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Global Esports (GE): India’s Esports Dream Team


No one has managed to reinvent esports quite like Global Esports, the silent victor.

Like it or not, we’re living in a world predominated by gaming, and gaming 24/7. Once you start playing, you just can't get enough. Step by step, games have reached the height of paid jobs.

You start out playing as a hobby to fill your time, but you end up making a lot of money just by playing games. An example of that is Mohit Israney and Rushindra Sinha, childhood friends and founders of Global Esports GE.

Starting from scratch, their common history in the world of games counts a huge number of victories and standings in tournaments that have been held all over the world.

Rushindra and Mohit transformed themselves through creativity, hobbies, and going from nothing to something.

Stick around to find out how you can turn your favorite hobby into a source of income and learn more about Global Esports GE.

The Story of Becoming

A friendship that began in childhood has developed into something very precious. The idea of creating Global Esports was just a thought in the minds of Mohit and Rushindra. The moment these two best childhood friends decided to take a step towards realization, they never thought that it would lead them to the founding of Global Esports GE and change their lives forever.

One of the main heroes in the story of the development of Global Esports GE is Mohit Israney, a filmmaker by profession and a gamer by passion. With more than twelve years of experience in the film industry, Mohit has won numerous awards for his films, unique content, and various video genres.

As a child, he and his best friend, Rushindra Sinha, shared a dream that one day they would participate in esports tournaments and form their own competition team. Rushindra Sinha is a medical doctor by profession, a gamer by passion, and the owner of a women's hospital in Bandra, Mumbai.

The story of setting the foundations of Global Esports (GE) begins in Rushindra's small garage, where, along with Mohit and several other friends, they met and played video games for fun. Esport was something they both thought about a lot and had a strong desire for. Following their own dreams, Mohit (aka Tsuki) and Rushindra (aka Salbatic) have always had that little spark that lit their way to realizing their shared dream.

While both had their own jobs, Mohit Israney and Rushindra Sinha often met and discussed the possibility of taking the next step towards creating a GE. And so, by organizing a simple watch party, Global Esports begins to count down its first moments of progress.

All About Global Esports

From hobbies and interests to one of the most powerful organizations in Esport, and from zeros to heroes of their own story called Global Esports GE, Mohit and Rushindra are the main characters in the story of the company’s founding.

Global Esports is a professional Esports organization founded by Mohit Israney and Rushindra Sinha. The GE organization has teams in Dota 2, PUBG, CS: GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBGM, and Rainbow Six: Siege. Global Esports GE has twelve teams worldwide, holding nine titles. All of these teams have achieved over forty victories at various esports competitions on an international level.

Global Sports was born in 2017 in Mumbai, India. The strongest point of this organization is the creation of innovative gaming content. Because one of the company's founders is a professional filmmaker, their content is always of the highest quality.

Thanks to the hard work of Mohit and Rushinda at Global Esports, the company is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world of esports. This organization acts as a talent incubator and helps newcomers improve and become shining stars in the sport. Global Esports is also dedicated to helping anyone who wants to add new content to their games and start competing.

The first competitive list of Global Esports included Overwatch, managing to stand out as the strongest Indian team, and became one of the most powerful gaming teams in Asia. Their popularity grew quickly, and it served as an inspiration to many esports players.

Mohit and Rushindra never thought that the progress of their organization would happen so fast and that they would become so popular and successful in the fast-growing realm of esports. In 2018, both Mohit and Rushindra decided to quit their jobs and devote their time entirely to esports. It was their decision that changed their lives and formed Global Esports as one of the best esports organizations in the world.

Starting From the Bottom

Over the years, GE has progressed rapidly and quite well in the world of esports. In August 2017, Global Esports co-hosted Ti7 Pubstomp in Out of the Blue, Mumbai. In December of the same year, Global Sport formed its first Overwatch team and competed on stage against Malaysia Battle Team at the Gachibowli Stadium Hyderbad.

