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Gazella: Build Your Gazelle-Like Figure!


There is no greater sign of vigorous health than having a fit body. It has become everybody’s goal to be in better shape, and there is no finer way to better oneself than to start training. However, not all bodies are shaped alike and work the same. That’s why there came a need for an app that will track women’s training process, and offer the best exercises suitable for each individual.

Originating from the country of some of the most beautiful people in the world, Spain, Carlos Floria invented the perfect handy-fitness tracker that will help women with their overall health and exercise. Introducing Gazella- a 3D motion-capture-based technology. The app focuses on each person’s problematic area and provides helpful advice. The goal was to have every woman thriving after accomplishing many of the fitness tasks tailored by Gazella.

Gazella is a Spain-based application that focuses on bettering women’s body health, fitness, and exercise to get that ‘gazelle-like figure’. Read the impressive story of Carlos Floria’s life into building the female’s new health-oriented companion!

Baby Steps

Growing up in Madrid, Carlos was a very caring child. Most of his childhood years are spent with his little brother, alongside his mother and grandmother. As he would be more of an introvert of a child, Carlos spent most of his time in the kitchen following the women in his life. His favorite past times were storytimes and dinners with his extended family. Carlos grew up in a home where women were very much respected, a sight that eventually shaped Carlos' view of women, accompanied with awe and admiration. The opposite sex was always an enigma to Carlos, as to how women work throughout the day and still managed to look stunning. This is where his great appreciation for women began.

Carlos learned that nothing comes easy in life if one does not work for it. He believed that by having the right dedication, everything in life can be surpassed. Most of his adolescence was spent on the football field, where he would practice with his classmates. This is where Carlos learned the valuable lesson that someone needs to fight to achieve their goal in life. Every time he would lose, he would get up and try once again. His persistence was a trait he had inherited from his grandmother, something that would come in handy later in life.

Even though Carlos grew up shielded by his relatives, he couldn’t wait to become an adult and break free to follow his own path. His adolescence was marked by many independent accomplishments. Carlos never had any trouble in school, so studying was never an issue. One of his favorite subjects was business. His relatives always noticed that Carlos had never been satisfied with only a little. Something was brewing inside him, pushing him to act and leave his mark on the world.


Because Carlos was very frugal with his savings, his father would jokingly call him his accountant. Carlos developed a sense for financing - an adoration that would continue to evolve during his college years. Eventually, Carlos’ passions led him to embark on his college journey to deeply investigate the world of financing. Carlos was admitted to Carlos III University in Madrid. This is where Carlos’ mind would develop the best financing skills, which will undoubtedly help him land the job of his dreams.

After his college years, Carlos continued to evolve as a business professional in the field of financing by landing a job as a manager at the Royal Bank Of Scotland -Corporate Banking. This is the place that would slowly shape Carlos into the businessman he is today. In the period he was working at the bank, Carlos caught up with the tips and tricks of fine saving and financing. Having so much money at hand, engulfed the fire within Carlos even more, when he promised that he will not spend his life counting other people’s money, but rather his own. He just needed a necessary nudge to compile all his passions into one.

Carlos’ college years were mostly spent on perfecting the craft of proper financing. His job at Royal Bank came in handy when building his confidence and demeanor in front of other people. The following years were marked by Carlos’ growing interest in investment. He started to slowly combine the blocks necessary to push him into the world of business. He transferred to venture capital to work as an investment director. That was the pivotal moment for Carlos and his desire to have a go at starting his own brand.


The early 2010s marked even greater steps for Carlos. The young and promising business-head spent years and years carefully studying financing and investments, However, Carlos wanted to create something new and refreshingly different, something that would reflect his thoughts.

After a few years of dipping toes in the pool of the investment and venture capital business, Carlos and his brother remembered what always worked with consumers- a notion that will mark the beginning of something greater.

In 2015, Carlos and his brother began their startup process with Sports Biochemics, a company focused on improving physical health and performance by using 3D motion capture technology. By focusing on people’s health, fitness, injuries, and healing, Carlos finally made his wish come true.

What is most important here is that Carlos did not wait too long to pay special attention to the ladies. In 2019, he launched Gazella-the app that will focus only on women and their needs. This was Carlos’ homage to his loving mother and his beloved grandmother.

Upward Scale

After launching Gazella, Carlos knew what to expect. There were some bad turnabouts, however, the app gradually became more trafficked. In the beginning, it was no surprise that Gazella would not be so popular. There was an abundance of fitness-oriented applications that helped women with their routines when running or exercising. It seemed like the world had seen enough of health-driven apps, so Gazella was not taking off smoothly.

Carlos’ extensive knowledge of business, mixed with a bit of patience made Gazella extremely attractive to women, as it focused on each individual’s active cycle. By calculating the days of the month when the body is fully prepared to be in action, women who gave Gazella a chance saw remarkable results. The 3D technology showed each woman her problem areas so they learned how to work on them. Because of the great results, the app slowly found its way into the daily routines of many women. All information available on Gazella was based on scientific research, self-discovery, and women empowerment, which only went to confirm that the app is fully concentrated on bettering women's exercising experience.

In late 2019, Gazella closed an equity crowdfunding campaign of €127k on Crowdcube, UK. That year also marked another milestone for Gazella, as it was announced as the first-ever app to be downloaded more than 10k times on Google Play in just a few months.

In 2018, Gazella was found at the top place above decade-existing competitors such as Skill Yoga, RunKeeper, Shred, and MyClubs. The following year, Gazella raised £114,300 of equity crowdfunding from Crowdcube. Because the app is still in full bloom, featuring some new perks, it is estimated that by the year 2022, Gazella would raise €3,267k.

Gazella, Today

The first-ever women-focused fitness app Gazella’s headquarters are still in Carlos’ native city of Madrid. Gazella is a working environment for more than 10 employees. Gazella is now trying to be even more innovative with their ideas, as Carlos plans on introducing personalized nutrition plans that can adjust to every woman's menstrual cycle, making Gazella a uniquely tailored app for the modern women of today. Carlos wanted to introduce his love for fitness, health, and beautiful women into the world of e-commerce, so that’s why he created the pioneering app that tracked the health and running, the best app that Spain has ever seen. When women discovered a fitness app that can predict when they would be most productive, an app that indirectly enables them to unleash their raw potential, Spanish women wasted no time in getting their hands on Gazella.

Through embracing the difference in female autonomy, Gazella helps women improve their performance to perfection. Gazella became innovative because it goes beyond every running app. Gazella wants women to feel comfortable in their skin, to learn and benefit from their bodies.

What was once seen as a minor issue can now be used to women’s advantage.

Because running, fitness, and health grow more in popularity by the day, Gazella is estimated to only grow further on the market. With femtech apps revolutionizing the world of fitness, Gazella also joined with their personalized feminine services. The goal is to have more women following a healthy lifestyle and erasing the fear of sports challenges in their life.