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Mythical Games: The New Generation’s Marvel


Fasten your seatbelts because Mythical Games is bringing something spectacular to gamers.

The dream of owning a portion of a game and earning money while playing has come true! - the NFT gaming technology studio created blockchain-based games that allow players to profit from digital ownership.

The story behind the creation of this marvelous platform brings together the quintet of Cameron Thacker, Jamie Jackson, John Linden, Rudy Koch, and Chris Downs. With their tremendous desire to add more thrill to the gaming industry, the youngsters created something that has been on gamers’ wish lists for decades.

Putting their minds together and developing something truly magnificent was certainly not an easy task for the legendary quintet. There were a lot of bumps on the road to success, but none of them was big enough to stop the team from turning their blueprint of ideas into a palpable reality.

Stick around to read the story of the Mythical Games’ turbulence and safe landing.

A Star-Studded Quintet

Cameron Thacker, Chris Downs, Jamie Jackson, John Linden, and Rudy Koch, all of who have a great passion for gaming and blockchain technologies, founded Mythical Games in 2018.

John Linden is the first person to contribute to the company’s success. Ever since John was a child, he has shown interest in gaming since he was a child and articulated his potential of making it big in the gaming industry.

When John first started his professional journey, the first job he landed had nothing to do with the gaming industry. However, the versatility of working in other industries has gained John the experience and miscellaneous skills in a variety of disciplines that helped him develop Mythical Games.

Prior to joining the game industry, John was the co-founder of OpenX and founder of Planet Alumni, along with Litmus Media.

John was also fortunate enough to be the Head of the Skylanders and Call of Duty franchises at Activision Blizzard, as well as the president of Seismic Games - the period during which he gained the most of his gaming experience.

On the other hand, there is Jamie Jackson - a man with a wide range of game-development experience. Having worked on projects for every platform from PC to PlayStation - Jamie has been a part of the gaming industry for more than 20 years. Plus, Jamie is the founder of Slingshot Cartel and FreeStyleGames - projects dear to his heart, before co-founding Mythical Games.

Moving on to the other piece of the power puzzle - Rudy Koch - the man behind some of the most exciting games on the market, such as World Of Warcraft, Call Of Duty, Skylanders, and many more.

Rudy joined Blizzard in 2016, after spending five years at Activision.

Cameron Thacker and Chris Downs are the last two to complete the quintet. Chris is a tech enthusiast and a backend developer, whereas Cameron is a full-stack machine engineer and an expert in NFTs.

When the five pieces of the power puzzle came together, Mythical Games saw the light of day. Developed in 2018 in Los Angeles, California, Mythical Games is the result of a powerful concoction, to the joy of many gaming buffs.

Shooting For the Stars

The guys behind Mythical Games seemed to have known what they were doing since its inception - each member of the famed quintet had a specific role in the company that led to success.

John Linden is the company’s CEO, Jamie Jackson is the company’s Chief Creative Officer, and Rudy Koch is the business developer. Cameron Thacker is the company’s technical director, while Chris Down works as a site reliability engineer and director. Each of the members’ expertise is paramount for the smooth ride of Mythical Games.

The quints have been leveraging blockchain’s decentralized digital leader technology to construct games where players can be authenticated as owners of a portion of a game since its beginning - known as player-owned economies.

Blankos Block Party was the first game released by Mythical Games, and it was a huge success. It is a multiplayer online game set in a lively online world of toys powered by the Mythical platform. For the first time, the players were able to compete in games, design their own gameplay, and mix digital toys known as Blankos.

However, practically every beginning is difficult, and Mythical Games’ was no exception - especially when introducing something fresh to the market.

On the other hand, other than offering a knockout product, Mythical Games was faced with some fierce competition coming from companies like Upland, DeHorizon, Sky Mavis, and more.

Mythical Games needed a lot of devotion and work to stand out from the competition - and that is exactly what John, Jamie, Rudy, Cameron, and Chris did.

Even if the beginning was anything but simple, the company’s main building in Los Angeles is now supported by sturdy pillars.

Fortifying the Finances

Over the course of six funding rounds since its inception, Mythical Games has raised a total of a not-so-shabby sum of $260 million.

In 2018, the company raised $1 million in a seed round, with Struck Crypto as the sole investor. Mythical Games raised another $3.4 million in its series A round, which ran from November 2018 to May 2021. The promising company managed to attract a total of 18 investors, with Javelin Venture Partners being the most prominent.

In the summer of 2021, the Mythical Games raised a total of $75 million from 9 investors, with WestCap leading the way.

As the fall of 20121 approached, the company became wealthier with another $150 million in Series C financing. Andreessen Horowitz was among the most prominent investors among the 25 that believed in the lucrative future of Mythical Games.

Getting all fiscal, Mythical Games was valued at $1.25 billion post-money in the most recent round.

Unveiling the Myth

Mythical Games has always believed that actual ownership of digital assets and integrated secondary markets will usher in a new age of games - and their prediction has proven to be correct.

The company is a group of seasoned game and platform developers, who are passionate about bringing massive, original ideas to market. Its mission is to develop world-class solutions that use games to accelerate consumers to adopt distributed ledger technology.

Mythical Games is the market leader in the rapidly increasing play-and-earn game sector. It hopes to expand globally with its first office in Asia in Seoul, South Korea, and its first office in the European Union in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company tends to improve its services in order to suit the needs of consumers who want to connect and trade in immersive 3D game environments.

With its expansion, Mythical Games cements its position as a global leader in delivering decentralized gaming to a wide market audience.

Apart from Blankos Block Party, the company is developing and tends to develop even more blockchain-based games in the future, enabling players to reap the benefits of digital ownership.

Considering that they did what they set out to do, there is little doubt that they will do everything that is set out for them in the future.

The New Generation’sThrill

Thanks to the famed quintet including Cameron Thacker, Chris Downs, Jamie Jackson, John Linden, and Rudy Koch, Mythical Games entered the exciting digital world of gaming in 2018.

In a nutshell, Mythical Games is an NFT game development studio that creates blockchain-based games allowing participants to profit from digital ownership. The company creates games using blockchain decentralized technology, authorizing players to be verified as owners of a portion of the game.

Based in Los Angeles, California, with an office in Seattle, Washington, Mythical Games has gathered the attention of over 50 employees, all with the purpose of bringing the best talent to this cutting-edge platform.

Thanks to the forward-thinking of five young men, Mythical Games became a company that is bringing a new generation of gaming to the market, letting gaming aficionados get a piece of the cake and become active participants in their preferred games.

Blockchain technology is abundant with the potential to revolutionize the world in ways that few people can envision, and Mythical Games helps make that vision a reality.