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BeeReaders Inc.: A Unique Play-and-Learn Experience


Educational content that’s fun and playful?! - Sí, por favor!

Well, here is a company that can entertain you while you learn how to habla. BeeReaders Inc. is the company we're talking about!

BeeReaders Inc. is a digital reading platform that aims to expand the academic opportunities for Spanish-speaking children in grades K-12. This platform allows tutors to provide a customized learning experience.

The incredible combo of Luis Gringras and Ruben Arias - the creators of this innovative platform that has aided so many pupils - is credited with the company's success.

The company officially opened its doors in 2020, but their journey to get there, how they did it, and what lay ahead of them was a story of itself.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the company, including all the ups and downs on the way to success.

The Power Duo

Ruben Arias and Luis Gringras founded BeeReaders after noticing a global reading comprehension gap among Spanish-speaking pupils.

Let’s see how it all began.

Luis Gringras is an entrepreneur with an Engineering degree and an MBA from Chile's Catholic University, where he gained a wealth of business skills.

Luis is a bilingual fellow that has managed to ammas quite the experience in marketing and sales. Plus, thanks to his restless entrepreneurial spirit, Luis has dabbed into operations and leadership in the design and implementation of business models, making him quite a versatile young Chilean man.

Luis’ working portfolio is a pretty big one; he has also worked in the administration of commercial properties, strategic planning of areas, budget preparation, and management. In addition, he is a co-founder of Roma Evaluciones.

Ruben Arias, on the other hand, is a standout. He also has a lot of years of experience under his belt in a variety of sectors, which came in handy when managing a firm like BeeReaders Inc. Ruben graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a diploma in MITx, Technology for Education.

Before embarking on an ed-tech journey with Luis, Ruben co-founded Ludibuk and Kalakai and acted as a program director at the Youth Entrepreneurial Project.

Much like Luis, Ruben is also a restless, ed-tech-driven young man that wanted to explore as much of the business world as possible. Being a business development advisor at Utopix is one of the experiences in Ruben’s portfolio.

When these two accomplished men teamed up, they founded BeeReaders Inc., one of the top educational companies in the world, helping all learning-eager bees to become the best version of themselves.

The Prickly Path to Success

BeeReaders was founded in 2020 in Austin, Texas, by two skilled men who recognized exactly what the world required. However, it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Luis and Ruben worked long and hard to overcome a number of challenges on their way to the top.

When they first entered the market, the young and eager entrepreneurs had to contend with a slew of competitors in order to carve out a niche for themselves. Game Salad, Enseo, and Tendedci were just a few of the many competitors they had to withstand. However, they managed to stand out among others by putting in a lot of effort and attention to what they were doing.

If facing fierce competition wasn’t enough, Luis and Ruben were also hit by a pandemic that wreaked havoc on numerous businesses around the world. However, they believed the epidemic to be a reasonable period for organizing their company and raising the company to the very top by applying proven business strategies and techniques. In the end, they took advantage of the stay-at-home policy brought upon the world.

Furthermore, they had to face the barrier of being new and unknown on the market. They pushed their business through numerous campaigns and promotions, which resulted in more and more students to be using their services now - at the moment, the company has helped more than ten thousand students worldwide!

Although Luis and Ruben’s journey was anything but easy, and while many in their shoes would have given up, the two young entrepreneurs believed in what they were doing. Their unwavering commitment sure did pay off.

Funding the Dream

With total funds of $4.2 million, BeeReders Inc. is considered a very stable company, financially speaking.

University Venture Fund and New Age Capital were among the 16 investors who contributed to the company's fundraising in five rounds. The company managed to raise $335.000 in the Pre-Seed round in April 2020 from three investors, including Arc Capital Development and Jean Salata.

In November of 2020, the company raised another $960.000 in a Seed round from three investors, again, including Jean Salata.

Fast-forward to June 2021, Luis and Ruben’s company successfully raised an additional sum of $400.000 from three investors in a Seed round. Determined to keep going until enough funds are raised for BeeReaders to start amassing users, in March 2022, the company raised an astonishing $2.5 million in a Seed round from 4 investors, including EWA Capital.

Beereaders' yearly income is presently expected to be $8.7 million, with average revenue of $126,000 per employee, which is quite a success, given all the investments, funding, and business expenses.

It’s All About the Children

The second most commonly spoken language on the planet is Spanish. Latin America, Spain, and the United States collectively have nearly 100 million K-12 Spanish-speaking students.

BeeReaders Inc. recognized the need for a teaching platform and the need to increase literacy skills among Spanish-speaking students through adaptive learning in a game-like setting - and therefore, the platform was created.

The company is presently assisting tens of thousands of students across the world in improving their reading comprehension skills by providing thousands of pieces of unique Spanish content. language skills in Spanish-speaking countries. The platform allows tutors to provide a tailored learning experience. The organization has assisted over ten thousand students worldwide in improving their Spanish reading comprehension and plans to help even more.

The company's plans for the future are pretty ambitious. The company's main objectives are to provide a proper Spanish language education to even more students while also rowing as a company.

With Luis and Ruben steering the wheel of the starship aiming for the stars, BeeReaders will surely become even more popular among students. Considering what the company has managed to accomplish so far - from a single idea to a multi-million dollar company, we can only wait and see how many bees will become future leaders, professors, or scientists.

Bright Days Are Ahead

Beereaders Inc. is a cutting-edge digital platform dedicated to improving literacy for Spanish-speaking learners.

Even though it started small, today the company has over 60 employees dedicated to providing only the best services to K-12 children who wish to improve their Spanish reading skills.

Thanks to the company’s funding strategy, BeeReaders will continue to help children advance their reading and comprehension skills. With revenues exceeding $4 million, Luis and Ruben’s pet project demonstrates that the business is serious and has a promising future.

The company's ambitions are to become much more prominent and hire even more tutors to teach even more children all around the world. The generosity of two men who wished to do something good for the Spanish-speaking world resulted in a multimillion-dollar corporation.

If you're not sure when or where to begin learning Spanish reading, we'll tell you that now is the time and that BeeRedears Inc. is the place.

Qué estás esperando?