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Centercode: A True-Solution Product Technology


Getting a product out of the lab and launching it right into the hands of its future users is a process businesses need perfected.

An inimitable, unique platform empowering suited solutions for highly successful products, Centercode is the Alpha and Omega of generating client feedback. Two decades in the making, Centercode still leads the way in smart learning through even smarter tech product enhancements!

With less time and capital invested, Luke Freiler, the founder of Centercode, gained massive recognition in shaping the future of beta testing worldwide!

His solution is your ultimate multitasker - it allows quality testing, optimal user experience, and quality product analysis to help build better and more successful products.

It also does a few other things its rivals don’t - it helps hundreds of companies run highly effective, customer-facing tests to significantly boost the overall product quality and, therefore, their customer satisfaction.

While it might not take digging or hard labour to develop a true solution to a modern problem, Centercode had a long way to go before it reached the ultimate tech sophistication.

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Little’s Kid Obsession Turned Into Career

At first glance, Luke Freiler could easily be your everyday Laguna Hills wannabe.

Born in 1978 in California, Luke had spent his childhood days playing video games and curating an even greater interest in computers and all-things technology.

From a young age, Luke wanted to explore new technology problems if there were any to be found. While other children were out playing, he was home reading books about informatics and dreaming of working in huge companies in that field.

As a tech-obsessed kid, he was troubleshooting every computer, network, and printer within a five-block radius. Shortly after Luke finished his years at the Northampton Area high school, he was recommended by a friend to work in Samsung - and he got a job offer, which he accepted. Luke worked there as a software engineer from 1996 to 1999.

Early in his career in software, he became very passionate about the new field of usability - making technology easy to use, and after the experience at Samsung, he was hired by Ericsson as web development manager from 1999 to 2001.

There he was asked to run a beta test for one of his company products, and although the company was large and established they had no process for running testing. As he looked for solutions, he realised he would find a hole - everyone had the problem of testing but nobody had solved it! Then he figured it out that testing with customers aligned with his passion for usability!

Inspired by a book quote that technology is a word used to describe something that doesn’t work yet, he saw this idea as an opportunity to create a life-long business around that sentence and that was the defining moment for him to make a choice. So at the age of 21, Luke started a company to do tests, and as you’d expect - learned a lot.

Committing to that goal, Luke got the idea that technology should be more friendly and easy to use, so his early obsession with that field eventually blossomed into a career and a thriving business! But ironically, although he loved technology, he has incredibly limited patience for it! So if you put these two ideas together, you can understand where he drew his inspiration from - and why Centercode exists!

Making Technology Great Again

Luke had never felt satisfied leaving his business affairs unfinished and his work halfway done.

Innovative and well-ahead of his time, Luke contemplated using technology that had not existed in the market yet.

Driven by the urge to redefine the basics of solid technology, Luke founded his initial computer software company, named Centercode.

The company, founded in 2001, presented the vision of using technology to the best of its advantage and getting it to work in favor of all of its users.

Essentially, Centercode remained convinced that the aim of quality technology lied in solving real-time problems, reducing friction, reaching out to parties of interest - and ultimately - enforcing a proper user experience.

With their recipe for success ready to take effect, the company unlocked countless opportunities for customers who were eager to partake in reshaping their products.

The firm had leveraged this boundless enthusiasm to build a movement that successfully nurtures a powerful win-win relationship between innovators and the wider audience.

In the beginning, Luke compiled a team of approximately 10 people to help him bring the idea to life. Soon after, the company rounded up around 50 employees, a number that would continue to grow to a total of 200 staffers and counting in the years that followed.

How to Build a Perfect Product?

Striving for perfection, Centercode carries a chief solution for gathering and prioritizing customer insights, all the while encouraging businesses to deliver even more groundbreaking products to the market.

Enterprise and high-growth tech companies use Centercode’s centralized community, to gather user feedback, manage projects easily, and suggest useful features to help effortlessly scale their customer testing ventures.

Moreover, the company also hosts a rich community of eager testers who want their top products tested, assessed and ultimately - optimized.

A perfected product that meets all design and purpose requirements, Centercode enables a smooth user experience, while exceeding its customers’ expectations- and blowing revenue forecasts out of the water!

Centercode’s main features aim to help companies release engaging products and updates, using effective Alpha, Beta, and Delta tests. Through these, clients can discover exactly what needs fixing, improving or promoting.

Many companies, who have recognized the product quality Centercode enforces, have eagerly established lasting collaborations with the brand- thus further fueling the company’s success, professional ability and most importantly, overall reliability.

Some of Centrecode’s top partners today include mogul brand names like Apple, FitBit, Disney, HP and Logitech, with more grand tech names joining the company’s mission daily- and trusting it to work like a charm!

The pursuit of product perfection comes with a unique set of challenges for many luxury brands. For Luke’s Centercode, this meant all the more opportunity to prove themselves a worthy business optimizer in the highest tech circles today.

For its wide range of business clients and industries, Centercode develops a bit of everything - from simple mobile apps to complex superterrestrial satellite systems!

Centercode, Then & Now

Today's leading enterprises rely on Centercode's platform for consulting services and customer testing programs to launch their products with confidence!

With headquarters in Luke’s home town of Laguna Hills, Centercode is considered one of the leading private and profit-friendly companies worldwide.

As far as funding goes, during its most recent round, Centercode raised $6 million from the Argentum Group, using CrunchBase. Additionally, Centercode gathered investments from a line of other pitcher-inners, such as Parallax Capital, ultimately marking a total funding of $9.5 million.

Nowadays, Luke’s team is in the process of improving and restructuring some of the company’s main sectors, while also implementing ‘Connect 9.2’ as part of the optimization process. While currently still in its early stages, Connect 9.2 will represent a helpful tool that largely improves the overall client experience.

But, leave it to Centercode to keep the actual purpose of this new tool under wraps until its launch - the company loves to surprise like no other!

Along with its latest announcement - the mysterious Connect 9.2 - Centercode will also launch a few more features for its users, including video tutorials, a rebranded file design and the creation of a goal-oriented beta tester community.

Over the span of two decades, Centercode reinforced technology in ways no one anticipated, ultimately aiming at delivering deeper value to its clients and meeting their unique customer needs - not half - but all the way through!