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InVideo: Bringing Video Content Creation into the New Era


Videos are the best way to express concepts and ideas, and the global population can’t imagine spending a day without watching or creating videos.

YouTube reveals that it currently boasts over two billion users, meaning it’s the perfect venture for aspiring content creators. To take advantage of videos, you must focus on conveying original ideas and creating engaging content, which is no simple task.

Fortunately, Sanket Shah, Pankit Chheda, and Harsh Vakharia identified the gap and launched InVideo, in Singapore, in 2017.

InVideo is an excellent web-based software, animation, and online video-editor platform that facilitates the video-making process for amateurs and expert creators. Their straightforward interface makes creating content as easy as making a cup of tea!

Keep reading to learn more about InVideo’s vision to make video creation accessible globally. You’ll also find out the most significant motive that drove them to implement their modern tech to simplify the process!

All Great Things Start With a Dream

Sanket Shah was a very creative kid who always looked for new challenges. By the time Sanket went to college, he had gained confidence in sharing his unique ideas concerning different aspects of modern living. It was impossible not to notice his exceptional pleasure in concepts related to marketing. Instead of focusing on making money, Sanket thrill has always been associated with helping others and adding value to the community.

As soon as he finished college, Sanket started his academic career teaching robotics at different colleges in India. His entrepreneurial spirit continued to rise, so Sanket decided to move to the global center of technology and innovation - the USA. He continued to improve his skills, and every new challenge motivated him even more to succeed.

In 2012, Sanket gained his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from the prestigious University of Mumbai and became the founder of Visify Books. A year later, in 2013, he got a Master of Science from the University of Michigan, which turned out to be a big stepping stone toward his most significant creation - InVideo.

His partner and co-founder of InVideo, Harsh, acquired a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai’s College of Engineering Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi (2012). Later, in 2013, Harsh received a Master of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the prominent University of Michigan, where he met Sanket. His first steps into his career were in 2014 when he became an Analyst at A.T. Kearney. Just like Sanket, Harsh's dream was to bring a new invention into reality and become a successful entrepreneur.

The third and last co-founder of InVideo is Pankit Chheda. Pankit holds a Bachelor in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai. Still, he only started his career after getting a Master's Degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Pankit began to work as a Software Engineer, which later led him to meet Sanket and Harsh, continuing their road to success together.

In Every Problem Lies an Opportunity

Given their choice of academy and fields of work, Sanket, Harsh, and Pankit had a chance to work together long before they founded InVideo. At one point, while they were creating 10-minute length video summaries introducing non-fiction books, they faced a huge problem. The video production took a lot of time, making them feel nervous about future related projects.

With limited knowledge of video production, the dream team started searching for alternate solutions. Soon, they realized that only 2 types of video-making tools were available online. The first option allowed customers to create a simple one-shot video, and the other required a skilled video editor to maneuver through the process.

Experiencing first-hand the lack of a suitable platform that meets the needs of the people who wish to create modern high-end videos put the team into brainstorming mode. Recognizing the crack in online video creation, Sanket, Pankit, and Harsh made a joint effort to found InVideo.

However, before launching the company, Sanket, Pankit, and Harsh studied the clients' needs comprehensively via primary research. The team reached out to substantial news channels, and their findings only further validated their idea. Next, they built an engine to receive a direct response from the users before launching their software on a full scale.

A Clear Vision Always Brings Results

As experienced managers, Sanket, Harsh, and Pankit decided InVideo to operate as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. That means that InVideo hosts apps and offers them to users through the internet.

In 2017, Sanket and his team started building the InVideo technology. They found several partners, including Network18 and Republic TV, to help them better understand what they should create. Harsh and Pankit did their best to improve the services that InVideo offers, giving excellent results.

A year later, in 2018, InVideo developed into a trustworthy and super successful company. Thanks to their strategic planning, Sanket, Harsh, and Pankit built an excellent market fit product, and the mouth referrals made the InVideo extremely popular.

Knowing how the internet market works, Sanket and his team created and undertook extreme marketing campaigns. In 2019, InVideo became even more popular as Sanket adopted numerous techniques and strategies to boost the platform’s services and attract new customers. The team was very proud of their company and was happy with their 24/7 customer support agents that responded to customers' questions in minutes.

The years 2020 and 2021 were very significant for InVideo. The lockdowns motivated people to spend more time online, and automatically more content creators entered numerous platforms. This brought more customers to InVideo, and the company became even more prestigious on the market.

However, 2020 was also a year of changes inside the company. Pankit decided to leave InVideo, but that didn’t discourage Sanket and Harsh. They kept working hard and didn’t let that change the quality of InVideo’s services.

Today, InVideo has over 7 million users from over 195 counties, including Sony Music, CNN, and Routers. Customers have created millions of videos using more than 75 foreign languages.

InVideo IPO & Funding

As of today, InVideo is a successful company that so far has raised $52.5M in funding over 5 rounds. The first round, known as Seed Round, was in May 2018, and the second one was in October 2019. These 2 rounds weren’t very successful, but Sanket and Harsh didn’t dwell in disappointment too long, as, in February 2020, they started the third round hoping to raise enough money for their upcoming plans. Their hunch was correct, and this round brought them $2.5M since the InVideo was turning into a veritable beast on the video-creating market. They used this money to launch a fully automated assistant that helps users create better videos.

Sanket and Harsh decided to go with another round of funding in 2020, and in October, the Series A round raised them $15M. InVideo's latest funding, which was famous as Series B, was in July 2021 and raised $35M.

InVideo has 12 investors in total, and Sequoia Capital India and Base Partners were the last to join. After raising this immense sum of money and their platform growing more popular by the day, Sanket and Harsh have made noble plans for InVideo’s future.

What the Future Holds For InVideo

With more than 200 employees, headquarters in San Francisco, California, and CEOs like Sanket and Harsh, InVideo’s prospects are looking good. InVideo's NPS (Net Promoter Score) is constantly increasing, and the team plans to build in a more sophisticated ecosystem such as Adobe. This will allow every entrepreneur and marketer who wants to make a video to do that as efficiently as possible within a few minutes.

InVideo also plans to grow from a web platform to a cross-function and cross-device space. With more than 5,000 original designer templates, InVideo aims to attract new users and create a modern creator’s space that can help customers enjoy making videos.

Sanket and Harsh have expressed their joint vision to take over the world of content creators with the company. Their dream is clear - when people think about creating a video, they should think about InVideo!