In March 2018, GE managed to form the second Overwatch team, called SEA. It also bought the top Singapore team of Overwatch, and in May 2018, it will host the Chennai Sports Tournament.

In July of 2018, Global Sports launched the Korean Fortnite Squad and the Korean Overwatch team. In September of that year, GE bought the Rainbow Six Siege team, and three of their Overwatch teams managed to reach the playoffs of the Overwatch Open Division.

In November 2018, Global Sports took a step forward and opened its own player training facility in Seoul, South Korea. In December, Alpha, GE, and Phoenix GF teams competed on the stage of the ILG Finals at Kormangala Stadium, Bangalore. In January, the Panteon KR GE became one of the best PAC teams, and the Fortnite GE team won the victory royale in the opening match of the 2019 Australian Open. In March 2019, Global Esports opened its second training camp in Mumbai, in order to include their Indian teams in the sport. The Singapore team Overwatch was also ranked second in the Overwatch PAC Contenders for season I. The Fortnite Squad team has pre-qualified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 (a $30 million tournament).

In April 2019, the Fortnite Squad GE team managed to place in the top 10 qualifiers for the 2019 World Cup Asia. In August, the GE team in India won first place in the Dota2 tournament, the IGF South Asia Cup Online. Also in September, the team won first place in the Dota2 tournament TEGC 2019. In November, he won first and second place in the Dota 2 tournament, ESL India 2019 Fall.

In December 2020, Global Esports revealed their PUBG Mobile roster. PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020, and Battlegrounds Mobile India was relaunched in July 2021. GE's PUBG Mobile roster was then renamed the BGMI roster. In August 2021, Global Esports won the Valorant Conquerors Championship, qualifying them for the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Last-Chance Qualifiers in APAC.

Securing the Financial Grounds

Shaping the future of Indian Global Esports, Mohit and Rushindra experienced numerous surprises. In 2019, Global Esports took a step forward and got what it needed most at the moment. In the first round of funding, it received a multi-million dollar investment from Venture Catalysts. As a result of this investment, Global Esports placed itself as the first Indian company to raise the necessary funds in this area. Later, in the second round of funding, Venture Catalysts invested $563K in Global Esports.

Between 2018 and 2019, many of the world's established companies noticed Global Esports' progress in the world of e-games. Companies such as ESL and DreamHack have made significant investments in Global Esports in order to improve it. Other established companies that have invested in this company are Icebreaker, Sannyakth Capital, and GameWith, among a few others.

Over 70% of Global Esports' revenue appears to come from the awards that their teams win at sporting events. The rest comes from content, merchandise sales, media, and sponsorships.

GE Is Here to Stay

Mohit and Rushindra’s 24-year friendship seems to have made Global Esports one of the most popular sports organizations in India and beyond. Since its inception, its current headquarters are in Mumbai, with two training facilities. One of the facilities is based in Seoul, South Korea, and the other is based in Mumbai, India.

Starting with only one team, today Global Esport is composed of twelve teams that have proven to be quite successful in the world of esports. Some of the significant victories that marked the history of Global Esport include breaking the world record for World Cup qualifiers in Fortnite, becoming the top-ranked team in the Indian subcontinent in Dota2, and winning the top spot at the Korea Open and Australian Open for Fortnite. GE’s content creation program has reached over 1.5 million gamers.

During its development, Global Esports has faced strong competition. Today, the organization is facing some fierce competition coming from rivals like Cloud9, Andbox, Astralis, and Beastcoast being a few of them. Global Esports investors include Icebreaker, Sannyakth Capital, and Venture Catalysts.

Today, Global Esports organizes international community tournaments for gamers, hosts online and offline events, LAN parties, themed parties, experience zones, and creates streaming videos on various platforms.

We don't know what the future holds for Global Esports, but we hope they continue to flourish and count many more successes in the history of esports.