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CEEK VR – Where Dreamers Go


Have you ever dreamed about escaping into another world? Imagine being able to create your own simulated virtual world- just so you have that precious little grain of personal time. To be able to get lost in your world, whether that would be watching your favorite movie from your bedroom, or listening and getting blown away by your favorite song.

That’s what Mary Spio was dreaming of. Sitting in front of the TV screen, she fantasized about visiting the moon one day and walking in the footsteps of some of the biggest names that became a household name in history. Her dreams and her determination led Mary to create CEEK VR – the next big thing in the virtual world realm. CEEK VR is a grand, virtual-reality social hub where you can travel the world from the comfort of your own home, and experience amazing adventures deemed far-fetched. Mary’s CEEK VR is turning the almost impossible into possible while making it accessible for everyone from everywhere in the world.

So, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be able to create something and make a difference? Here is how the young girl from Ghana did it.

Limitless Imagination

Mary Spio was born in Ghana, West Africa. With limited resources and no computer until she was 17, Mary’s childhood was pretty substandard. However, that didn’t stop this young girl from dreaming big and letting her creativity run wild. As a child, she spent most of her time watching scientific TV programs and stories of people who created something outstanding, making a name for themselves.

Her parents, both from Ghana, did everything in their power to provide a good and happy childhood for Mary. Even though limited in sense of economy and budget, Mary’s parents always believed in their young girl and her limitless imagination. As a child with big dreams, Mary had the support from both her parents to continue chasing her dreams of creating something never before seen. Something that is going to shake the ground.

State of Wonder

After finishing high school, Mary decided to make a move. Thanks to her parents being able to gather sufficient funds, Mary was ready to take on the world. Her curiosity and wonder brought her to Syracuse, New York. At first, Mary started off humble- working at McDonald’s. Even though she didn’t make a grand entrance right away, Mary didn’t forget about her dreams of escaping into another world and creating something new, unseen, and inexperienced.

In New York, Mary attended Syracuse University where she acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, back in 1998. Holding the Bachelor’s Degree in her hands, Mary still didn’t think of stopping there. Hence, she pursued a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Big Career Path

Holding the proof of her acquired education in her hands, and the big ideas lingering in her mind, Mary tried her luck in a lot of different jobs in the field of electrical engineering. She started working as a Wideband and Satellite Communications Technician for the US Air Force. After 6 years of serving in the Air Force, Mary had the rare opportunity to design satellites for a big NASA project. Being determined to achieve her goals, Mary didn’t rest there. The work for NASA paved Mary’s way to becoming The Head of Satellite Communication Systems for The Boeing Corporation. This moment in time was a game-changer for Mary.

Working at Boeing, Mary had her big opportunity and one of her most creative experiences at that time. Chances came knocking on young Mary’s door. Being a Digital Pioneer at Boeing, Mary helped with the creation of digital technology that redefined how major motion pictures are distributed to movie theaters throughout the world. That was the technology that changed the entire movie distribution standards, starting with 20th Century Fox and other big studio names out there.

Stirring the Sea of Male-run Entrepreneurship

Mary’s work for The Boeing Corporation as a Deep Space Engineer made her even more passionate about the information technology industry. Mary had to follow her dreams of making an impact and creating something entirely different. It was now or never. An online video platform called Gen2Media Corp. was Mary’s first startup. Delivering content for independent filmmakers was the startup’s major focus. Gen2Media Corp became an enterprise application used for over 200 radio stations.

Growing her first online platform very quickly, Mary decided to raise capital and bring an investor aboard. While Mary did manage to draw in an investor, sadly, that’s when the business started going down. Without believing in Mary, her investor soon substituted her with a male alternative for whom he thought would be more appropriate for the role.

Despite having her dream mercilessly crushed, Mary wasn’t just going to give up. She worked hard to get to where she was. She picked herself up and started to look for other work opportunities, going through different companies' job advertisements. That’s when she saw it. Her chance for a big comeback.

The Game Changer

Through the process of looking for other job opportunities, Mary came across VR. Interested in the vast world of virtual reality, Mary started to do some research and explore the possibility of connecting VR to the music industry. Music was something that she truly loved. Diving deep into her research and the interesting findings, Mary set her goal right there and then. She promised herself she will create the next level of virtual reality. A whole new world of virtual experiences, a brand new playground for dreamers.

In 2015, with hard work and a tough time finding investors, Mary’s determination led her to create CEEK VR - virtual reality’s next great find! Mary’s dream of creating something accessible for everyone, everywhere, and at any time was finally coming to life. Enter CEEK VR - a big, virtual social hub for premium, social, virtual, and augmented virtual experiences.

Award-Winning Platform

Today, CEEK VR is a Silver CLIO winner, and a 2017 Grammy award-winning, virtual reality platform. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, with 20 employees, it is the biggest VR platform that offers enjoyable experiences accessible for everyone. What’s more important is that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own bedroom. CEEK VR provides the most engaging user experiences and includes some of the biggest names out there, from iconic brands and the most popular entertainers to concerts and events throughout the world. Be it your favorite song or movie, the place you wanted to visit for so long, or the most important historical events to ever occur, there is definitely something for everyone on the CEEK VR platform.

Explore and enjoy some of the most amazing VR experiences while having the best seat in your house, or travel the whole world without moving an inch. You can even observe a major war battle that happened thousands of years ago. Who said you only need to read a book? Experience the world with CEEK VR. Interact and enjoy 360 videos, 3D videos, along with other amazing experiences. CEEK VR is allowing you to encounter something new and unseen, to witness a new era of social networking no matter where you are located at the moment. CEEK VR is always just a tap away.

So, put your headset on and start CEEKING! Bon voyage.