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Seekify: Offering Customers a Custom “Wow” Experience


Making sure customers have the best experience has never been so easy!

In today’s world, customers want a personalized experience tailor-made for them, not just exceptional service. And analyzing the huge amount of data available can be a pain for any company, so it is often neglected or even ignored.

This is precisely what Seekify was set up to solve. The brilliant minds of Ajeet Singh Kushwaha and Arihant Jain realized that they can work directly with businesses to help them with this problem.

Seekify’s customer experience (CX) Software aggregates all the data that its clients collect. Then, it intelligently analyzes that data to give you actionable insights and clear goals that can improve the CX of its clients. That way, companies can easily deliver exceptional experiences without losing the human touch.

Continue reading this story to find out how these two men can give us the best-personalized customer experience available.

Garnering Knowledge

Ajeet Singh Kushwaha was born and raised in India. As a boy, he grew up absolutely fascinated with nature and soon proved to be a natural problem solver, which became a passion for him. Luckily, he grew up in a nurturing environment where he enjoyed the full support of his family.

He then enrolled in the Lucknow Public High School, where he focused on the natural sciences, including Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Here Ajeet got the chance to further explore his interests and develop his skills and curiosity in a supportive and encouraging environment.

After finishing High School, Ajeet managed to enroll at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. He studied Engineering, which is quite an undertaking. But his efforts paid off, and after 4 painstaking years, he graduated with a Master’s degree.

Arihant Jain was also born in India. He attended Modern School, a High School based in New Delhi. He was a successful student, passing with flying colors and getting impressively good grades.

After finishing high school, Arihant decided to attend Stanford University and study Economics, something he wanted to do from an early age.

Expanding the Experience

Not long after graduating from college, Ajeet secured a job at Siemens PLM as a Software Engineer. It was here that he started getting all the practical experience he would later need to succeed in his professional journey. Particularly, his working directly with developing software was the key to Seekify’s success.

However, he was not satisfied with merely working for any company; Ajeet wanted to start a business of his own. So that's exactly what he did. In the following years, he helped pen HealthChakra, 1mg, HealthKart, and Joe Hukum. This helped him expand his network and gather tons of experience starting and maintaining companies.

Arihant has a similar success story when it comes to his career. Upon graduating from University, he joined the AdSense team at Google to do an Internship for a year. Shortly after that, he moved back to India and started working for Jintan International in the Sales and Business Development Department.

The A-Team Gets Together

In 2011, Arihan met Ajeet, and the two young men connected instantly. They got along well and decided to work together. Their collaboration led to the founding of both HelthKart and Joe Hukum (which later transformed into Freshworks).

The pair worked together for 8 successful years when they decided to tackle a new problem. They say that CX had some major room for improvement and that companies had troubles with employability. So that's how they had the idea of forming Seekify.

The Start of Something Great

Today, customers’ expectations are a lot more different than they used to be. It is no longer enough for a business to offer a good product at an acceptable price. Now customers expect companies to know about their needs and tailor the experience to each individual separately.

That’s when in 2019, Ajeet and Arihan decided to try their hand and another new project, which they named Seekify. Seekify would be a complete package that would integrate directly into any CX Software. It would aggregate the data that is fed and output clear steps to be taken to improve customer experience.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In the beginning, the company had to work at full speed to keep up with demand. Since it was a massive undertaking, developing the CX software needed extensive research and experimentation to get things right.

Jumping Over Hurdles Leads to Success

To get over this giant hurdle of doing research and keeping up with the trends, Seekify employed a whole team of data scientists, engineers, and designers to work on the project. Using their expertise, the scientists worked efficiently under Ajeet and Arihant’s leadership to deliver Seekify’s groundbreaking innovation. In the end, the hard work paid off.

The rapid development and growth of the company enabled it to acquire Safejob in late 2020. Safejob is a company that focuses on giving employees courses on many different professional skills, including logistics, sales, digital marketing, and many more. This fits right in with Seekify’s vision of improved employability and customized experience.

Funding the Idea

It wasn’t difficult to get funding for Seekify. In fact, shortly after starting to operate in 2019, there was a Seed funding round later that year. During this round, held in December 2019, Seekify raised a total of $1.5M.

Seekify attracted the attention of Surge as its lead investor, which certainly helped the company grow so much so that Seekify actually acquired Safejob on November 28, 2020. This acquisition proved to be valuable, as it enabled further business growth, increasing revenue.

Always Seeking More

Since launching Seekify, Ajeet and Arihant have also released Seekho, a social media app aimed at professionals sharing work skills. So they want to integrate Seekho and Seekify to deliver a complete employability and CX package for employers and employees alike.

Seekify has grown so quickly in such a short period of time. It has been a real breakthrough in the CX industry and has developed software to deliver excellent CX without compromising on the personalized touch. And we can’t wait to see what it’ll do next.

Standing Tall

Even though Seekify is becoming a growing provider of CX software, it is far from the only company to provide these services. A lot of other corporations have been in the industry for years before Seekify came to market.

The American-based Confirmit is one such example. Another is ZOHO, which holds headquarters in India. Both of these have been operating since 1996, offering other companies CX tools among other products.

However, it’s a testament to Ajeet and Arihant’s dedication and hard work that Seekify goes head-to-head with these and other established names in the industry. With years of work to catch up, they managed to keep up and even expand to other industries as well.

Seekify, Today

Seekify has come a long way since the duo founded it a few short years ago. Today, the company holds two main offices, one in the central district of Singapore, and the other in Gurgaon in India. In total, the two offices number a few dozen full-time employees.

Though its software is cutting edge, there is always room for improvement. Currently, Seekify is focusing on optimizing its CX Automation Platform, as well as expanding to as many clients as possible. By doing so, it wants to get its software in many more businesses, improving the overall customer experience.

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