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How Movandi Powers the Future of Digital Communication


We use it day by day and we can’t even imagine our lives without it, but WiFi is so much more than the ultimate way of connecting to the world.

Elaborating the concept of WiFi in-depth and providing society with the connective tie that binds, Maryam Rofougaran is the ultimate contributor to virtual tech as we know it.

With efforts a decade in the making, Maryam has slowly yet surely become the face of global technology, the way it works, and all things wireless. It is thanks to this walking female power figure and her outstanding platform, Movandi, that today, we can communicate virtually better than ever, with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

As a result of the urgent need for improvement of the omnipresent and widespread world of wireless communication, Maryam’s brainchild, Movandi, delivers the technological advancements society has been starving for. Successfully breaking ways onto the anticipated 5G market, Movandi intertwines the best of technology, sophisticated communication solutions, and usability. How did Maryam become the ruler of her own tech universe?

Iranian Tech Geek

A female power force in a world of mostly male inventors, Maryam was once but a little girl, nurturing daring dreams for a brighter future.

Maryam was born in 1968, in Isfahan, in a humble family with a high appreciation for quality education. Her parents not only encouraged her to study hard and work harder, but they always pushed their little girl to trust her abilities and never give up. While her family had great aspirations for Maryam, unfortunately, they lacked essential knowledge and education themselves.

As Maryam’s grandfather died very young, her father took it upon himself to become the breadwinner of the family, which also meant giving up his own education to become a bazaar merchant. Maryam’s mother, on the other hand, was also an eager learner, but with a handful of children to look after daily, she gave up the dream to become a stay-at-home mom and a housewife.

However, when it came to Maryam, her two sisters, and one brother, education would become a must within the family. An Iranian city, Isfahan was quite controversial on the topic of equal rights and providing the same opportunities for both men and women, and Maryam very well knew her brother stood greater chances of success than her and her sisters.

Nevertheless, Maryam had a natural talent for sports and drawing, and a strong knack for solving complex mathematical problems. She enjoyed challenging herself scientifically and secretly dreamed of becoming the female version of Albert Einstein, acquiring global recognition, and perhaps even winning her own Nobel Prize!

The Up and Comer

Maryam finished both middle and high school in Iran. During her senior year at school, Maryam’s brother left Isfahan to move to the USA and seek higher and more quality education. Inspired by her brother’s initiative, Maryam asked her parents for permission to join him, to which they agreed - as soon as Maryam graduated.

Her early love for math and physics, as well as her perseverance and hard work at school, led Maryam to develop a special approach to solving lengthy, tricky, and downright challenging mathematical complexities.

To further expand her ambitions and skills, Maryam joined the University of California in 1987 to study electrical engineering. In the next few years, as she was preparing her doctoral thesis, Maryam and her brother joined forces to found a company for developing wireless short-range communication. Later on, their baby company would be acquired by a semiconductor platform, Broadcom.

Maryam was extremely productive at UCLA and its department of electrical engineering. Here, she successfully produced various extraordinary high-frequency radio transceivers, ultimately integrating these into separate microchips. During her career at Broadcom, Maryam continued to lead projects that helped grow the wireless business, which ultimately earned the company $3 billion in annual revenue. The platform was super-efficient, high-performance, low-power, and most of all, low-cost oriented.

For the company, Maryam designed RF modules and wireless radio devices then-unknown to the public - from GPS and Bluetooth to LTE and WLAN. Interestingly, the microchips used in the creative process were later applied in building modern-day devices, such as iPhones, smartphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy gadgets, laptops, and even vehicles.

Maryam maintained the leadership in Broadcom by continuously improving its products and executing a range of innovations, all the while shipping over 1.5 billion devices to customers worldwide and gaining a much-deserved tech market respect.

Relying on the knowledge she used, practiced, and acquired, Maryam wasted no time in elaborating a detailed idea on a far more sophisticated and promising platform concept, which ultimately culminated with the creation and launch of what we know today as Movandi!

The Future of 5G

After co-founding a platform, called Innovent Systems, Maryam and her husband, Reza, who was his own technological genius at the time, found it easy to collaborate together and create profitable, functional, and prominent tech solutions.

Although Maryam’s business vision had always revolved around a one-woman show concept, she didn’t mind having her husband on board for extra professional support. Instead of flying solo as she always intended to, Maryam decided to welcome her husband’s skills, knowledge, and experience in creating a product no one deemed possible at the time - a 5G network.

Out of their joint efforts came Movandi, which was founded in 2016, carrying a mission to transform the wireless industry into an accessible, easy to use, and ultra-digital platform.

The company represents the future of 5G because of its driving power to solve today’s technological challenges, by introducing high-frequency mmWaves and a 5G gigabit speed that allowed internet accessibility everywhere, and via all devices.

Delivering a complete solution with unlimited configurations and making the most of this new wireless infrastructure and its potentials is emphasizing the practical and future necessity of using 5G mmWaves daily. Movandi’s goal is to use the potential of 5G technology to the best of its capabilities and present it as a viable option to billions of global users.

Naturally, the critical role of using 5G in households worldwide maximized the platform’s usability. As a result of its progressive tech vision, Movandi was selected as one of the 50 most innovative platforms in the world.

Cracking real-world connection puzzles, Movandi is unleashing countless technological possibilities in terms of high-performance, integrated circuits, systems, algorithms disciplines, antennas, and others, all in an effort to reach its 5G’s full potential and implement it as a universal solution.

Movandi’s Profile

Headquartered in Irvine, California, and counting no more than 100 employees, Movandi is backed by a variety of loyal partners and leading investors who have recognized the company’s innovative value within the technology industry. Since its foundation, the company has raised a total of $57.4 million, over four rounds of funding, most acquired by investors such as Cota Capital, Sierra Ventures, DNX Ventures, and WRVI Capital.

Day by day, the company is aiming to provide nothing short of top-quality products and the latest technological inventions, all run by the company’s strategic, mission-driven, and carefully recruited advisory board.

In the years to come, actual wireless networks will become a traditional practice, as well as the easiest and cheapest means of communication. Without hefty infrastructure concerns or costly investments, Movandi will offer refined wireless communication systems and a broader data gigabits range, both combined in smart communication tools such as tiny cells, satellites, and base stations, among others.

As a breaker of grounds within both the tech and entrepreneurship industry and a holder of over 250 issued tech patents, Maryam has recently - and oh so deservingly - found herself on the National Diversity Council’s list of Top 50 most powerful women in technology.

From a teenager aspiring to become the next Einstein to a victorious entrepreneur redefining the use of the internet and technology, Maryam is a pure breath of fresh air and a rousing inspiration to all up-and-coming female leaders whose dreams expand far beyond the simple life!