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Masomo: Games That Captured Gamers' Hearts!


As the number of entertainment companies grows, it makes sense to settle down with a reliable creator whose video games will consistently deliver above and beyond. If you’re looking for such a video game producer, sit tight as we unfold the story of Masomo – a Miniclip subsidiary!

Ibrahim Akman saw the need for a gaming business that could fuse the perks of real-time and multiplayer games, and he founded Masomo in 2015. Launched in Izmir, Masomo is a company specializing in the gaming area and looking to make a boom in the mobile game landscape. So far, the mobile game developer has attracted millions of customers worldwide.

Masomo entered the internet world silently but reached a success that inspired many young entrepreneurs to venture out. To learn the motivating story of Ibrahim Akman, a businessman unafraid and unrestricted in following his dreams, stay with us and keep reading!

Born to Win

Ibrahim was born in Turkey in 1985. As a young boy, Ibrahim loved playing games with his friends outside his home in Izmir. When Ibrahim started school, he discovered the beauty of sharing different school project ideas with classmates, awakening his team-player spirit.

While Ibrahim was in secondary school, he used to complete internet projects, as he found them exciting and challenging. Although Ibrahim had a soft spot for modern technology, he received undergraduate education in Finance and Economics, starting his first job in the municipality.

Eventually, Ibrahim focused on improving his software and graphic design skills. To boost his knowledge, he enrolled in a few courses. Unfortunately, he felt he didn’t belong there initially and was adamant about pursuing a different field.

In 2006, Ibrahim gained some experience in web development, and in 2012 he founded Izmo Company, which developed and produced projects and managed the contents of those projects. Once Ibrahim gained sufficient experience in entrepreneurship, he was ready to move on.

After successfully establishing his first startup, Ibrahim realized he could create the company of his dreams – however, with help from people familiar with the particular field.

Trust the Process

Ibrahim crafted the perfect strategy for establishing a new startup, hired highly experienced software and graphic designers, and founded Masomo in 2015. Masomo's team started working in a small office in Izmir, a charming place that turned out to be a productive environment and a breeding ground for novel ideas.

Ibrahim and his team began designing online games immediately, and he managed to create the title Head Ball in 2014 – before founding Masomo. The game had a great start; in 2017, Google Play Store added it to its inventory.

However, Ibrahim had some new ideas, and the team started updating the viral Head Ball. Thanks to the much-needed software updates, the Online Head Ball game became one of the best mobile games, and Ibrahim was more than happy with the success Masomo had reached.

The fanbase grew with the speed of light, eventually hitting over 1 million users. So, in April 2018, Masomo launched Head Ball 2. After long months of hard work, discipline, and dedication, Head Ball 2 became one of the leading social games for mobile in gaming history.

But, what exactly is social gaming? Social gaming refers to face-to-face indoor or outdoor games, including video games requiring social interaction among the players.

After Head Ball, Masomo released many other viral titles, such as Basketball Arena. But who is responsible for such an immense and successful gaming library?

Partnership That Inspires

The team behind Masimo only kept growing with time. In 2019, Miniclip, a developer and publisher of mobile games, completed the acquisition of Ibrahim's Masomo. Ibrahim retained his position as CEO, working alongside Robert Small – Miniclip's CEO.

Robert and Ibrahim revealed that they were thrilled about the prospects of working together. They were ready to create a hit that could "unleash the gamer" in everyone.

With joint forces, Miniclip and Masomo kept promoting existing games and developing new titles to attract global audiences.

Masomo got a new office in London, and the number of employees and customers increased proportionally. The company became a great workplace as the team proposed many new ideas, positive energy, and a driven atmosphere.

Unlike other businesses, the pandemic proved super beneficial for Masomo gaming, as people worldwide focused more on playing games online. The company gained more customers, which increased the number of game downloads significantly.

Head Ball 2 became one of the most downloaded online games, an enormous milestone for Masomo. Of course – the company wouldn't be so successful if the CEO of the company didn't motivate its employees with various team-building activities.

Work Hard, Party Harder!

Today, Masomo is a prominent interactive entertainment company with offices in the UK and Turkey, specifically London and Turkey. It develops sports-focused multiplayer games, and its leading titles are Head Ball 2 and Online Head, which have been downloaded over 60M times.

Online Head Ball enters the circle of the five most-played Turkish games in the world, and gamers from 88 countries play it regularly. Head Ball 2 reached over 5 million players globally and continues to grow fast.

The well-known Head Ball 2 has held the title of the number one among social gaming apps and the game of the day for iOS players many times.

Each member of the Masomo family works equally hard to follow the trends in the mobile games market and the technology, sports, and advertising industries. The entire team focuses on creating a top-leading IP, celebrating each of their company's successes together.

The team has about 100 employees that work synchronized, and it is a highly professional private company that offers superb entertainment for each customer.

Many competitors, including Chaos Interactive, Tag Games, and Nitrome, wish to reach the level Masomo has, but they need to catch up.

Masomo has a specially designed system of work, continually improving its products to be on track with the latest trends. They especially showed they meant business when players started protesting against cheaters and bots in the games. Thankfully, the team is highly present on social media and promptly responds to complaints.

So, what is the net worth of Masomo today? Let's explore.

Masomo IPO

As a private company, the mobile game developer has been in the gaming industry since 2015, and it is currently testing and specializing in computer and mobile games. In January 2019, one of the top video and mobile game development companies in the UK, Miniclip, bought Masomo for $100 million.

Masomo is a successful company with a tremendous annual revenue ranging between 100K and 5.0M. With thousands of active users, Masomo's profit will keep growing in the future.

People worldwide massively download the Masomo games, lifting the company to a higher level. Soon it may become a public company, but they haven’t announced that yet! What else can we expect from Masomo?

Masomo’s Future Plans

Masomo builds mobile games that work flawlessly on tablets and smartphones, focusing on the social gaming aspect. Founded in 2015 in Izmir, the company has offices in London and Istanbul, and they also plan to open new offices in other parts of the world.

The talented team of successful and skilled individuals, Masomo, has already developed a few games, but they plan to enrich their game library pretty soon.

The passion for gaming is endless, and you may see fun online games specially designed for a population under 18. With the awe-inspiring community Masomo belongs to, its primary aim is to reach over 100 million players.

The other games in the works will be available online soon, so prepare for the excitement. And who knows, maybe Masomo one day will grow into a unicorn!