt to select the 'best' content for each user, but not one of them can top the master of curation - Product Hunt. Founded by Ryan Hoover in 2013, Product Hunt is the taste-maker of technology and everything new in the tech world. It enables users to share and discover new products organized into four categories: video games, technology products, books, and podcasts.

Reddit: From A Rejection To The Most Popular Internet Aggregator

A rejection from Y Combinator can go a long way - so long, you might end up brainstorming a mindblowing idea that million people love! Well, that's what happened to Reddit's founders, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman when they tried to enter the entrepreneurship world. Their first idea of a mobile app for ordering food didn't get the thumbs up from the Y Combinator's investors, so the duo decided to step up their game - big time! They sure did prove that they can make something meaningful because Reddit has become the go-to platform for any curious mind, geek, or an average person who likes to explore those subreddits filled with original and educational content. Here is Reddit's birth story and how it changed the way we receive and discuss pieces of information.

Slack - How A Failed Video Game Made Work Fun

Slack is the world's most popular business-level chat and productivity tool used by more than 12 million people and a whopping 77% of the Fortune 100. Whether you like your colleagues' cat photos or their funny jokes for the upcoming weekend, Slack has become an essential tool for the offices worldwide - and all that in just a few years! Although the company's motto was 'be less busy', its founder Stewart Butterfield kept busy trying out a few startup business ideas before he finally struck gold without even knowing it. This is the story of how a twice-failed video game developer used the ashes of his failures to build the fastest growing SaaS startup in history!

SurveyMonkey, Bringing the Public's Opinion to Your Doorstep

The history of humanity is full of innovators and entrepreneurs who used their visions and hard work to create a technologically and culturally progressive society. From Thomas Edison to Elon Musk, we've seen how ideas can transform our culture while creating a fortune out of them. Some of the less-noticed but equally valuable innovations are SurveyMonkey's successes in bringing the public thoughts on various topics to everyone who'll read them.

Wayfair: How Two Engineers Changed The Online Home Good Retail World

Forrest Gump was right from the first time: life is like a box of chocolate – you never know what you'll get! Or at least, that's what goes through your mind when you read the story of Steve Conine and Niraj Shah, the founders of Wayfair. Their creativity, intelligence, and determination helped them launch three companies from scratch – but only one became a true success! Here's the story of how two engineers built the company that became the leader in the online home goods retail world - even though they don't know a thing about home design or interior! Read the full story at:

How Adam Neumann Build WeWork, The Office Of The Future

WeWork is anything but a regular, old-school real estate company. With a community of over 400,000 users, the company offers working individuals and companies flexible office space we could only dream of a decade ago. But how did WeWork rise from a single 3,000 square feet office in a vacant building in SoHo, to the biggest coworking company in the world, with locations in 123 cities around the world? Founded in 2010, WeWork is the baby of the eccentric visionary and entrepreneur Adam Neumann and his friend and trained architect Miguel McKelvey - the duo that transformed office life and put the spotlight on the individual who wants to live more collectively.

The Story Of Apple: From A Small Garage, To The Top Of The World

The birth and death of civilizations is a thing of the past, but now we witness the rise and fall of corporations, with some becoming more powerful than whole countries! The largest and most iconic of them all is Apple - a company whose story made its way into the history books. Founded in a garage by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in 40 years the company has become so successful that at one point it has twice the amount of money of the US Treasury! Once at the brink of extinction, Apple managed to pull through thanks to cutting edge innovation. Today it's worth almost $2 trillion, with its annual revenue being larger than the GDP of most countries on Earth. This is their story.

Driving eCommerce Forward: The Story of Braintree

The ideas that have changed society came from the bright-heads of many innovators and entrepreneurs. From Steve Jobs transforming our attitudes towards electronics, to Jeff Bezoz who changed the way online commerce works - we've seen how a unique idea can have an influence on many people. But not all heroes wear capes. This is the story of Braintree and how even religious motivation can produce a successful start up: The history of humanity is full of innovators and entrepreneurs who believed their visions and hard work could progress our society, both technologically and culturally, to a stage where most of the population enjoys long, comfy, and healthy lives. We all know Steve Jobs and how with Apple, he transformed our attitude towards electronics or Jeff Bezos who changed the way online commerce works with one simple software.

