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Kindbody: The Future of Fertility Care


Kindbody is successfully reimagining and raising the standards of wellness services, providing a flawless patient experience, reasonable costs, and high-quality medical care.

For a long time, navigating the American healthcare system has been a daunting journey, especially for women and minorities. Patients deserve to receive empathetic OBGYN care in comfortable, tech-enabled clinics for affordable prices.

Gina Bartasi and Joanne Schneider are the brains behind Kindbody, a trailblazing project that has been promoting an intuitive and empowering approach to gynecology care since 2018.

Kindbody is a healthcare platform that offers an extensive range of OBGYN services, including gynecology, IVF and egg freezing, fertility treatments, wellness, and LGBTQ+ care. This company’s mission is centered around the prioritization of a proactive approach to women’s fertility care.

With Gina in the CEO position and Joanne as a vital co-founder, Kindbody is doing wonders in the realm of gynecology and self-care for women.

Stick around to read more about Gina and Joanne’s success story.

The Promising Young Women

Ever since the earliest years in her formal education, Gina Bartasi stood out in her environment as an intelligent and ambitious young woman that will grow up to achieve great things.

In 1991, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. However, this didn’t permanently satiate her thirst for academic knowledge, far from it. Gina’s next educational destination was the Harvard Business School, where she completed the Owner/President Management Program in 2004 and the Private Equity Venture Capital Program in 2017.

The second leading figure in this success story, Joanne Schneider, is another inspiring woman with an impressive academic portfolio. After completing her early education in Santa Fe Preparatory School, and UWC South Asia, Joanne also obtained a Bachelor of Arts at Dartmouth College.

Little did both of them know that their names would be praised by women around the world, enabling females to get what they deserve, feminine health-wise.

Leading Female Entrepreneurs

Apart from the extensive education, Gina Bartasi had garnered valuable experience with a major project that speaks volumes about her dedication to the specific field. In 2008, she formed FertilityAuthority, a social network designed to connect patients with fertility issues to doctors and provide them with informative resources on fertility science.

After expanding the company’s work through treatment packages and financing, Gina’s project captured the attention of American venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, and the private equity company TPG.

In 2015, she led the successful merger that resulted in founding Progyny, the first proactive fertility benefit solution for employers. Its modern technology aimed to bring about significant benefits, such as higher live birth rates and lower miscarriage rates. Another groundbreaking project for Gina Bartasi was Tech-Health, which focused on investments in musculoskeletal, behavioral, and women’s health.

As an addition to Gina’s brilliance, Kindbody’s beginnings had Joanne Schneider as a storyteller, project builder, and data analyst that contributed with her experience in data and user-centered design.

In 2014, Joanne founded Nightingale, a platform designed to connect patients to exceptional medical care at affordable prices. After this project, Joanne worked as Product Manager in Flatiron Health from 2016 to 2018, improving the quality of cancer care.

While she is currently Chief Experience Officer at Oula, another company that raises the standards for pregnancy care, Joanne’s contribution to Kindbody remains monumental.

Having acknowledged the demand for employee fertility benefits purchased directly from doctors, these exceptional female entrepreneurs founded Kindbody at the start of 2018 and started a success story that would change fertility healthcare for the better. Their experience in healthcare showed the need for the provision of care and this company was exactly the trailblazer that patients needed.

The Birth of a Noble Mission

Healthcare has come a long way towards a more sophisticated, preventive approach to patient experience.

For too many years after their invention, IVF and fertility treatments were a privilege affordable for the wealthiest part of the population. Gina Bartasi’s vision that led her to found Kindbody is making IVF accessible for everyone willing to have biological offspring, regardless of financial status or any other societal labels.

This company aims to revolutionize the approach to gynecology, fertility treatments, and wellness services in favor of the patients. Kindbody prioritizes offering high-quality medical care in the most sophisticated, tech-enabled clinics for reasonable prices.

Having employed the most acclaimed physicians in their medical team, Gina’s noble idea was to enhance patient experience and outcomes while lowering healthcare bills; a trait many current medical establishments forgot to work on. While this company retains the consumerist notion of medical care, it improves the patient’s position in women’s healthcare by offering retail and suitable locations.

In the center of Kindbody’s progressive feminist values, is the modern family with the focus on women’s wellbeing, family-building, fertility treatments, and wellness benefits. Kindbody’s national network of locations offers top-notch modern technology and medical excellence for accessible prices - all in a single intuitive platform.

Kindly Securing Financial Stability

It comes as no surprise that investors acknowledged the importance of Gina’s mission in improving fertility care. Kindbody has achieved various funding rounds throughout the years of its existence - the latest and major ones occurred in 2020 and 2021.

In 2020, the fast-growing health and technology platform acquired $32 million in Series B funding. This funding round raised Kindbody’s total capital to a not-so-shabby sum of $64 million. Fund sponsor Perceptive Advisors had the main role in this round and several other previous investors had their share, including RRE, Freemark Capital, and GV (formerly Google Ventures).

Some notable new investor names that Kindbody attracted in this round are Claritas Capital, Rock Springs Capital, Goodgrower, and NFP Ventures. The money acquired is meant to help the company strengthen its national influence and move towards an international presence, offering a helping hand to struggling women, globally. For this purpose, the Kindbody team planned on expanding the business with buildings at new locations, and a Center of Excellence network of partner clinics.

In 2021, the acclaimed family-building and fertility platform acquired $62 million in a major Series C funding round. The most important name behind the generous round is Theresa Sexton, a partner at Claritas Health Ventures. Some previous investors that participated in the round are RRE Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, and GV, together with new ones - including Eldridge, Bramalea Partners, and Monashee Investment Management.

A Future Hope for Patient Experience

Four years after its founding, Gina Bartasi’s revolutionary idea has turned into an acclaimed company that employs around 500 enthusiastic experts in the field of women’s health. With headquarters in New York and locations in California, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, and multiple other states, Kindbody is actively improving fertility care options for Americans.

Inclusivity is one of the main pillars of Kindbody’s mission. From IVF, screenings, to surrogacy and adoption - this company offers family-building solutions to patients regardless of their gender or sexuality. Same-sex couples or LGBTQ+ individuals can choose a personalized plan including a sperm/egg donor or a surrogate.

For a detailed discussion of one’s preferred fertility plan, clients can opt for a 90-minute appointment in one of the Kindbody clinics or virtual consultation with an expert. Another new feature that the company has recently announced is the KindAtHome shop, which gives you universal access to at-home hormone tests, supplements, and other fertility care products.

Kindbody’s team especially prides itself on its fertility hormone tests that stand out among products offered by other competitors on the market, such as Maven Clinic, Allara Health, and Tia, among others. These tests provide patients with an insight into their fertility status, personalized advice by Kindbody’s medical doctors, and the option to schedule a meeting with a physician.

Gina Bartasi’s success story relies upon the vision to revolutionize the consumerist notion of healthcare. Kindbody’s team is full of dedicated professionals that aim to meet the patients’ needs at any time or place: in one of their clinics, at home, or during a virtual consultation. This way, the company builds bridges between in-person and virtual high-quality fertility care.