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BtoBet: Let’s Play and Win Together


“A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.”

The world of gambling has changed a lot in recent years – instead of choosing a fun-filled trip to land betting places, people prefer betting online. However, as fun as it is for players, the other side of the mirror sees different things.

It’s not so easy to build, let alone maintain a sportsbook website. One bright mind, Alessandro Fried, felt there was a need for a sportsbook platform that would provide a top-notch solution for all iGaming operators and a unique experience for sports betting fans.

That is when he founded BtoBet. Ever since 2017, BtoBet has been a prominent B2B provider of services and solutions to leading Tier 1 operators and sports betting software.

Let’s dive in and see how Alessandro’s vision to deliver a better players' experience anywhere and anytime grew BtoBet into a dominant sportsbook!

From Idea to Products

Alessandro was a curious child who had always admired business people and big successful companies. He dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, and as soon as he finished high school, he joined the Università degli Studi di Trieste where he studied international business from 1988 to 1994.

While he was at university, Alessandro met many people who loved online games. In time, he learned all about their gaming thrill and the motivation they had to keep on playing. This whole university experience helped Alessandro shape the idea and vision he had about his role in the iGaming industry.

Off to a Great Start

In 2015, Alessandro decided to build a platform that would help players optimize their experience using customizable and flexible iGaming platforms. Luckily, he didn’t have to go through it all alone. He met Sabrina Soldà, who had vast experience and even her own marketing agency. Sabrina offered some of her original ideas for the new business, which helped Alessandro launch BtoBet.

Alessandro became the CEO of the company, responsible for its products and work. Sabrina took the role of CMO, with a key task to set the inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness and appeal in the global market.

And that is when the journey of this company began, tracing step by step the path to becoming a trusted sportsbook and leading gaming software that can meet all jurisdictional requirements and provide tailored platforms to operators.

Scaling Up

BtoBet soon became popular among online players and bettors, and 2020 turned out to be a hugely successful year for the company. That motivated Alessandro and his team of experts to further consolidate their presence in the iGaming markets.

Sabrina’s marketing gave significant results, and BtoBet found superb partners. The company wanted to strengthen its partner portfolio, so it targeted new markets as well.

Although the coronavirus pandemic brought many challenges, BtoBet managed to use that condition and make the company even more popular. People stayed at their homes, and BtoBet provided the fun they all needed.

Alessandro always wanted to increase his company’s footprint globally, so he was more than satisfied with what BtoBet had become in a short period.

In 2021, BtoBet completed a string of new tools set to make a tremendous impact for both players and operators. The team created tools that are based on comprehensive data analysis, helping operators to better understand each player’s psychographics, demographics, and playing habits. Thanks to these, operators can now create improved, personalized experiences built on individual gamer behaviors and preferences.

Win-Win Situations

Alessandro’s vision for his company was to create something that would benefit everyone – players and game providers alike.

One of his actions towards realizing this idea was providing innovative free-to-play game promotions for the mega-popular Copa America and Euro football tournaments. So, in a thrilling announcement to sports fans worldwide, BtoBet teamed up with Imprexis Gaming in 2021.

Alessandro and his team believed this was a terrific idea, as it would help them attract new players and retain their existing customers. These promotional offers included basic betting, such as a correct score prediction game. However, players could also benefit from “prop bet” style predictions, including top goal scorer, the number of corners or fouls, and team to qualify, amongst others. Players could feature various gamification elements, such as jackpot and leaderboards, which offer further bonuses and prizes that can boost gamers’ experience.

In May 2022, BtoBet made an agreement with prominent Ngnatat Sarl Trading, an omnichannel operator located in Cameroon, via its Certified Partner STM Gaming. The partnership helps the operator use BtoBet’s sportsbook as well as PAM platforms to offer an entertaining casino and sportsbook experience on the new Bet237 brand for various online channels and its marketing network.

By providing a top standard of UX, the new Bet237 will deliver a rich portfolio of offers. Those offers include international and local sports events and live and online casinos for all its customers. Bet237 will also use BtoBet’s trading services for risk management solutions.

Different From the Rest But Still the Best

Sabrina agrees that BtoBet’s sportsbook platform differs from the other betting platforms in various ways. Their lead competitors are Oryx Gaming, Just Join IT, and Bede Gaming, but they are nothing like BtoBet.

What sets BtoBet apart from its lead competitors is its proprietary technology. However, Alessandro notes that it is worth nothing without the vision and loyalty of BtoBet’s employees. He believes that the brilliance of the employees is the secret to better solutions.

BtoBet IPO

In September 2020, Aspire Global acquired BtoBet for $20 million. Today (and even before the acquisition), BtoBet is a private firm with a revenue of $20 million. This means that an IPO is still awaiting, i.e., the company hasn’t announced anything about going public so far.

Ever since the acquisition, the company has grown its finances. Namely, in Q1 2021 alone, the company reached $57.8 million in revenue – 8.4% higher than the $42.5 million in Q4 2020. This growth was across all business segments, with B2B revenue increasing up to $30.9 million, except for the inter-segment profit. The largest influx of cash came from the European branches.

BtoBet Today & Tomorrow

Today, BtoBet has more than 150 employees and offices in Italy, North Macedonia, and Gibraltar. Recently, BtoBet has been very active in various markets, making key partnerships with over 30 operators. Among the latest are those with William Hill and Betfair in Colombia and the Russian Sports Lotteries LLC.

BtoBet is trusted in 3 continents and offers over 75 sports, 150,000 pre-match events, and 75 in-play events. The company is ISO 27001 and GLI-33 certified and supports more than 100 payment methods.

Its technology and services are channeled through its two dedicated departments: BtoBet Sports and BtoBet Games.

As for the future, BtoBet will continue to improve its identity as one of the best brands in the iGaming market, maintaining its original organizational chart. The team behind BtoBet will keep pursuing the same strategy they have used for a couple of years now, as it gave them character and is what set BtoBet apart from the competition. That means that the way BtoBet delivers its services, its relationship with its partners, and the assistance the company provides, will stay unaltered.

It isn’t a secret that BtoBet is making the last preparations to deliver more innovative solutions for their partners and more bonuses for their customers. In light of that, the company will strive to increase investment capacity while accessing additional products and content that constitute its portfolio.