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Wheels: More Than Just a Ride


Over the last 5 years, the "last mile" of the transportation business has become incredibly congested.

The world is changing, and so is the way of transport. The companies started offering low-cost rides on modern bikes and electronic scooters, but they also got into expensive battles for more prestigious offers and more clients.

Once people got used to getting around using modern scooters and bikes instead of their cars, the two brothers Joshua and Jonathan Viner together with Chris Stavlas felt that it was about time for a next-generation player when they created their new E-bike company.

Launched in 2018, Wheels is most famous as the first safety micro-mobility company that brings the fun and joy of the ride to urban areas and turned into a real hit.

But how did they manage to launch and lead such a glorious business? What is their recipe for success? If you are curious to find the answers, keep reading!

Wonder Brothers

Joshua Viner was a quiet kid. Since he was young, he was good at finding a solution for each problem. This unique skill developed into a driving force in his life, and Joshua grew up as a great serial tech entrepreneur. He tried finding himself in various business areas, from creating a giant global social platform to a pet care service, but Joshua will keep doing that in the future, too.

Unlike Joshua, Jonathan was a noisy boy. He has focused on living a healthier way of life since he was young. As blood is thicker than water, just like his brother Joshua, Jonathan got a taste of the internet sphere and became a well-known social media beast. From creating games and dating platforms, Jonathan felt inspired enough to set up an e-bike company that will wake up the need for living a healthier and happier life.

Jonathan and Joshua, the brain of the Viner family, had an enormous experience in the modern business when they met Chris, who holds a Financial economics degree from the University of Rochester, and agreed to become a co-founder of the Wheels company. The main idea behind creating Wheels was to influence people’s lives by offering a better alternative than the famous electric mobility variants on the market.

Once the three musketeers, Jonathan, Joshua, and Chris, put their original ideas on paper, they agreed to launch the Wheels platform in West Hollywood, California, in 2018.

Wheels Start Turning

Wheels showed up in 2018, and the same year it stood out from the crowd, providing a safer and more comfortable alternative for moving around the city.

Soon after, the company expanded to San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Austin, Cleveland, Scottsdale, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Texas A&M, as well as to Stockholm, in Sweden.

2019 was a vital year for Joshua, Jonathan, and Chris. This winning team gained a holistic view of the transport market, instead of focusing on only one population segment, and that opened their eyes to new ideas. The three young made great advertisements, and soon the popularity of their product charmed almost all age groups.

Jonathan moved a step forward, and Wheels started working closely with local representatives to make sure they were rolling out their product to a massive group of consumers. As experienced CEOs, Jonathan, Joshua, and Chris used an ideal strategy to win, instead of duping other products on the streets of the US, waiting for the dream to come true.

While everything was going according to Jonathan, Joshua, and Chris's plan, 2020 came to cause problems in all business areas. Luckily, Joshua’s problem-solving skills turned out to be super practical, and Wheels continues its mission without being harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joshua was proud that he started Wheels, with the purpose to combine culture and technology to drive a more pleasurable transportation infrastructure for a smooth ride towards tomorrow.

The More The Merrier

The Wheels team announced that the company entered a partnership with Lime. So, from 2020, Wheels is accessible for rides via both the Wheels App and the Lime App in selected locations. Jonathan revealed that they are more than happy that Lime has recognized the safety they offer, and they are well on their way to ensuring that each adult individual has an option to access and use safe micro-mobility options.

2021 showed out to be a super-successful year for Wheels, and the company earned considerable revenue. As the profit grew, the number of employees rose as well. Jonathan, the president of the company, hired some professionals from their rival companies because Wheels is a company that appreciates knowledge and expertise, as well as the previous experience of their employees.

Wheels became a family of over 500 people and the number 1 choice for thousands of customers. With smart heads like Jonathan, Joshua, and Chris, the market didn’t expect anything less fruitful!

Wheels is highly recognized for its efforts and countless research as well as development hours on producing and servicing models, among the other positive aspects it has. This innovation-driven company has also developed a smart helmet system that fits flawlessly onto bicycles. The helmet is suitable for both women and men, knowing that half of the Wheels customers are women or men older than 30.

Money Makes the Wheels Turn

The bicycle and electric scooter rental market is crowded with different companies, including Lyft, Uber, Bird, and other local companies. Although all of these Wheels’ rival companies offer similar services, they are all different.

The team behind Wheels is highly experienced and never leaves things to chance. Wheels always go a step further than the competition. Namely, the company stands out from the competitions thanks to the fact that Wheels customers can sit while they ride their bikes. While e-scooters offer great fun, bikes are the safer option.

Wheels works are backed by fantastic $37 million investment capital. It works with investors, including Tenaya Capital, Crosscut Capital, Bullpen Capital, and 3L Capital, but they refuse to reveal the names of the popular strategic investors.

Although $37 million is an enormous sum for most startups, Jonathan’s Wheels faces competitors that are even worth billions. Jonathan and Joshua have already proved that they are able to raise plenty of capital, and it’s not a surprise that they will do the same for Wheels.

In 2019, they announced an impressive $50 million funding round, and in this round, Wheels raised $87 million. Wheels, the platform that provides hybrid e-vehicles with a smooth design, featuring charging points for smartphones, swappable parts, and built-in speakers that use Bluetooth, is the proud beneficiary of a total funding amount equal to $96.3 million.

Where Are the Wheels Headed?

With over 500 employees, Wheels has plans to keep growing and expanding.

During the next few years, the company plans to launch new markets in the USA and across Europe. They are open to innovations, so they don’t exclude the chance for designing a new product similar to their handy helmet that will boost customers’ safety on the road.

Thanks to the innovation-driven spirit of the founders, Wheels has slowly but surely become one of those companies that started with a single idea that fueled massive demand for a safer way of in-city travel.

The spirit and functionality of Wheels are in the DNA of the way we all live, play, and work together every day, and the team behind this company will continue to feed this energy, heartbeat, and pulse of how citizens move today!