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Text Away with Sinch: Lightning-fast messaging


It is estimated that the mobile phone is the invention of the century. Reaching someone across the world has never been easier. With the digitalization era being at its peak, citizens assume that messaging someone should be an easy-peasy task. But, unfortunately, mobile users are growing more and more frustrated upon experiencing a breakdown in connection. However, not for long.

A young Swedish-born, Andreas Bernstrom set his goals on creating the ultimate, fastest mobile-messaging platform in the world. By implementing a special tool, Andreas managed to create a massive online platform that can connect anyone to any business.

Sinch is the platform in question. It reinvented the way users perceive mobile phones and texting, for that matter. Andreas’ Sinch introduced a new and fast way of communication between customers and businesses.

Want to know how Sinch revolutionized the telecommunication industry? Read Andreas’ story of how Sinch became the fastest messaging platform.

A Call in Waiting

Andreas Bernström was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in the early 90s. As early as his childhood, everyone would say that he was born under a lucky star. There was a budding persuasive entrepreneur inside Andreas that just wanted to leap out. The young boy would constantly wow his parents with his independence, even from a very early age. His parents explained that they saw extensive leadership traits in Andreas even when he was still in preschool. Blessed with an unparalleled intellect, Andreas drew respect from everyone he crossed paths with.

Among his friends, Andreas would always emerge as a natural leader. His decisions were always correct and on point, his calculations deemed accurate, and his words came across loud and clear, well perceived by audiences. He oozed certain motivational and inspiring vibes even when he would be talking about some trivial project. Despite still being a child, little Andreas thought big.

His adolescence was mostly spent on studying business management, for one day Andreas believed that he too, could be among the best business leaders out there. In the early 2000s, Andreas would embark on his long journey of building a startup after startup.

Andreas Called It

One of the greatest skills that Andreas possessed was his ability to be a true leader without giving off intimidating vibes among his coworkers. By being a sincere person, he could easily persuade his coworkers that the impossible is, indeed, possible. Being immensely business-oriented and giving such inspiring and thrilling speeches, Andreas would have no hard time drawing a huge following of like-minded professionals. His goals were set, he just needed that first breakthrough project.

That extra necessary push came along in the early 2000s, when Andreas began his 15-year long venture in the business world, both locally and internationally. Andreas started his career at Goldman Sachs before pursuing TradeDoubler. Andreas would experience great success with TradeDoubler as he will witness the rise of the company to up to $500 million in revenue. Working for TradeDoubler was quite fulfilling for Andreas, as he would acquire many skills for working on different markets, launching numerous products, boosting sales, and making big revenues happen.

When mobile phones became the new big thing around the world, Andreas possessed the ability to guess that the future of successful entrepreneurship will directly depend on people like him. He knew that if he could get his hands on something new and fresh, customers would waste no time in grabbing what’s been served. At this particular moment in time, Andreas would try his luck with a new startup called MyTaptu, a social news aggregator. Here, Andreas would soak up all information on the direction the telecommunication industry is heading. These years would mark the biggest milestones in Andreas’ professional development. After joining Rebtel in 2009, Andreas attested to a growth in revenue of up to $100 m. Rebtel would become the building block for what will once be known as the biggest and fastest messaging platform, Sinch.

Call, Busy

In 2008, Andreas, accompanied by five other like-minded colleagues, founded CLX. At first, CLX didn’t take the world by storm and started off quite modestly, based in a small, single-window shop in Stockholm. It wasn’t long before the company changed its name to Sinch, now a worldwide known brand.

The year 2014 marked the crossroad between the non-digitized and technology-based companies. People were just getting used to their smartphones and the fast way of messaging. Social media platforms were becoming more and more popular, thus rendering more and more traffic, which eventually led to jamming the connection. The crowd of users would decrease the connection speed, thus messages won’t reach their designated recipients on time. Andreas put declining connections behind when he introduced the world to his most successful project yet, Sinch.

Sinch is a booming cloud communication platform dedicated to developers and users. It helps businesses get in touch with their clients, as soon as possible. The service that Sinch provides comes in the form of mobile messaging, voice, or video calls. Sinch, as Andreas would say, stands for reliability and stability among operators and enterprises. With Sinch, every caller will reach any other mobile phone on the planet in a matter of seconds- no busy lines, no traffic jams, no communication breakdowns.

Sinch, along with forthcoming successes would establish Andreas as an authority in digital transformation, mobile services, and communications.

Ring, Ring, Ring

Over the years, Sinch has seen its fair share of investors. Temasek Holdings and SoftBank are some of the recent investors that brought Sinch one step closer to the whopping billion.

In 2014 in a Series A round, Sinch raised $12 m from two investors.

The year 2020 was an even greater milestone that shook things up for Sinch when it doubled its revenue thanks to an investment by SoftBank. One year later, Sinch drew in another investor from Temasek Holding. Temasek Holding and Softbank made yet another investment in 2021, resulting in a colossal total of $1.5B in funding for Sinch.

Since then, Sinch has acquired more than seven organizations, one of which is Message Media. Andreas accomplished every goal he set his sights on. He did not stop with Sinch, as he continued to become an investor and chairman at Trustly and Kinmevik.

Sinch, Today

Andreas caused Sinch to unleash its full potential, making its beginnings as a small shop, to becoming an internationally recognized entrepreneurial powerhouse in the world of digital communications. Sinch handles over 145 billion engagements annually. Its headquarters are still in Andreas’ native Stockholm, but there are also 47 other offices around the world.

Oscar Werner and Sinch sit on top of competitors like Twilio, MessageBird, Infobip, Plivo, and many more, with a revenue of $1.5 billion calculated in 2021. Sinch’s last acquisition was in June 2021, when they acquired Message4u, an Australian SMS solutions developer. The company acquired another SaaS platform that deals with customer engagement, retail, and education. This was Oscar’s way of expanding the company’s branches into different spheres like retail work and education.

Sinch now owns MessageMedia, after it acquired it in June for 1.3 billion dollars in cash and shares.

From a small team of six coworkers, today Sinch consists of 2000+ employees worldwide.

Dialing up customer services is always a dull process. There’s nothing more that customers hate than waiting for an answer. Proper customer service is crucial for the forthcoming success of an upcoming business. To receive positive feedback, a great entrepreneur should always be open and willing to customer’s opinions. With miscommunication being the number 1 issue in most customer services, Andreas decided to do something and change the way customers converse, once and for all.

By creating Sinch, Andreas managed to connect everyone to anyone. Sinch proved to be the next best thing after the greatest invention in the world – the mobile phone. No longer will distant relatives or coworkers have to struggle to communicate. Dial away with Sinch, and reach every mobile phone around the globe in seconds or less.