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Rhodium: The Only Investment Company For Entrepreneurs You’ll Ever Need


In the world of business, there’s nothing more precious than investing in the right place, and Rhodium knows it!

Not all people out there are willing to help others, no matter what. Today, there are thousands of new entrepreneurs each week, and not many companies provide support from them. One Daniel Recanati, a fellow entrepreneur and start-up founder from Israel, had ideas to change everything.

Rhodium is a private investment company founded by Daniel Recanati in 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Rhodium is specialized for entrepreneurs in the fields of digital media, mobile, internet, and anything related to new and growing technologies to this date.

What was the idea behind this innovative solution by Daniel Recanati, and what made him bring this decision to life in 2008?

Well, read on the full story of Daniel Recanati, the founder of Rhodium and the helper of hundreds if not thousands of new entrepreneurs!

Early Beginnings

Not all beginnings are fairy tales with imminent success, and Daniel’s sure isn’t. Daniel Recanati was born in 1976 in Israel. Young Daniel has always been promising in business ventures and wanted nothing more than to get involved in this sphere. Some years later, Daniel attained his B. A in Business, along with a B. A in Law at the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya (IDC) in 2002. The moment he completed his education at Herzliya, Daniel wasted no time in getting his first job.

Years before Rhodium was even in Daniel’s head, he started off as a member of the Israel National Museum of Science Technology and Space, but this wasn’t the only job he had before Rhodium.

Along with his position at MadaTech in Israel, Daniel became a valuable member of several organizations after graduation. One of these positions included him as a member of The Israeli Society for the Advancement of the Informational Age.

Daniel was never satisfied with holding just one position, so he moved around, gaining tons of knowledge in the process. Before moving on with his grand goal, Daniel co-founded and later became a board member of GlenRock Company, one of the few Israeli private equity firms, aiming to combine private equity funding, access to quality deal flows, and other beneficial strategies for entrepreneurs.

It’s from this private equity firm where Daniel got the idea that he can have his own private investment company, securing himself as the sole founder.

Helping Fellow Entrepreneurs

Being a fellow entrepreneur himself for a long time, Daniel knew that not all start-ups have had it easy in the beginning. From the very start, Daniel’s idea revolved around helping fellow entrepreneurs by any means necessary. As he managed to collect funds from his previous jobs in Israel and abroad, Daniel knew that not all entrepreneurs will have the same luck as he did with so many earlier experiences.

Daniel’s idea was simple, yet challenging. Young Daniel aimed to use his previous expertise to help new founders on their journey of setting up a start-up.

Passionate entrepreneurs like him deserve all the help they can get, there was no doubt in his mind - Daniel was going to help them, one by one.

This is where the seed of his idea sprouted, regarding his company came. Driven by the sheer thought to help people like him, Daniel started working on his game-changing project called Rhodium. The initial idea was to collect funds that can later be distributed to fellow entrepreneurs in the fields of internet, mobile, and everything connected to digital media. Being a digital media lover himself, Daniel decided that this was it - the primary goal of Rhodium was to focus on specific fields only.

In 1999, Daniel officially launched Rhodium, a company that helps entrepreneurs in the digital media field for over two decades now. The company’s main goal is to support new entrepreneurs and businesses through funding and a network of global business contacts. Even though the company is up and running for 20 years, Daniel faced a few challenges on the way to glory, only proving that no beginning is easy.

Challenges as Stepping Stones

There can’t be a successful entrepreneur that didn’t face any challenges and obstacles. When Daniel launched Rhodium in 2008, the internet was still a new place for the general public for this sort of thing. Daniel had a tough time making a breakthrough for his product, as, back in the day, these ventures were somewhat of a novelty. One of the first obstacles Daniel faced on his journey, was the question of customers.

On February 22, 2021, Rhodium received massive Series C funding from Fingerlix worth ₹200M, the ultimate reward for the hard work for two decades now!

Bloomberg Capital and Gandyr Group mainly funded Rhodium, with all types of Series fundings. As time went on, more funders invested in the company and there was no looking back.

Daniel already knew that and had to make a change. The initial idea was to make Rhodium a funding product, but not for all business ventures. Since all other private funding companies were looking to fund whatever came in their way, Daniel and his Rhodium went on a different approach that turned out to be the right one.

The next big challenge was to enter the international market. Not satisfied with operating only in his native state of Israel, Daniel wanted to go global, say Silicon Valley for example. Silicon Valley was in the boom at that time, so there was no better opportunity to present Rhodium across the Atlantic.

Just like that, people realized what Rhodium is capable of. The product offered innovative tools that help entrepreneurs build thriving companies, and the number of users was slowly piling up!

The First Customers - The Lucky Ones

For any start-up to be successful, it must attract customers almost immediately.

Rhodium’s main goal was to find promising entrepreneurs and help them build thriving companies that will change the world. Since Daniel’s idea was to focus on specific founders only, his company surprisingly made a breakthrough.

Rhodium was quickly recognized by smaller companies such as Firmo (later acquired by e-Toro), e-Toro itself, and a few more. These first users saw a good amount of growth in their business, once they got in touch with Rhodium. Being still a rookie on the market, Daniel was amazed that so many digital media companies turned to Rhodium for help.

Most of the companies which Daniel found to land on his website were new in the field of digital media. Rhodium provided them with high-growth and cutting-edge opportunities that were not present on the market yet. Seeing an initial success in it, Daniel didn’t stop there - Rhodium must evolve and adapt to the needs of its users.

Daniels' company was well accepted by its first members since it was the first one to focus on a specific group of entrepreneurs, and that’s what hit the jackpot.

Rhodium, Today

Today, Rhodium enjoys great success and respect among digital media entrepreneurs. Daniel’s company is still doing well, even without going public in 2021, employing almost 10 people.

Rhodium’s headquarters are still based in Israel, in the town of Herzilya, with no plans on moving from there. Daniel remains the CEO of the company, while his other co-workers are Chen Kilmor the head of HR, Efi Shema, a venture partner, and Sarit Garor, Rhodium’s lead account manager.

Rhodium evolves by the day, as it serves as a website where founders seek to fulfill their business goals. Today, Daniel and his Rhodium create many innovative sites such as, Outbrain, Cools, and Zooz. Most of these companies are now acquired by digital media giants such as Facebook, e-Toro, and Kik.

Rhodium continues to partner with promising entrepreneurs to this date, giving them an opportunity to change the world using their ideas and funds. Rhodium managed to make a breakthrough and nowadays operates in Silicon Valley, something Daniel wished will occur since day one.

With a successful and experienced company like Rhodium, Daniel is already making plans to take it public for even greater success! Daniel still resides in Israel today, where he and his trusted team members continue to operate with Rhodium with no end in sight of their partnership.