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Butter CMS: Manage Your Content With Style


Want more traffic to your website? Content is key! It projects the driving force of the company, the goals we wish to achieve, and what the service customers can expect to receive.

Creating a website for your business may seem like nuclear physics, but it can be a stroll in the park. Content Management Systems (CMS) come in to make your life easy.

CMS assists users in creating, managing, and modifying website content without hiring expensive technical support specializing in the field.

Jake Lumetta is the person behind ButterCMS, the company that makes CMS look like spreading butter on toast. It allows clients to facilitate the working process of remote teams anywhere in the world.

Having faced difficulties during his professional career with CMS tools using less modern tech stacks, Lumetta decided it was time to bring a fresh approach. Modernizing and improving CMS tools, Lumetta and his team worked hard to help millions struggling with CMS.

A Visionary Starter: Managing Content Before Content

An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Jake Lumetta has a passion for startups which is visible from his professional experience. But before he was a professional, he was a kid with big aspirations and a techy mind, something his friends would gladly give an approving nod to.

Jake is the co-founder or founder of not one but five start-ups, of which Butter CMS is his latest and most successful story. He attended Michigan State University, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Moving on to Oakland University, he earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship, graduating with honors.

His professional journey started with Chrysler as a Launch Coordinator and Business Analyst in 2006, and he swiftly climbed the ladder of success. In his early career days, Jake's supervisors noticed his thirst for knowledge, eye for detail, and fast learning curve. During his studies, it was said that he showed leadership potential and a team-oriented attitude.

Opening, selling, or moving on from one company to another, Lumetta found his calling when he decided to go solo. Things started going as smooth as butter once Lumette founded ButterCMS in 2014.

The idea for ButterCMS is to offer a headless CMS and blogging platform for developers, which may be used to build one or multiple marketing websites or craft a blog engine.

The SaaS hosts and maintains the CMS dashboard and the content API. ButterCMS users may define their custom content models to represent what the marketing team needs, like SEO landing pages, events, webinar pages, company blogs, location pages, and much more.

The Early Buttery Days

An active community member and a great creative mind, his employees speak highly of Jake. They appreciate his support and willingness to educate others and improve their skills. He has shown to be decisive and has the confidence to admit when he's wrong or doesn't have enough information.

Jake Lumetta recalls the early days of ButterCMS when they had to deal with two incidents that scared them. The first one was when a DNS provider accidentally canceled their account, leading to an outage. It took the team six hours to fully recover while sweating in their seats, trying to fix the problem.

The second incident took half a day to recover because a routine DNS editing led to the malfunctioning of the DNS provider. Fear can do wonders in improving yourself or a product, and the ButterCMS team learned a lot from these two experiences. They didn't want to experience that feeling of being helpless, so they took the matter into their hands.

Joining forces, they turned these negative experiences and focused their energy on eliminating any existing points of failure that appeared across their architecture.

Instead of backing down, Jake and his team decided to learn from their mistakes and accept that failure only strengthens them and helps them improve their product.

Smooth as Butter

ButterCMS is the result of team effort used to design content experiences and provide content to users regularly. It features flexible and fast content modeling and updates, multi-sites, and environments, and it is an excellent option for teamwork.

Whether added to existing codebases or used for entirely new projects, it offers performant content APIs that are added to your applications and are easy to use. There is no need for downloads, customizations, or maintenance.

Simply use the dashboard to create content for your website and have the opportunity to preview the content before it is published. And there is no need for any technical knowledge to manage your website. Anyone can use it, from marketers to developers - hence, the name.

Choosing the Right Offer For You

Unlike many other startups, Jake didn’t acquire the necessary assets through funding series. So, it is now time for the app to prove its worth.

Easy and simple to use, ButterCMS offers less scripting while offering maximum value. It comes in four different plans that fit various budgets - starting from the free developer plan to the small business plan for $333 per month.

There is also an Enterprise and Agency Plan tailored to your specific needs, and the price depends on the demands. The ButterCMS team believes in its product and offers a 30-day free trial for each plan. During this time, you can experience the pros and cons of the Butter and decide if it is the right choice.

ButterCMS also offers collaborations with partners from their ecosystem where a customer may use one of the partners for their project. This means choosing to partner with Simform, Radial spark, Applifting, Bonfire, or Electric Enjin to make your journey to providing a quality product more pleasurable.

Competition is Good

This headless CMS and blogging platform rates high among customers. They find ButterCMS easy to use and love the flexibility and the straightforward configuration. Jake and his team have built a product that ticks all the boxes on the customers' list.

Considered a game-changer in CMS, ButterCMS is not short of the competition. The top-rated competitors of ButterCMS are Strapi, Sanity, and Kentico Kontent. Customers are routing for Butter due to the better options and possibilities that it offers, as well as the more affordable and versatile plans.

Staying competitive in the market is tough, but the Butter team continuously gets thumbs up from their customers. It looks like hard work does pay off when one loves their job.

Headless CMS Future

ButterCMS has its Head Office in San Francisco, California, with around 30 employees working for them. This software development &design company has around $5 million in revenue.

Born as a result of frustration with other CMS tools, Lumetta wanted to give the world a modern CMS by using a friendly interface to create marketing pages and manage website content. Having struggled himself with other CMS during his professional career, he wanted to take away that stress from users who might not be as tech-literate as they’d need to be.

Focused on superior customer support and experience, the customer support team at ButterCMS is available to its users at any stage of using their CMS tool. There also are additional resources that users can look up for quick access to information.

A company with the vision to create a headless content management system for marketers and developers that is as smooth as butter is ranking at the number one position for headless CMS.

The enthusiastic team will not stop at anything to expand and offer its customers an even better digital experience.