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Pixel United: More Than Just a Games Powerhouse


Playing games has always been a popular free time activity, but people in the modern world live busy lives and don’t have time to visit land gaming houses. The world called for a mobile games powerhouse that can meet game players’ requirements and needs.

Leonard Ainsworth had already had experience in the manufacturing business before they launched Aristocrat, which was later rebranded into Pixel United™. Pixel United is a mobile-games powerhouse that boasts three leading publishers in Plarium, Product Madness, and Big Fish Games, entertaining millions of game fans daily. As one of the leading games publishers, it helps start-ups and independent studios to scale and helps top talent to shine.

Headquartered in London, Pixel United has the most diverse free-to-play games portfolios, containing game titles that are among the best 100 games. If you want to find out how Nishita and Utkal began the Pixel United story and how their brand became super popular, scroll down and continue reading!

Creativity is Contagious

Leonard Hasting Ainsworth, or Len Ainsworth, was born in Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia, in 1923. His father had a small business, and Len helped him a lot. Len learned the basics of leading a successful business from his father, which made him want to create something of his own and one day build and have his own company.

At the age of 30, Len inherited his father's small business. He had to get creative to boost revenues for his own dental equipment and supplies business. So, Len started making poker machines. These machines became very popular with time, so this was when Len decided to build a new business and start walking the path of a businessman.

Soon Len’s idea turned into reality, and in 1953, he founded Aristocrat Leisure. Aristocrat Leisure became popular in a record time, and little by little, it turned into one of the largest manufacturers of poker machines and online gaming entertainment. Len worked hard and balanced his personal and professional life successfully. He got married and had children, to whom he gave a percentage of the company. His reasoning was simple – he wanted to leave something to them just as his father did for him.

Unfortunately, Len was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he didn’t give up working for Aristocrat. However, in 1994 Len brought a decision and sold Aristocrat Leisure because he wanted to give his family significant funds. Following a clear diagnosis, Len decided to retire from the gaming scene. But soon after, he reactivated his professional life by establishing Ainsworth Gaming Technology.

When There is a Will, There is a Way!

Pixel United brand is the mobile-first game powerhouse of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. This company, launched as Aristocrat Digital and rebranded as Pixel United, had the vision to change how people played games and provide the best titles for them.

As a full-service digital marketing brand, Pixel United offers various services, including technical expertise. Utkal and his team lead their customers to the right path by creating quality leads and designing a mighty process to make those leads loyal clients. Pixel United understood its clients and their competitors and suggested and created the right digital marketing strategy.

During the first years, the company wasn’t very famous. Yet, as it enriched its portfolio, more people heard about its services and products. During the 2019-2021 period, Pixar United became extremely popular among game players, marking 2021 as the best year for the company.

In 2020 Aristocrat Digital was rebranded to Pixel United. In 2021 it was recognized as an influential leader in the mobile games industry. With a solid record of organic growth, Pixel United expanded its portfolio across multiple game genres. Those genres included RPG/Strategy, Casual, Social Casino, and Action.

Pixel United didn’t hide the acquisitions of Playsoft (Poland), Futureplay (Finland), and start-up studios in Barcelona and Finland. Utkal and Nishita felt very motivated and continued to expand Pixel United's operations and diversify its product portfolio. This stellar duo made the company a Top 5 publisher in Tier 1 Western markets.

To add the cherry on top, Pixel United started to spread its global teams geographically. The company’s strategy allows them to design new types of games that are equally attractive and engaging for its audiences worldwide.

Every Detail is Equally Important

Although Pixel United used to have another name in the past, it is a unique company that pays special attention to each detail. The creativity of its employees can be seen in the new logo's originality, which reflects the firm’s ethos and inventive elements. Just like a pixel, all parts of the Pixel United logo get together to make something more powerful than just the sum of its parts.

Pixel United has never wanted to be like similar companies, making it even more attractive. Its competitors, including GameSim and Rumble Entertainment, tend to look more modern. Yet, Pixel United prefers using a retro-like font to highlight its stability and the heritage of Aristocrat (the previous company’s name).

With a mission to build a game library for players, the driving force behind Pixel United is ready to do its best to meet its goals. Nishita and Utkal confirm Pixel United's commitment to its people, services, product, partners, and players.

People choose Pixel United as its team leverages its live ops, marketing capabilities, in-house development, sound investment, and business intelligence to fuel its performance.

Pixel United IPO

Pixel United is a prominent name in the online gaming business. In 2021, the company generated a record $1.8 billion in revenues, building on its best performance in 2020. Since the demand for their games continuously rises, they expand even more and get a better position among clients and competitors.

The CEO and his team aim to make Pixel United a one-stop destination for their existing and new clients. Currently, Pixel United is on the stock market under the name ASX:ALL, with the price for a share going at $34.21.

During the last 12 months, the price of the Aristocrat share has collapsed over 14% into the red. This means that its shares right now are traded for a 17% lower price than last year.

Nonetheless, Aristocrat keeps on reporting high numbers in profit. Between October 2021 and March 2022, the company reported a revenue of $1.92 billion. The number shows a 23% increase when compared to the same period of the previous year, 2020-2021.

Pixel United Future Plans

Today more than 7 million players use Pixel United every day. The company is one of the best mobile game publishers in Western markets, including France, Canada, Australia, England, and the US. It has a team of over 7000 people and more than 20 creative studios worldwide.

The Pixel United team is passionate about taking their creativity, marketing activities, and product capabilities to new heights. They want their studios to keep working as hubs for innovation and places where talent and creativity can thrive.

The company plans to protect the autonomy of its business and unlock more opportunities for further collaboration. It also plans to enrich its mobile games portfolio, adding new types of games that will be even more attractive for players worldwide. Pixel United ultimately targets becoming the leading company in the global online RMG industry.

This would not only help increase the number of customers, but by using innovative digital marketing, their revenue can double.