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IQONIQ: Where Fans Are Welcomed to Stay


The sports and entertainment industry exist for a sole reason- the audience. Fans and admirers are the key points of the entertainment industry. Idols and their fans can create incredible relationships, and through newsletters and posts, they maintain their precious bond.

Following his idol’s every move, Kazim Atilla made a promise to himself. He made it his mission to provide a haven for sports and entertainment fans, a place for like-minded people to share opinions.

With IQONIQ, Kazim created a platform where followers can catch up on news of the sports and entertainment world. Like-minded fans were also meant to converse, engage with other people, clubs, or celebs. Iqoniq also rewards its users with engagement points which can earn tickets or merchandise by their favorite idols.

It took courage, strength, and striving to accomplish a successful startup like IQONIQ, but with strive and dedication to a certain goal, Kazim pulled through one more time. Continue reading the fascinating story down below.

Baby Steps

Kazim Attila was born in Turkey, in 1972. At the age of 4, his family moved to the Netherlands. Kazim continued his life there. It seemed like Kazim was born under a very lucky star, as good fortune would follow him in dire moments. His parents regarded him as being a curious and independent child. He could solve easy tasks without breaking a sweat and was a fast learner.

There are a few crucial moments in Kazim’s life that took his motivation to another level. When he was a little child, just six years old, he was badly hurt in a near-death car crash. His injuries rendered him unable to move for a very long time, and he was told that he might never have the opportunity to play sports again. Despite the doctor’s advice, after months of practice, Kazim attempted to engage in some football.

After a few short years of the accident, Kazim won Dutch Football Champion. This was his way of defying the odds of ever walking again. This moment of pure bliss is what got Kazim so interested in the sport. From that day on, sports were his new source of motivation. Kazim did appreciate the hardship of his immobility. That pivotal moment shaped his personality in the future. He also developed a love for boxing, rugby, and MMA, including his guilty pleasures - music and film.

Building Character

After a few joyful years, Kazim maintained his down-to-earth personality. He was a good companion and a charm to be around. His ideas reached for the sky, and his imagination got him into a few scuffles.

Nevertheless, Kazim did not abandon his opinions, nor did he keep his thoughts to himself. He wanted his opinion respected, and ideas listened to. Kazim developed a routine of visiting a different website for sports news and fanbase chats. He loved conversing with like-minded people about his favorite idols and sports and debating about the results. Kazim grew frustrated that there was not one single website that could provide all sports-related entertainment topics for fans. A place where they can buy, read, engage, and discuss with other fans or even their idols.

After some brainstorming, Kazim turned to ways of flourishing in different worlds, and the best way was through business. With already established leadership skills, Kazim went to pursue a career in business across countries in Europe. Itchy Feet

Kazim spent a really long time traveling the world, pursuing his business plans. But, what Kazim missed the most while growing professionally, was participating in sports. The thoughts of his days of playing football were what kept him calm through the days of loneliness.

During his time traveling across the globe, Kazim entered many fields in the industry. He rotated positions a lot and was constantly on the move for greater projects. Over the years, he partook leader positions in vertical markets such as financial services, real estate, retail, and healthcare. This made Kazim a beast of a businessman, a pure representation of global-mindedness.

Kazim had built up an impressive resume for himself, but he felt like he was not yet finished. His main project was not yet conceptualized in his mind.

After a few more years of traveling across the world and spreading his ideas, Kazim decided that it was time that he looked back at his past and what made him who he is. He remembered that what he desired most was a proper sport and entertainment platform for fans. With the power of the internet, ever-growing technology, and his business connections, Kazim could finally open up his world for fans with IQONIQ. Iconic Moment

In 2019, after years of gathering information on how to prosper in the industry, Kazim launched IQONIQ in Monte Carlo, Monaco. IQONIQ is a fan-based platform, welcoming sports and entertainment fans to engage, converse, and discuss with each other and their idols.

Kazim’s goal was to widen the bridge between clubs and their fans and give them more chances for mutual engagement. Many fans rely on multiple news sources for their idols’ news, and Kazim knows best how frustrating that is. And even if fans do find these newsletters, there is very little to no space for discussion or commentary. With IQONIQ, fans can get all features in one place. The idea is that it’s better to have a single platform concerned with all things sports-and-entertainment-news-related.

IQONIQ offers the best of both worlds for fans and clubs alike. Clubs send out newsletters and fans can react to them. Kazim wanted to produce a platform that can unite people in their adoration of sports and entertainment. Sports speak a universal language, and there is no discrimination between like-minded people. IQONIQ had the goal to build a bond and bring like-minded sports enthusiasts together.

Pivotal Achievements

At first, the company was not met with much trust by fans. Not many were happy at a fresh news source for sports. However, the goal was to have fans engage with their idols as much as they can, and get the correct and instant news concerning clubs and celebrities. The good cause was heard from afar, and IQONIQ did garner some attention. The website offered the latest news and available chatrooms for debate-seeking fans. Some clubs reached out to partner with IQONIQ as well, and this meant more opportunities to connect with their idols. The first sign of recognition came in July of 2020 when IQONIQ raised a whopping €100M from Lux Media Investments. This was a sign that great sports come to an even greater fanbase. From then on, it was Kazim’s new goal to return to traveling and expand IQONIQ across the globe.

It was during the pandemic that the platform saw most of its greater achievement when it suddenly became an app in everyone’s pocket. After the investment, IQONIQ formalized partnerships with the Euroleague Basketball, AS Monaco, North Carolina, Olympique de Marseille, and The Drone Championship league.


Before becoming a sought-after app for all things sports, IQONIQ had to put in some elbow grease and secure its place in the competitive world of sports entertainment.

Some of the trending IQONIQ competitors include Pro Football Doc, Buzzer, and Curio, among others.

IQONIQ, today has 11-50 employees who work tirelessly on providing the latest and most entertaining news to satisfy every fanbase taste! Its headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Monte Carlo, but Kazim soon expects to expand across the globe.

Kazim and his IQONIQ are currently in chats with more than 175 representatives from the world of sports and pop culture. His dreams of having his opinions listened to gave rise to a whole platform dedicated to eager fans. Kazim is also negotiating with a few major football clubs from the Euroleague, as well as from the field of cricket, rugby, and motorsport.

Kazim also plans on giving back to the community by growing the IQONIQ foundation. The charity will make sure that every child, no matter the background, gets a proper approach to sports. This was Kazim’s nod to his six-year-old self who never stopped believing in himself. His plans include focusing on global growth and forming new partnerships with as many clubs, celebrities and representatives as he can. Kazim Atilla’s goal to revolutionize the world of fan engagement brought him one step closer to becoming the number one news source platform for the sports and entertainment industry. His idea of togetherness and becoming one with the idol is what formed an entire community behind IQONIQ.