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Meatable: No More Butchered Meat on Your Table


Though humans are classified as omnivores, slaughtering millions of animals to fill your stomach will, on the contrary, turn your stomach. Even the thought of consuming meat makes thousands of consumers feel uneasy doing it. Through and through, consumers have been proposing different rational alternatives like vegetable, fruit, and nut-based diets. Even so, vegetarianism and veganism have been practiced more recently, but neither has made much of a worldwide difference.

So, Krijn de Nood and Daan Luining have made a revolutionary idea to make purely genuine and non-tortured meat made from a single cell of a given animal. The young man’s hope was that his idea would probably put an end to the inhumane way of treating animals for their meat.

That idea came into realization as a platform called Meatable.

Meatable is quite an interesting idea and if you want to know how Krijn de Nood and Daan Luining got to where they are today, continue reading the story behind Meatable.

Early Days and Early Ways

Both were born in the Netherlands, Krijn de Nood in Amsterdam and Daan Luining in The Hague, but they didn’t cross paths until further on. Ever since he was a child, the mind of Krijn de Nood worked with a philosophical approach on certain issues.

The luscious and green Dutch fields, filled with colorful flowers and happy animals around, minding their own business was a common sight in Denmark. Krijn adored this view when he was still a kid. Little by little, he started to realize the harsh truth of this world and that the happy creature’s days were numbered by none other than humans.

One day, during his Erasmus course on philosophy in Barcelona, Krijn stumbled upon Peter Singer - an animal rights activist. Intrigued by this philosophy, Krijn immediately learned that it’s absolutely inhumane to torture and butcher animals as a way to feed a nation. From there on out, his idea just went on breaking the barriers of awareness.

Two Separate Paths, a Single Goal!

Krijn loved philosophy, but he initially focused his talent and skills for studying Economics and Finance at the University of Amsterdam. In the course from 2001 to 2008, Krijn obtained his Master of Science degree. Simultaneously in 2008, Krijn also earned a BA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.

On the other hand, Daan studied at Leiden University and earned himself a master’s degree in Science, in the field of Cell Molecular Biology and Tissue Engineering.

When someone glances at Krijn and Daan’s portfolios, they can clearly see that this is a match made in heaven. Krijn got to the idea naturally, thanks to his philosophical way of thinking, plus, enriched with his education, the young man possessed the capacity to do the finance and tactical approach to start this business.

At the same time, Daan, equipped with his knowledge on a cellular level, managed every aspect of making Krijn’s idea come true. Naturally, to start a business together, the two people have to meet tête-à-tête.

Krijn worked six and a half years at McKinsey and Company, a firm delivering management consulting services. After he left the company, Krijn initially intended to pause for a year, but all of a sudden, he became acquainted with Daan.

That marked the beginning of the wonderful chapter of a story called Meatable, courtesy of like-minded visioners named Krijn and Daan, starring as the main characters. They motivated one another to put a stop to the sickening food production of the ruthless ways of the meat industries.

How Meatable Meets the Eye of Its Consumers

People have lived off meat from the beginning of humanity and can’t easily shake off their habits. As gruesome as it sounds, it is still natural for humans to eat meat products coming from animals. To put your foot down and start being a vegetarian or vegan can prove to be a difficult task for any thus-far carnivore.

In explanatory terms, what Meatable does is quite simple really but, in practice, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. A specimen from a certain breed of animal is taken, let it be a chicken, a piglet, or a calf while copying the development of the fatty tissue and the growing of the muscles. Blend these two components and you’ve got yourself some genuine and tasty meat. Meatable is developed for the benefit of humans to consume righteous meat that’s been made without harming any animals, whatsoever.

But this doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of slaughterhouses that handle the animals in the most horrid ways imaginable.

To abolish these abominable ways that some companies do business, the first step to be taken is to redirect its consumers to a more humane option. That option, for Krijn and Daan, became Meatable, a company was founded in 2018 based in the Netherlands, in the canal-ringed city of Delft.

Meatable produces cultivated meat with a single cell organism from an unharmed animal. This cell is biologically refined and will grow to a full-blown and absolutely real and edible meat product in accordance with the location of the extraction.

Not only is this a more compassionate way of producing meat, but it’s also a lot quicker to bring it to the table. It only takes up to a few weeks for the meat to be ready to cook and serve. Consumers were quite delighted when they tried out cultivated meat from Meatable, and were eager to fully abandon eating meat that’s not processed the humane way.

In addition, the perks of Meatable aren’t just the marvelous treatment of animals. The company delivers many more ecological merits on the contrary of industrial farming. Meat eaters who have even a little bit of conscience about hurting animals are now entirely satisfied with Meatable’s humane approach.

Meatable’s Current Non-industrial Farming Benefits

At the moment, Meatable is one of the biggest companies to offer such cultivated meat products and aims to climb up the success ladder even higher. Their products now are purely eco-friendly and contain no traces of antibiotics whatsoever. Speaking of eco-friendly businesses, Meatable ensures to preserve mother nature’s wilderness and does not contribute to any deforestation. In contrast, industrial farming companies are accountable for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Today, Meatable retains more than 6,809 liters of water in every half a kilogram of beef which further testifies to their clean ways and organic sourcing methods. At first, consumers were a little bit skeptical, but Meatable proved them wrong. Krijn and Daan went out to the public and presented their idea and products which lifted up the skepticism of people. With this, a great milestone was achieved for their upcoming plans and challenges that await this Dutch duo.

Company Funding

Meatable’s funding now rests at $62.9M today with 13 investors siding with this company, 7 of which are lead investors. Even the European Union has caught on to the benefits that come from Meatable and are also contributing to the company by funding it. Krijn and Daan have really put up some elbow grease to get where they are now and won’t be stopping any time soon.

On the 23rd of March this year, Meatable raised their greatest funding of $47 million which will further sky-rocket their plans for the future. By the looks of things, this meaty platform will get its first product rubber-stamped from the European regulators.

Meatable, Today

Intensive animal husbandry has become a thing of the past and most people are hoping it will go away entirely. Still, that’s easier said than done when some people don’t have any other options except eating their greens and as mentioned before, that proves to be a difficult obligation. They intend to improve the security of food even more without jeopardizing the gastronomic experience of feasting delicious and genuine meat. Meatable also plans to end the world’s hunger without causing any suffering to humans, creatures, and of course the whole environment.

Today, Krijn is the co-founder and CEO at Meatable, while Daan is the other co-founder and CTO of the company. Headquartered in Delft, NL, Meatable employs 48 people that share the founders’ idea of cruelty-free, edible meat.

Before garnering investors and attention, Meatable wasn’t really a pioneer in the meat-production business. Though the two Dutchmen came up with the idea to create it, this has not been the first effort to introduce cultivated meat on the market, as William Van Eelen, a Dutch scientist, presented the concept all the way back in the 1950s.

But if you really want to help out with the cruel treatment of animals and assist the environment, do not fret, you still can. Meatable will enlist its product at the market in the year 2025, and you will have the option to get your food from the comfort of your home. Their journey to achieve the astonishing feat of bringing up outstanding nutritional value to your table is still on the uprise. This revolutionary idea is not just for people to change their eating habits, it’s also a way to change the whole meat industry while proportionally aiding the environment. So, everyone should be ready to receive a scrumptious treat, with the tastiest and non-brutal cultivated pig and cow meat.