BYJU: The Indian Tech Giant that Slowly Reshapes World’s Education

Incorporating technology to improve learning methods has always been a challenge for scientists. Fortunately, some of them are gifted with brilliance and ingenuity, which allows them to spearhead and speed development in specific industries. This is the story of how one boy set the foundation of using mobile devices to allow access to scientific, educational materials. Thanks to his efforts, learning math and science became much easier.

Facebook: How Small Ideas Can Grow And Change The World

We've all heard of Facebook - the #1 social media platform. But it's more than just a social network: Facebook is a tech giant present in almost every part of our public and private lives. It's not just a place for us to share our ideas and thoughts - it's a way of life, a never ending channel of information which gives us the world on a plate. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, had to face unprecedented obstacles on both professional and personal levels to get where he is now. In order to bring Facebook to life, Mark had to face extraordinary challenges: gong where no one had gone before! Read the full story:

Microsoft: An Empire Built From Scrap In Half A Century

Who would have thought that billions of years after the Big Bang, life on planet Earth would evolve to a point where one beautiful mind would be able to contribute so much to making the world a better place. One of these minds belongs to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, a man who gave so much to society, he's considered a living legend.

Owe Bergsten And His Lie That Built Nintendo Europe

How can one lie, told by one man, change his life and so many others so dramatically? Owe Bergsten, the charismatic founder of the Swedish electronic company Bergsala, is living proof that one well-placed lie can catapult you into stardom! Nintendo Co., Ltd. was created in 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiiro Yamauchi. He didn't have much to start with, selling hanafuda playing cards in the limited Japanese market. In the next 70+ years, Nintendo Co. transformed, creating better and more interesting cards, and eventually games. When the 1960's came around the corner, Nintendo's philosophy started to pay out, as the era of global digitalization was about to happen.

How OkCupid Went From an Ambitious Student Project to a Billion Dollar Social Experiment

From social experiment, to the world's most famous dating and friendship app. A place where many friendships and relationships start to bloom. Times magazine listed this app among the top 10 dating apps in 2007. Years later, OkCupid is still a success story, among all the new-generation dating apps. Let's dive deeper into OkCupid. OkCupid started off as a social experiment, quickly growing into the world's most famous international dating and friendship app. In 2007, Times magazine listed this app among the top 10 dating apps. Thirteen years later, people are still using OkCupid, creating thousands of new friendships and relationships every day.

Remitly - The Modern-Day Robin Hood of Startups

Imagine baking a cake to send to your loved ones. Now, say they live in another district and all parties included in the transportation process take a piece of it for their troubles. Instead of the delectable cake you've spent hours to make, your family receives crumbs - if there are any left! So how do you deliver your entire pastry, and potentially fix the problem for thousands of other people? Well, Remitly is that lovely elderly couple going on a cross-country tour who'd love to not only bring the cake to your loved ones, but come to your house to collect it, too! Sending money abroad, or remittance, as a concept has been around since the 8th century and has gone through many changes, but one thing has remained the same: the high cost of this type of service.

Linkedin: The Best Place for Professional Connections

The success story of LinkedIn is connected with the rise of many entrepreneurs, who have revolutionized the way we live, communicate, and conduct business in the last two decades. The chain of events that culminated with the WWW bubble burst is accredited to the Paypal mafia - a group of geniuses who saw the potential of internet connections and created the foundations of all the services we love and enjoy in today's digital era.

McAfee - The Superhero Who Saved the Computer World

How can one 'crazy' man come up with a revolutionary idea and design the first commercial antivirus software? Well, that man is none other than John McAfee, the controversial computer programmer, businessman, and the founder of McAfee Associates. John simply saw an opportunity in a time when cyber-security was practically unknown to the public. Right then and there, he dedicated himself to find out how computer viruses attack the operating system and create the opposite - the antivirus!

WhiteHat Jr: Preparing Children For The Future

People expect tech entrepreneurs to be young, inexperienced, and eager characters, figuring out a way to bring value to the masses. But not all of them fit that description, and some take different paths: life journeys focused on gaining skills and experience through building successful careers, exploring different segments of the world, while gaining wisdom and spirituality. The best example for this kind of person is Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur and best-selling author, who in 2020 sold his one-year-old start-up for $300 million - the largest buyout of an educational tech company.

