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PureKana: Sharing the Elixir of Health with the World


A healthy outside starts from the inside!

Many are looking to transform their aura and boost their happy hormones. Well, everyone can stop searching, since PureKana has figured out the mystery.

According to the company, the source of all happiness lies in nature, and it’s nature that provides people with CBD oil - the substance that promotes tranquillity and peace.

Although many companies sell CBD oil these days, only a handful are capable of creating the most potent oil concoction of non-intoxicating cannabinoids present in hemp - and one of them is PureKana.

Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck, the founders of PureKana, are the culprits behind the success of one of the greatest CBD oil companies on the market. The two business partners are the ones that first felt the advantages on their own skin and later wanted to share it with the world.

Stick around to hear the full story of PureKana’s inception, with all of its ups and downs, leading them to stellar success.

The First Petals Appear On the Bough

PureKana was founded by Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck in 2017 and it comes with a fascinating backstory.

Cody Alt’s life has seen numerous changes, all of which have shaped him into what he is today - a thought leader, entrepreneur, cannabis influencer, and founder of PureKana and Kushly.

Cody aspired to be a professional NFL player as a child. He was a sports fan in high school and received multiple college scholarships. Unfortunately, his scholarships were revoked, and his life was turned upside down. He moved to North Dakota to work for a crude oil firm on an oil rig after graduating from the University of Montana’s School of Business Administration, spending 6-7 months working for the company.

After leaving the oil rig job, Cody created his own meal prep company under the name BodyFuel. He began by cooking healthy dinners for several NFL players and progressed to delivering more than 3.000 meals every week!

Cody was originally introduced to CBD while he was the owner of BodyFuel. He suffered from sleep apnea and the CBD was the only thing that made him feel better. Following that, he decided to enter the cannabis niche, and as a result, he launched Kushly.

Cody struggled to get his THC products to market, and because of the difficulties regarding permits and other legal requirements, he gravitated toward CBD.

Finally, despite all the rings of fire he had to jump through, Cody’s CBD-only brand, PureKana, was introduced in July of 2017.

However, Cody was not alone - Jeff Yauck, who had extensive experience in the CBD industry, contributed to the company’s success. Jeff is also the founder and CEO of PJ Marketing LLC - a CBD company he founded in 2018. He is also the creator of Oats Overnight.

The Giant Oak Grows from a Little Acorn

The key to Jeff and Cody’s success was their motivation, dedication, and desire to create something powerful. Despite the fact that they weren’t financially powerful enough right when they started, the two business partners still managed to achieve what they set their minds out to.

PureKana was founded by Jeff and Cody with an $18.000 investment. Aside from that, they didn't have enough manpower or facilities at their disposal, so the goods they were buying to start the business were brought to Jeff’s flat, which was nearly full.

Thanks to their capabilities and dedication, PureKana’s customer base grew swiftly to over 20.000 in only a few months. The initial investment turned into monthly sales of a staggering sum of $750.000.

From the beginning, both Jeff and Cody's goal has been to provide the highest-quality, most innovative goods conceivable, that are not only functional but also simple to use - and they were successful in doing so.

PureKana currently offers CBD oils, sweets, skincare creams, CBD toothpicks, and even pet treats. Jeff and Cody managed to make a name for themselves and stand out from the crowd of competitors such as Hemp Bombs, CBD Sky, HolistaPet, and others, by providing high-quality products.

Their story demonstrates that nothing is truly impossible - all that is required is a strong will and desire. Even the tallest tree sprouted from a tiny seed.

Nature Is Calling

PureKana aspires to educate the world about the benefits of hemp extract while also providing the highest-quality, most reliable goods in the industry.

PureKana has shown to be the greatest source of high-quality, low-cost CBD products extracted from hemp - they provide CBD products in the form of pills, topical salves, vape devices, edibles, and more. The company also sells hemp CBD snacks and chewables for pets, which are proven to be safe for both humans and pets.

All of PureKana’s products are made of hemp that is cultivated and harvested in Kentucky. The hemp is meticulously processed after harvesting and goes through an extraction process and quality testing to ensure the highest possible quality.

All of the company’s goods are devoid of GMOs, as well as other chemicals and pesticides - they are 100% natural. Perhaps this is why its products have become so successful on the market, drawing the attention of athletes, celebrities, influencers, and regular Joes.

Where Is PureKana Headed?

On January 1, 2021, PureKana raised $1.5 million in a single round of fundraising. Even before that, the company was still well-known as a solid company with substantial fiscal stability.

Starting with as little as $18.000 in 2017, the creative power behind PureKana managed to take the revenue game up a notch and earn the company $750.000 in monthly sales, in just six months.

Thanks to the company slowly becoming a household name in the CBD niche, many big holding companies became interested in Jeff and Cody’s PureKana. So, in December of 2019, Heavenly Rx Ltd. purchased a controlling stake in PureKana, resulting in an even higher profit rate for the company.

Without a doubt, PureKana provides more than enough to help individuals all around the world combat their health issues the natural way, but it has no intention of stopping there.

It presently offers solutions that can help people lessen pain, become calmer, sleep better, and give their immunity a boost, but it plans to expand its array of products into recreation, weight management, and focal acuity in the future.

PureKana intends to produce a sugar-free PureKana Gummy containing BHB salts on a nationwide scale in 2022.

The company is optimistic about the future and aims to provide only the best for its customers. It intends to educate people about how safe and beneficial CBD products are, as well as how they may help people combat a variety of conditions.

With everything they’ve accomplished so far, they will undoubtedly accomplish what they have set out to do in the future.

A Miracle Is on the Way

PureKana was founded in 2017 thanks to Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck, and has given people all around the world a ray of hope and remedy.

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States and employs over 20 individuals, all with the goal of providing people all around the world with what they deserve - the remedy of the 21st century.

Apart from that, the company has enormous ambitions for the future and desires to offer its clients even more.

If you desire to test the healing power of CBD products, there is no need to wonder where to get them - PureKana might just tick all your boxes.