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CrazyLabs: A Billion-Dollar Mobile Game Developer


Children adore using mobile devices and downloading game apps that can keep them distracted for hours. And while the number of mobile game developers is abundant, rarely do they offer the type of entertainment or quality you seek.

Fortunately, Sagi Schliesser, Nir Bejerano, and Oran Kushnir have cracked the code, uniting their comprehensive knowledge of education and children’s psychology, and founded CrazyLabs in 2011.

CrazyLabs is a global gaming company with more than 4B downloads and 110M users per month. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company is growing extremely fast.

The company identifies opportunities in the mobile game app market and constantly updates its game library to match current quality standards.

If you’d like to learn how CrazyLabs established its place in the overcrowded mobile game industry and saw imminent success, continue reading.

The Journey of Finding the Right Time

Sagi grew up in Israel, and by the time he could read and write, he was already in love with the written word. His teachers at school recognized his passion for writing and motivated him to follow his dream, as Sagi was a child with diligence.

After finishing high school, Sagi joined Tel Aviv University and received his BA in Psychology and BSc in Computer Science. Sagi loves learning new things and following the latest trends, and he also holds an MBA in Organizational Psychology and MSC in Computer Science.

Just before Sagi finished his education years, he joined a B2B startup and kickstarted his remarkable career. In 2009, Sagi became an advisory board member in JGrog Ltd., and while gaining experience, he learned that businesses are "all about people."

Dreaming of something more that would feed his soul and not just fill his pocket, Sagi wrote a children's book. His book, "Hi-Tech Dad," was an enormous success, and Sagi sold 1,000 copies and raised the money he later donated to a charity organization.

“Hi-Tech Dad” gave Sagi a marvelous idea, and in 2009 he founded TabTale, whose first product was a great interactive kids' book for iPad. Sagi was ecstatic because he achieved the first 500,000 downloads of the book with no external funding. Soon he developed some interesting educational games for children and saw that the interest in online games was much higher than he thought.

New Focus, New Name, New Scores

Eventually, Sagi decided it was time for a change and reimagined the company name and goal. Together with Nir Bejerano and Oran Kushnir as Co-Founders, they launched CrazyLabs in 2010.

Nir holds a BSc degree in Physics and Computer Science and, as an experienced game developer, was happy to be part of the project. Oran is proficient in mobile applications and a brilliant entrepreneur who has a gift for motivating the company team and pushing them to be more productive.

Soon after the trio introduced CrazyLabs to the market, the company made its initial steps into the gaming market and made a tremendous impact. It wasn’t a secret that the company’s success resulted from developing quality gaming content, and Sagi was proud of it.

What Games CrazyLabs Offers

CrazyLabs focuses on developing hyper-casual games, interactive tools, and tablet games for kids. The team behind the brand pivoted and learned to create games for the app store, so the company quickly abandoned the educational concept.

After deep research, Sagi and his team expanded their selection with hyper-casual games that kids and adults can play in a minute. Games like Fridge Organizing and ASMR Slicing are great examples of this and some of their most popular titles.

CrazyLabs also made some Lifestyle games, including fashion titles like DIY Fashion and Super Stylist, which were a real hit. Titles like Jumanji, based on real-life brands and TV shows, also skyrocketed in popularity.

From the very first moment, CrazyLabs started gaining tons of visitors, thanks to the fun games on its platform. Sagi believes that all the games are equally entertaining, and each attracts a specific audience. However, games such as Coin Rush, 2 for 2, Light it Up, Run Sausage Run, and Amaze! are among the favorites for most users.

A Huge Leap Forward

Sagi felt proud of the success level CrazyLabs had reached. He signed several partnerships with well-known companies to launch a new game category. Under its agreement with Sony Pictures, Crazy Labs launched Charlie’s Angels and Jumanji: The Next Level, which charmed and engaged film fans who enjoy playing games.

To offer gamers a new fantasy experience, in 2020, CrazyLabs also revealed that they planned to launch new titles. Once Upon a Match and a super adventurous Fairytale Match-3 puzzle game are just two titles of the new fantasy games.

Trials and Tribulations

In 2021, Sagi and Nir fired Oran from the board, so he decided to sue CrazyLabs. CrazyLabs countersued Oran for stealing business ideas and IP for his new company GOE. However, Sagi didn’t waste his energy on the process - he focused on making new partnerships.

Sagi and his team worked hard and made a huge jump forward, joining forces with the Embracer family and the DECA Group. CrazyLabs keeps working as an independent group, enjoying its role as a developer and publisher of products made by external development partners and internal studios.

Compete with the Rest, but Enjoy Being the Best

The mobile games market is endless, and many companies manage to reach the level of success that CrazyLabs has. Some of the most popular CrazyLabs competitors are Games2win Media and Say Games, but with its unique concept and innovation, CrazyLabs stands out from the crowd.

CrazyLabs counts about 250 employees in its studios worldwide. Founded in Israel 12 years ago, the company has offices in Ukraine, Germany, Macedonia, and China and five gaming hubs located in Serbia, Turkey, Israel, India, and Cape Town.

This year, the company hits five billion downloads and has over 200M unique users per month. The number of its users, game titles, and downloads keep increasing, and the revenue grows proportionally.

CrazyLabs: Financing and IPO

With CrazyLabs games, the company's revenue increased by more than 50% during the last few years. The company has been profitable for ten years, and in January 2013, CrazyLabs' valuation was $5.29M.

So far, CrazyLabs has raised $13.5M thanks to Qualcomm Ventures, Vintage, and Magma, and its latest funding round took place on August 5, 2021.

There are always colossal sums when we talk about CrazyLabs, as this company is raking in the money. In an interview in 2020, Sagi announced that CrazyLabs managed to accumulate over $100M in revenue.

CrazyLabs is also an investor, and in 2020, the company invested in Firescore Interactive. A year later, Embracer Group acquired CrazyLabs, and its share price today is around $7.

CrazyLabs: Future Plans

CrazyLabs is a company that doesn’t let its customers get bored and always has some new invention up its sleeve. As a publisher of family and children’s apps, CrazyLabs produces interactive games, e-books, and educational activities for children.

Sagi and his team of experts have made a lot of partnerships so far and have acquired five companies, but they won’t stop this practice soon. The company will keep expanding in new countries and continents, engaging and entertaining many people who enjoy playing mobile games.

Offering various challenges and tons of attractive prizes for the best gamers on the platform, soon, you can expect that the number of unique visits and downloads will hit the sky, not just the roof!