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TapRm: Where Every Beer Comes with a Story!


Do you want a beer from Brazil? No sweat - TapRm’s got your thirst covered!

It’s been reported that people drink more than 50 billion gallons of beer per year, making beer the most consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet! Motivated by the idea that every beer fan deserves to get the beer they love wherever they want and whenever they are, Jason Sherman created TapRm.

TapRm is an e-platform that simplifies the tangled world of retailers, beer wholesalers, and delivery couriers for their trademark partners. It is a first of its kind in the beer industry, as they deliver beers that people can’t find anywhere else, directly to their doors.

TapRm made Jason Sherman a fan-favorite among beer enthusiasts throughout the world.

Stay with us and learn how Jason got the idea of creating this platform and why millions of beer fans have a shortcut to TapRm on their desktop!

A Young Harvard Boy

Jason was born in the USA and ever since he was a young boy, he showed an interest in finances and entrepreneurship. In 2006, Jason entered the prestigious Harvard University and earned himself a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, while also spending some time studying global finance at the National University of Singapore.

4 years later, in 2010, Jason joined a certain Ivy League school, Harvard, to be more specific, and today, he is a proud owner of his Harvard Law School diploma.

As a lawyer by training, Jason started working in a law firm. However, his destiny pushed him down a different path, and he became one of the first persons at the venture arm for Anheuser-Busch, InBev. Here, he spent quite a lot of time working on various e-commerce projects, which included visiting Brazil or Venezuela and designing platforms for beer delivery.

The spark for something new ignited when Jason started evaluating Amazon’s idea for delivery and watching what Walmart was doing. Jason somehow knew that if he try this business, he might be able to do it better than the others with a similar concept.

Friends in Need Are Friends Indeed

Jason founded TapRm in 2018 in New York, and like every fresh entrepreneur, he thought that he had the power to change the world. The first thing he did was to get a license for work in New York. He discovered a brand called Nicaragua Brewing Company that produced little eight-ounce cans for surfers and made them TapRm’s first brand. He and his team brought 10 pallets of beer and listed them on a limited website on Squarespace.

Besides Jason’s huge expectations, nobody was interested in buying anything. So, he called his friends, and they bought a case. Jason put the cans that were worth $60 in boxes, but soon he realized that unfortunately, UPS wasn’t in a position to carry that order since they didn’t work with beer at that time. FedEx also refused to carry the order, so Jason had to deliver by himself. He and his wife rented a truck and drove around the city to drop the beers off at his friends.

A Combo of Shopify and Amazon

The company creates a strong and long-lasting connection between beer and beer drinkers. By providing tools, insights, and infrastructure, beer producers have an opportunity to focus more on producing delicious products, and beer drinkers may finally grab their favorite beer.

Jason was off to a bumpy start, but one to remember, as well as a motivation to continue forward. Jason found several new brands to list for selling online. At that time, TapRm was allowed to sell only in New York. The company was expanding its assortment, and it increased the number of employees to help to warehouse and deliver beer in different parts of the city.

By the end of its first 8 months of business, the company had about 15 brands that were selling to TapRm, directly into its warehouse. Jason and his team had websites they had built especially for the vendors, meaning that every time a customer would make an order, it would go through Jason’s company.

A couple of months later, TapRm forged new partnerships with distributors in New York City. Jason was happy to see that TapRm enriched its array of offers with 100 brands super fast, and he encouraged his team to continue looking for new partners, too.

TapRm was the only place that beer brands would integrate into the website to sell their products on the market, a quite big market of beer enthusiasts, as well. So, Jason’s company turned out to be a great dual model for new brands to launch their beer, and customers to use TapRm to buy that product.

Coming in strong, Jason’s TapRm fended off the competition coming from companies like Berliner Berg, Minibar Delivery, and Drizly and Union Beer Distributors.

Stronger Than the Pandemic

By 2020, TapRm had lots of brand partners, but the COVID-19 pandemic knocked on Jason’s company door at the beginning of the year. While other sectors faced difficulties, TapRm started selling beer to supermarkets, restaurants, and bars, as well. For the first time in history, a beer distributor to supermarkets, restaurants, and bars would also sell to customers at home.

Jason and his team integrated websites, and they had the marketplace in their pocket. They were cranking in the Big Apple as they had a distribution arm. People in New York were looking for beer delivered to their homes because of the pandemic, so Jason and his team were delivering pallets of beer to people’s homes, without a single issue.

Jason invested in more warehousing equipment, more technology, and more brands to provide more tools to the partners. By the end of 2020, the team behind TapRm decided that it is time to bring what they have to other places. The company encompassed the best of both worlds, learning the tricks of the trade from giants like Shopify and Amazon, making sure its products reached every city.

Outstanding Customers Can Make History

To organize all those orders, Jason hired 40 people in their small warehouse to help. TapRm became a colossal hit, serving over 85,000 customers in New York. Via that experience, Jason and his team knew companies shouldn’t always drive towards growth. Instead, they can take it a bit slower, especially if they aren’t equipped with the necessary resources.

Jason, thanks to the advice and analyses by Republica, announced to their 85,000 customers that TapRm will give them 5% off beer for life, putting in a thousand dollars is fair play. So, if customers go all the way to $25,000, they will get 50% off the price for life and a fridge full of TapRm beer forever.

TapRm Plans

Today, the company’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, employing over 30 people, and Jason is still the CEO, not even thinking of doing anything else but bring joy to his customers, in the form of beer cans.

With the help of TapRm advisers and partners, Jason plans to build out the company’s sales force, and increase the number of fabulous brands they will represent in New York City. The company also plans to expand its model, brands, and capabilities into the rest of the cities and states, worldwide.

In 2020, TapRm announced that it had successfully raised $1.5 million to grow its business. The round was led by a privately owned Broe Group, which is a multibillion-dollar value investment group with holdings in 37 North American states, and Branded Strategic Hospitality, VU Venture Partners, and others joined. But, Jason hasn’t revealed anything about going live in 2022 yet.

TapRm, which is shipping over 200 brands to 32 states, will continue to include some of the best beverages and make them available to its customers.

In the near future, Jason intends to hire more people, to meet the chaotic orders that keep coming in all the time. He is glad to work with something that makes people happy, and he will continue doing that. From a person who had nothing to do with beer before, Jason became a beer fan, and he expects to improve his beer-tasting skills and become a beer expert soon.

The biggest dreamers are the most noteworthy achievers! Cheers!