WordPress - From Blogging Platform To A Full Fledge Content Management System

Around 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, the most popular Content Management System in the world. From small, personal blogs to highly complex websites, WordPress simplifies the lives of millions of people worldwide! However, when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little started this project, they weren't aware of the impact it would have! Even if you're not a WordPress expert you can launch a website with WordPress - it's easy and intuitive to use. But that wasn't always the case.

The Story of Hotjar's Bootstrapping: $19 Million in 5 Years

When you want to see how your site is doing, you open an analytics software and click whatever you want to know, right? Of course! And it's so easy! But it wasn't always that way. This is the story of a company that gave the power of analytics back to the masses, instead of redirecting them to tools owned by megacorporations.

Constant Contact: From Spring Break at Fort Lauderdale to Startup Millions

If you're reading Pride and Prejudice on Kindle, say thanks to Randy Parker. As part of the team that built the Kindle prototype, he was looking far beyond it - his goals were much bigger, and he considered it a beginning. But for what? Well, being raised by two generations of entrepreneurs, it's no surprise he turned out to become one himself. While most of his friends were busy partying, he was developing IT solutions and working on his MIT degree because he knew that's how he wanted to make his money.

When Innovation Beats Invention - The Story of Kong HQ

Kong Inc. is an IT company that provides an open-core API management platform. It was founded by three friends with dreams of revolutionizing API creation. Their first project was Mashape back in 2009, which was a mashup platform for selling and aggregating APIs. The team used it to create Kong, releasing it in 2015, serving as Mashape’s main engine until 2017 and completely replacing it later when Mashape was sold. What a story!

Basecamp: From a Web Design Company to a Successful Tech Startup Without External Funding

Over the past 12 years, Basecamp has become one of the most popular softwares of its kind. Why? Because they solved a problem! Like many other startup stories, this one too begins with a personal frustration. What do you get when the trigger for your frustration is bad workflow and inefficient team management? Read the full story at: Like many other startup stories, this one too begins with a tiny, personal frustration that needed a resolution. In this case, the frustration was a bad workflow and inefficient team management, as well the unavailability of necessary tools on the market. Over the past 12 years, this tech startup has become one of the most popular softwares of its kind. Why? Because they solved a problem! Here's the full story of Basecamp.

From Plain Tweeting to Scheduled Posting: Buffer's Path to Social Media Domination

The story of Buffer begins in October 2010, in Birmingham, UK, in Joel Gascoigne's bedroom. At the time, Joel was just a simple Twitter user, sharing links to blog articles, inspiring quotes, or his opinions on various topics. Over his first 18 months on Twitter, Joel gained a significant crowd of followers who seemed to like the content on his feed. Soon, he started noticing increased numbers of retweets and comment discussions on his posts. Joel quickly realized he could be far more efficient with his Tweets if he could schedule them ahead of time - and the wheels started turning!

HootSuite: From a Digital Agency to Building Top-Tier Tools for Social Media Management

In 2006, three friends decided to start doing business together. Dario Meli, David Tedman, and Ryan Holmes teamed up and started a digital agency called Invoke Media. Dario and David knew each other a long time before starting Invoke, but Dario and Ryan had only heard about each other. One day, they met in a coffee shop in Vancouver, and after a 30-minute chat they knew it - they were going to be business partners.

Developing Instapages: With the Right Vision, Sacrifices Are Worth It!

The story behind the most successful landing page creator currently in operation - Instapage, is perhaps among the most inspiring ones in the world of entrepreneurship. This company is all about million dollar revenue and hundreds of employees right now, but where was it just six years ago and how did it get there?

MobileIron - Revolutionizing Mobile For Work

Can you imagine a world without mobile access to your work email? Or even worse, do you remember the times when you didn't use a smartphone for your work tasks? Yes, from today's point of view, it seems unimaginable, and almost silly to only do your tasks from a stationary point. Ajay Mishra and Suresh Batchu saw the sense in the idea long ago, and with MobileIron, they were ready to put it into action. In fact, it was their long-term goal! Despite building a company during the biggest financial crisis since The Great Depression, they had a clear vision of their goals and the problems they wanted to solve. This is the story of their success.

