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Biller Genie: Making Billing Issues Disappear


If your wish is to make timely payments, then Biller Genie will make it come true!

Are you running a business and having issues with late payments that are costing you time and money? Well, there is a company called Biller Genie that will put an end to that!

Biller Genie is a service that enables automated cloud-based accounts receivable solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises - and it is one of the few that does so.

Thomas Aronica is solely responsible for the company's success. He is the man who built the company's pillars and many other businesses' cornerstones.

Thomas realized that a company's financial flow can be suffocated by unpaid invoices. More significantly, he recognized that businesses required an easy-to-implement software solution that connected easily with their existing accounting processes. However, in order to assist businesses and find a solution to what he perceived to be a problem, he needed time and effort.

Continue reading to learn more about Biller Genie's invention.

A Star Is Born

A new star has been born -a man who put an end to the numerous challenges that businesses face on a daily basis. The path to doing this was not easy, but let us hear the story of Thomas Aronica.

Thomas obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Miami, where he gained a wealth of knowledge that will help him achieve his objectives.

Shortly after graduating, he launched his first company - PCI Professionals, which is something many seasoned businessmen haven't been able to achieve, and Thomas did - right after graduating. In less than three years, Thomas transformed PCI into a potential acquisition target, spearheading the merging of PCI Professionals with SkyBank Financial in 2011 and eventually taking over as CEO.

Thomas also launched PrestigePay, a prepaid card company in the United States that provides financial inclusion to subprime individuals. And what's even more remarkable is that he started this business while operating PCI Professionals.

Thomas's inborn talent to spot emerging trends and creatively apply technology in novel ways led to the creation of Biller Genie - a creative cloud-based alternative that streamlines accounts receivable from bill presentment to follow-up, collection, and reconciliation, all without disrupting a company's existing processes.

The route to Biller Genie's success, on the other hand, was not easy, and it is a story in and of itself.

The Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks for the Genie

Thomas Aronica, who worked 20 hours a day to attain success, launched the company in 2018 in Miami, Florida, United States.

Many issues have arisen since the company's inception. One of the issues was the company's strong competitors. NetSuite, BigTime, and SAP Concur were just a few of the numerous competitors the startup had to beat in order to succeed. However, the company has established itself on the ground due to its trustworthiness, uniqueness, and exceptional offers.

While the company has been shaken by the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, it has been lucky enough to continue to grow. Biller Genie is about to embark on two important national agreements, both of which will help the company swiftly grow its subscriber base.

Without a question, if the company had to characterize a quality that enabled it to evolve into a great corporation, it would be an uncompromising work ethic.

The organization is now motivated by a firm belief that it can play a modest part in the impending automation of the accounting profession. No one becomes famous suddenly, as the proverb goes, and Biller Genie is no exception.

The road to success was long and winding, but Biller Genie is now worth a fortune.

Money Makes the Genie Work

With a total capital amount of $3.5 million, Biller Genie is now considered a stable company on the market. Although this particular sum of money isn’t perceived as a huge cash flow, still, considering the industry Billi Genie is a part of, it’s nothing short of amazing.

The company's only and most recent investment round, which raised $3.5 million in August 2021, had 5 investors, one of whom being Henry Helgeson. By completing this round, the company moved one step closer to achieving its growth goals by expediting its expansion and development ambitions.

By the end of 2021, the company has managed to raise more than $2 billion in annual invoice volume thanks to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy.

Overall, the business is financially sound and is looking at a promising future ahead.

Building a Large Community

Since its introduction, Biller Genie has gained roughly 4,000 users, and three factors were required to achieve this: a strong leadership team, a strategic relationship, and a laser-like focus.

It's a team effort, and the people in the team played a critical role in the company's success. They made decisions as a group that influenced not only the company's destiny but also the development of its software. Biller Genie has benefited from weekly meetings and has become a stronger organization as a result.

Furthermore, forming alliances early on in the company's development was critical to assembling a team to help it grow.

The company's focus was the final crucial component in assuring productive growth. Setting a roadmap was essential to carrying out their strategy, but it was the team's focus that allowed them to stay committed.

The company is still built on these three pillars, and it claims to be committed to expanding even further.

Biller Genie’s long-term goal is to deliver an automated A/R platform for the SMB market that smoothly integrates existing business processes. It's possible that it'll help the company achieve even greater success and expansion.

With all of this in mind, we can be assured that the company is very solid, follows sound strategy, and has a bright future ahead of it.

The Genie Has Triumphed

A more thorough approach to recovering accounts receivable was desperately needed in the marketplace. Thomas listened carefully and rapidly produced cloud-based software that met his clients' requirements. In 2018, we went head-on and established Biller Genie - a company that had quickly amassed a huge clientele.

Biller Genie is a young, fast-growing startup made up of a group of success-driven individuals who have come together to help small and mid-sized businesses automate their accounts receivable processes.

Thanks to its popularity among its clients, Thomas’s Biller Genie managed to win several awards and acknowledgments, such as the 2020 Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition, the Electronic Payment Association's NexTen Award, along with the CPA Practice Advisor's Technology Innovation Award.

There are many other recognitions to be mentioned, but all of them would mean nothing to Thomas if his company didn’t truly make the lives of his clients easier.

Where’s the Genie Today?

Still located in Thomas’s native city of Miami, Florida, Biller Genie is turning the wishes of its clients into reality without the intent of stopping.

Today, Thomas’s company has over 20 employees, all of whom are dedicated to providing the finest service possible to the business as well as to the company's growth. Thanks to its 4,000+ users, Biller Genie is encouraged to grow and evolve even more in the near future. Aside from that, Thomas’s Biller Genie is a company with $3.5 million in the bank, which speaks volumes about the firm’s strength and financial stability.

Overall, thanks to Thomas’s proven leadership skills, and over 12 years of experience, Biller Genie has become one of those companies that don’t look like throwing in the towel just yet.