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Indusgeeks: Game Your Way to Quality Learning!


Learning is a lifelong process, be it a new skill, behavior, value, or knowledge.

However, the methods in acquiring that knowledge are what separates quality from mediocre learning. In other words, learning should be anything but dull. If not stimulative, intriguing, thought-provoking and intuitive, the learning process can easily be labeled mechanic, uninspiring and, in many ways, limited.

This is exactly where Indusgeeks comes into the picture.

A company driven by the idea of introducing a whole new and innovative way of learning, Indusgeeks crushes the undesirable stereotypes of traditional education. Instead of overpowering one with a wave of information, Indusgeeks incorporates simplified learning through gaming and visual simulation.

The founder and creator of Indusgeeks, Siddharth Banerjee, first birthed the idea based on his own schooling experiences. Dissatisfied with the level of education he acquired in his homeland of India, Siddharth soon figured future generations were in desperate need of a revamped model of learning.

But, before changing the ideology of it altogether, Siddharth first needed to nip traditional education in the bud.

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A Triggering Change

Learning never halts. Regardless of the undisputed course of education, what has rarely been addressed in the learning process is the timely and unfruitful method of education received.

Back in the days when Siddharth Banerjee first got acquainted with learning in India, the educational process was in ruins. Not only was his education basic, but he also realized there was a lack of educated teachers and mentors in the country. Without the existence of a strong educational system, poverty-stricken India continued to struggle with elementary learning essentials. Such included establishing proper educational facilities and introducing innovative and play-oriented learning programs.

If the country was to be pulled out of an educational rut, groundbreaking changes needed to happen. For Sid, one of the key elements in transforming education in India from the ground up was introducing play as a method of engagement.

This was, in fact, what triggered Siddharth Banerjee to go back to the basics and that initial form of learning - through play. Indusgeeks was born out of this need, as a platform introducing interactive technologies through training games and simulations.

Once the platform made its public debut, it became largely famous among gamification companies, as well as among educational and virtual softwares. With its release, and as expected, Indusgeeks would provoke a viral interest in mastering learning skills a tad differently.

A Man on a Mission

Growing up, Sid observed the decline and fall of the Indian education system. Directed at over-emphasizing memorization and standardized testing, this ineffective educational pattern alienated itself from the natural philosophy of learning.

Even though Sid studied at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for five years, he cut all ties with the educational scheme once his internship came full circle. The young man then realized there was a power in tapping into something unconventional, something that people actually could enjoy and look forward to. Therefore, in 2007, Sid founded Indusgeeks, a platform depicting his love for quality learning, gaming and virtual stimulation.

As founder and CEO of Indusgeeks, Sid placed the company as a leader in the game-based and VR training industry. In its years of existence, Indusgeeks has received multiple awards and honors, including the Brandon-Hall Gold award for 'Best Use of Games & Simulations for Learning'.

Other awards poured in as well, all praising Sid's determination and efforts in founding and elevating the company's reputable status and mission. Although a seemingly plain idea, Sid's invention helped change the global perspective of what the educational processes should bring to the table.

Founding Indusgeeks was a mission in itself, and Siddharth remained adamant in demonstrating that games and visualizations can still be a productive method of learning. With a few sophisticated touches incorporated into the platform, learning through Indusgeeks would become a viable and thoughtful concept that helps worldwide learners boost their knowledge through dynamics.

In 2016, Rid was nominated as the founding Board Member of NASSCOM's Applied Gaming. He also started collaborating with governmental and gaming bodies worldwide to formulate his key learning policies. The aim behind these techniques was to transform the applied gaming ecosystem and keep up with the emerging educational trends while applying advanced gaming technology.

Not just that, but Sid also created one of the first digital healthcare training platforms. The system was designed to interchange healthcare education and training worldwide. This approach largely helped grow Indusgeeks into a mission-driven EdTech company, determined to reinvent vocational and enterprise training for every learner.

Indusgeeks's Beginnings

Founded in Mumbai, India, in 2007, Indusgeeks has grown to become a global leader in Ed Tech solutions.

Sid's unique source of inspiration came straight out of his homeland and the educational burdens the country was facing at the time. What he was determined to do was to use the flaws and imperfections within India's educational system and reinforce the learning experience of students.

Success-wise, Indusgeeks is a multi-award-winning company and a pioneer in the field of game-based, virtual reality, and augmented reality training. The company strives to replace mundane corporate training with gamified and VR-enhanced technologies, thus creating an entertaining and engaging learning platform for all its users.

From today's viewpoint, Indusgeeks offers customized learning solutions that are cost-efficient, LMS compatible, and designed for mobile, desktop, and VR-friendly devices.

Over the last decade, the company has worked with countless companies, defense organizations, and governing instances worldwide and with one sole mission- to restructure training content into a more gamified, interactive, immersive and narrative-driven learning model.

Nurturing a 13-year-long reputation on the market, Indusgeeks still enforces improvements of all sorts, thus meeting all criteria of interactive and contemporary learning.

And here we thought learning was anything but fun!

An Optimistic Wind of Change

Indusgeeks is building a future-ready platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, whilst using interactive virtual and augmented reality content.

More than that, it delivers quality learning to enterprises and individual learners in every corner of India, and other economically potent countries across the globe.

As an extremely fascinating innovation, Indusgeeks' idea would continue to grow in the following years. It would also create a thoughtful learning mechanism that changes our learning habits and patterns. Among other goals, Indusgeeks plans on becoming a single-handed, go-to platform for all sorts of vocational training. With low-cost, high-quality courses, and on-demand availability, Indusgeeks attempts to empower both greater employability and the universal scheme of learning.

Through versatility, the company allows customization and adjustment of a variety of business fields. Such include relevant business branches like leadership development, sales, soft skills training, onboarding and induction, safety and compliance, and policy awareness, among others.

The company boasts various offices worldwide, including those in San Jose, California, and Mumbai, all the while generating the majority of its clients from small, medium, and large academic enterprises. To this day, Indusgeeks continues to offer a variety of dynamic learning services, all custom-tailored to fill the educational gap in a lively, productive and vital fashion.

Without an inkling of a doubt, Sid's Indusgeeks played its business cards right and changed the game of corporate training for generations to come!