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Typeform: A Pillar of Business, Culture, and Innovation

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Technology is entering a transition as digitalization and robotization take the world by storm. But in a world of screens, we still interact better in a conversation, and technology is following in these same footsteps.

Robert Muñoz and David Okuniev’s Typeform was founded for the exact same reason, and throughout the years of creating the brand, they’ve slowly, yet surely, become a leader in conversational technology!

Envisaged for humans, designed to impress, and built on nothing but brains - that’s Typeform in a nutshell. This prodigious company designs people-friendly forms and surveys which easily turn from questions to elaborate and valuable conversations.

The cherry on top, Typeform also delivers better data services to further fuel businesses around the world!

A company that digs deep into its search for a larger-than-life inspiration, Typeform is the epitome of simplicity meets efficiency.

Here’s a closer look into Typeform’s story and the steps taken to make tech magic happen:

Lead Designers and Co-founders

David Okuniev began his career as a musician. Originally from Belgium, David spent a large part of his life in the UK, before moving and residing in Barcelona for over a decade.

His musical expressiveness soon translated to design expression, and before you know it, David got busy founding a design studio called Fat Man Collective.

He studied at the University of Westminster, and during this time, David established a solo company called Qajack. Founded in 2008, and coming out of industries like broadcasting, gambling, Q&A, and video streaming, Qajack allowed users to build their reputation through smart gambling.

On the other side of the Catalonian capital, Robert was a born and raised Barcelonian and an expert in interface design. Prior to meeting David, Robert ran his own digital agency called PulpoLab, which he launched in 2008. This interactive agency specialized in UI\UX design, web\mobile development, online marketing, and overall creation of fruitful user experience strategies.

Being agency-bound and contributing to someone else’s success was not in the cards of both David and Roberts. Quite the contrary, both men were desperate for a career shift and a much-needed business individualism.

The soon-to-be co-founders first met in 2020, as coworkers in Barcelona, and immediately struck up a rapport based on their mutual interests and expertise in creative design. Both well-familiar with UX design, Robert and David had been collaborating on projects for some time before Roca, a Spanish design brand reached out with a proposal they couldn’t refuse.

Roca asked David and Robert to set up iMacs at the entrance of their showroom, so people could input their personal details before leaving the room.

Instead of building a normal HTML form using boxes and everything else that went with it, the duo transformed the space into a utopic workshop to admire. It felt more futuristic and interactive!

This was actually the defining moment for David and Robert, who soon realized the potential in reinventing both online forms and the process of exchanging information between businesses and consumers.

And, thus, the idea was born!

Turning Roca’s prototype into an optimized and market-ready product, David and Robert finally introduced their newfound concept - and named it Typeform!

Forms & Surveys, but Better

Beautifully designed and asking one question at a time, Typeform is beyond engaging and fun to complete. This blend of assets provides Typeform with greater completion, meaning not just better results- but more of them, too.

The business philosophy revolved around using conditional logic to ask the all right questions and skip the rest. Thanks to Typeform, surveys today feel less like interrogations and more like genuine conversations.

As a service (SaaS) company, specialized in online file design and survey building, Typeform creates dynamic forms based on the users’ needs.

Furthermore, it also allows users to collect and share information in a conversational, humanized manner. The company develops everything - from surveys to apps - and best of all, does so without writing a single line of code in the process!

Sounds like a piece of cake, right?

It’s supposed to!

Ready to Launch

To build their idealistic ideas, David and Robert felt they had to put enough structure in the platform, mostly by pouring innovation into the entire process. Nonetheless, they remained aware that, while ideas and ambitions are the lifeblood of most businesses, so was anchoring themselves to reality.

Founded in Barcelona in 2012, Typeform represented a collage of highly important aspects, especially in terms of its structure. But their intricate idea revolved around expanding the brand outside Spanish borders- and introducing it to the European and American markets!

Typeform didn’t aim to create a human-friendly product only, but to actually humanize every aspect of their company, including its B2B relations. To that end, Typeform has successfully collaborated with major company names, such as Salesforce, Mixmax, Natero, Appcues, Autopilot, Zendesk, etc- thus further fortifying its reputation and reliability on the market.

Funding Rounds

Typeform's software was released in an invite-only Alpha phase in 2012, quickly gathering its first users. Nevertheless, the software launched quite prepared in Beta in April 2013, having raised €550,000 in seed funding- all due to its impressive functionality!

Typeform's software officially launched in February of 2014 and by August, had generated over 100,000 users. Their time to raise money was now or never!

As expected, the company raised $15 million in Series A funding in 2015, led by London-based Index Ventures, followed by an additional $35 million in 2017.

Previous investors, such as Point Nine Capital, Connect Ventures, RTA Ventures, CEO of Squarespace Anthony Casalena, Facebook Vice President of Growth Javier Olivan, and Jay Parikh of Facebook also participated in the funding round.

Lately, however, the company has taken a turn: they’ve suffered a cyberattack, temporarily overshadowing David and Robert’s success. As per the Typeform engineering team, an unknown third party gained access to their server and not only obtained access to customer data but downloaded it, too!

Consequently, the attackers gained access to over 100,000 survey records, heavily compromising their users’ security but managed to pull themselves from the ground up once again- and put a stop to this sudden exposure issue.

With the exception of that one technical misfortune, Typeform still counts as a thriving business built upon a dream to provide the world with people-friendly forms and surveys!

By masterfully transforming a list of questions into interactive conversations, Typeform fuels essential data into worldwide business, bringing them one step closer to launch, scaling and success.

What’s the secret behind Typeform’s prodigious success?

Creating interactive experiences for global audiences and getting more responses- that simple!