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BoomBit: The Best F2P Mobile Games


The world of mobile gaming is continuously evolving; the competition is real, but there is always room for innovation and fresh ideas. That is the mindset of BoomBit, the Polish-based company which publishes its own games in the “free to play” model, as well as games developed in cooperation with other studios from all over the world.

With over a decade of existence, BoomBit has achieved global success as one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming studios. By now, it has 33 million monthly active users, 200+ published games, and over 1.1 billion downloads.

As it often happens, every success story starts with a dream, and such is the case of the BoomBit co-founders Marcin Olejarz and Hannibal Soares. At the height of their professional careers, they chose to take on something new and pursue their gaming passion.

Let’s see how the BoomBit Group grew so fast over the years.

How It All Started

Both Hannibal and Marcin presented their fondness for gaming from a young age. And yet, life turned in the other direction, steering them into ventures with more “grounded” expectations. So, Marcin Olejarz ended up taking a degree in maritime transportation from Gdańsk University.

At the same time, Hannibal Soares entered the University of North Wales Bangor and earned a degree in Business, Banking and Finance.

However, something was always missing. When they both decided to open BoomBit, Hannibal ended a decade-long career at EuroBond Desk in London and reshifted his priorities. His financial skills, coupled with Marcin’s substantial knowledge in mobile gaming management, marketing strategies, finance, and copyright, allowed them to begin their journey.

Marcin is now the CEO and is also responsible for Operations at the BoomBit Group. On the other hand, Hannibal acts as the Deputy-SEO in charge of marketing and business development at the BoomBit Group.

Building a Family

BoomBit was established in 2010 when Marcin and Hannibal joined forces to create what is now one of the largest Polish companies in the gaming sector.

But to build a great company, you can’t just rely on yourself. So, Marcin and Hannibal placed emphasis on creating a huge team of professionals where they’d all share knowledge and innovation and embrace creative ideas.

Luckily, BoomBit gathered the right candidates (and still does!) around their projects. Working closely together, they were able to design and publish worldwide hits.

Partnering to Success

The company extends its support in designing games and would partner with any domestic or international gaming studios with the right ideas in the form of joint ventures. And for the whole process, BoomBit has separate sections that would enable seamless game development and marketing.

Their production team gives support in monetization design, gameplay design, graphics, music/sound effects, UX, and more. The tech team will ensure everyone has the best performance optimization, and the developers can help the games grow faster by integrating their BoomBit SDK.

The marketing team can then promote the games and place them in app stores. For the game to run on as many devices as possible, the quality assurance team will work their magic. Next on the line is the user acquisition and business intelligence teams, who will make sure the players install and keep coming back.

BoomBit’s Core Values

BoomBit’s core values continue to revolve around knowledge, open-mindedness, and creativity – a model Marcin and Hannibal were able to pass down to their external development teams, thus securing their recipe for success.

And success came quickly with global hits like Tiny Gladiators, Darts Club, Dancing Line, Build A Bridge, and many more. All in all, they have experts across several sectors spread across multiple countries like Belarus, France, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK.

BoomBit Games

BoomBit creates “free to play” mobile games offered through digital distribution platforms. They mainly develop hyper-casual games, the fastest growing mobile game market segment, while also working on casual, hybrid casual projects and mid-core games.

After the successful launch of their hyper-casual title Ramp Car Jumping, Marcin and Hannibal have announced they are shifting to developing visually-rich and exciting games in this popular genre.

BoomBit is also a leading developer of Driving Simulators and Bridge games. They are the proud creators of Tanks a Lot!, Darts Club, Archery Club, Hunt Royale, and many more. With over 200 released games across all genres, they offer versatile mobile games that can fit everyone’s tastes.

Current Projects: BoomLand

The founders took up another project to answer the huge demand for high-quality video-based games in blockchain technology. A lack of quality among current titles inspired them to enter the Web 3.0 game development market, a.k.a. blockchain video games. Just recently, BoomBit successfully launched its first Web3 gaming platform called BoomLand.

Hannibal Soares is the CEO and co-founder of this cutting-edge blockchain gaming platform that will connect “play to earn” games, Metaverse, NFTs, and DAOs into one simple ecosystem. In a nutshell, it is a place where players and developers can interact with each other to ultimately build community-driven and player-owned economies that expand beyond the Metaverse of the platform.

Hunters On-Chain is the first among the many blockchain video games BoomBit plans to publish. The idea is for it to emphasize fun and reward the players for having fun, thus earning a passive income which can then be traded or transferred to any other game in the Metaverse. This will create true value and ownership of their digital assets.

BoomLand’s Goal

BoomLand is a revolutionary platform focused on publishing great games and the entry door to an ecosystem that will reshape the blockchain gaming industry as we know it. It has a very experienced development team of 11 members capable of delivering exciting blockchain games.

The “Play and Earn” blockchain gaming market is in its infancy but already has a massive $21 billion valuation. This rapid success is mainly due to the high sales of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). So no wonder Marcin and Hannibal decided to dip their toes into these waters. Their current goal is for BoomLand to dive head-first into an entirely new gaming experience.

BoomBit’s Investments

In 2019, BoomBit opened its doors to the Polish publicly traded market, i.e., the Polish Stock Market.

The share capital of BoomBit S.A. is divided into 13,500,000 shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.50 per share. The company generates its revenue from the well-developed diversification model that relies on three pillars: internal development, publishing games under the BoomHit brand, and Joint Ventures, under which they dynamically work on developing new brands.

In 2021, BoomBit reached 238 million downloads and a revenue of $61.7 million. Comparatively, in Q1 2022, the company made a quarter of the previous year’s amount – $15.9 million, proving that they are on the right track.

BoomBit Booming All the Way!

Over the past decade, Marcin and Hannibal assembled a great team of over 200 employees at the company's headquarters in Poland, situated in Gdańsk, Pomorskie.

Together, they have been successful in developing many award-winning games. The title Dancing Line was a Google Play Game of the Year in Korea in 2017, and Build A Bridge was announced as the winner in the category Google Play Most Innovative Game of 2017.

Staying high on the charts is always about hard work. Fortunately, Marcin and Hannibal are very skilled at combining innovation and entertainment to provide top gaming experiences to their players. BoomBit has proven it has the tools and resources to be a world-class producer of fun games, so the future looks bright for this company.