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Eyeware: The Tiny, All-Mighty Solution for Eye-Tracking Software


If there’s a way to enhance the deep tech industry, Eyeware knows it!

Did you know that the oldest webcam in the world was introduced in 1994? Can you imagine the hype that it created?

Well, in 28 years, the technology revolving around webcams has massively evolved and offered web users a whole new experience.

Tech companies in the smartphone business, as well as those in deep tech, are looking for cameras and 3D sensor novelties that can be seamlessly incorporated into products.

Among the companies that offer such novelties is Eyeware - a Switzerland-found software company that manufactures high-definition head and eye-tracking software using computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology.

Continue reading the exciting story of two techies, Kenneth Funes Mora and Serban Mogos, the two founders of Eyeware who reinvented the eye-tracking software industry in the best possible way.

The Young Men Behind the Success

As young boys, both Kenneth and Serban dreamed of traveling and exploring the corners of the world. Born in different parts of the world - Kenneth was born in Costa Rica, while Serban was born in Romania.

Faith brought these two knowledge-driven youngsters together for a shared dream.

The Genius from Costa Rica

Even when young Kenneth grew up in lush Costa Rica, he strived for something more. From a young age, Kenneth was curious about how things worked and grew fond of technology and all of its bits and pieces.

Wanting to do more with his life and contribute to favorable global chances, Kenneth chose to pursue his higher education elsewhere in the world - the choice landed on Switzerland.

Kenneth studied hard and earned himself a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2015 while also holding a research assistant position at Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. Kenneth’s knowledge-hungry spirit led him to become the author of over 10 scientific papers.

Always eager to learn more, Kenneth went on and obtained multiple Erasmus Mundus MSc degrees in Computer Vision and Robotics in 2010 from Université de Bourgogne, Universitat de Girona, and Heriot-Watt University.

Talk about being thirsty for knowledge, right?

From Romania to the World

Across the world, in Romania, Serban was growing up as a shy child that loved to read and explore. As years went by, Serban wanted to see what else was there in the world and chose to enroll at The University of Sheffield, earning himself a BSc in Computer Science.

Next up, Serban’s educational journey continued in France, where he enrolled at the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, earning the title of International Master in Management of IT.

You would think Serban would rest for a while with all the knowledge gathering, but, oh, no.

Serban's next stop on the knowledge prowl was Turun Yliopisto - the University of Turku, where he earned a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration, then continued at Tilburg University to get his Master’s degree in Information Management.

The penultimate educational stop for Serban was Portugal, at the Instituto Superior Técnico, acquiring a Ph.D. in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship.

And finally, Serban attended Carnegie Mellon University, earning himself a Ph.D. in Strategy & Entrepreneurship.

A Chance Encounter that Started It All

Browsing the world for top-notch education, Serban and Kenneth met while Kenneth was doing his research on developing eye-tracking methodologies for general consumer use. The results from Kenneth’s research led both to realize that there was a more affordable solution to developing eye-tracking solutions.

Serban was over the moon when he met another fellow trailblazer and supported Kenneth’s vision for a future of human-computer interaction.

Both of them started working together to convert the research project into a product, or a company, which made perfect sense for Eyeware to enter the scene in September 201 from Switzerland.

Funding the Dream

Geared up on knowledge and will, Kenneth and Serban knew they had to support their idea financially. Not being able to provide the finances themselves, the passionate entrepreneurs turned to fund rounds.

Eyeware went through a seed funding round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), TRUMPF Venture GmbH, Swiss Startup Group AG, and Zurich Kantonalbank and managed to raise $1.9 million.

Now that the funds were in, Eyeware was stocked and locked to make a boom. However, fundings were not all it took for Eyeware to become a successful company. Truth be told, many other challenges were in stock for Kenneth and Serbian.

The Tracking Begins

The year is 2016, and Kenneth and Serban are well on their way to launching Eyeware. Wanting to present their ingenuity to the world, the two entrepreneurs took matters into their own hands and showcased what their products could do.

Kenneth and Serban wanted to make clear that there’s no need for expensive hardware to understand human attention in 3D environments. Their product can be directly applied to several industries like robotics, research, gaming, advertising, and more.

The Eyeware software can pinpoint the direction a person is looking at and use the data to analyze attention to objects and yield content, or even control user interfaces with eye gaze.

Serban and Kenneth are utterly proud of the uniqueness of their product, which is patent-pending. The young co-founders are currently awaiting the licensing of the technology for implementation into user products and are open to collaboration.

Trailblazing the Road to Success

When Kenneth and Serban decided to shake up things in the deep tech industry, they were prepared for the obstacles along the way. One of the biggest hurdles they had to jump over was teaching the world the perks of using eye-tracking software for user-centered industries, like companies in the smartphone and computer sectors.

Thanks to the ingenuity of their products, investors and end-users became interested in the novelty, so the good news about Eyeware spread like wildfire.

Companies like Eyegaze, Smart Eye, and Seeing Machines were posing a threat to the existence of Eyeware. Still, both Serban and Kenneth believed in their product and knew that people would find it helpful and, what’s or important, affordable.

Where to Next?

As Serban states, Eyeware is currently devising a strategy to help the company reach new audiences across different locations in the US. Looking to partner up with forward-looking companies like theirs, Serban and Kenneth are networking long and hard to bring the perks of Eyeware closer to companies.

The latest corporate achievement of Eyeware happened in 2022 with the collaboration with AMD to power a new PC privacy application with head and eye tracking.

The Deep Tech Industry Will Never Be the Same Again

From 2016 onward, Kenneth and Serban stood by their product and put all their knowledge and trust in it. Thanks to the financial boost of their investors, the two young entrepreneurs were able to design the software they believed will alter the perception of eye-tracking software.

Computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, simulators, and more — Eyeware can be integrated almost everywhere, bringing a new meaning to eye-tracking.

Today, Kenneth acts as the company’s CEO and co-founder, while Serban holds the COO and co-founder position and is presently responsible for strategy, fundraising, and product management. Kenneth manages the team, devises the methods and technology, and shapes Eyeware’s future endeavors.

Headquartered in Martigny, Switzerland, Eyeware is the proud employer of nearly 25 people from different backgrounds in technology, natural sciences, HR, business administration, and others.

As long as young minds can see years ahead, we can only hope the next best thing is as close to perfection as Eyeware.