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SAMHI Hotels: Reinventing the Hospitality Business


Luxury must be pleasurable; else, it isn’t luxury!

Many hotels nowadays are labeled as opulent, but they are not in actuality - they do not provide their customers with the essential amenities.

However, not every success story is based on financial growth, others are based on hard work and a strong desire to deliver only the best. That kind of narrative puts Ashish Jakhanwala and Manav Thadani, the creators of SAMHI Hotels in the center of our success story.

The great triumph was achieved by combining an extensive understanding of Indian hospitality with great motivation and effort. More than 4.000 keys are now in Ashish and Thadani’s pockets.

Stay for the full story of the two friends who founded SAMHI Hotels, painting a new picture for the hospitality industry.

Distinct Stars Illuminate the Sky

When Ashish Jakhanwala and Manav Thadani were born, there must’ve been five of the shiniest stars in the sky - the same stars that now adorn their hotels.

Guided by the stars and good education, Ashish and Manav founded SAMHI Hotels in 2010.

Looking back on the founders’ early life, it’s nothing short of one packed with knowledge and achievements. Ashish graduated from the University of Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. In addition to that, he holds a diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology in New Delhi.

Despite the fact that Ashish possessed the necessary education to start a business, he didn’t stop there. He kept studying and graduated from the International Management Institute in New Delhi with a post-graduate diploma in Management.

Ashish had extensive expertise in the fields of hotel management, design, consulting, and investing following his graduation. He was so successful that Accor honored him with the Gold Bernache in 2009.

On the other hand, Manav graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in science, followed by a Master’s in Arts.

Despite the fact that Manav proudly held degrees in Science and Arts, he also excelled in another field - hospitality. Since his graduation, he’s been constantly praised for his experience in the field of hospitality consulting. He is the founder and chairman of Hoteliavate Private Limited and was previously engaged with HVS Licensing LCC.

In 2010, Ashish and Manav formed an alliance that culminated with the foundation of SAMHI Hotels.

However, the thing about stars is that the clouds sometimes dim their bright light, which is what happened with Ashish and Manav on their path to success.

Following a Bumpy Road

The company was founded in 2010, and since then, it hasn’t stopped creating ways to become even more successful.

Other companies recognized SAMHI Hotels as a focused and driven company capable of great things. In 2011, GTI SAMHI Pte Limited and Blue Chandra made their first investment in SAMHI.

The following year, in 2012, the company established a corporate office in Gurgaon and it was one of the company’s springboards. In the same year, SAMHI acquired majority ownership in Barque Hotel Private Limited and expanded its portfolio to include 13 brands of hotels.

The year 2013 is one of the company’s stepping stones. The Fairfield by Marriott Bangalore Rajajinagar and the Four Points have started operations - in Bengaluru, Marriott opened Asia’s first Fairfield.

The company launched operations at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, Fairfield by Marriott Bangalore Global Technology Park, and Courtyard by Marriott Bangalore Global Technology Park in 2015 - which was a significant year for the company.

The coming years will be as fruitful for the company. SAMHI Hotels amassed a large number of shareholdings, resulting in the establishment of its own empire.

The company’s momentum continued, and in 2019, it established ZETA - a fine dining European and Italian restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Pune.

SAMHIi hotels managed to beat off competitors like Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Orange County Resorts & Hotels, and The Ritz-Carlton to become one of the best on the market.

SAMHI Hotels: India’s Brightest Star

SAMHI Hotels has become India’s premier hotel owner and asset manager. Despite the obstacles, the company was able to establish an institutional ownership model, experienced leadership, and competent management team.

As of 2019, the company owns 27 active hotels in India with a total of 4048 keys in its pocket. The hotels are spread across 12 of India’s most important urban centers including Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt, three of the most well-known and major hotel brands, have lengthy connections with SAMHI Hotels - which is another indicator of the company’s excellence.

SAMHI owns one of India’s most opulent hotels. Aside from the fact that the company accomplished a lot, it does not intend to stop there; instead, it intends to grow much larger and provide even more to Indian people.

Fortifying the Finances

SAMHI Hotels has shown to be a steady and growing organization.

The total income for the three months ending June 30, 2019, was ₹1.472.43 million, and at the end of the year, it was ₹4.900.98 million - an increase of 51.5% and 16.6% over the comparative prior financial years.

In addition to that, the adjusted EBITDA at the end of 2019 was ₹1.082.86 million while for the three months ended on June 30, 2019, was ₹347.68 million - an increase of 32.2% and 201.5 %, respectively.

SAMHI Hotels has grown at an exponential rate under Ashish Jakhanwala’s leadership, to the point that the company considered an IPO to obtain capital.

Additionally, over the course of four rounds of investment, SAMHI hotels has raised a total of $256.4 million.

Overall, the company appears to be growing, as seen by its participation in an IPO and several investments on top of it, implying a bright and financially stable future.

Cherishing Values

The company has five values that it adheres to and intends to comply with those values in the future in order to achieve only what Indian people deserve - perfection.

Without its values, SAMHI Hotels wouldn't have been as successful, for its core values are reflected in everything the company stands for.

The first value is integrity, which the company feels is at the heart of the business operations that create a proud organization. Furthermore, the company respects diversity and ensures that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

SAMHI Hotels is always dedicated to what it does, and the company’s teams always put their hearts and souls into it to achieve the finest results.

Furthermore, SAMHI hotels place a premium on excellence and distinction. It anticipates and delivers the finest available solutions to its clients.

Staying on the Path of Greatness

India now boasts one of the world’s most famous hotels on its territory - all thanks to Ashish Jakhanwala and Manav Thadani, the founders of SAMHI Hotels.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, SAMHI hotels proudly employ more than 20 people in its registered office, not counting the actual hotel employees, which is much higher.

The company brings Indians one of the most opulent hotels delivering true luxury. The total of 4048 rooms spread across 12 locations in India is proof that Indians are more than ready to experience quality and class.

According to the company’s financials, it indicates that it has a great future ahead of it.

By adhering to their values, and making long-term plans, SAMHI Hotels will undoubtedly provide the Indian people with even better services in the future.