Shopify: From an Online Snowboard Shop to a Billion-Dollar Worldwide E-Commerce Platform

Today, Shopify is a concept that's a necessity for more than 600,000 businesses. But what was the motivation behind it? It begins with the founder's problem and their personal needs, and evolves with their solution proving useful: from food and groceries, to jewelry and cosmetics, Shopify provides abundance for every customer' need. But what did it take to get from a personal problem, to having users in more than 175 countries? A full year of development - and three individuals with a strong vision! Read the full story:

Unbounce: Let Your Career Go in Your Forties - Return as a Startup Star!

If you know a thing or two about online marketing, then the words 'landing page' certainly ring a bell. Today, creating a landing page is online marketing 101 - but it wasn't always that way! In 2009, landing pages were still only a buzzword, but that was before Rick Perrault saw the future in them. It started with frustration - endless waiting for the IT sector to finish building his landing pages.

Udaan: Reaching Unicorn Status by Solving Burning Social Issues

It took living in India with a personal burning issue to jumpstart one of the youngest-ever Unicorn status startups. Founded in 2016 - Udaan reached $1 billion value in only 3 years. How? By resolving a burning issue in transportation. This B2B e-commerce platform quickly took the lead, but it hasn't all been milk and honey for them: Educating people on how to go digital was the first obstacle. Developing price standardization came next. Their determination overcame every challenge along the way and it's why they're a continuous success story today! Read the full story of Udaan - the platform that has 1 million active retailers - here:

Igor Sysoev, The One-Man-Show Behind NGINX

NGINX is a mega-popular, multifunctional web server designed by a man who doesn't even enjoy publicity. In his 20-year career, the man behind the software - Igor Sysoev - has given only a handful of interviews to the public. He may be modest at heart, but his professional resume and accomplishments are far from it. The main reason for his success it's his knack for solving problems - which is how he ended up creating NGINX!

How Three Friends Quit Amazon to Create PagerDuty

Over ten years ago, big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, or Google were making big changes in organization and transforming their internal systems of communication, among other huge developments. It was an era of major changes. Three guys, skilled engineers and good friends, witnessed those changes - and decided to act!

The Incredible Rise of Datadog: An Entrepreneurial Success Story

On the face of it, Datadog looked like a startup that might never have got off the ground. Initially, the company encountered mountains of skepticism and fundraising difficulties because investors just didn't understand the product. Yet fast forward the clock and nine years after its founding, Datadog was valued at almost $11 billion, had customers all over the globe, and the two co-founders were billionaires. The incredible success of this software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based monitoring platform for cloud applications is due to several factors, not least a winning product, a little bit of luck and a lot of determination.

Solomon Hayes Completely Redefined Containers and Turned Docker into a Hugely Successful Company

In February 2013, Solomon Haykes invited a few of his friends over to his office, located at the Bay Area of San Francisco. He had something important to show them, a demo of an idea he had been working on. One that would change the way software was developed and distributed.

Pinterest Founders, Ben Silberman and Evan Sharp, Pinned Their Hobby Into An Iconic Internet Company

Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp weren't even child prodigies. When they met as adults in their twenties, they discovered that they had a lot more in common. But it was one thing they shared that sparked their inventiveness; visual thinking. Ben had been a collector right from his childhood days, collecting stamps, butterflies, and even bugs. He might as well have been walking around with a sign on his forehead that said, 'certified dork.' Evan wasn't any different and when the two of them met at Yale, they hit it off almost immediately.

Airbnb: From selling Obama O's to affording rent, to becoming a $31 billion company!

If you're from this planet and younger than 70, you know about Airbnb. But do you know how it became a billion-dollar company? From struggling to sell their concept, to becoming a threat to organized tourism - Airbnb never fails to rise to the occasion! This is the story of how two unemployed people changed the entire hospitality industry, as well as the way we travel - forever!

How BrowserStack Became The Go-To Testing Platform For Any QA

Testing is the least favorite phase of every IT project. Once, a long time ago, every developer's #1 problem was testing on different browsers. QAs bugging developers on their coding skills became a rising frustration. Hence, Ritesh and Nakul set out to find a solution, seeing an opportunity where everyone saw a problem! That's how BrowserStack was born. What seemed to be an unresolvable issue, developed into a profitable business. But BrowserStack is more than a business today: it's a practical solution to a common issue with nearly every developer out there: Faster testing.

