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CinCor Pharma: Where Hearts are Taken Care of


Over 47% of the US population suffers from hypertension, meaning almost half the citizens are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure can cause the heart to give out earlier than expected, and the number of young deaths keeps increasing. But where science has failed, perhaps biotechnology could succeed and finally produce the remedy for high blood pressure.

Catherine Pearce and Jon Isaacsohn entered the picture with a promise to create a world-class, groundbreaking drug that will help patients kiss hypertension goodbye! By launching CinCor Pharma, Catherine and Jon gave hyper-tensed patients a fighting chance.

CinCor Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company on a mission to get their innovative clinical candidate CIN-107 on the market and help as many patients get rid of cardio-renal illnesses. CinCor Pharma works on developing as many bio-remedies as possible so no heart remains broken.

If you want to know the fascinating story of how Jon and Catherine made thousands of patients' hearts beat a little better, continue below.

First Beats

Dr. Johnathan Isaacson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, in the early 1970s. As a child growing up in the 70s, Johnathan had big wishes and big goals for his future. His parents regarded him as very ambitious, outspoken, and sincere even from a young age.

Jon loved his family, and they helped him discover his true passion in life – medicine. His grades reached sky-high, and his intelligence was something not many could easily combat. His warm personality and memory talents encouraged Jon to pursue a career and become a doctor that treats the very center of the being, or the heart. This is what led him to fly to Cape Town Medical School, where Jon would try to earn an M.D. degree.

Catherine J. Pearce and John shared their native Ohio; however, Catherine was born a decade later, in the 1980s. Growing up, Catherine shared much of the goals and ideals John had, and her sharp mind encouraged her to think so. She was raised to be very kind, and her sensitive nature made her a sucker for medicine. Catherine excelled at school, proving that her intellect went unmatched. She expressed a desire to study medicine, specifically cardiology, and enrolled in Xavier University.

While Johnathan graduated from the African Pape Town University in 1981, he managed to score a job at the New England Deaconess Hospital. He would gather knowledge and experience from that hospital until 1989 when Jon’s ambitions grew larger. He knew that if he could get involved in pharmaceuticals, he could contribute to finding a cure for many suffering patients with high blood pressure.

In the same year, Jon decided to embellish his already-impressive portfolio by going to Yale School of Medicine. There, Jon worked as a director of a lipid program, which would focus on division among preventive cardiology treatments. He would spend two more years there until finally heading back to his native Cincinnati.

Upward Climb

A little later in the 90s, Catherine continued on her medical self-discovery journey and earned a doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. Because she graduated with honors, Catherine quickly found a job at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. This is where Catherine gathered all her knowledge on pharmaceutical development, and this is also where she and John would cross paths.

Before that, Jon traveled and changed positions in many hospitals around the Ohio area. In the mid to late 90s, Jon worked as a director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in the Christ Health Network hospital.

Jon also tried to branch out of his cardiovascular field and started working at the Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center. There he conducted clinical trials on lipid disorders, hypertension, obesity, metabolic diseases, and cardiovascular issues. Here Jon got a taste of the pharmaceutical industry and would gain valuable knowledge on clinical trials for later on.

In 2011, just a year before Catherine’s and Jon’s lives would be changed forever, Jon worked at the well-known MedPace, where he would run as an Executive Vice President of Medical and Regulatory Affairs. Catherine would later join him in 2015, where they would work on countless more projects together. During this time, Jon truly learned a bit more about business, connected to medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Meeting Halfway

Jon and Catherine’s crossing paths was simply inevitable. Both had extensive knowledge in the field of cardiovascular disease and pharmaceuticals but differed in generations. Nevertheless, Jon and Catherine met while Jon was developing Teva’s specialty medicine in Women's Health and Ophthalmology and hit it off at once. Both shared thoughts, ideas, and visions of the future. Each was impressed by the other and decided to put their forces together.

With one prospering as a Medical Doctor and the other excelling at pharmaceutical development, Jon and Catherine launched CinCor Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company that investigates new drugs, methods, and treatments for kidney, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. The company is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical startup aimed at developing new generation treatments. Jon used his expertise gained in multiple hospitals, while Catherine used her experience in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

CinCor Pharma had its headquarters in the inventors’ native Cincinnati, Ohio, and started working in 2018. The company’s biggest groundbreaking invention that paved the way for other cardiovascular treatments was the development of CIN-107. This high-class aldosterone synthase inhibitor was created to treat hypertension and aldosteronism.

The drug is innovative because of its use of aldosterone. Aldosterone has some imperative qualities necessary in pathogenesis and can be useful in treating other diseases, including kidney issues.

Successful Milestones

Even though CinCor Pharma introduced a revolutionary drug, it wasn’t smooth sailing. At first, the company struggled to gain recognition or get market coverage for its product.

This was until in May 2019, CinCor Pharma received $50M in a series A funding from three investors, including Sofinnova Investments. This brought about some much-deserved attention towards CinCor Pharma’s way, and their credibility was proved once again in 2021.

In the dark periods of the Pandemic, CinCor Pharma got another major investment, this time from popular General Atlantic. On October 12, 2021, CinCor raised a whopping $143M from 13 different investors.

Although the Covid-19 period caused a lot of companies to take a dive, CinCor was stable for a while. However, its failure to get their drug through the clinical trial and on the market did cost the two experienced doctors.

The biopharmaceutical company had no other choice but to announce an Initial Public Offering on January 3rd ,2022. The company focusing on developing treatments for hypertension can reach a value of up to $602.1M. However, the company expects to raise $187M and offers 11 million shares in its IPO. Their stock is anticipated on the Nasdaq listing under the symbol CINC.

CinCor, Today

CinCor is still located in the inventors’ native Cincinnati and numbers over 10 employees. Since its existence, the company has raised a total of $193M in two different rounds. CinCor announced its first IPO in January 2022. The company has many popular investors, including General Atlantic, Sofinnova Partners, 5AM Ventures, and many more.

Jon and Catherine are still working towards developing updated treatments, new drugs, and methods to treat cardiovascular issues. CinCor’s future plans involve developing even more innovative drugs and getting their CIN-107 across the global markets. Jon and Catherine, two individuals who have come together, created the next generation of drugs meant for cardiovascular therapy by joining forces and sharing knowledge and ideas.

By focusing on helping the community, every business has a mission. And if the mission involves saving lives, the attention and profits will come flooding in. The story of Catherine and Jon teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to think selflessly and strive to help others. Luck will always follow businesses that seek to help rather than steal.