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Delphi Digital: A Leader in Cutting-Edge Crypto Research

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The crypto industry is taking over and only the best competitors are able to stand out from the crowd, much like Delphi Digital!

Today’s digital market is a challenging and crowded place where high-quality technology and precise analysis are necessary factors on the road to success. Companies are required to tailor their project analysis, research, and consulting services to the highest and ever-growing standards of the industry.

Anil Lulla, Medio Demarco, and Tom Shaughnessy Jr. are the names behind one of the leading brands in the crypto field, Delphi Digital.

Founded in 2018, this company is an independent, groundbreaking provider of institutional-grade analysis on the digital market. The company is dedicated to creating objective and useful content on vital themes linked to digital assets and blockchain technology.

Delphi Digital is the success story of three influential names that keep on giving their best for the development of an increasingly popular market, and continue reading to know all about it.

The Budding Years

Delphi Digital’s founders - Anil Lulla, Medio Demarco, and Tom Shaughnessy Jr. - are all well-educated professionals boasting impressive educational backgrounds and licenses.

Anil Lulla obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in finance from Rutgers Business School in 2014 with his studies being focused on entrepreneurship. Apart from his academic education, he acquired a Level II certificate from the CFA Institute, as well as Series 79 and Series 63 licenses.

Medio Demarco also completed his academic journey in the Rutgers Business School, where he graduated in Supply Chain Management. Just like his business partner, Demarco, too, passed Level II on the CFA exam and has obtained the same licenses.

Tom Shaughnessy Jr. earned himself a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, passed Level I on the CFA exam, and has obtained Series 7, 63, 86, and 87 licenses.

Building up the Portfolios

Each of the three entrepreneurs has had a rich professional journey before the beginning of the success story with Delphi Digital.

Anil Lulla brought extensive experience as a Leveraged Finance CRM Associate at Deutsche Bank with TMT and retail sectors as his main focus. In this position, he was responsible for detailed FCF analysis, enterprise value assessments, and downside stress testing. Prior to his job in Deutsche Bank, he spent two years in Bloomberg L.P. on giving data-driven insights and debt allocation for Bloomberg News.

After their academic education, Anil and Medio’s paths crossed again in their first major workplaces. Demarco worked in Bloomberg L.P. as an analyst responsible for its U.S. corporate bonds and treasuries. After that, he worked as an Associate in Deutsche Bank’s risk department. In this position, he was responsible for legal negotiations, structured finance transactions, and equity loans.

Tom Shaughnessy Jr. brings his essential amount of experience from his work in the cloud and communication equity research team in Oppenheimer. In this position, he covered several infrastructure providers, as well as wireless and cloud companies such as Amazon Web Services, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

His work included detailed financial modeling for each company and extensive research on tech-focused topics including 5G and NFV/SDN, which inspired him to write a 100+ page white paper on crypto and blockchain for the needs of Oppenheimer’s institutional clients.

The Rise of a Tech Giant

The fantastic trio joined their forces for the foundation of Delphi Digital in 2018 with a simple goal: to create the best institutional-grade research brand for crypto and digital assets.

Delphi Digital is a cooperative coalition of independently owned partnering entities that share particular personnel, shareholders, resources, and values under the common Delphi brand. The brand includes Delphi Research, Delphi Ventures, and Delphi Labs entities.

This palette of different divisions is united by a common vision - to make radical change and progress in the digital asset industry. For that purpose, Delphi is in constant search of bold and intellectually curious people in this field. The company prides itself on its fully remote, decentralized structure that offers fully flexible hours to its talented and passionate employees.

Transparency is one of the primary values of Delphi Digital that makes the company stand out from the competition. For instance, the Research team makes sure to offer a clear disclosure of the digital assets represented in the reports that are in its possession.

Apart from that, in case an analyst wants to sell a token mentioned in a report before its publication, they are obliged to offer upfront disclosure of this activity in the preface of the report. As for the period after the publication, no analyst is allowed to sell any of the tokens mentioned in the span of 3 days.

The main objective of Delphi Labs is to create projects with the most valuable investment in the industry. The whole collective consciousness is channeled in these projects, which cover several vital strategies in the future of cryptos - such as economic and strategy audits, risk management, token design, and economic dashboards.

The thorough understanding of crypto networks has allowed the Delphi team to cooperate with some of the most acclaimed brands in the field. By prioritizing a transparent relationship with partnering companies and clients, Delphi Digital holds a unique position in the fast-growing crypto industry.

Delphi Digital aims for complete objectivity in its reports, therefore the company doesn’t gain compensation for the content contained in its Research subscription product. Entities, companies, or protocols promoted don’t provide the company with any reimbursement - the only source of fees for the brand is through paying subscribers.

Cash-infusion Is Always Welcomed

Four years after its foundation, Delphi Digital has acquired a total capital of $5M in its only venture fund, Delphi InfinNFT. This funding round took place in May 2021.

In its essence, Delphi InfinNFT was a new investment wing dedicated to the production of nonfungible tokens and the NFT ecosystem. The venture fund in question invested the capital for the purpose of supporting NFT marketplaces, NFT infrastructure, social tokens, DAOs, fractionalization, and all other possible progress that can occur during the investment cycle.

The team was supposed to be strengthened by the acclaimed NFT collector GMoney. According to the Delphi Digital management team, NFTs and OpenSea are playing a vital part in supporting transaction numbers and a dynamic climate in the crypto industry, leading to increased token movement and swaps. The final result of this process is removing tokens from circulation, commonly known as crypto coin burning. Crypto Research for the Win

Delphi’s global team of experts in data analysis provides a thorough, accurate, and efficient assessment of projects, tackling their cultural impact and economical models. The company’s Ecosystem of Venture Investments covers various key sectors from the digital market.

The Delphi Labs department offers in-depth reports with all the essential points of data analysis and early-market insights. The team uses unique data tools to inspect third-party data to give clients the advantage they seek.

The Future of Delphi Digital

As of today, Delphi Digital has more than 20 analysts and researchers on an international level that attract more than 30,000 readers with around 700 market-wide reports. With Anil Lulla as Chief Operating Officer, Medio Demarco as Head of Research, and Tom Shaughnessy in Ventures - the company is a cutting-edge leader specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain research.

Headquartered in the New York metropolitan area in Northeastern US, the company employs around 100 workers.

Aware of the importance of social platforms, the Delphi team focuses on providing social access and informative podcasts for its clients. By gaining exclusive access to the Telegram and Discord channels, customers can now learn all things blockchain and crypto from Delphi’s expert community.

As the popularity of Ethereum and NFT activity is rising, Delphi Digital plans an international expansion of its influence concerning these assets.

Delphi Digita remains one of the most trustworthy competitors in the blockchain market. With a top-notch reputation that gives Delphi the status of a successful outsourced investment team, the company is producing insights for the most acclaimed investors in the digital asset industry.