Building a Multibillion-Dollar Global Business by Disrupting the Design World

Founder and CEO of Canva Melanie Perkins felt she was onto a winner from the start. So much so that she called her idea for a free-to-use online design platform, 'the future of publishing,' and dropped out of university to follow her business dreams.  The journey involved more than 100 rejections from investors, learning to kitesurf to impress them and sleeping on her brother's floor for several months. Within a few years of its founding, Canva was a tech unicorn, and Melanie became one of the wealthiest women in Australia.

Revolutionizing Online Payments: The Story of PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems in the world today. Their story can be described with two words, the same ones they used to fashion their first name: confidence and eternity. Throughout their history, PayPal has experienced more than a fair share of challenges and problems. From crashing at a friend's place, not knowing what to do or where to start, to becoming an absolute winner of the online banking market. Let's see what the company's been through since they took off under the name Confinity.

Plenty Of Fish: A Side Project That Went Worldwide

What happens when something big comes out of your side-gig? Do you risk taking it to the next level, or do you just keep it as a stable source? That's how the concept of Plenty of Fish began. The man behind it - Markus Find - was looking for stability in hard times, searching for a gap in the online market. Eureka! He found it. Seeing there are no free dating apps, he put his skills into work, and it resulted in an almost-instant-hit.

Salesforce: The Fulfillment of Marc Benioff’s Childhood Dreams

From a one-of-a-kind kid, to one of the most influential CEOs of today. What does it take? Unique and hard-working habits that lead to groundbreaking achievements? A great mentor, that will later turn into his biggest frenemy? Brave, creative and innovative ideas? Or even more? The story that follows the creation of the proclaimed world’s best workplace - Salesforce.

The King of the Internet Before Google and Facebook: Yahoo!

When you want to tell someone to look up something on the internet, what do you say? 'Web-browse it?' 'Fire-fox it?' No. You say 'Google it'. Obviously, Google is today's king of the Internet - but has it always been this way? If you're older than 30, you know it hasn't, and you might be familiar with another term: Yahoo!

What it Takes to Create a Global Business Unicorn: The Story of Freshdesk

Frustration and wanting to vent about appalling customer service triggered the idea that led to the creation of Freshdesk (now called Freshworks), a multibillion-dollar cloud-based customer support platform for companies to serve their customers better.

Entrepreneurial Success Story: How Venmo is Disrupting Our Wallets

Forgetfulness and paying for a restaurant bill were the inspiration for Venmo, the peer-to-peer payments app that lets you send money to other people with just a tap on your smartphone. Since its launch in 2009, this mobile payment service has come a long way and is now so ubiquitous among its core audience, especially millennials, that it has become a verb. For example, 'Venmo me the $25 you owe me.'

How Jeff Lawson Brought the Magic of in-app Communications to the Public: The Story of Twilio.

BARELY INTO HIS teenage years, Jeff Lawson began filming birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and other events for a neat sum of money. By the time he graduated high school, he was doing full productions for weddings and raking in a few thousand dollars every weekend. A career in the film industry beckoned. Would Lawson take it up? Not at all.

The Dramatic Rise Of Startup 'Databricks': Journey From Academia To A $6.2B Business

In June 2020, data-crunching startup Databricks, inc. ranked at 36th position on CNBC's 2020 Disruptor 50 list of innovative companies. During the ongoing recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Databricks hasn't laid off any of its over 1,300 employees (spread across four continents), while many other technology peers have downsized. The company is poised to continue booming during the rest of 2020, as more and more enterprises are adopting artificial intelligence to strengthen their operations.

Flipkart: India's First eCommerce Giant

People around the world are mesmerized by Western entrepreneurs - we basically treat them like rockstars! However, this leaves us somewhat blinded to what has been happening in the East, where Asia's startup culture is going through a Silicon Valley-like booming period. India, with it's 1.3 billion citizens, is now becoming one of the most profitable markets for young entrepreneurs, where they can easily create businesses able to compete with established tech giants. The biggest success story in this region is Flipkart, India's very own garage startup that is now worth billions.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company That Started From A Couch

AppDynamics started life as one person’s dream on a San Francisco couch. In less than ten years, it was a multibillion-dollar business with customers all over the globe. This is the fascinating story of a small-town boy from India who dreamed of making it big in America. The route to the top was not an easy one, and the challenges for software engineer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal started almost as soon as he landed in the United States.

