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Seavus: Creating Value Through Technology


Technology has evolved to the point where it is now an indispensable component of modern-day living. In the contemporary world, technology's role in our professional and personal lives is of utmost importance.

In 1999, a group of three came up with a ground-breaking idea - to start a firm that would give customers and companies innovative business software solutions. To help businesses find answers to their challenges, Richard Murbeck, Gligor Dacevski, and Jeffrey Kolovson established an ideal place for companies to locate solutions.

Seavus is a company that specializes in the production of software and consulting services.

It has a demonstrated track record of success in delivering enterprise-wide business solutions. The business has over 800 IT specialists worldwide and provides a wide range of product and service alternatives.

Richard Murbeck, Gligor Dacevski, and Jeffrey Kolovson launched an international software development and consulting company that has become a true market leader and industry driver. Here’s the story of Seavus.

Bringing the Perfect Team Together

Richard Murbeck's childhood was spent in Sweden, where he was born and raised.

He received degrees in Economics and Marketing from Lund University, Malmo University, and graduated from Vaxjo University in 1998. Richard decided to remain in Sweden, and while attending college, he began his professional life by working as a sales manager. As he matured professionally, he was promoted to the area manager position and stayed at the company until 1995.

Gligor Dacevski is another mastermind behind this company. Gligor was born and reared in Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia. He acquired many outstanding skills while he was young, which later opened the way for his successful professional path.

In 1986, Gligor received his high school diploma and earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” University in 1992. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree, Gligor was in a position to enter the workforce and make meaningful choices about the direction his professional life would take.

The remaining member of the team, Jeffrey Kolovson, also contributed to the development of Seavus as a whole alongside Richard Murbeck and Gligor Dacevski.

The First Steps Towards Greatness

Beginning in early 1995, Richard held the position of Sales Manager for a firm based in Hoganas, Sweden. He remained in that role until 1998, when he took his first baby steps into the realm of entrepreneurship. A couple of the businesses he worked for at the time included Murbeck Consulting, JoinedStrategy, and Startnet Business Solution AB.

He was aware of the ways in which the power of technology could make people's lives better. After considering what he had learned in the past, Richard realized that the moment had come to produce something truly remarkable.

The company that would later be known as Seavus was established in 1999 as the result of a merger between a company in Macedonia known as SD Intersoft and a company in Sweden known as Startnet.

And so, the actual voyage of the platform began. One of the first things the three people had to do was acquire new customers and set up product distribution channels. This was only one of the many early responsibilities they shared.

In addition, they were in charge of the complete strategic approach to the market. Instead of spending extra time and money, they sat down and devised a game plan in which Seavus would offer IT products suitable for businesses worldwide.

The Seavus Group’s Investment Into the Future

The Seavus group had a significant amount of work ahead of them. During the first five years, for example, the turnover rate among employers was very close to zero.

The team started by hiring first-year students from universities and helped them develop into experienced programmers. As a result, they established powerful teams that can produce and compete with the majority of prestigious businesses in the EU. The successful continuation of the company's expansion from one year to the next was made possible by the team’s ability to implement new strategies successfully.

In 2004, the company opened its first office outside of Europe and the USA, intending to expand its activities in the North American and South American markets.

It has taken the diligent trio blood, sweat, and tears to successfully bring Seavus into the world. It was well worth it, of course, especially once the honors and rewards started pouring in.

In both 2011 and 2012, the organization was put forward by TM Forum as a candidate for the "Solution Excellence Award." Seavus also presented its Crystal Qube to the public for the first time in 2012 during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

BestAppEver placed Seavus' iOS games in third place for both the best dice game and the best casino game, with their respective rankings of Yatzy Ultimate and Black Jack Ultimate.

As the business expands, it garners a higher interest among consumers and business allies. Some of them have followed Seavus on their path to achievement for more than twenty years.

The platform carries the title of Microsoft Gold Partner and has partnerships not just with Microsoft but also with Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Serena Software, ABBYY, Atlassian, and Salesforce.

In the years that followed, the business skyrocketed in popularity, and consumers began turning to it for an increasingly diverse range of needs. BSS/OSS, CRM, Customer Experience Management, Business Intelligence, Application Lifecycle Management, and Embedded Programming are just some areas in which the company specializes.

Among other projects, it also provides IT consulting services to a wide range of clients in the telecommunications and mobile device manufacturing industries, as well as in banking and finance, technology, education, government, and health care.

Hard Work is Always Rewarded

The three-person team consisting of Richard, Gligor, and Igor was responsible for Seavus' rise to prominence as a successful software development and consultancy corporate solutions provider.

They used a method known as organic growth to expand their business in less than five years, going from having no developers to having one hundred professionals on board. This was accomplished without the assistance of investors, cash, loans, or the government.

Seavus employs more than 800 people, and the company maintains 17 locations in 10 countries, including Macedonia, Sweden, the United States of America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and Moldova.

Seavus, Today

Since the beginning of its existence, Seavus has been guided by the high objective of broadening the scope of its customer base to include a greater number of individuals and organizations.

The company has a continual expansion strategy and plans to expand further in the near future.

On December 2, 2020, they decided to join forces with ARICOMA Group to expand their business into new areas, speed up innovation, and ensure that we continue improving the overall quality of their services.

The road ahead for Seavus is paved with many successes. With a global client base of over 3,000 different organizations, the company is the utmost solution for business clients looking for day-to-day support and top-tier service delivery.

The tremendous growth the Seavus team has witnessed thus far is obvious but far from done. As the future of IT continues to expand and as the face of the IT market evolves, it is safe to say that Seavus will keep up with the trends and always serve its customers with quality products and two-step-ahead solutions!