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Nomagic: Workspaces Looking at the Future


With the uproar of smart devices, most human tasks and duties can be tackled by artificial-intelligence bots. Way-back-when, this seemed like mere magic to people growing up in the ’70s. It took no magic to figure out that everyday chores can be accomplished much quicker by robots. But overall, it took three men to design the idea and bring it to life - Kacper Nowicki, Marek Cygan, and Tristan d’Orgeval.

Nomagic is a leading platform in robotics. Based on tip-top software, the company provides assistance in manual or object-oriented labor. It also replaces manual labor with the power of AI, thus allowing companies worldwide to turn lost time into profits.

Nomagic is a solution provider in all things that require manual tasks, and refined approaches like simulations, robotics analysis, and modeling. But how did it come to be as important as it is?

This is a story of advanced inventions and globally empowered workforces - here’s how Nomagic got smarter than everyone else:

What Does This Button Do?

Even when he was a young boy, Kacper was mesmerized at how some machines could work all by themselves. The boy was curious as to how a single push of a button can produce various reactions by different devices. Kacper would constantly be in awe when he watched the famous 1960's cartoon The Jetsons as a child. Kacper wondered what the future held outside of the animated world and if similar technologies could be implemented into the modern world. Moreover, he felt a strong inclination towards these artificial objects that could do all the chores by themselves.

The idea of a robotic-enhanced future weighed heavily on Kacper throughout his adolescence. So, because he was a gifted mathematician with a hardcore drive, Kacper decided to continue his studies at the University of Warsaw as a Physics major. Throughout his college days, he constantly challenged himself and grasped as much knowledge as possible. Kacper's ambition was boiling inside him, so he didn't stop after graduating and went on to get a master's degree in Science.

The tech enthusiast believed in his knowledge and capabilities, so he knew he could aim high when starting his professional career. Therefore, he managed to secure a fine job as an engineer at Google. Years after constructing and demolishing digital machinery arrays, Kacper Nowicki became the director of Google Engineering.

The enthusiasm was short-lived as he soon felt like he needed a more significant challenge. So, he came back to his childhood, specifically to Rosy, the servant-robot from The Jetsons. Kacper got inspired to build a brighter future where robot-servants can do all the unnecessary pick-and-place movements to ease the human effort. This would mean that factories and warehouses could completely replace people with robots to do the necessary packaging, while humans can complete other complex tasks.

Thus, the idea that would mark the beginning of his biggest challenge turned into a goal.

It Takes Three to Make Magic

Marek Cygan was also a very passionate technology enthusiast who was remarkable with memorizing a significant number of code variations. As a young boy, he would win many competitions that required a collective amount of memory to differentiate the memorized codes. Since Marek was so keen on how objects could continuously do repetitive work, he focused his mind on deep learning. Additionally, he would also thrive as an algorithm researcher, yet was still discontent with how things are moving forward in the world. The overall progress needed to change because he knew his inventions would serve a greater cause.

Tristan was also a technology enthusiast at a young age, but he set his sights on things that could immensely help humans in agriculture and retail. The tech geek was empathetic over the hard-working farmers and retailers and imagined countless ways in which machines can replace the painful effort that goes into their everyday lives. Additionally, he was interested in how the weather influenced the success rate of the product and wanted to put his knowledge into work. So, Tristan would continue to become the director of Product Climate Corporation. He specialized in tools created to assist the agricultural industry and increase productivity.

All three co-founders had humble beginnings, excellent knowledge of their interests, and visionary goals. When they stumbled into each other, it took no time for the three men to become life-long companions.

In 2017 Kacper was the CTO of GoEuro, Marek was an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw, and Tristan was the Vice President of Strategy at Premise Data.

Guided by humility, awareness, honesty, determination, persistence, and heck, just for the fun of it, Kacper, Marek, and Tristan decided to start a journey of their own.

Hence, they launched Nomagic officially that same year.

Nomagic is a robotic control software that provides artificial intelligence that can store, sort, pack, and receive goods. The bots are programmed to operate like any functioning adult, being able to withstand work of 5 days a week and all hours of the night, depending on the needs of the company using them.

Their goal was to bring the future closer to the companies in need of it. So, just like that, what was once an animation before Kacper's eyes turned into a reality in the form of his own venture.

Creating the Future

Nomagic was launched in 2017 in Warsaw; however, the world of robotic systems existed for a very long time before that. Still, the new company was captivating in the eyes of all tech lovers as it developed mechanical extremities as a way to replace the human hand in all aspects.

Because of the high demand for deliveries and to avoid unnecessary returns, Nomagic first developed robotic systems. These functioned in any environment and served humans in minor tasks like restocking, sorting, replacing, and packing.

Nomagic, at first, provided a simple robotic hand that could only pick and place items like all others, but the founders had higher ambitions. So, Kacper, Marek, and Tristan worked hard to find a way to elevate the capabilities of a single robotic hand and give it a bit more potential.

The solution?

Through the help of artificial intelligence, they upgraded the robotic hand to select a product from an unstructured section and place it in its rightful place. Additionally, some of their other robots automate the warehouse while saving the owner a higher cost per single pick. This lessened the labor put into the packaging and stocking small products in boxes as well as shelves. Nomagic had its first robot ever set up on a packing line in the Cdiscount market.

The team didn't stop there! They developed another robot named the Magicloader that could detect anomalies when handling two items at once. What's more, some robots are even designed to aid customers with troubleshooting.

With each innovation, Nomagic's reputation grew more extensive, and its success became evident from the very beginning.

Grab It

2020 was a remarkable year for Kacper, Marek, and Tristan as Nomagic raised $8.5 million in funding led by Khosla Ventures. This success cemented Nomagic as one of the largest-ever investment rounds for a Polish establishment.

The round also included DN Capital, Capnamic Ventures, and Manta-Ray, all previous investors of Nomagic.

Kacper Nowicki states that the following five years will give rise to his goal to deploy more than thousands of smart robots in the produce industry. In his words, the robots would offer solutions and benefits to warehouse managers in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

2021 is estimated to be a sparkly year for the trio. There is an opportunity for bigger commercial roll-outs of technology, and fulfillment services are projected to reach about $56 billion.

The Future is Magical

The future that Casper Nowicki used to dream of while following the hypnotic lives of the Jetsons has finally turned to reality. The company’s HQ is settled in Warsaw, Poland, and its workforce counts between 11-50 employees, depending on the company’s needs.

The company CEO, Kacper, has stated that over a thousand bots of Nomagic are estimated to replace human laborers with superhuman speed and ease. Because of his so-called superhuman capabilities and mind, Kacper went from a prosperous Google employee to building Poland's first-ever engineering team.

Artificial intelligence has never in our lifetimes been closer as it is with Nomagic.

Even though the company's name is Nomagic - the dazzle and vision are alive and kicking. Nomagic is an example of how humanity's journey leans towards a revolutionized community. The story teaches us that we can transform anything our mind thinks can craft - even when inspired by a ‘60s cartoon!