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Unqork - The Premium Spot For No-Code Complex Apps


Creating an app of any sort is far from easy, and not everyone can do it.

The biggest obstacle faced is the coding process. This takes time to learn and requires a lot of effort. But what if there was a way to create an app without entering a single line of code? Can we really make high-quality software without coding?

According to Gary Hoberman, yes, we can!

This tech genius thought of ways to help people facing this problem and came up with a simple solution - Unqork. This is a no-code enterprise application designed to help businesses develop complex apps free of the standard code procedure. Unqork was created to help any business, enterprise, insurance, healthcare, and even government devise their own PaaS apps.

Intrigued by this? Keep on reading and see the story of the Unqork founder Gary Hoberman and find out what drove him to build such a platform.

One Humble Start

Gary Hoberman’s venture into the software world wasn’t arduous. Having shown a love for computer science and coding at a young age, Gary managed to graduate from the Stern School of Business at NYU and even served at NYU as an adjunct instructor in advanced computer science.

Right after graduating, Gary ventured into his first major job position, as he was hired as the new executive vice president and CIO of Metlife, one of the most known insurance companies in the US.

While working at Metlife, Gary noticed how hard it is to code complex software that was greatly needed to work with. The code-based methods were the only way to design this difficult software for enterprises, but thanks to his previous knowledge from college and practice, Gary had little-to-no trouble coding it.

Prior to Metlife, Gary served as the Managing Director for Citigroup’s Operation and Technology, where he won his first innovator’s reward while creating more than 19 patents across the mobile, social media, and e-commerce sphere.

After leaving his position at Metlife, Gary was more than ready to start his new venture with his modest savings, but there was no one to back up his vision of a start-up focused on creating codes for software. Many investors told Gary that he underestimated the challenge of selling software to other companies. Still, he was determined to change the way people create software, as it was time to forget about coding.

Age is Just a Number

When Gary ventured into creating Unqork, he was 45 years, and all potential investors told him that he was too old for such a platform. Gary gave VCs 300 and more pitches, but the first answers shocked him, as investors didn’t believe a 45-year-old man could dive into something like this, so they rejected him and his ideas.

Gary was not going to take no as an answer and embarked on a journey to prove them wrong. Gathering a team of computer science programmers, he was ready to change the way people use codes for creating company software - by removing the coding process entirely. Using the previous experience from the software tech and the money he saved, it was time to move on.

Finally, in 2017, Gary and his team managed to release the first version of what was named Unqork to the public. After the official release, Gary received the first significant funding worth $5.3 million from Summerfield Capital Management. Some investors who denied his idea a few years ago now couldn't hide their astonishment.

Soon after, Gary was shocked to find out that this was the first code-free platform for enterprises. This paved the way for companies to pour into Unqork like never before, going to the extent of starting a movement called ‘No Code.’

Gary planned to allow everyone, even those without knowledge of computer science, to design apps of their own, which rocked the tech world to its core.

Starting From Scratch is Never Easy

Without a challenge, a product or platform cannot evolve. Since the market has not seen something like this, Gary had doubts about where to start.

Everyone was looking for a complex app, but none was willing to spend tons of cash for it, so Gary began to think about what area could benefit most from his idea. He had the what, as he knew his platform was going to offer code-free tolls, so what was left was where.

The first business area Garry added to Unqork was the one he previously worked in - insurance. Being a developer himself, Gary wanted to expand further and make special tools for developers to design their own apps.

And he did exactly that. He took his time, saw how the app was developing and added a few more industry sectors. Once brands started hearing about Unqork, it was time for Gary to shine. The tools he implemented into Unqork allowed people to design software for their own needs.

Since then, Gary decided to look only forward and thus prove others wrong - age is truly just a number!

Everyone Wants a No-Code Software!

It didn’t take long for enterprises to see that Unqork offers the most practical solution for developing and creating complex software for companies to work with. For Gary, there was no such thing as “first customer” - everyone just poured on the platform, looking for the easiest way to develop software.

That is how Unqork managed to gain $365.2 million through 5 funding rounds. In total, there were 25 investors, of which 4 were lead investors. The first round, aka Seed Round, happened in 2018 and brought Gary $5.2 million. On the next one, Series A, he received $22 million, with GS Growth being the lead investor.

Not long after, Gary opened the Series B round and got another investment - a massive $80 million, mainly coming from CapitalG. The same round continued into the next year, bringing $51 million more, again with CapitalG leading the investments.

At the end of 2020, Series C rounded with an astonishing $207 million. This cycle had the biggest number of investors (19), with BlackRock in the lead.

Unlike the previous investors who doubted him, the new ones believed and knew that Gary was on the verge of something groundbreaking. The assets were more than enough as they helped Gary improve Unqork even more.

How is Unqork Doing Now

As of 2022, Gary is yet to decide if the company should go public or not, despite the fact that it is now worth over $2 billion. Unqork still remains the only code-free platform for complex software creation, and it's one of Gary’s nine patents, while seven of them are still used in the financial sector in the US.

Gary’s Unqork is being used even for government software - a special section on the website is solely devoted to it.

Today, Unqork counts over 300 employees, with two offices in New York City. Gary remains to work at Unqork and holds the company's CEO position. At the start of 2022, Fast Company ranked Gary’s Unqork as the most innovative tech enterprise. The same year, Unqork was included on a Forbes list as one of the best startups in America in recent years.

It is uncertain what the future holds for Gary, but since there is no other company like his, there is no actual competition on the market. Unqork evolves at a fast pace, and Gary is determined to keep working on his platform stronger than ever!