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Galaxis: A Platform Influencers Were Waiting for


The internet and social media gave us a new type of celebrity - influencers. Travelling, food, lifestyle, experiences - there’s nothing influencers can’t do.

With the right platform, that is.

Lo and behold, Max Gallardo’s Galaxis is breathing fresh air into the world of social media influencers. In simpler terms, Galaxis helps individual and brand influencers to earn their fair share, the easy way. Galaxis is a win-win-win solution for all audiences aiming for a bigger presence online, especially eCommerce businesses.

Galaxis enables creators to share their content with the world for free, and even directly negotiate with brands to perfect their marketing and sales tactics.

The unique power tool Galaxis has over its rivals is its monetization approach - available to all levels of influencers - newbies included!
Riding the influencer wave like a pro, Max led Galaxis to become the first global content-sharing platform for eCommerce businesses. Here’s how he took the reins.

The Glorious Gaucho

Max Gallardo was born in 1983 in Argentina, in a poor family. He never had much, and the struggle to make ends meet was real. Even though his parents always wanted to make his life as better as possible, their resources were limited. But they were hoping their son would have a brighter future if he put enough effort in his educational journey.

Living in modest conditions, Max developed determination to achieve more and escape his surroundings at the same time. Seeing all the suffering and poverty around him made Max a highly empathetic person. Even as a child, he was always trying to help everyone in need and be there for them. Though he was doing well in school, he was more of a dreamer - and had always craved something different for himself.

Following his high school days, Max went to the United States to join the Walt Whitman high school in Maryland. There, he was the soccer captain for two years, following which he enrolled at the University of Maryland.

Searching for Himself

Max disliked many things about the USA. He initially believed that people were not connected enough - like they were back in Argentina. Also, the concept of family, friends, and socializing was almost alienist for most Americans. Due to the partial isolation he felt, Max decided to go back to his homeland, and study at the Image Campus in Buenos Aires, from where he obtained a degree in system analytics.

After his graduation, Max traveled back and forth to the States on various occasions. Interestingly, he even got a job at Yahoo as a data services technician, a role he maintained for two whole years. Following his expired contract, Max decided to travel back to Argentina, where he spent the next 4 months working as a volunteer. For many, raising funds and purchasing essentials for impoverished families means nothing but for Max, it represented a mission of solidarity he looked forward to doing.

Humanitarian efforts aside, Max was still far from making it big, and he knew it. On one hand, he needed to earn a better living and on the other, he despised working for others and relying on them for a paycheck. Max never before had tried to create something of his own, but standing at a crossroads of options was the perfect opportunity for Max to spread his wings - and spread he did.

An Online Galaxy for Online Stars

While staying in Argentina, Max spent a lot of time with one of his friends, who was a struggling musician. Max, empathetic as he was, wanted to help his friend showcase his talent in the right way and be able to profit from his talent. With the desire to help came an idea - to create an artistic platform where talent could showcase their best work and earn their bucks more simply and efficiently.

Some of the initial problems Max noticed with existing content-sharing platforms were their extensive demonetization rules, the one-source income system, and the lack of control influencers had over advertising their profiles. Frustrated with the lack of options, Max started working on a new platform. Instead of the already seen, his platform would enable influencers to share different types of content for free. Even more, the platform would make the perfect place where fans can support their favorite influencers by donating and making purchases on their offers.

Another thing Max wanted to cover with his platform is to create a place where influencers could negotiate with companies directly. This way, they could earn off their skills - regardless of their level of influence. To top it off, Max also planned on designing his platform in a way that allowed influencers greater creative freedom.

To master his creation, Max went back to the USA, where he hoped to get reinspired and educated on how influence worked exactly. After doing some digging, Max found that the USA made a competitive market for platforms similar to his. However, Max had one upper hand over his competitors - lots and lots of original ideas.

Nothing Can Kill an Idea

Original ideas or not, when Max first began working on his platform, Galaxis, he learned there were many obstacles to overcome along the way. Nevertheless, he kept working tirelessly and was ready to make a handful of sacrifices in the name of succeeding. Things went south so much for Max that, at one point, he found himself both out of a job and out of money. To make ends meet, he slept over at empty houses he later offered to renovate, whilst his main menu basically comprised ham and ramen. Unfortunately, his nutrition got so bad that Max ultimately collapsed and ended up in a hospital.

But nothing would come in Max’s way to success. If he could be a humanitarian and help the poor in the past, he would certainly never quit on himself. He went on another tireless search for investors and people who shared his vision and would stand by him on his journey to world fame. Despite his high hopes, he hadn’t much luck in the beginning. Failing to find financial supporters to launch his platform led Max to severe depression and caused him to even sacrifice his personal relationships.

Entirely convinced that Galaxis deserved greater recognition, Max kept on fighting.

About the Company

Max’s luck in the pursuit of financial support finally changed - though slightly.

Namely, Max got in touch with Sanjar Giyaziddinov, a software developer who recognized the inventor’s and his platform’s potential, and decided that investing in Galaxis would be a good call.

In 2018, Max finally founded Galaxis and settled its headquarters in St.Petersburg, Florida.

Galaxis made the top 10 list of best St. Petersburg tech startups for 2021, made by the Tech Tribune. It also scored a total funding amount of $200,000 from two investors, Sanjar Giyaziddinov and Sebastian Martinez.

At present, Galaxis has a total of 9 employees. Although Galaxis still needs more funding to get serious in the influencer game, it’s an exciting company to keep an eye on. Led by a true visionary in Max Gallardo, its founder, and CEO, Galaxis is looking at the future of eCommerce businesses and aims to make a true difference on the market. Hopefully soon, thousands, if not millions of users will have heard of Galaxis and its unique approach to content sharing online.

The story of Max Gallardo is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Max is but an altruist who came from a poor family in Argentina, sacrificed everything to follow his dream, and never gave up on his vision of redefining the way influencers earned.

Hitting the bottom, dusting himself off, and getting back on track is what Max takes pride in. When asked if he had to sleep in his car when he was broke - all to give his platform his blood, sweat, and tears - Max humbly responded, ‘I didn’t even have a car to sleep in.’ And look where it got him today - shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest inventors out there!