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Nubia Technology Co. Ltd.: A Smart Way to Connect and Discover


Staying connected means more now than ever before, and a company made sure everyone got connected.

When it comes to smartphones, we've all seen how far they've come since they first became available. Smartphones are intended to provide us with access to any type of information as well as the ability to communicate with close friends, colleagues and others.

There are so many companies that sell different models of mobile phones. However, this didn't seem to stop Felix Fu from constructing his own company, Nubia, a Chinese smartphone maker.

Do you want to learn more about Nubia smartphones and how they were created? Stick around to learn the full story of how Nubia Technology became one of the most popular Chinese smartphone companies.

The First Call for Nubia

The name "nubia" comes from the ancient civilization, meaning “cloud”, in Latin. In the past, the term "cloud" was a symbol of goodness and beauty. But with the founding of Nubia Technology, Felix Fu brought a new meaning to the word, reflecting the evolutionary leap from ancient civilization to modern smartphones.

The story begins as part of the ZTE line of smartphones. So, Felix Fu was a member of the ZTE company, but soon he came to the conclusion of creating his own cellphone models. Ever since Felix was a child, he had a hidden desire to be a tech-star, since young Felix was drawn to everything technology. His greatest ambition was to one day launch his own line of phones that could be used for various purposes.

Taking the necessary steps towards his goal, in 2015, his dream became as real as the finger on his hand. All of his hard work paid off, and Nubia Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese company that makes various models of smartphones, began its phenomenal growth.

From a Dreamer to a Doer

In the beginning, Nubia Technologies was a subsidiary of ZTE Mobile Corporation. It was founded in 2012 in order to provide top smartphones to all those looking to try out something new.

Nubia firstly emerged as a ZTE Mobile partner. Since its beginnings, Nubia Technology has made significant progress. Offering innovative and quality smartphones to the people, Nubia has become one of the best companies for the production of smartphones.

Moving forward, in 2015, Nubia Technology spun off from ZTE Mobile Corporation and became an independent company called Nubia Technology Co. Ltd.

Nubia Technology smartphones feature a sophisticated combination of hardware and software solutions at high quality with affordable prices. However, the company does not only produce smartphones but Nubia also started producing smartwatches and high-quality cameras. Nubia’s greatest achievement ever was the introduction of the world's first frameless design called the FIT (Frame Interactive Technology). Shortly afterward, Nubia introduced the fingerprint recognition function, TiO (Three-in-One).

From the very beginning, Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. strives to provide innovative, quality, and unique technology products and services for all those who are looking for high-quality items. Its development has been challenging, but Felix Fu never gave up on his dream of becoming one of the best smartphone companies in the world.

The Prickly Path that Leads to Success

The development of Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. was followed by a lot of praise and satisfied customers for all the products it produced. This praise inspired Felix Fu to keep working on the advancement of his company, Nubia.

Nubia drew attention to itself by launching the Nubia brand. The first product line included the Nubia Z5S, Nubia Z7, and Nubia Z9 smartphone models. These models were the first that Nubia released in 2016, and they made quite the boom among prospective users.

Wanting to draw the attention of the world, in 2016, Nubia invited superstar Christiano Ronaldo to promote one of their smartphones. Progress continued to count on its success when Nubia soon extended its line of smartphones. The "Nubia" series was the first Nubia Technology series to be available for purchase.

In 2017, Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. built its second smartphone factory in Nanchang, Jianxi. This company continued to produce phones and other smart devices, and soon after, it reached great popularity in the smartphone industry.

In April 2018, Nubia Technology took its second step towards getting more praise and founded its own sub-brand called RedMagic. RedMagic is the first smartphone sub-brand designed specifically for mobile video games. This sub-brand has managed to build a very wide reputation around the world. RedMagic has quickly become a fan favorite among mobile game fans and has reached a new level of success, globally.

Garnering Finances

The company's progress has not stopped here. With the introduction of new models under the RedMagic brand, like the RedMagic 6S Pro, the RedMagic 6 Pro, and the RedMagic 5G, Nubia Technology attracted new attention and increased its reputation.

Shortly after, Felix’s Nubia released its first DSLR camera, a specialized device for professional mobile photography. The DSLR camera is designed to take clear, high-quality photos and comes with excellent performance. Nubia Technology announced a new logo and presented its bold new vision on April 13, 2020.

The great progress of this company brings us to 2021 when Nubia Technology presented the new models of the RedMagic line. Nubia Technology Co Ltd has always attempted to produce high-quality smartphones. As the years went by, this company grew more and more. Finally, Nubia appeared on the IPO calendar in 2021.

Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. will price its shares at $10 per share, distributing 10 million units in total for a gross raise of $100 million before deducting offering expenses. Each unit will contain one share of common stock and one-half of a warrant, which can be exercised at a price of $11.50.

Since the beginning of her story, Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. has been continuously growing. This company marked that growth in 2020 when it participated in only one round of funding. Nubia Technology raised $190.4K in total during that round of funding.

Obstacles Are the Cost of Success

Throughout its development, Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. has experienced significant financial changes. But those changes are exactly what has made it what it is - one of the best smartphone companies.

With the separation of ZTE Mobile Corporation, Nubia Technology received its first significant support. In 2015, Nubia received considerable investment from Suning Holdings Group. Later that year, Sunning Commerce Group made its second major investment in the company. In February of that year, Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. became the largest sponsor of Jiangsu Suning F.C. for a reported 150 million CN.

In 2017, Nubia Technology experienced another change in this field. In partnership with ZTE, it was a subsidiary of the company. However, ZTE decided to reduce its stake in the company to 49.9%, officially making Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. an affiliated company.

As Felix’s envisionment of his childhood dream became reality in the tech world, Nubia managed to stand tall amongst a number of companies involved in the production of smartphones and devices. The rapid progress of Nubia Technology has faced a number of competitors, such as Samsung, Apple, Bayside Wireless, WoW Electronics, and Cydle America Corporation, among others.

All of the challenges Nubia Technology Co. Ltd. faced on the way to success are what helped it become one of the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones and devices.

Nubia: Today’s Masterpiece

Gone are the days when phones were only used for making calls; now, a regular smartphone can do so much more. Today's touch-screen smartphones enable us to quickly access the internet, record and photograph our most exciting moments, do social networking, read the news, book flights, and oh, so many more things.

The current headquarters are still in Shenzhen, Guangdong, employing over 1000 people, all of which contribute greatly to Nubia’s success. Felix Fu, the co-founder and Vice President of Nubia plans to launch more smartphone lines, catering to the needs of more people, globally.

As good words travel fast, Nubia managed to set foot on markets in Europe, Russia, India, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Capturing the perfect moments has never been easier thanks to budget-friendly Nubia smartphones. With all it has accomplished so far, all of us can expect to be surprised by more Nubia treats, and we can’t wait for that day to come.