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Infraspeak: Your Go-To Place for IT Support


Imagine working on an important piece for work and your computer crashes at the wrong time. This scenario is enough to drive any hard-worker crazy, especially with the necessary paperwork to file ahead of a deadline.

Waiting for IT technicians to get crashing issues sorted out is a thing of the past, as an automated platform breaks way on the market. Luis Martins had seen enough IT trouble with his PC, and so, he decided to create the perfect IT service to automatically solve any and all technical issues.

Envisioned as refined software, Infraspeak is an IT service platform and among the fastest in detecting, prioritizing, and identifying a wide range of technical issues. Workers in need will, therefore, have an IT technician ready to act upon any technical failures - at a click of a button!

This is the story of Infraspeak and the way it became Luis’s groundbreaking innovation within the IT realm!

The Budding Years

Luis Martins was born in late 1980, in the colorful Porto, to a loving futuristic-oriented family. Luis’ parents were very much tech-driven thanks to their IT-related professions. As Luis’s father was an IT technician himself, he became his son’s first-choice advisor in all things technology.

Luis enjoyed the benefits of using technology to ease everyday life. His admiration for digitalization was implemented during childhood, mostly as he grew up at the peak of the globally overpowering digital era. When his parents brought him his first PC, Luis felt an immediate connection to the machine and wanted to know more about the mechanics behind it.

Because Luis’ hobby was to spend time in front of the computer, his parents knew that his career would be technology-oriented. Their imaginations turned out to be true when Luis embarked on his actual journey to becoming an IT engineer.

Luis Martin enrolled in the University of Porto in 2005, where he studied at the Faculty of Engineering. His college years would be filled with excitement, prosperity, and extensive learning. Luis would regard these years as the best time of his life, one that enabled him to gather all necessary information to kickstart his next individual project.

Luis’ studying did not stop there, however. He later decided that he would try to earn a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of Pernambuco - another stepping stone in Louis’s remarkable professional journey.

Hardworking Years

In 2012, Luis and his impressive resume scored him a job as a software developer and technical assistant at Cool Heat, LDA. During his working years, Luis would multitask on a wide range of jobs, and it seemed like he couldn’t function without overworking himself. He also knew that he could only accomplish his goals through hard effort.

Even though he worked at Cool Heat, Luis would work from home as a web designer and developer, which he considered a hobby in his pastime.

During his jumbled-up schedule, Luis managed to nurture the idea of creating his first platform - an IT-oriented software that could accommodate a great volume of users at once. Luis wanted to fill the forever-open communicative gap between executives and managers, both are the bloodline of every business.

Luis was grateful that the digitalization era put large piles of business paperwork to rest. However, he also noticed that more large-scale companies prefer to rely on paperwork rather than communicate with their staff.

So, the idea of a platform that would ease the connection between members of a company was brewing heavy on Luis’ mind. The only thing he needed was that professional push as well as a business partner to help him establish his idea of minimizing paperwork in the name of digital platforms.

The Breakthrough

Luis Martins first met Felipe Ávila da Costa in 2010. When Felipe first heard about Luis’s business idea, he encouraged him to act upon it at once. Both companions knew that the company offered everything that Portugal needed until then. These early moments became the foundation of what would later be known as Infraspeak.

The time to act was now as Portugal was in dire need of a game-changing software that will erase all trouble with paperwork once and for all. After much consulting and hesitating, Luis, alongside Felipe, collected the final paperwork to start the launching process. In April of 2014, Felipe and Luis launched Infraspeak in their native Porto, Portugal. The company was to focus on a unique kind of maintenance, based on tech intelligence. Infraspeak helps sort all kinds of technical failure, by connecting workers with technicians ready to act upon the issue in a matter of seconds.

Infraspeak is revolutionary in its way of tackling tech issues by identifying, prioritizing, collecting, and presenting equipment to solve any type of IT failure. Infraspeak can be applied to both computers and smartphones to easily track the workflow.

The idea is that simplicity is the best way to improve people’s jobs and lives, and to turn all hefty paperwork digital!

Luis managed to balance engineering, programming, and a side job as a website developer, to build a career in entrepreneurship as a specialist in maintenance. So, in a way, Infraspeak presents a merge of his two major passions in life.

Ups and Downs

Infraspeak represents a tracking machine, designed to solve a huge problem, but finding recognition was one of the challenges that Luis and his team had to tackle. Their first challenge was to get hotels to trust and use Infraspeak’s services and reduce the paperwork by making it digital.

However, Infraspeak pulled through when Luis and Filipe managed to get one of the biggest hotels in Portugal to try out their services. Luis and Filipe needed to be flexible and adapt Infraspeak to suit the hotels' every need.

After two years of hard work, Infraspeak saw its first breakthrough when it increased its revenue by 237%. This was baffling to the founders, as more and more customers began to grow more interested in Infraspeak’s IT services.

In 2018, Infraspeak raised €1.6M from an investment by Caixa Capital and Construtech Ventures from Brazil. This meant that the good word about Infraspeak’s innovative approach was heard throughout the globe.

In 2019, Infraspeak expanded to multiple markets around the world starting with Brazil. Only a few short months afterward, Infraspeak opened offices in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa through the Partner’s program. In the same year, Infraspeak garnered more than 35 hotels under its belt, using their services.

Infraspeak, Today

Competitors like UpKeep, Hippo by iOffice, and Fracctal One, among others, didn’t make it easy for Infraspeak to dabble in the field of communication management, but they had another thing coming.

Before becoming the catalyst for better workflow, Insfraspeak had its work cut out. Jumping over hurdles, dodging blows, surviving nothingness, Infraspeak managed to stand tall in times of adversity.

Today, Infraspeak has more than 200+ employees running the company whose headquarters are still in native Porto, Portugal. Infraspeak managed to completely reinvent the Software, Maintenance, and Facility Management industry by implementing technology where it was most needed, in a short time.

Infraspeak services have now spread to shopping malls, housekeeping, airports, F&B, and energy management and the founders plan on spreading to more branches on the market. Infraspeak currently runs in over 250 hotels around the world.

Infraspeak became the necessary communication tool between maintenance staff and hotel management, the world never thought it needed. Infraspeak answered to the widespread demand of reducing paper waste, thus improving the ecosystem. By removing the need for paper as a whole, they replaced it with a much easier and quicker solution through intelligent software.

By being true to himself and doing a lot of hard work, Luis Martins accomplished his life-long dream of intertwining technology with helping people. By implementing a modern approach to solving everyday issues, Luis predicted many problems ahead of time. Thanks to Infraspeak’s efficient effortless approach, other businesses can save money and resources and thus more time!