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Four Springs Capital Trust: Quality Real Estate at Its Best


Four Springs Capital Trust has arrived to make the impossible possible!

Many individuals struggle to locate reputable real estate companies, and as a result, many of them wind up with a bad one or one that does not provide the services required. Fortunately, Four Spring Capital Trust is of high-quality character!

It is a self-managed real estate investment trust that focuses on purchasing, holding, and actively managing a portfolio of single-tenants - and only high-quality services are what they provide! And we have Spencer Segura to thank.

Putting your assets in trust relieves your beneficiaries of the worry of having to petition the court for a guardian if you are unable to manage your assets - it also shields your heirs from the costs of probate.

Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about Spencer’s journey to success.

The Start of a Successful Career

On July 6, 2012, Four Springs Capital Trust was established as a Maryland Real Estate Investment Trust company. It is located in Lake Como, Florida, United States.

The company was started with the idea of building and managing diversified portfolios of single-tenants - an excellent idea that has helped the company become one of the top Real Estate companies in the world today.

Founded by Spencer Segura, Four Springs Capital Trust had evolved into a company that’s an example to many newcomers in the business, however, the path to development was quite tough at times. Without caving in, Spencer Segura was certain he could lead the company to its pinnacle!

Spencer Segura graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Juris Doctor’s degree from Loyola Law School where he accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

Spencer Segura has been with the company since its inception; he is the man who has been dedicated to creating a globally recognized company. Spencer is a multi-talented individual who, without a doubt, would not have been able to develop the company to its current state without possessing creativity and openmindedness.

As for Spencer’s previous working experience, he acted as the managing director of Spencer Trask Ventures, Inc., handling the growth and financing of a number of early-stage companies. Before Spencer Trask, Spencer worked in the financial services industries - the one company that Spencer really shined while working for was Oppenheimer & Co.

Being a restless entrepreneur, willing to tackle different fields of business, Spencer has found his place in Imthera Medical Inc. - a company manufacturing neurostimulation medical devices to treat sleep apnea. Spencer is also co-founder of companies such as Next Level Communications, Arrive Technologies, Faroudja, and Prospect Medical.

The Company’s Key to Success

First and foremost, Spenser’s dedication and strategies implemented in the organization of the company proved to be the key to success.

Four Springs Capital Trust deals with creating and executing rigorous procedures and processes that incorporate the examination of real estate features, tenant credit, and lease structure of each property.

The company assesses all the properties' suitability for different uses. Four Springs Capital Trust also assesses the tenant’s credit profile by concentrating on data relevant to their financial status and industry - they assess the tenant’s current and historical financial statements, which only goes to show that the company means business.

The company operates with assets that provide advantages over other types of commercial real estate because of the relative stability of long-term lease income flows - as well as lower property-level expenses.

Fours Springs Capital Trust usually looks for properties with purchase value ranging from $5 million to $25 million since the company believes there is much less competition when large properties are involved.

Staying Savvy

Despite its various competitors, Four Spring Capital Trust aimed to establish itself as one of the most well-known real estate companies on the market. Instead of being afraid of the competition, Spencer became even more motivated to succeed.

What set Four Springs Capital Trust apart from the competition is the company’s commitment to quality from the very start. Spencer’s company was looking for single-tenant net lease properties in the United States that were leased to trustworthy tenants. Moreover, the company was more than interested in long-lasting lease agreements, ones signed on more than 10 years, which meant the rent would only increase and lead to profit for the company. Four Springs Capital Trust is primarily operating with industrial, medical, service/retail, and office properties.

The company’s portfolio is diverse, not only in terms of industry, tenants, and locations but also in terms of property type which sets the company apart from other competitors, like Capstone, Acadia, Inland, and Regency Centers.

Four Springs Capital Trust is always on the lookout for changes in the tenant’s credit and industrial trends - another feature that separates the firm from the rest.

Garnering A-list Tenants

Four Spring Capital Trust is exclusively working with the highest-quality tenants.

One of the main reasons for that is that it fosters trust in individuals, allowing the company to achieve its highest levels of success. As a result, the company is dealing with a total funding sum of $425 million.

Among the finest Four Springs Capital Trust’s tenants are Bio Life, Dollar General, Horizon Healthcare, CVS Caremark, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, and many others.

Four Springs Capital Trust is an active buyer that acts fast, proceeds professionally from due diligence to closing, and is an all-cash buyer in addition to doing business with top-notch tenants.

The company is also committed to purchasing built-to-suit properties that are currently under construction - which offers tenants even more choices. Four Springs Capital Trust provides development funding for a limited number of built-to-suit projects.

Making Progress in the Right Direction

Four Springs Capital Trust is a self-managed real estate investment trust that specializes in buying, holding, and actively managing a single-tenant portfolio.

The company’s commitment and organizational initiatives were critical to its triumph. Since the company’s founding on July 6, 2012, Spencer Segara has been on hand to make the seemingly impossible possible. Spencer’s desire to attain nothing less than excellence in the realm of real estate was what set his company apart from the rest on the market.

Having quality as the primary goal for doing business, the company’s current level of public trust is bound to move up, securing its place among the best of the best.

Boasting an impressive real estate portfolio that encompasses properties of all kinds, in different locations but of the utmost quality, is what enables the company to persist in the ruthless world of real estate.

Besides being quality-oriented, Four Springs Capital Trust is also committed to buying under-construction properties, which results in even more opting for the future tenants.

Headquartered in Lake Como, New Jersey, the company employs around 25 people, all working towards moving the company higher on the ladder of success.

Investing in Four Springs Capital Trust is a smart way to diversify one’s portfolio beyond standard equities and bonds, so next time an investment opportunity comes knocking, give Four Springs Capital Trust a go.