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Cerberus Sentinel - The Mythical Cybersecurity Guard


Running a successful business in the 21st century without a proper cybersecurity provider is unimaginable.

The technique of protecting electronic systems, networks, and data, including computers, servers, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, against hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. The security of electronic information is also known as information technology security.

As the CEO of many enterprises, David Jemmett faced multiple cybersecurity challenges, which were the foundations for his business idea.

Through extensive experience in the management sector, David acquired the proper knowledge for founding his own cybersecurity company. He created Cerberus Sentinel to provide services to small and large businesses. The platform offers solutions for solving complex cybersecurity issues and teaching organizations about their role in them.

This article is about the journey of our hero, David, through the entrepreneurial waters and the creation of his very own mythical company.

A Head Start

David's first work experience was the one that assured him that he had the skills to reach the stars. In 1993, he started as the CEO of GoodNet, a small company that David grew to the 6th largest peering network in the United States. During his 5 years at the company, David increased the number of employees from 3 at the start to 111 at the time of sale. He managed to increase recurring revenue from 0$ to a staggering 24$ million annually. Quite impressive stats.

After its successful management, GoodNet was purchased by WinStar Communication in 1998. Impressed by David's work, they appointed David as the President of Data Services, and he conveyed this role for the next 2 years.

In those 2 years at WinStar Communication, he managed to increase annualized sales from $24 million to $132 million and built 26 telecom hotels in the States. He also raised the company's market capitalization at his departure from $600 million to $6.2 billion.

During his role as a President of Data Services at WinStar, David also found the time to be the CEO of another company - Clear Data Communications. He merged 17 national internet service providers into one company, generating annualized revenues of $24 million. David was also a limited partner of IRL (Indy Racing League) Racing Car. He always wanted to be a part of a winning team, and the outcome was a fantastic 2001 open-wheel auto racing season.

This set David on the right path to success and gave him the necessary knowledge to later found and lead his own company - Cerberus Sentinel.

The Turn of the Millenium

As David's skills and confidence strengthened, he embarked on an even more challenging journey in 2003. His next experience was as a Debtor-In-Possession financier at the company Forth Stage/Hyperion. When this corporation had 212 million NOL, 91 million in debt, and 2 million in the monthly burn, it employed 362 people across six data centers.

In just 5 months, although this company was in bankruptcy, David could bargain with vendors and creditors and reduce the number of employees to 328. He also reduced the company's monthly burn rate to $20K and purchased Web Vision from Los Angeles. The firm increased by 9% in a short period, despite having fewer workers. Negotiations for the sale of the company with PK investments were completed on the last day of the bankruptcy proceedings.

So, after this successful endeavor of taking a company out of the hells of debt, in 2004, David became the President/Managing Member of Grant Houston, LLC. The ideas and possibilities he shared with entrepreneurs at different growth phases included how to make strategic alliances, raise capital, and turn fledgling concepts into very profitable businesses. Something that the hero of our story did quite well.

David involved various for-profit and nonprofit advisory board members, providing strategic guidance on all aspects of organizational development, including mergers and market penetration.

Following almost 4 years at Grant Houston, David finally founded his own company. He was the founder and CTO of Clear Data Networks Inc. and stayed there until 2014.

This platform gave businesses more computing power for less money by migrating their medical IT infrastructure to a cloud-hosted environment tailored to the healthcare industry. Lower operating, capital, and environmental expenses are just some of David's clients' benefits from using ClearDATA's cutting-edge design architecture.

After a beautiful 5 years at Clear Data Networks, David hoped to become yet another CEO chair at GenResults, LLC, which did business in the healthcare sector.

The Birth of the Three-Headed Cyber Beast

Cerberus Sentinel was created in 2018, inspired by David’s belief that cyber security begins with people. According to David and his team, an organization's personnel must be educated, aware of, and empowered if security is maximized. Using a wide range of products and services, they aim to create a safety culture for every customer by securing critical infrastructure, networks, and data from cyber-attacks.

Using a high-touch collaborative strategy built on partnerships and ongoing training, Cerberus Sentinel provides its entire cybersecurity solution based on corporate culture. Regarding security, their team looks beyond the usual perimeter of cyber goods to identify the unique threats faced by each company and provide comprehensive solutions.

Cerberus Sentinel and GenResults combined in 2019 to become a powerful cybersecurity firm. An initial merger and purchase created the groundwork for further acquisitions of creative and talented enterprises.

Funding and Current Affairs

There has been one round of fundraising for Cerberus Sentinel totaling $650,000. A seed funding round was completed on October 13, 2020. On January 14, 2022, Cerberus (CISO) became a Nasdaq-listed company and launched an initial public offering (IPO). The firm raised $10 million by selling 2 million shares at $5 each.

Cerberus Sentinel Stock

On June 6, Cerberus Sentinel’s stock surged 23% and is trading at 67 percent over its IPO price. The cybersecurity company's stock began at $7.09 and hit a session high of $9.45. At 12:45 PM Eastern Time, the stock was trading at $8.37, a gain of 23%. Creatrix, a cybersecurity and compliance services provider, was acquired by the business on June 2, just before the increase of its stock.

Cerberus Sentinel has 10 acquisitions, the most recent being Cyber Viking in July 2022. The company has 185 employees, with a market capitalization of $650 million. In the last 12 months, David and his team managed to gather a revenue of $11.8 million, out of which the net income is $7-$12 million.

The Tale Continues for Cerberus Sentinel

We can make a few conclusions by looking at David's rich work portfolio - It’s best to focus on the work at hand without distractions. If you are patient and face your challenges head-on, you will undoubtedly conquer them and achieve your goals. The work that you've done will speak for itself, and the confidence that rises, as a result, will allow you to move on to the next challenge.

As David progressed through his journey, we discovered that switching fields of work isn’t hard if you adjust your mindset to see the opportunity in problems. His strive to make the internet a safer place and the knowledge he acquired from previous experiences brought David to create his most successful company yet.

From David’s story, we can conclude there is no preset path to success; all you need to do is enjoy the ride, focus on the present moment, and the formula for your success will turn up like a light bulb!