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Learning to Sleep: Waving Restless Nights Goodbye With the Click of a Button


The hecticness of today, the fast-paced business world, and the many obligations weighing on people can push the no sleep button in some of us.

Sleep deprivation is very real, troubling many and throwing our lives off balance. Noticing how challenging this issue is for many, Micael Gustafsson and Peter Boye founded a company that offers a helping hand for many (not by choice!) night owls.

Founded in 2009 in Malmo, Sweden, Learning to Sleep started by teaching people how to regain control over their sleep schedule. For over ten years, Micael and Peter’s company has been helping many sleep-deprived individuals finally get a good night’s rest.

Stay with us to unfold the story of the company that managed to lull many people to sleep.

Ideas Have to Emerge From Somewhere

Let’s start from the beginning.

Born in the Swinging Sixties, Micael Gustafsson grew up in Lund, Sweden, enjoying a pretty standard childhood. Being a curious child, young Micael preferred spending his free time outside, exploring and admiring the wonders of nature.

Raised in a supportive and loving environment, Micael had always gotten the encouragement he needed to achieve what he had set his mind to. Without little to no turbulence in life, after finishing his secondary education, Micael enrolled at Lund University.

There, he earned a Master’s degree in Economics and Politics. Still, what he does today is loosely linked to his formal education.

Longing to become an innovator, Micael wanted to stir the unknown waters and see what came out. Luckily, he managed to stay afloat.

Switching up to Peter Boye, the other half of Learning to Sleep. Born in the late 70s, Peter was your average Swedish boy, always sporting a smile.

As he grew older, he became deeply interested in how sleep works. When the time to upgrade his education arose, Peter enrolled at Lund University, earning himself a degree in Middle East Studies.

However, being an eager beaver, Peter opted to explore the area that interested him from a young age—sleep. So, in 2005, he started attending classes at the KBD Svealand, emerging as a Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

So, what brings two people of different ages together? Mutual ideas, of course.

Let’s see how their ideas led to the enterprise Learning to Sleep.

The First Steps to Learning

Founded in 2009, Learning to Sleep was envisioned as a company whose goal was to aid in sleeping issues with the implementation of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Since its establishment, the company has become part of the lives of over 3,000 people with insomnia and various other sleep problems.

Knowing how troubling and overbearing those issues can be and showing massive interest in the realm of sleep himself, Peter put his wits to use and developed a digital solution for sleeping problems.

According to its founders, Learning to Sleep encompasses digital and site-separate care with access to both diagnostics and treatment.

As a company that takes sleeping matters seriously, Micael and Peter have invested plenty in studies to show the connection between CBT and sleep. The results came staggering: 94% of people projected betterment in sleep cycles.

After its founding, the public didn’t welcome the company with arms wide open. Micael and Peter came face to face with serious doubt from their prospective users, who questioned whether an app could genuinely help them sleep.

But, as chance would have it, people started becoming more open-minded and intrigued by what Learning to Sleep offers—thanks to the discontent that comes with the countless sleepless nights.

Located in Malmo, the company started to see its first Swedes reaching out, eager to learn more. Once people started trusting the science behind sleep, it all became clear as day. People followed guidelines and did everything to escape the rut of sleepless nights.

A New Approach to Sleep

Brainstormed as a company to tackle the pesky issues of sleepless nights, Micael and Peter envisioned Learning to Sleep as a professionals-packed company that’d reinvent the way people thought of sleeping.

Using science to yield results, Learning to Sleep reeled in phycologists, CBT professionals, and physicians to help those in need.

As a digital sleep clinic, Learning to Sleep connects users with psychologists who assess the issue and devise a custom-tailored five-week plan. Troubled sleepers can discover a solution to their problem without leaving their homes, which is handy at times like these.

Soon enough, Micael and Peter’s company started trending among all generations, young and old—all turned to science for help.

Guidelines, sleeping methods, tutorials, and advising all take place in the Learning to Sleep routine. Blending science with technology, Learning to Sleep developed an app, or shall we say a sleep buddy, available for download.

Gaining knowledge of the issue, keeping track of progress, and communicating with a trained professional is all within reach, thanks to the app that’ll help insomniacs wipe away any traces of tiredness (the bags under your eyes, too!).

Making Sure the Dream Continues

As with any other company, funding was essential for Learning to Sleep to keep on helping people snooze away.

The company has managed to raise a total of $1.3 million of funds through eight rounds, pre-seed, and venture—courtesy of investors like Add Health Media and Sciety.

After securing the financial grounds for Learning to Sleep, Micael and Peter decided it was high time for the company to file for an IPO, further establishing its presence and reach.

The IPO occurred at the beginning of 2022, with the preliminary trading day set on February 3rd on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. However, the company has devised a schedule for trading, including a maximum of 941,520 units, consisting of shares and free warrants, i.e. SEK 11.80 per unit, corresponding to SEK 5.90 per share.

Only time will tell if Micael and Peter’s financial vision will pull through.

Paving the Way to Success

As of 2009, the world is more prosperous because of a company whose goal is to relieve the stress of the inability to fall asleep. Soon enough, Learning to Sleep became a fan favorite among troubled sleepers.

Being able to treat insomnia or other sleep-depriving issues is what made this digital sleep clinic a top choice for Swedes.

Thanks to Peter’s deep-rooted interest in sleeping patterns, and Micael’s extensive experience as a leader and entrepreneur, Learning to Sleep awoke the curiosity in many jittery people, young and old.

Headquartered in Malmo, the company employs around twenty people, all of them are professionals that share Peter and Micael’s vision for a well-rested nation.

Becoming a company that thrives wasn’t easy, because competing with companies like WPA, Whelan Associates, and Sundance Hospital is not a piece of cake. Still, due to the company’s determination and originality of approach, Learning to Sleep has helped thousands of people get a good night’s rest.

Final Words

Today, Micael and Peter are still involved in the company’s growth and expansion, planning to deliver more services to those troubled by the lack of sleep. With the help of CBT professionals and phycologists, behavioral patterns that disrupt the sleep cycles can become history.

Thanks to the abundance of positive feedback, Learning to Sleep is on its way to becoming the go-to app for keeping insomnia at bay, making way for pleasant dreams to take over.