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Moon Active: Let the Games Begin!


You’ve probably heard that playing games is not good for you. Wrong! Plenty of research studies prove that playing mobile games can exercise your brain and save you from losing your marbles.

But even today, many don’t believe in the benefits that mobile gaming can have. Determined to prove them wrong, a bright and diligent entrepreneur embarked on a journey to create the best games that every Android or iOS user could enjoy.

And that is how Moon Active came to be! Samuel Albin focused his company on devising games that would be perfect for small screens. But seeing how the population turned to social media, Moon Active opened a new path and ventured into Facebook games, too.

Coin Master is one of the most widely played games today, created by Moon Active. So how did it rise to the level of a unicorn? Here is the story of Samuel Albin and how it all started.

Liftoff to the Moon

Samuel Albin is Israeli and comes from a family of successful businessmen, Galia and Mickey Albin. His father died suddenly at the age of 41. In such an unexpected situation, Samuel's mother was left to work the empire, consisting of seven public companies, all on her own.

Taking care of a business and four children proved to be difficult. Constantly seeing the effort she put into everything she was doing, juggling several things at once, Samuel saw a role model in his mother, someone he aspired to be when he grew up.

But he also had trouble with the success accumulated from all these endeavors. Not wanting to live forever in the shadows of his father and mother, Samuel decided to start his own journey.

Samuel loved playing games even as a kid, so his idea for going further was simple – founding a business that would be about games. But not just any kind; his goal was to create the world's most successful game provider.

A World-Class Team

Unlike many successful business people, Samuel leaves his actions and achievements to do the talking. He established Moon Active in 2011 in Tel Aviv as a startup for the development of games.

From the very first beginning, his ambition was for Moon Active to become the world’s most successful mobile gaming company. His strategy was to grow and expand the portfolio in two ways: to develop new games and acquire other companies according to the target.

And so it happened. Samuel built a world-class team of creative people with a vision to make authentic and visual experiences. The art, graphic design, and animation they use today to produce games create a joyful time for players in the fantasy world of games.

But the team doesn’t stop when a game is released. With the latest technology available, they use machine learning, data science, and analysis to improve the game and constantly make a pleasant experience for the players.

The second part of the strategy was to broaden the portfolio. Therefore, at the end of 2020, Moon Active acquired Melsoft Games – a PC and mobile games developer. This company has existed since 2007, and at the beginning was only creating PC games. Five years later, Melsoft Games started to develop mobile games, of which Family Island and MyCafe became the most popular.

Melsoft had an attractive portfolio, but that wasn’t the only thing that made Samuel give the green light on the acquisition. For Samuel, it was equally important that the company had the same culture and values as Moon Active because he wanted to ensure that both companies could continue growing in the same direction.

Moon Active Coin Master Connects Players Worldwide

As a social and mobile game developer, Moon Active offers exciting games for Android, iOS, and Facebook platforms. Its most engaging and entertaining games are Wonder Ball Heroes, Super Sam Series, and Coin Master.

The enormous success the company achieved was when Coin Master was made available. Until then, Moon Active was fairly recognized on the market. But 2016 – the release year of this game – changed everything for the company and Samuel. With the release, the game earned a reputation as one of the company's most popular games, connecting players worldwide.

In 2020, Coin Master became the fourth most profitable game in the world. In just one year, from August 2020 to September 2021, it generated a revenue of $651 million, the highest among mobile casino games. About 200 million players have downloaded this game from more than 130 countries.

Creating the Fun Side of the Moon

Its dedication to its employees and benefits makes Moon Active an attractive company. The company allows its employees to develop and grow in their careers individually and solve problems together as a team. Located in Tel Aviv and a few European countries, it is an international innovative, dynamic company with a comfortable office and environment.

Samuel wanted the people he worked with to feel at home, so he pushed to create an environment that would be good for everyone. He urged the employees to be transparent and open with him, giving them unlimited sick leave and comprehensive insurance for themselves and their family members.

Samuel strongly believes that as long as employees can learn, develop and make a career in the company, they will stick around and help him create the best and most successful team.

A New Israeli Unicorn

Starting as a gaming startup, today Moon Active Ltd. is a top Israeli unicorn at a $5 billion valuation. For ten years, the company raised a total funding amount of $425 million in 4 rounds.

The latest funding was in November last year from the Secondary Market round for $300 million. This funding was led by Insight Partners and featured participation from Andalusian Private Capital. This round helped the company hit the unicorn mark and reach the evaluation it has today.

This was not the first-time Insight Partners invested in Moon Active. In 2020 the investment in Moon Active was $125 million. Moon Active has quadrupled its value in just a year with these two investments.

Aside from this, there are six investors in total, including Andalusian Private Capital and Insight Partners from New York.

The headquarters of Moon Active is located in Tel Aviv, with about 800 people working there. Branches are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and London, with more than 500 employees in each of these locations. Today, Moon Active, with more than 1,300 people dedicated to games, is one of the fastest-growing companies for mobile games worldwide.

The Bright Future Ahead for Moon Active

The success achieved in the company's first ten years does not stop its CEO from future plans. Samuel pointed this out, saying that Moon Active's growth has just begun. Thinking about tomorrow, he sees a bright future coming up.

Moon Active became the world's most successful mobile gaming company due to investments in the development of technological platforms and abilities to support and accelerate the games they made. These investments gave the company and Samuel an advantage over competitors.

He sees potential for endless growth in the coming years, so he plans to invest in many resources, but most importantly, in people. For Samuel, the hundreds of talented and motivated employees are the critical factor that would produce great games.

Moon Active is currently a private company, meaning Samuel's plans may also include an IPO. Nonetheless, his eyes are now set on raising more funds and thus creating more entertaining games for everyone.