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CoachHub: Coaching for the Next Generation


Every job is challenging and requires complete dedication, but sometimes companies and their employee teams have trouble finding the right motivation.

In difficult times, all a company needs is a coach to help motivate the employees into highly successful and inspirational leaders. Such a platform is CoachHub, a digital coaching firm launched in Berlin, Germany, in 2018.

The platform provides the most advanced professional growth at all career levels and customized and quantifiable coaching packages that help companies achieve their business objectives. Digital coaching is a growing trend in the area of coaching, especially in recent years.

When brothers and co-founders of CoachHub, Matti and Yannis Niebelschuetz got the idea to establish such a platform, the coaching industry wasn’t yet so extended. That’s part of the reason why CoachHub made such a big boom in Germany and later worldwide.

If you want to learn more about the platform and its inventors, keep reading.

Early Ideas

Even from their childhood days, Yannis and his younger brother Matti had shown signs of an entrepreneurial spirit. Both their parents were very successful entrepreneurs and had their own firm in Hamburg, where they lived.

Yannis and Matti were raised in Hamburg. They spent a lot of time hanging out in their parent’s company, getting familiar with entrepreneurship and the lifestyle associated with that particular sphere.

Both brothers had a very typical childhood, enjoyed the outdoors, and socialized with their friends and classmates.

After finishing high school in 2004, Yannis decided to move to Berlin for college. He enrolled at the University of Economics and Technology, earning himself a Bachelor’s degree, and continued to garner more knowledge to pursue a Master’s degree.

Since Matti always looked up to his big brother and followed in his footsteps, he decided to finish college in Berlin, too. In 2006, he chose Humboldt University as the place where he would study law.

On-the-job Learning

Yannis and Matti showed great enthusiasm and ambitions to be part of university projects and gain some extra knowledge in their college days. They often participated in group projects with fellow students. They, later on, took part in more serious projects organized by various professors, where the brothers were able to gain some profound experience for further careers.

After attending a few internships, Yannis’ first professional accomplishment happened with the founding of - a small e-commerce company for wine. It was that job that helped Yannis learn online marketing and logistics. After a while, Yannis decided to explore other options and left that company. Being driven by enthusiasm and confidence, young Yannis went on and established another company for customized perfumes.

These were his beginnings with marketing strategy, training, and coaching employees. Yannis, along with Matti, became the co-founder of several other major companies over the next few years, such as Personology, Testhub GmbH, and YYM Media Solutions GmbH. However, his most extended work experience is at Elite Startups Management GmbH, where he served as CEO for nearly 12 years.

Like Yannis, Matti, too, went on to pursue his professional career immediately after finishing college. His first significant job was at, the wine company they founded together with his brother.

Besides the few companies Matti founded with his brother, Matti’s biggest personal accomplishment happened with the founding of UNIQUE Fragrance Group, where he drastically increased the company's finances in just a few months. He also founded Rocket Internet SE - digital business development for a digital IT freelancer-matching platform.

No matter how outstanding these companies that both Yannis and Matti established were, after a while, the businesses flopped. However, they finally got their big break with CoachHub in 2018.

Becoming the Leader in Coaching

Over the many years of work experience Matti and Yannis had, they found out that coaching and training employees are what suits them best. So, they decided to form a coaching platform, due to the big demand for coaching in the last few years.

CoachHub is a worldwide talent development platform, enabling businesses to design tailored and scalable coaching programs for their whole workforce, regardless of the industry. The various programs that are available on the mobile smart app and web are based on extensive research and development from their Coaching Lab, which is overseen by Prof. Jonathan Passmore and his Science Council.

The coaching platform trains managers for improved leadership, teams for greater group performance, and employees' personal and professional development. The objective is to provide each employee with a personal coach who serves as a guide and significantly enhances their successes. With the professional improvement of a single employee, the company's overall quality is also increased.

Organizations purchase licenses, which provide their workers with access to a global pool of qualified executive-level and senior-level business coaches. The HR dashboard then offers CEOs and HR executives a company-level perspective of coachee progress, as well as quantitative development results.

Withstanding the competition coming from companies like Lattice, Workday HCM, and Oracle Talent Management, CoachHub managed to emerge as the victor, taking the side of the knowledge-seekers around the world.

CoachHub is quite proud of its reputation as an excellent working place, having been named one of LinkedIn's Top 10 StartUps for 2020, just 2 years after its establishment. Its mission of helping businesses unbind their employees’ full potential draws individuals from all over the world.

The platform is also frequently praised on Glassdoor for its vibrant corporate culture. In September 2021, CoachHub bought MoovOne, which is a digital coaching guide, in order to develop a global leader focused on collaboratively normalizing coaching. CoachHub didn’t stop here - it also acquired the coaching department of the Austrian consultant company called Klaiton in 2022.

Fortifying the Finances

CoachHub is funded by some of the world's most prominent technology investors. They have 8 investors, out of which 5 are lead, including HV Capital, RTP Global, Partech, Molten Ventures, Signals VC, and Speedinvest.

The platform has raised a total of $133M in funding over 3 rounds. Since the company made an instant boom on a global level, its first round of funding of $2M came on November 12th, 2018, from Speedinvest.

The second funding round happened on December 11th, 2019. It was a Series B round where $21M was raised from both lead investors HV Capital and RTP Global. And the third and latest funding was raised on September 1st, 2021, from a series B round.

In the last round, there was a staggering sum of $110M raised, which was the most significant round until then. It has turned CoachHub into one of the wealthiest coaching platforms available today.

What Does the Future Hold for CoachHub?

Since many trends, notably in the coaching industry, revolve primarily around artificial intelligence (AI), CoachHub decided to also invent something of their own.

CoachHub now has its own AI matching engine for pairing workers to the ideal coach for them. Its inventive product team and Coaching Lab work together to guarantee that the institute stays present-day with the latest developments in both technology and coaching.

At the start of 2022, the firm also started its CoachHub4Good program, through which it provides free digital coaching to benefit organizations that have been particularly hit hard by the global epidemic. This is particularly making the founding brothers proud, being able to give something back to the community.

Both co-founders, Matti and Yannis, are still part of the company and serve as managing directors for marketing and finance. The advisory board consists of over 10 distinguished HR and digital transformation specialists that provide unique ideas and fresh insights on HR and DT.

Today, their multinational team of over 3500 people includes only the most exceptional business coaches, personal development specialists, serial digital entrepreneurs, and top IT developers.

Headquartered in Berlin, CoachHub's worldwide coaching pool has qualified business coaches in 42 countries all around the world, with coaching sessions accessible in over 30 languages.

With a working habit like that of the people behind CoachHub, we can only assume what great business endeavor the brothers will think of next - it will surely be something that’ll help many knowledge-starved individuals around the globe.