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BOOM Image Studio: Hear the Dreams of Youth


There is an assumption that digitalization has robbed people of their normal lives. Yet, it is not that technology is robbing us - it is us that cannot seem to put it to good use.

Luckily, Federico Mattia Dolci, Giacomo Grattirola, and Jacopo Benedetti turned the situation around and proved living in a digital society is, if anything, a privilege. They highlighted the advantages by cultivating their passion for photography, as they introduced Boom Image Studio.

BOOM offers fast and quality photos, thanks to their Rocket-B software that can polish the picture better than the human hand and mind. Boom also serves as tboomimagestudioeen photograboomimagestudionts in need of top-quality visual content. Photos aside, Boom Image Studios also provides clients with supreme video content - all available at a lick of a button.

Federico, Giacomo, and Jacopo had a few curves to right in creating Boom, but here’s how they managed to set the foundations of modern photography.

Founders' Background

Federico Mattia Dolci, Giacomo Grattirola and Jacopo Benedetti were all raised in Valtellina, a hill valley in northern Italy. Growing up in a small area made it easy for the three youngsters to meet and slowly become close friends. Ever since teenagers, they shared the same passion for learning new things, so this was what kept them together. Being raised in a mesmerizing landscape, the boys would often explore their homeland and appreciate the glorious views.

Federico and Giacomo had a keen interest in photography, and it wasn't long before it became his favorite hobby. When the friends were hanging out together, they mainly took photos of all their surroundings. However, all of them had other interests aside from photography, and when the time for college came, they all took a different direction before finding each other yet again.

Intellectual Rebels

In 2013, Federico opened his career chapter at the Philosophy University of Milan, where he graduated in 2015. That same year, Federico started at NABA, or the New Academy of Fine Arts, based in Milano. It might seem like a remarkable turn of studies for Federico, but philosophy and art often go hand in hand.

Federico rounded his studies with a Master's degree in Anthropological and Ethical Sciences. Giacomo Grattirola, on the other hand, decided to go on a business studies journey, and thus he enrolled at the University of Milan (L'Universita di Milano – Boca). After he graduated, he continued his studies at Catolica University (Universita Catolica del Sacro Quore's) Master’s program.

As for Jacopo Benedetti, he opted to study Biomedical Engineering in 2012. In 2015, he enrolled at Politecnico di Milano continuing on the Master's program. In the meantime, he also enrolled at the University of Illinois in Chicago to study Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering. By 2017, Jacopo held two Master's degrees in Biomedical Engineering. These were the key to a significant research project he made. The research findings helped Jacopo to incorporate a computer vision to analyze obtained images automatically. During their studies, all three masterminds showed immense dedication and ambition for something greater.

Dorm Rooms and Innovators

BOOM belongs in the line of the stories made out of a dorm room. Federico and Giacomo had always shared an affinity for photography. Even before they went to Milan at university, they'd always record any adventures they partook in. The boys took photos of mountains and other landscapes but discovered a newfound love for urban photography and urban fashion on the busy streets of Milan. Aware that sites like Airbnb, Booking, and all alike, grew their businesses based on photo marketing, the inventors patiently waited for an opportunity. Boom's story began to unfold when a friend of Giacomo’s called and told him that he was looking for an interior photographer.

At that time, the fellows were still at faculty, and photography was only the escape from the mundane reality. However, the offer they took wasn't a piece of cake. The job didn't just require them to take and edit photos only but to get deeper into managing the craft. The two grads had to go through various tests to prove their skills and earn a position.

The duo attended their lectures in the morning; shot their photos in the afternoon, and developed them at night. They were devoted entirely to every shot they made and perfected it along with their skills. To cultivate their passion onwards, the buys took advantage of every opportunity at hand. Since their first project, they started working as photographers regularly. However, after two months, Jacopo came back into the picture and so, two became a team of three. Everything changed from that moment onward.

Dreams to Reality

The dream of these innovators had always been photography. But, with the power of the Internet, every magnificent photo nowadays takes hours to create and edit.

Federico saw the impact of Instagram and other picture-based platforms immediately.

These relativized the laborious work of photographers, all too familiar to him. The fusion of Federico's expertise in philosophy and fine arts, Giacomo's natural business knack, and Jacopo's technology skills, opened a new path towards modern tech.

Boom Image Studio introduces a diverse path for modern photography. Their platform is a combination of photography and AI features, resulting in efficient and quality photos. The innovation is actually the unique software called B-Rocket - an automatic post-production program implemented with deep learning algorithms. Their software can easily read the picture's alphabet to the smallest pixel. Thus the software seamlessly irons the found wrinkles of the image.

As they were already familiar with the laborious process of photo development, the team noticed that the Internet is underestimating photographers and taking their efforts for granted. Unfortunately, Google made it possible for all photos imaginable to be downloaded at a user’s desire. The same applied to editing photos, which could already be done automatically via various platforms.

To personalize the experience, BOOM bridged photographers and companies looking for good quality visuals. Instead of going through numerous arrangements and recruitments, on Boom, clients are able to easily book a proven professional photographer and see their work.

The people who work for BOOM are young talents stemming from different spheres. Besides photographers - scientists, researchers, programmers, sales specialists, and marketing experts are also involved in the process. Boom is a cosmopolitan company as they function in 15 different languages.

Wise Words on Success

Besides the financial challenges that any startup faces, the founders stressed another obstacle in launching their platform. As their idea to start the business came at the age of 25, they went through great discouragement and pessimism regarding their age and ambitions. Nobody took their business idea seriously nor believed in their project, due to their unripe age. All they had at that time was only the three of them. But, convinced in their idea and aware of the journey’s hurdles, the three worked day and night to prove their viability on the market.

They landed the investors, collected sufficient funds, and established the company officially in Milan in 2018. Soon after, they spread across hundreds of cities.

The founders knew that success and fame alone wouldn’t cut it in terms of the platform’s success. However, taking care of people – the products and profits – that was an ambition to strive for. As young entrepreneurs, the BOOM team learned that their most important role was to create a positive and healthy working environment where people would be more willing to come to work and do it right.

Future Outlooks

To make Boom happen, United Ventures, Wellness Holding invested in the company. With their help, the platform made history in the industry. Among the most notable dates of BOOM’s journey is June 2019, when the team raised $600.000 via the first round of funding. In October 2020, the company raised $7 million in funding. As for remarkable clients, companies like Deliveroo, Uber, Eats, OYO, or Lavanda also put their professional trust into BOOM and teamed up to do greatness.

Never Too Young to Start a Business

The founders' motto was if you believe in something, don't let others tell you otherwise. Although too young when the company rose to success, the team of three still didn't stop learning. Besides the role and responsibility at Boom, Federico made room for an additional online class by Harvard University regarding business strategies.

Today, BOOM’s headquarters are in Milan, Italy and it counts around 100 employees following the same mission as the founders. BOOM makes a fine point in proving that a company’s success is seen through its journey. However, the company is yet to develop with future plans of further revolutionizing the photography industry and going global.

Reaching the top is not a field day, but once there - right where BOOM is right now - it’s time to smile for the cameras!