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B Capital Group: A Helping Hand for Sprouting Businesses


Life would be so much easier for promising entrepreneurs if only they had a little support and help, in raising their companies. That’s especially needed nowadays when both new and existing entrepreneurs struggle with financial problems, recognition issues, and so on.

Here comes B Capital Group - one of the biggest companies that enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and gain worldwide visibility. It was launched in 2015 by Eduardo Saverin, Howard Morgan, and Raj Ganguly. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company links technological start-up firms with the most influential globally known CEOs, platforms, and brands.

B Capital's platform delivers significant, key resources, experience, and assistance to aid founders in effectively accelerating important activities at every step of the company’s lifecycle.

If you want to know more about the way B Capital shifted the attention of the world towards promising companies, continue reading the story of 3 enthusiastic co-founders.

The Early Lives of the Co-Founders

Born in 1982 in Brazil, Eduardo was raised in a Jewish household. He has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. He had a typical childhood in Sao Paolo, enjoyed playing with his friends and taking on some sports. However, as he was growing up, he would always rather study and stay home to read a good book, than go out.

Eduardo’s father, Robert Saverin, was a wealthy manufacturer in the garment, real estate, and shipping industries. Eduardo inherited his hard-working trait from both his parents, along with his ambitious character.

Eduardo was introduced to the business world from a young age. While his father was a wealthy businessman, his grandpa Eugenio Saverin, a Romania-born, created the famed children's clothing shop brand, Tip Top.

Indian-born Raj also comes from a business family. His early life in India wasn’t all that easy at first, since his family didn’t have a lot of money, and often struggled financially. However, all of that changed when his father’s business went uphill.

Young Raj looked upon his father and learned everything he knew from him. Witnessing the family’s business struggles, even as a kid, Raj had the ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an inventor and entrepreneur one day. He was always an excellent student and often helped other classmates study.

Not much is known about Howard’s childhood since he was born in 1945 in New York. Howard comes from a rather humble background, but that didn’t stop him from being ambitious and hardworking. Howard possessed unique energy and was a very communicative kid that could see new possibilities from various perspectives.

Becoming Entrepreneurs

Before B Capital, all three co-founders had already garnered substantial work experience which shaped their business profiles to what they are today.

Even before graduating from Harvard University in Economics, Eduardo landed his first major work which he is still a part of. The big breakthrough in his life came when he was in his second year in college, and that’s the co-founding of Facebook, one of the most popular and biggest social networks of all time.

In 2004, as a 21-year-old young man, Eduardo, along with Mark Zuckerberg put the entirety of his life savings in the initial investment of Facebook, and that became the best decision he ever made. He transformed a small college network into the outstanding billion-dollar platform it is today, which brings people together from all around the globe.

Out of the three co-founders, Howard is the one with the most experience under his belt, given the fact that he is much older than the others. He holds a degree in physics from the University of New York, a Master’s from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University.

Howard’s experience has been broadened thanks to working for 17 firms. Among the most significant are New York Angels, Internet Brands, ALGO Technologies Ltd., and Nacre Capital where he served as a chairman. Howard’s portfolio also includes him as a director in Altriuk, Arca Group, and TIGER 21, which he considers some of his biggest professional accomplishments.

Raj holds a Bachelor’s degree from two colleges, the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School, and a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. After finishing college, first, he started working some not that significant jobs. His first major position was as a senior advisor in The Boston Consulting Group in 2013.

After that, Raj became a board member of even three companies and is still a part of them. In 2016, Raj got the position in both Evidation Health and Winmore, and later on, in 2018, he joined Journera. He is also still a part of BCG Digital Venture as a senior advisor, holding that position for 8 years.

Pilling-up on Dollars

After meeting each other, the co-founders were sure they wanted to establish B Capital Group, and today, many companies are thankful for that. They seek organizations and technology that have the potential and ability to digitize the world's most essential sectors, regardless of location. After meeting, the three co-founders, Eduardo, Raj, and Howard immediately got the idea to create a platform that would help other companies. Offering a helping hand was something the founders were fond of, mainly because they also needed help at the start of their careers.

B Capital Group is an investment company that invests funds at various stages of development, providing its partner firms the assistance, experience, and advice they require to grow across borders. B Capital benefits from a worldwide team of seasoned specialists, as well as a strategic connection with BCG.

The co-founders have experienced the struggles of making it in business first-hand, and that’s why, unlike typical investors, B Capital Group operates as a business partner. In other words, BCG offers comprehensive assistance, coaching, and collaborations to help other firms develop and fulfill their goal as fast and effectively as possible.

Access to capital is a significant challenge for fast-expanding firms. By partnering with B Capital Group, prospective firms receive access to a professional team of capital markets specialists that can assist in the development of the optimal capital structure.

At all times, B Capital’s market team keeps a broad perspective on global markets which gives businesses the benefit of constantly being up to date on the newest trends and possibilities for startup companies looking to break into the realm of finance.

The firm has raised a total of $1.7B over 4 rounds of funding, its newest being B Capital Group - New Fund. Their other funding partners are Ascent Fund, B Capital Fund, and B Capital Fund II, which have raised over $800M.

On February 19, 2021, B Capital Technology Opportunities, a blank check firm founded by B Capital Group filed for $300M in an initial public offering. The corporation intends to generate $300M by selling 30 million units for $10 each.

B Capital has invested in 131 companies so far, out of which 60 are lead investments. The company has made 23 investments in diversity, and in January 2022, an AI platform called 6sense raised $200 million in diverse funding after being supported by B Capital.

The alliance between B Capital and Boston Consulting Group offers the partner firms access to a wide network of executives wanting to engage with new technology.

Furthermore, BCG's global team of management consultants is available for advice on any issues businesses might face and help them prepare for the future.

B Capital Group Today

Today, B Capital Group’s team counts between 150 and 200 employees, but that figure is bound to go up, along with the company’s further development. In 2015, when the company was established, it started off as a small business that has evolved into a billion-dollar company over the years.

Today, the 3 co-founders are still part of the company, thereby Howard holds the position of Chairman, and Eduardo and Raj serve as managing partners. There are a number of diverse work functions, from Senior Leaders, BCG experts, to general partners and investors.

Currently, the company plans on becoming one of the rare companies that work with cryptocurrencies, however, this plan is not yet in motion. As one of the most efficient venture capital firms nowadays, we are sure that many more achievements will follow in the near future for the company and its co-founders.