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Harvest Platform: A Financial Claim to Your Favor


The greater the effort, the greater the glory - C.Pierre.

Living in the 21st century means two things: a million life problems and two million solutions to them. Today, everyone has a problem, but the most common ones revolve around finances.

Luckily for us, there are certain people who have done their best to alter our daily habits for the better. Gabriel Dell'Accio and Namrata Badal, are two young people who are proof that hard work and a great desire to create what you want always pays off.

Driven by their shared desire, Gabriel and Namrata succeeded in their idea and created the Harvest Platform, one of the largest American platforms that help users negotiate bank fees and receive a refund.

If you are also interested in the whole story behind the creation of the Harvest Platform, come with me and get ready to find out how it became one of the most successful platforms in the world today.

It All Begins With a Desire

Being victorious means having to be open to sacrifice, something both Gabriel and Namrata know very well. Every action we take will lead us to a success or a lesson learned. However, hard work and a strong desire are sometimes all that's really needed.

Namrata Badal is one of the most amazing examples of how every end can be a happy beginning to something much bigger.

Namrata Badal is a successful businesswoman who immigrated to the United States from Nepal at an early age. Her business career is composed of 4 years of experience on Twitter as an investment banker. She led the Revenue Partnership team on Twitter and worked at the world's largest mobile ad exchange, called MoPub. Namrata was also an investment banker at Centerwire Partners and a USB trader.

While building her career in the world of technology, she has been very enthusiastic about the convergence of technology and finance. Namrata's initial goal was to create a unique product. Still, while trying to build a test version of that product, she came across thousands of Americans who were experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Inspired by others’ financial problems, Namrata got the idea to build a different kind of product that would take some of the financial burdens off Americans.

The other co-founder of Harvest Platform, Gabriel Dell'Accio, is a young man geared up on work experience in this sphere of business. Gabriel studied at Vassar College and is an engineering manager at Acorns Company. But, like Namrata, he too was yearning to make a change in the business world and design a product that would make people's lives easier, financially speaking. Driven together by their deep, burning desire to create a product that would shift the odds to suit the needs of regular Americans when it came to financing, Namrata and Gabriel decided to take a leap of faith. As a result, in 2018, they developed the Harvest Platform, a service that provides more financial options to help individuals improve their financial situation.

I Can, And I Will

The hard work that Namrata Badal and Gabriel Dell'Accio put into creating their platform eventually paid off. With its first appearance in 2018, the Harvest Platform began to record its success in the world of technology.

The Harvest Platform is an artificial intelligence platform that helps users identify and negotiate banking fees. The main goal of the Harvest Platform is to increase the net worth of Americans every day. For this reason, this platform has developed several features that help people achieve better financial standings and take care of their own finances.

As the Harvest Platform has evolved over the years, it has developed four main functions that help many Americans with their financial problems. The first function helps to reduce utility expenses, so the Harvest team will negotiate with the service provider to provide affordable prices.

The second basic function of the Harvest Platform is to be able to obtain refunds from bank fees. Harvest identifies all charges and offers the necessary tools to recover them. The third feature helps find recurring payments - this means that Harvest scans all accounts for new recurring payments that may be forgotten by the user. The last function of this platform is to analyze all the costs of the user, which provides greater availability and an overview of finances.

The Harvest Platform's quick growth has been noticed by many big banks, institutions, and companies, which resulted in the platform collaborating with more than 15,000 financial institutions in the United States.

Harvest Premium is the latest addition to the many offers that the Harvest Platform provides to its users. Harvest Premium is a subscription that provides unlimited access to fee tracking, debt control panel, bank fee negotiation, full cost analysis, a list of periodic payments, and early access to the new features that this platform offers.

The Harvest Platform refunded over $6 million in bank fees to customers; so it’s no surprise Namrata and Gabriel's creative ideas led to an enormous customer satisfaction rate.

Harvesting the Finances

The Harvest Platform has endured significant challenges since its beginnings. Luckily for the company, businesses have recognized its worth and potential to become one of the world's most successful fintech platforms.

On September 10, 2018, Harvest Platform hosted the first funding round by Techstars which invested an undisclosed amount of money. On July 19, 2019, Harvest Platform received a whopping sum of $3.3 million in the second funding round from Financial Venture Studio. Since then, the platform has raised a total of $3.1 million in three Seed rounds. Many other investors have contributed to the Harvest Platform, including Hustle Fund, Kleiner Perkins, Barclays Accelerator, Lakehouse Ventures, and others. Due to its great success in a short period of time, the Harvest Platform has faced a large number of competitors during its progress. Some of them are companies like Bill Guard, Akredito, Community Loan Servicing, Arrivo, Cushion, and many others. The Harvest Platform's selfless initiative to ease the financial struggles of Americans is what separated the platform from other fintech companies. The same goal was shared by the famous Acorns company - a fintech business that helps customers save more money. Finally, on March 12, 2021, Harvest Platform officially became a member of the Acorns company.

The Wheels of Success Keep On Turning

Gabriel Dell'Accio and Namrata Badal are inspirational examples of how a strong ambition and experience can lead to success in any business. The establishment of Harvest Platform started with only 2 employees, but today, more than 10 loyal employees do their best to keep Harvest Platform on the top.

Founded in New York, the United States, today, the Harvest Platform has expanded to several regions based in Greater New York, the East Coast, and the Northeastern US. The Harvest Platform, recently also known as Harvest or Grow My Harvest, reflects all that Gabriel and Namrata have worked for. These two success-driven individuals did their best to make the Harvest Platform useful to people and one of the most powerful fintech platforms in the world.

With so many satisfied customers on board, Gabriel and Namrata’s creative idea turned into a force to be reckoned with in the world of fintech.

What’s next for the platform? We can only wait and see since after recent development, Grow My Harvest started automated negotiations with five of the top ten US companies, so, it might not be long before we do another recap on the company’s success.