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Mobilize: The Power of Community and Change


How does a single organization become the staple for modern-day tech excellence?

In a world deprived of social engagement, smart data acquiring, and revenue growth, Mobilize is a beam of hope in getting things done - simply and efficiently.

From small but impactful networks to world-changing initiatives, Mobilize offers the best of all worlds: unique tools, profitable options, and community-oriented solutions.

Through their modern approach to reaching out, chatting, creating events and networking, among other services, Mobilizes connects global communities on a unifying mission.

The story of Sharon Savariego, the inventor of Mobilize, is surely a geeky one!

And yet, it revolves around one practical concept - to facilitate communities across the globe by relying on the power of group effort and efficient networking.

Interested in the wind of change that helped worldly communities grow with the flow?

Learn more about Mobilize and its founder here:

Israeli Community-Centric Entrepreneurs

Sharon Savariego is the CEO and co-founder of Mobilize.

Born in Israel in 1986, and raised in Belgium, Sharon began her career as the youngest engineer at CheckPoint. Her passion for Israel, the Jewish diaspora, and human rights, led her to become a social activist from very early on.

Sharon holds a B.A. in government studies from IDC Herzliya and is an alumna of the IDC’s Argov Leadership and Diplomacy Program. During her studies, Sharon became a public speaker on behalf of StandWithUs, a network of pro-Israel student leaders.

Among other professional hats, Sharon also erved in the intelligence corps and played a role in fighting terrorism. A very big part of her initial job was to do proper suicide bombers reseacrh This included discovering how terrorists entered Israel, who funded their mission and ultimately, what it would take to put their efforts to rest.

As part of her professional assignments, Sharon also participated in delegations to the U.N. Consequently, this led to Sharon co-founding MICS, an enterprise that helped her learn how to both organize and mobilize large groups of activists and volunteers.

Returning to the world of hi-tech, Sharon led business development at uTest, one of the first on-demand companies which put a greater emphasis on the power of communities.

With a goal to empower community leaders, Sharon decided to start her own venture. Not a developer at heart, Sharon first needed to find a suitable technical co-founder, or in her case - Arthur Vainer - a bachelor of computer science at the College of Management.

As a tech entrepreneur, Arthur had managed several technological startups throughout his career. Having served for six years as software developer in the Israeli defense force and a team leader in the Elite unit Mamram, Arthur was clearly the ‘it’ person for the job.

Following his army service in 2010, Arthur initiated two start-ups in the e-commerce and mobile application sector. During this time, he had also worked as a development consultant for a variety of companies before ultimately joining Sharon in the pursuit of reviving dysfunctional communities - tech-style!

Make It or Break It

After years of contributing to a number of tech companies, Sharon was well overdue for a break. Leveraging her experience, Sharon craved to build a platform that both serves global communities, and what’s more - rebuilds them!

The whole idea was this: to enable community managers to grow their communities while allowing users to participate of their own accord.

Along came Sharon’s long-awaited solo project, Mobilize, a software that encourages communities to reach out to one another via email or text. Sharon’s idea was brought to life following two inspiring conferences she had attended, and which discussed communities’ greatest perils - racism, xenophobia, as well as general intolerances.

Taking place in the heart of Geneva, the two conferences convinced Sharon that the power of people was not just undisputed, but crucial as well. However, during her first take on management, Sharon would uncover a slight hurdle- organizing events was, indeed, not as easy as she had hoped. In her mind, there had to be a better way to help people connect- and Mobilize provided just that.

Once presented with the idea of Mobilize, Sharon’s now co-founder, Arthur, saw the potential in building a platform of this kind.

In four month’s time - after carefully contemplating the page’s prototype, design and technicalities- Mobilize was launched in 2014.

A Leading App for Future Generations

Mobilize is an all-in-one group communication platform, bringing businesses, external collaborators and community members- in one place.

Over the years past, the Mobilize team has worked with some of the most impactful organizations around the world, mainly as an effort to further sophisticate their business structure.

In 2018, Mobilize presented a solution that drove mass engagement on behalf of thousands of communities worldwide and partnered up Dave Hersh. Previously an advisor, Dave brought his expansive experience to Mobilize and, thanks to his fruitful efforts, further fortified the company’s promising future.

Today, Dave serves as the company’s CEO, while Sharon and Arthur took the roles of company CPO and CTO, respectively.

To date, the company makes a leading platform for building modern professional networks.

Even more, it changes society by supporting more than 1,000 membership-based organizations, such as trade associations, nonprofits, and corporate communities.

The platform's intuitive, widely-accessible interface delivers a seamless member experience through web, phone, and email use. Some of its most prominent clients include The United Nations (yes, really!), Prezi, Docker, Maker Faire, Microsoft, Etsy, Meetup, etc.

Unlike traditional one-size-fits-all community platforms that confuse, overwhelm, and annoy members, Mobilize’s key features combine optimal community spaces, outreach tools, member directory, and services in one unique, profitable and society-friendly platform.

Mobilize is most often used by a spectre of industries- from software enterprise to IT, SaaS, and social media businesses.

In November of 2020, the company announced its collaboration with Every-Action, joining them on a mission to put the right resources into the right hands of experts, especially within nonprofits and advocacy organizations.

Then and Now

Over the years, Mobilize has become the finest online home for over 100 employees, 1,000 communities, and over 1,000,000 members!

With their primary headquarter based in San Francisco and an office operating in Tel Aviv, Mobilize soon began to enjoy the recognition and support from its fellow businesses. From launching to date, Mobilize has rounded over fourteen investors and partners, including Liron Rose, Eoghan McCabe, Mark Chodock, Trinity and Array Ventures, Hillsven Capital, Up West, and Tech Coast Angels. The company’s most recent investors also include Floodgate and Kickstart.

Overall, Mobilize has enjoyed a reputable welcoming and, thanks to its angels, gathered a total funding amount of $20.3 million.

A Hopeful Future

Looking back at Sharon’s experience, it’s no wonder Mobilize was built to nurture community interactions and encourage groups across the globe to partake in the process of restructuring communities as we know them. Even more, the company’s ‘community managers’ tool has become one of the most refined methods of bringing social groups together and making a global impact through synergy, coordination and much-needed teamwork.

At Mobilize, communities represent a driving force of both our economy and humanity. Is authentic human connection and contributing what you’re after? You’ll find it here!