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Coresystems: The Core of System Development


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

As the years pass, internet services count bigger and larger successes. Today, each person has the opportunity to find out all the information they need with just one click. But for finding any information, proper internet speed is needed, right? Well, Coresystems understood the task well and delivered it!

Following his dreams, young Manuel Grenacher founded Coresystems - an independent system-developing company based in Windyz, Switzerland.

The road to Coresystems’ success was rocky, but Manuel never quit. The company's ups and downs are what has made it one of the best companies for system development in the world, with a million satisfied users.

So, If you want to know more about what inspired Manuel to build a respective company like Coresystems, you are at the right place.

Introducing the Founder of Coresystems

Some paths are made by walking them. Each path to success is difficult and has its own story to tell. Manuel Grenacher's story demonstrates that pursuing your dreams and goals can lead to great success.

Manuel Grenacher is the CEO and founder of one of the largest software-developing companies today - Coresystems. A loving husband, father, and a successful businessman, Manuel was born in 1981 in Switzerland. Manuel is a serial technology entrepreneur from Switzerland, one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the world of IT engineering. He completed his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Windisch, Switzerland.

When he was young, Manuel’s family owned a furniture company dedicated to making furniture from scratch. Working with his family, Manuel learned the two basic principles by which he is guided: to work hard and respect the customer base.

During his lifetime, Manuel won several awards that marked his career advancement as an IT engineer. In 2013, he founded his second company called Mila AG and its German subsidiary, Mila Europe GmbH.

His achievements have been recognized by the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Awards and the Swiss Economic Council. In 2012, Manuel was named Ernst & Young’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2013, he won the Swiss ICT Awards for Newcomer of the Year for his accomplishments with the Mila company.

Although Manuel managed to establish himself as a serious and forward-thinking entrepreneur, he never ceased to further develop as a professional.

In 2015, under his leadership, the Mila company won the Eco Internet Award in the "best startup" category and the Innovation Award in the "best CRM" category.

Manuel has always dreamed of founding something of his own, something genuinely his that will be a huge success. He spent many years working on his ideas when, finally, in 2006, an idea found its way. It turned out the idea revolved around the founding of Coresystems on June 8, 2006.

Strengthening the Core of Coresystems

Some paths are really difficult to walk, with all the loops and hoops along the way, but those exact paths are the ones that build character, motivate and inspire.

Such is the story of Coresystems.

Before founding the Coresystems company, all that Manuel Grenacher had was an idea in his head and a strong belief that one day he would succeed. He spent many years learning and realizing his goal. Finally, on June 8, 2006, luck knocked on his door. Manuel didn’t hesitate to convert the idea into reality, and he didn’t regret it.

Coresystems is an independent system-development company based in Windisch, Aargau, Switzerland. It is the SAP Business Outreach Management Platform and is the largest reseller of SAP Business One.

From its inception until today, Coresystems has made great progress and received a number of awards. Its successful development has been supported by millions of satisfied users worldwide, especially in Switzerland. The main focus of Coresystems is to provide the best conditions and solutions for users to whom it offers secure software, consulting services, and field service software.

The introduction of field service software in 2014 has helped a lot in the development of the company. Field service software helps companies to optimize and manage the business activities performed by workers are tasked with working in the field.

The Building Blocks of the Core

In Coresystems, field services are divided into four different categories: repair, maintenance, business consulting and installation, and commissioning. All of these categories offer unique solutions, but despite the common set of field services, different industries offer specific and different ones. The instruments and products that the company supplies to its customers must meet specified requirements in the areas of energy and utilities, medical equipment, and manufacturing. In collaboration with SAP, Coresystems gives customers the inventory management connectivity they need to track progress and provide superior quality of service.

Field services face seven challenges of industrial production: meeting customer requirements, providing self-service, increasing profits, high-efficiency requirements, customer retention, providing a safe work environment, and a talent gap.

Coresystems, in partnership with SAP, offers several benefits that contribute to its successful operation. Some of them include global resource planning, many available languages, real-time cloud data transfer, fast implementation, reduction of machine failures, cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, etc.

SAP FMS and Coresystems help with the efficiency and productivity of the field services to maintain the quality of the products. The field service for health science and the medical equipment industry faces six challenges, such as competition, the stigma associated with services, inventory management, the importance of working time, a high level of safety, and competitive prices.

The energy and utility industries face a variety of products around the world today. Coresystems helps service providers maintain a comprehensive overview of equipment and dedicated resources. It allows companies to quickly adjust the capacity and skills of their workforce. Reduced demand for traditionally produced energy, new entrants, and increased competition are some of the challenges faced by field services.

Together, Coresystems and SAP have proven to be a great team in the field. The benefits from this team are increased workflow efficiency and routing optimization, fast implementation of FSM based on Cloud, seamless connection with ERP, optimal resource planning worldwide, etc. Coresystems and Coresuite have developed an innovative product range, encompassing everything a client might need.

Garnering Finances & Recognition

The development of the Coresystems company was followed by many awards. In 2013, Coresystems raised $ 15.5 million in the first round of financing from private investors, including Peter Zenke, a German technology investor. When Coresystems started providing field service management solutions back in 2014, it was nominated for an export award in the “Success" category.

In 2016, Coresystems was identified as a key market innovator according to the Field Service Management Market - Global Forecast to 2020 market research report. Its progress was even greater when, in 2018, Coresystems split into two separate companies. Coresystems FSM AG has maintained its focus on field service management software and has seen increasing success.

Coresystems, Today

The baby steps taken by Manuel Grenacher towards the realization of Coresystems led him to great success in that field, lasting until today. Starting with only ten employees, he managed to raise the company's ceiling, and till today, the company proudly employs over 250 people. While carefully climbing the ladder of success, the company has faced a number of competitors, with ServiceMax and ClickSoftware being the most notable ones.

Coresystems is still SAP's largest FSM partner and has over 195K satisfied customers. The company's current headquarters are in Dorfstrasse and Windisch, Switzerland. There are also several international Coresystems offices located in Miami, London, Freiburg, Shanghai, Berlin, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo.

The path that Manuel Grenacher took to reach the Coresystems company today was rocky, but inspiring for all of us. The future of Coresystems is quite bright, and we do hope Manuel’s company will continue to innovate the realm of system development.