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Clean Power Hydrogen Group: Fueling the World With Clean Power


The need for a savior arose with the thoughtless acts that led to irreversible damage to nature.

Power sources stain our waters, lands, and air, increasing the carbon footprint to a staggering height. Fast forward to 2012, the period in time when Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott decided to take matters into their own hands.

By setting the foundations of a tech company called Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2), the world was to get one step closer to a cleaner tomorrow, thanks to the company’s purpose of contributing to utilizing a greener energy source using hydrogen.

Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott from Doncaster, UK, founded a company meant to impact the future significantly, producing hydrogen to serve as an energy source that’ll be more cost-efficient and cleanse the air for future generations.

Continue reading the story of two visionaries that dreamed of a greener tomorrow.

Skills Forging a Green Alliance

Nigel Williamson was born during the 40s. Growing up, Nigel always had a keen eye for details, constantly out and about discovering something new to quench his curiosity. As time passed, Nigel finished his primary and secondary education with outstanding performance.

To prevent his thirst for knowledge from ceasing, Nigel started attending Sheffield Hallam University. He emerged as a holder of a Bachelor’s and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy and Engineering.

Besides his master's and doctoral diplomas, Nigel has always had a special place in his heart for archeology and anthropology.

On the other hand, Ireland-born and raised Joe Scott is the brain behind production and machining technology. Born a decade after Nigel, young Joe’s interests primarily revolved around technology. Growing up in a world that hadn’t yet witnessed the limits of technology, Joe would constantly dream of achieving great things.

Although much is unknown about Joe’s educational journey, his colleagues describe him as the go-to person for product development and design. His skills for innovation have attracted tech giants like Apple, Intel, and Motorola to seek his services.

As mysterious as life’s paths are, those of Nigel and John crossed for a greater cause—to devise a method for eliminating harmful energy sourcing, clearing the air for a better tomorrow.

Joe Scott was the one who forged the foundations of Clean Power Hydrogen in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the company started to break through.

Money Makes the World Turn

Starting a company that’ll revolutionize the way energy is produced is a pretty tall order to fill for anyone in the business. But, with a clear vision, things will start making sense soon enough.

Answering the call for a new way of energy production, Nigel and Joe set themselves on a journey that’d put them on the map of eco-friendly and ground-breaking firms.

However, simply being a visionary doesn’t make a dream come true. It also takes a lot of effort for the world to finally witness a sustainable future.

A year after its founding, Clean Power Hydrogen, or CPH2, for short, participated in its first funding round, a seed round, gathering an undisclosed amount of money, courtesy of West Hill Capital.

Two years later, the same investment company participated in another funding round for CPH2, investing more undisclosed funds. Overall, CPH2 managed to amass $41 M in total to put towards the cause.

Although CPH2 plans on going public with its shares, an exact date isn’t yet proclaimed. The idea behind filing for an IPO comes from the need for the further fortification of the finances, which will open doors to new research and product design.

Lastly, in 2022, CPH2 raised £30M from an undisclosed investor, boosting the company’s financials significantly.

With the greens in their pockets, Nigel and Joe were all set to start climbing their way up the ladder of success.

Making Way for Progress

After getting sufficient funds to finally start making the difference they dreamed of, Joe and Nigel caught the attention of like-minded individuals and started working on that revolutionary idea.

The business-savvy duo, Nigel and Joe, put their heads together and got to work. Joe was in charge of production and design, while Nigel was the one that conveyed the research and brainstormed the development of CPH2’s unique hydrogen technology.

CPH2 presented hydrogen to the world in a new light. Since the precious chemical element is utterly valuable but not produced on its own, CPH2 devised a plan for a technology that’d manufacture hydrogen, opening the doors to many new ways of using it.

Thanks to the fact that hydrogen can be found in water and methane and propane, electrolysis can be employed to extract the valuable chemical element in a gas form and use it to the planet’s advantage.

Hydrogen is the key to the decarbonization of the planet—and CPH2 planned to make use of the fact.

Creating Endless Options for a Greener Horizon

CPH2 started amassing significant attention and interest from industries like the power industry, manufacturing, transport and machinery, commerce and retail, and hydroculture.

All vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, and trains can work on hydrogen. Not only popular, everyday motorized vehicles, but off-road vehicles, forklifts, airport ground support equipment, generators, and agricultural machinery can all be hydrogen-fuelled.

CPH2’s technology combines their patented Membrane-Free Electrolyser (MFE) with a cryogenic detachment to yield pure hydrogen and oxygen as separate gasses.

The system is simple, safe, and sustainable. The employed technology is versatile and adaptable for various applications, and when fitted by renewable electricity, the technology produces green hydrogen. These attributes make the CPH2 solution the most cost-effective alternative to PEM electrolyzers used so far.

Facilities like shopping malls, medical centers, supermarkets, stores, and offices should go green and aid the planet by taking advantage of the merits of hydrogen.

The Winds of Change Are Blowing

With all of the prospects of using hydrogen to replace outdated energy sources, if taken into consideration, we could get one step closer to breathing cleaner air.

Thanks to more like-minded companies that won’t rest until our world is a shade greener, CPH2 is making way for progress.

Being part of associations like Hydrogen Council, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, Hydrogen London, and Innovate UK, among others, CPH2 has got its back covered by many influential players.

Headquartered in Doncaster, United Kingdom, CPH2 has expanded its offices in other locations in the city, offering employment to dozens of people. All individuals share the same idea and keep the Clean Power Hydrogen up and running.

Being able to withstand the competition coming from companies like Ecolog International, Utilities NextEra, and Iberdrola, among others, only proves that CPH2 is aiming to make sure the changes benefit the whole world.

Final Words

Today, Nigel holds the position of Director of Technology, making way for Johnatan Duffy to take the wheel and fully commercialize the company as of 2020.

Both Nigel and Joe are still the shareholders at CPH2. Still, fresh new faces have become part of the company’s board of directors, ensuring the original plan for a greener tomorrow stays on track.

Since its establishment, Clean Power Hydrogen Group has been winning rewards and selling their membrane-free electrolyzer to businesses, including Atome and AFCryo. For the future, the company’s highest aim is making fossil fuels obsolete, replacing them with hydrogen-powered inventions.

And, who knows, maybe green hydrogen will soon become the main power source in our homes!