The Story of ConvertKit: Nathan Barry Bootstraps a Multimillion-Dollar Success

Creating and growing a successful business is no small feat. An entrepreneur's career consists of a series of decisions, some of which are turning points that can change lives.  For Nathan Barry, the Founder, and CEO of ConvertKit, a huge turning point came at the age of 24. His business was flatlining, and he was losing customers every month. During a chance conversation with a friend, he was advised to either kill the company or give it the necessary resources and attention. It was time to double down or shut down.

Transform Conversational Marketing into Sales Connections (and here’s how one entrepreneur is doing it now)

As every successful entrepreneur can faithfully attest, it all starts with your best good idea. And the best ideas that most often turn into successful business models are those which tackle a previous problem from an entirely new angle. As we are all aware, before Edison, everyone was using gas to light their world! But the entrepreneurial spirit carefully examines the existing system, and then imaginatively plots a brand-new vision of lighting the way.

Google, The Most Successful Dissertation Of The 20th Century

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you've probably heard of Google. They took a dissertation and turned it into the world's most popular web-based search engine. In 1996, the founders didn't have the slightest idea they were creating the future overlord of the internet. Born in a Stanford dormitory room, this success story has taken over the world. Read the full story of the project that revolutionized the way people use the internet.

Hasura’s Path to Success - Down The App Development Rabbit Hole!

Having just moved to Chennai to work as a Gartner technology incubator researcher, Rajoshi faced one of her worst nightmares - very few places that sold fine local cuisine! Her new job left her dependent on food delivery networks, and none of them had any healthy cooked meals to offer her. Contrary to her expectations, she discovered that Chennai had more fast food restaurant chains than New York.

The Inevitable Element In Building IFTTT: The Founder’s Streak of Luck

When people need to bring together all their Internet-based tools, they go to IFTTT. Even the brand name is an acronym to symbolize this all-inclusive synergy - ‘if this, then that’. There’s a general belief that when starting a company, the most important things are investment capital and the employees. In his story, luck has the biggest role for each success down the road - and his luck began to unravel in a small apartment in San Francisco. Keep reading to find out more!

Hubspot - Experience Is Not Crucial - Ideas Are!

HubSpot is a top-tier full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service. The term ‘inbound marketing’ originates from this company - and they’ve been living it for the last 15 years! Today, Hubspot has a net worth of $9.4 billion, but the 15-year long road hasn’t been all milk and honey. This is the story about the two MIT graduates who committed to business excellence to change the face of internet marketing forever.

Four Irishmen, Several Companies

Eoghan McCabe, Des Traynor, Ciaran Lee and David Barrett. Remember these names, because these Irishmen proved that with the right idea and near-superhuman persistence, you can always find a way. With the right vision in mind, before landing on their great Intercom idea, they launched a few other companies, building up their experience, but also their business portfolio.

Inside Story of Looker – From Data Analytics Start-up to Business Intelligence Titan

The primary purpose of data analysis is to make better decisions. This is the core of their mission at Looker, the data analytics start-up that’s raised more than $280 million through a series of funding. The California-based start-up joined the bandwagon of Google Cloud in 2020, a historic day that begins an exciting journey both for Looker and for Google which marked its first major acquisition under the leadership of former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian.

How Friendship Can Create A Profitable Business: The Story of

Trying to build a company with your best friends can be a double-edged sword. You know them outside of their professional life, they’re always there for you, they’re your unconditional support and your drinking buddies. But building a company can show you a side of them you’ve never seen before. It can be the reason for misunderstandings, miscommunications, and ultimately, ruined friendships and bankrupt companies.

Starting from a single customer to raising $150M Series B, how Klaviyo made this wonderful business journey?

Klaviyo – A big name in the e-mail marketing industry, raised a massive $150 million Series B in April 2019. After seeing the immense growth of the business in 7 years, the company decided to take it to the next level. Before this exclusive announcement the company had raised $8.5M. The journey of converting an innovative idea into a business platform started in 2012 in Boston.

Mailchimp - One Idea, 17 Years of Hard Work

You know how almost every startup’s story begins with a couple of guys (founders) with an idea nobody wants to invest in? Then the founders keep it as a side gig for a while, lose their fate as nobody believes in the idea of their success, and finally restore their fate after some venture capital investment giant recognizes the potential of their project. After a few funding rounds, they manage to acquire customers, employ more people, and maintain and develop their product further. Sounds familiar, right?

