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Pariplay: Number One Aggregator and Content Supplier


Aggregating content manually is hard, but the data-driven world gives us options to use various online aggregation providers that are super practical. There are multiple online aggregators, but those for iGaming content have become the most attractive ones.

With the idea of creating a unique platform that would do the heavy lifting, Gili Lisani launched Pariplay in 2010. Pariplay is a leading aggregator and content provider that is a part of the Neogames group. This platform provides innovative products, including the Ignite studio development program and the Fusion aggregation platform, among others.

Pariplay’s aggregation platform is incredibly mighty in offering operators everything they need to start the ball rolling. If you are curious to learn how this company made it to number 1 and what else the Pariplay team is planning for the future, don’t go back and keep reading!

The Proud Company Founder

Gili has always dreamt of becoming a CEO, and thanks to his creative mind, he founded one of the best providers of Internet Gaming Systems – Pariplay. He hired the best game experts, consulted modern technology gurus, and that’s how Pariplay started making its impact. Although Gili launched Pariplay as a B2C business integrating into the gray market, it soon focused on B2B connections.

And in just a short time, Pariplay became super successful. In 2011, Gili was happy to announce that he was more than proud of the Pariplay team. Employees loved being part of the company and made intense efforts to support Gili and make Pariplay an even more prestigious platform.

In 2013, Gili decided he needed to make some significant changes and sold 50% of Pariplay to Majesco Entertainment, a US video games company. Majesco was the main reason Pariplay refocused on B2B, and following the success in 2015, Gili bought the company out again.

2015 brought many changes to Pariplay as Adrian Bailey joined the business and shifted focus to aggregation. That was a giant step forward, but Adrian, as a managing director at Pariplay, backed by the support of Gili, was brave enough to do it.

Uniqueness is Priceless

The aggregation technology was pretty modern and allowed Pariplay to scale easily. Gili and Adrian were happy with the fantastic speed at which they could integrate. Pariplay became a unique platform as it offered the heavy lifting, meaning that suppliers and operators didn’t have to waste time on the integration.

Businesses found Pariplay super handy because the company did the work instead of them; configuring their systems. The Pariplay team had its hands full of work, but luckily, it had an API that allowed businesses to integrate into their system.

Pariplay’s team put all its energy into innovative projects to offer players entertainment, excitement, and enjoyment. People behind Pariplay strived to exceed their users’ expectations, making Pariplay a unique company. Soon, Gili’s platform began adding over 20 new vendors each year, making 25-40 successful connections between operator and vendor every quarter.

The Heart of Pariplay

Gili founded Pariplay in Israel, but soon he expanded the company to other countries and opened its first office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Adrian also loved the idea of opening an office in Bulgaria and named it “the heart of Pariplay.”

The entire team based in this country worked hard. Adrian called some of the employees “golden oldies” as they were the beating heart of Pariplay. Although Pariplay was a development company, Adrian admitted that its marketing wasn’t its strongest side.

The company soon became popular in Europe thanks to its innovative products, such as the Ignite® Studio development program and the Fusion® aggregation platform. The Fusion® platform presented operators with more than 13,000 games from the best developers. It also came up with a comprehensive suite of retention tools and back-office conversion.

A Wide Spread

Pariplay needed to boost its marketing and sales teams, so in 2018, it opened offices in Malta and Gibraltar and employed highly experienced people. With this strategy, the whole Pariplay infrastructure rounded out.

Although many companies, including EveryMatrix, Gameiom Technologies, and Leander Games, are considered the primary competitors to Pariplay, they still can’t beat the company. With offices in 6 countries and licensed and regulated by the UKGC, the MGA, and The Gibraltar Gambling Commission, among others, it’s safe to say that Pariplay is one of the leaders in this industry.

In 2022, Aspire Global’s Pariplay took another giant step in its US expansion – acquiring a West Virginia license and piling up on more benefits. It has already confirmed a distribution deal with BetMGM – one of the main online casino operators in the USA, also covering Michigan.

This license matches Pariplay’s strategic plan to enter the fast-growing US market. As a brand, it keeps building a solid base for further growth following its goal to become the leading iGaming supplier in the world.

A Platform That Clients Can Depend On

Pariplay is an innovative multi-channel gaming company that develops and licenses RMG (Real Money Gaming) games. Today, they count over 130 employees that focus on providing innovative gaming products that comprise games, services and platforms, and on-premise solutions for organizations.

Recently Pariplay re-branded their in-house gaming studio in Wizard Games, which has brought some superb, modern, and engaging products. Thanks to the simple integration, Pariplay partners are lucky to have access to hundreds of top products and the most prominent names in the industry.

Pariplay is powerful enough to connect nearly any system via a simple, clean API, offering businesses a complete platform they can depend on. Today, this company's widgets and tools allow their clients to get started proficiently and enable them to quickly turn into a leader in the vast online Gaming sector.

Adrian noticed that Latin America has immense potential for the iGaming industry and planned to extend it all across the country. Thanks to his plan and knowledge, in September 2022, Pariplay was approved as a registered content supplier in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As a cherry on the cake, Managing Director of Pariplay, Adrian Bailey, has been nominated at the prestigious SBC Awards Latino America as Leader of the Year. This is a fantastic success and recognition for his dedication, hard work, and contribution to the Latino-American market, pushing Gili's company further to the top.

Pariplay IPO

In 2019, Aspire Global Plc finalized the acquisition of Pariplay for €13.1M. The acquisition allows the mega-popular Aspire Global to control another vital part of the iGaming value chain, including creating synergies and providing a new channel to sell games. Aspire Global is the only investor Pariplay has ever had, which is impressive for a company with an annual revenue of around $3 million.

Pariplay Future Plans

Pariplay has been very successful thus far, bringing various changes to the iGaming industry. The leadership of Pariplay has enormous plans for the company. Some of those plans include more engagement tools, more games, and more regulated markets globally.

North America is currently one of the hottest places for the iGaming industry. So, Pariplay will keep searching for licenses as new provinces and states are open for business. At the same time, Gili and his team will never stop thinking out of the box. They want to come up with attractive innovations that will help their partners hit new heights.

With plenty more to come, these productive times will also bring success for Pariplay and the iGaming industry.