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ScoutCam Inc.: Reaching Micro-imaged Impossible Missions


Camera enthusiasts of the world, rejoice! ScoutCam is here to take you places you've never been!

Cameras of all types are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Tiny little “spies" as small as 1mm can be found in the most impossible places without us being aware.

Some may be used for secret spying, but others have a much greater purpose for mankind.

The smallest camera in the world was invented by a team of professionals from Medigus. Yaron Silberman was a member of this team and decided that this revolutionary camera needed to take the spotlight. Thus, he founded ScoutCam Inc., naming the company after the camera.

The idea behind ScoutCam was to develop an AI and visualization platform to provide teams accessibility to the most remote areas enabling real-time monitoring. It is an especially useful tool in the medical and aerospace industry.

Stick around to read all about the inspiring story behind ScoutCam, brought to the world by Medigus.

Science Made Easy

Yaron Silberman is an Israeli visionary with a rich academic and professional background. His academic adventure started in Ostrovsky High School in Ra’anana, a 1922 American-Jewish settlement in Israel's Central District.

Yaron’s fascination with science led him to attend and complete his education in several universities. His first stop was getting a BA in Mathematics at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 1991. In 2004, Yaron went on to get his Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His academic portfolio was completed with an MBA in Management, focusing on managing high-tech companies.

This science wizard started his career in 1992 as a software engineer in the Israeli Air Force. In the next nine years, he would test his working skills in different positions. Working for companies like MedSim, Siemens, Given Imaging, and NiTi Surgical Solutions, Yaron strived to perfect his skills in sales, marketing, product management, and business development.

Spending eight years in Medigus, Yaron upgraded his knowledge of the high-tech medical device industry, as well as sales and marketing. As he puts it, the world of innovative medical technologies opened up the door to a career in medical devices.

New Beginnings for Great Success

Yaron established ScoutCam as a spin-off company based on Medigus-developed technology. The product that started the ScoutCam story and carries the company name is the world’s smallest video camera. With only 1.2mm in diameter, the camera was launched by Medigus in 2010. The micro ScoutCam 1.2 camera is believed to hold the world record for being the smallest camera in the world. This camera includes custom-tailored parameters and optics, such as best focus distance, field-of-view, and depth-of-field. Its endurance was tested continuously under extreme conditions. Apart from being durable to radiation, extreme temperatures, and vibrations, it also produces a superior image quality.

Yaron Silberman was joined in the newly formed company by many of the Medigus co-workers. They worked on developing other micro-endoscopic devices. ScoutCam’s products also include charge-coupled devices and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor video cameras.

Beginning of a New Era

Founded in 2019, ScoutCam operates from its headquarters in Omer, Israel. Its highly advanced production facilities include ISO 7/8 cleanrooms providing 1-micron accuracy testing possibilities. With $20M invested in R&D, these high-resolution technologies were endorsed by partners like NASA, Rolls Royce, Westinghouse, and Fortune 500.

Yaron was a great leader and a people person who believed in the employees and their passion to fight for the company’s goal. In many of his interviews, he has stressed that he likes to communicate with employees on all levels because that’s how he learns about the things that motivate them.

Being the visionary that he is, Yaron believes that there is always a place for improvement. According to him, the camera performance doesn’t necessarily have to depend on the size and they are testing all possible solutions.

In March 2021, Yaron Silberman decided to step down as CEO of ScoutCam to further pursue his career opportunities. His replacement is Yovav Sameach who served as the CEO of Frontline PCB Solutions. Yovav has extensive experience in managing versatile hi-tech companies.

Cameras Can See Everything

Yaron’s company prides itself in producing cameras used in the medical, telecommunication, automotive, aviation, and many other industries. These tiny micro-visualization solutions help receive data from distant locations and harsh environments.

The ScoutCam’s team vision and mission were to assist industries with custom-tailored visual solutions and improve their performance. ScoutCam’s miniature imaging equipment is used in almost all industries like homeland security and defense, research industries, automotive and aerospace industries, and also in the medical industry.

Depending on the needs of the industry, what they wish to monitor, and which places they want to explore, ScoutCam became the answer that every company was looking for. The company offers to tailor-adjust the camera based on the customer's needs. The cameras can also be adjusted for wireless or wired data transmission.

Nasa is one of ScoutCam’s clients. So you might say the camera is one of the lucky ones to have traveled to space. While NASA uses the ScoutCam to transmit live images from inside the robotic refueling systems, medical companies use it for wireless micro-endoscopic procedures. Just imagine how many patients' lives have been saved due to the possibility to take a closer look at the problem inside them.

The aviation industry found the microscopic camera useful for remote-controlled inspections and maintenance of aircraft. One microscopic hole can cause serious and deadly damage.

The ScoutCam is also used in the nuclear power industry for monitoring cooling chambers. There is no other safer way to monitor the uranium rods. So, basically, the camera’s size allows the client to go anywhere they wish. All it takes is the passion to explore an area that is impossible to reach and the ScoutCam turns into the genie from the lamp.

Progress Made Inevitable

ScoutCam is developing at the speed of light. With its high potential, it attracts high-end customers who wish to equip their products with integrated visualization solutions. Along with the inventions, the company has about 50 active patents, of which 29 have been granted.

Some of the premium investors in the company include Neopharm’s David Fuhrer and Shmuel Donnerstein from Rav-Bariach. Shimon Sheve, Yoram Bauman and Prof. Benad Goldwasser are also on the list of investors. However, the name that attracts the most attention is Mori Arkin.

Mori Arkin is the founder and chairman of Arkin Holdings, a pharmaceutical company. In May 2020, Arkin invested $2M in ScoutCam through the so-called Angel Round, making him an important figure in the company.

As a public company, ScoutCam is traded on OTC Markets under the ticker: SCTC. The share price is offered at $8.00 per share and the estimated enterprise value is $37.25M.

Watch Over Us

ScoutCam has opened doors to a bright and prosperous future. The camera size and performance offer so much that industry leaders are relying more and more on this non-destructive tool. Being able to receive real-time warnings and crucial data from the most remote places on Earth and beyond is priceless.

Having highly trained professionals on the team makes it easier to understand the needs of potential clients. The lives of many engineers, doctors, astronauts, and other professionals are easier because of ScoutCam.

Today, ScoutCam’s headquarters reside in Omer, Israel, offering employment to more than 20 people, all working towards ensuring clients’ needs are met.

As with any successful company, ScoutCam too had to withstand the competition coming from companies like Acumed, BELKIN Vision, and Shoulder Innovations, among others.

There is always a place for more improvement. We hope that ScoutCam’s R&D department will bring us better and new inventions that will make all of our lives easier. But until then, we hope this tiny little miracle camera will watch over us.