How Lew Cirne Created a New Category, Sold his Company for $375 Million, and Got the Chance to Have a D0-over

Lew Cirne always had it in him. In 2008, right in the middle of the global recession, he launched New Relic, an application performance management (APM) company. New Relic’s growth has hardly ever slowed down since it opened its doors in 2008. Today, thousands of customers, including Fortune-500 companies like Airbnb and Nike, now rely on the company’s technology to create great digital experiences for their customers. - The Importance of Solving a Problem for Your Users is a young, India-based startup, launched by a couple of friends motivated to solve challenges in API testing. It all began as a side hustle for improving their own work and grew to become a worldwide collaboration platform. If there’s one thing that the entrepreneurs behind have done right, it’s their approach to the business - solve problems and don’t overcomplicate! This attitude brought an unplanned startup into unicorn status - here’s how!

From its Tryst With Death to a $1.5 Billion Valuation, How Did 'Segment' Turnaround to Unicorn Status?

About a year ago, Segment (formerly known as, the world’s leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), raised $175M through its latest round of funding. The Series D round brought its total funds raised to over $280M for a $1.5B valuation. At the turn of the year into 2020, Deloitte named Segment as one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Out of Stealth Mode To Decacorn Status in Just Over 5 Years - How Did Startup 'Snowflake' Get Rocket-ship Growth?

In early February, San Mateo, California-based cloud data-warehousing startup 'Snowflake Computing' had its series-G funding round. In the mega venture funding round, it raised a whopping $479 million on a gigantic $12.4 billion valuation. This was almost triple that of the company's previous (October 2018) valuation, and it took place amid the initial phase of the coronavirus emergency. Chief Executive Frank Slootman suggested- the series-G round had set the stage for a megahit initial public offering.

The Story of Stripe: How Teenagers Changed the World of Online Payment

This is the story about two teenage brothers from Ireland - Patrick and John Collinson, who solved the online payment problems once and for all - using their wild coding talents. When you hear stories about geniuses with world-changing ideas that made billions, you don’t expect the story to begin in an Irish village with a population of 105. Stripe succeeded at providing technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure for online payments.

Big Data and Multi-Billion Dollar Success: The Incredible Rise of Tableau Software

It all started with a brilliant idea. Two Stanford scientists Professor Pat Hanrahan and his Ph.D. student Chris Stolte wanted to fuse computer graphics with the world of databases to put data visualization in the hands of everyone. In other words, to make data look sexy.  The project caught the attention of entrepreneur Christian Chabot who was at Stanford Business School. He immediately saw its potential and teamed up with the academics to form a company to bring their idea to life.  

From Dress Design to Creating a Wedding Empire – the Story of Vera Wang

What does the perfect wedding dress look like? If you’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a fairytale gown, you’ve probably heard of Vera Wang. A bridal household name known worldwide, Vera Wang has become the Queen of crafting fairytale wedding dresses for brides-to-be in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life! Together with her bridal gown business, Wang also creates unforgettable memorable bridesmaid dresses and everything else in between - from red-carpet couture to shoes, jewelry and even classy event evening wear! Control The Destiny of Your Business Through Sheer Willpower is one of the most popular learning platforms for web developers. It hosts thousands of videos by contributors who provide learners with concise, information-packed video courses on how to create codes, use various frameworks, and tools for creating websites and apps. It all began with one guy, sick and tired of doing 9-5 jobs as a designer, knowing he had to do something to break his deadly routine. This is a story about starting from the bottom and building a profitable business from scratch, without any help. No VC funds.

Growing Zapier: Prime Example of the Importance of Teamwork

Zapier is a remote, global web app business integration service. Although today they’re one of the top-tier companies in their niche, their road to success hasn’t been a simple ’point A to point B’. This is the story of Wade Foster and Bryan Helmig, the creators of Zapier - and how they got tired of doing the computers’ jobs and decided to do something about it!

Zooming to the Top! The Inspiring Story of Zoom's Success

Eric Yuan, the Founder, and CEO of Zoom, a remote conferencing services company, did not reinvent the wheel. Instead, he made it better. He entered a crowded marketplace and developed a platform that improved the video conferencing experience. Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing millions of people to stay at home, it has become the go-to service for virtual meetings and to keep people connected.